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Apparently my GF is a slut

I asked my GF about her sexual experiences in college, and after some prodding I was able to get her to type out a few stories....tell us what you think and we'll post more. Just an FYI, this is absolutely true and told from her point of view.

My sophomore year I was at my friend's Andrew and Gabe's apartment... We'd been out that night and were back at their place watching tv. It was probably 2 or 3 am and we saw something on tv that got us all talking about sex...fantasies, what we had done, things we had heard other people had done. They were talking about having a threesome with 2 girls or getting a blowjob while driving. I told them that I'd given blowjobs while the guy was driving and then how I thought it would be hot to have a threesome with 2 guys...and they weren't really into it. I think they were a little hesitant about having another guy there while they fucked a girl. We'd watched requiem for a dream recently with a bunch of friends so they were talking about how hot it was when the 2 girls were fucking with the same dildo on top of the table. I admitted that I thought that was kinda hot too and they started asking me more questions. How many guys I'd slept with, was I shaved and I told them how much I loved sucking cock. They were kinda shocked...hadn't ever met a girl who really liked giving blowjobs, but I told them I got so horny when I had a cock in my mouth. Loved licking and sucking them slowly until they got really hard in my mouth. Then Gabe asked if I felt like showing them...said he was getting hard just listening to me talk about it. Andrew said he was hard too.
So I went over to Gabe, who was sitting on the couch and bent over. Unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. He took them off and I got down on my knees in between his legs. Took my tongue and slowly licked his cock, starting from the bottom and as I went back down, licked his balls. I could feel his cock getting harder, throbbing, so I put my lips around him and sucked lightly, then harder and used my tongue to move around his cock as I went up and down. He moaned and I looked up at him...he reached for my head and pulled me deeper so that his cock slammed into the back of my throat. He pushed me down onto his cock and fucked my mouth hard. I gagged a few times, but he wouldn't let me stop until he started cuming in my mouth. He got some on my lips and I looked up, swallowed his cum and licked the rest off my lips.
I turned around to see Andrew in the chair that was on the side of the couch, he'd been watching the whole thing and already had his pants off with his hand around his hard cock...he said he was so ready to cum but wanted to enjoy it, so I told him I'd go slow. Started by licking his balls and worked my way up to his cock with just my tongue. Teased him for a bit, rubbing his balls and licking up and down his cock. He was begging me to put him in his mouth, so I finally did and he grabbed my hair right away and pulled me up and down. I made him slow down so I could really suck him for a little bit...and let Gabe watch. I took a few minutes and just lightly sucked him, then sucked hard and fast and slid up and down his cock until he exploded in my mouth. Kept my lips wrapped around his cock until he was done, then swallowed.
We ended up falling asl**p for a bit, then Gabe woke me up and we went to his room. I give him another blow job and he fingers my pussy while I sucked him. We never told Andrew about it.

I'd already had a little reputation as being a slut from the topless pics being passed around, and the guys I'd sucked...but after this I seemed to have even more people asking me about sucking them and wanting to fuck me sometimes too. Over the summer of my sophomore year I sucked at least 15 different cocks...sometimes 2 back to back or friends who wanted to watch. Andrew and Gabe both ended up asking me to suck them more, and sometimes I'd go over to their place and only see 1 of them, or suck them both at the same time. I think they started to like seeing my mouth full of cock and thought it was hot that they came all over my face. I would get so wet doing it that sometimes I would stay and fuck Gabe, or just let one of them lick my pussy. They used to like to switch off licking and fingering me.
By the end of my sophomore year I had a reputation of being a dirty slut who liked to suck cock just because and I'd do it in public or at their apartment. Had so many people asking me about it that sometimes I just had to laugh and walk away.

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