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Impossible Virgins Chapter 14 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 14: The Avalanche - The Transformation

As Dee Dee and Tiffany stared in disbelief at what was happening, Toppsy and Lulu's chests grew with each breath. Their breasts swelled in a matter of seconds. Both dancers continued moaning as their breasts grew. Lulu's eyes grew wide as she felt her breasts suddenly began to change, and the whole of her breasts began to increase in sensitivity at a startling rate. Lulu's groaning and moaning escalated with each inch of breast growth.
Both girls' breasts were swelling like massive balloons being gorged with water. Soon they were even spreading over their arms to the sides of the platforms. All some of the amazons in the audience could see were the massive, gargantuan tits. Their breasts expanded up, down and sideways as they continued growing. In another few minutes, their breasts were pushing them firmly into the platforms.
Next, Lulu's nipples started to expand. Soon what had already been several inches across, were now easily twice that size and growing. In another minute, the puffing up continued and the nipples expanded until her areola were the size of small plates. The areola darkened in color and started puffing up as they filled with bl**d, and increased in size, and density.
Lulu's nipples simultaneously got longer and thicker. In seconds they were half an inch long, then an inch. They finally stopped at over three inches in length and almost three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

"I don't understand this," exclaimed Dee Dee. "This wasn't supposed to happen!"
"Dee Dee, this is not the time to tell me that you didn't read the manual before you prepared everything for these two girls," said Tiffany.
"That's not what I meant, and you know it, Tiffany!" snapped Dee Dee. "Tami, Cleo, get over to my lab and bring back my medical bag right away! It's lying on the table, just inside the door." The two girls obeyed and ran off in the direction of her lab.
Lulu's tits were unbelievable, and she stared in complete disbelief at the massive fleshy pillows that were her new tits. She was breathing heavily, feeling like she had someone sitting on her chest, and each breath sent ripples through her gargantuan tits with nipples as big as baby carrots and areolas bigger than tea cup saucers.
Next to her, Toppsy's breasts were rippling like waves on the water. With each tremor they seemed to expand, causing another ripple. She felt like her tits were practically on fire, and could feel them expanding. Her breasts swelled and lifted, growing to watermelon size and then beyond, covering her chest with pounds and pounds of titflesh. They continued to grow, and Tiffany was shocked that they were so much bigger. Toppsy's breasts seemed to vibrate, then her nipples popped out and started their own growth. Her nipples stretched out at least three inches from the center of her areola that were the size of small plates. Each one of her breasts was now the size of a small boulder.
Each girl's cleavage was now at least a foot deep as her breasts smothered her chest. Their breasts were enormous. They could be ZZ-cups if any system of measurement truly applied anymore. Huge and massive, they jiggled slightly as Toppsy and Lulu moved beneath them. Incredibly large nipples close to four inches long topped each massive mound and were over half an inch thick.
Lulu's breasts stretched from just below her neck to form a vastly deep and long cleavage. Above her ribcage, it was over fifteen inches deep. It ended just below her belly button as the curvature of them started pulling apart. Looking down at them from directly overhead, they would measure just over three feet across. She was truly mountainous.

In disbelief, Clyda tore her eyes away from their protruding nipples and plate-sized areola to look at Dee Dee and Tiffany. "I take it that this wasn't part of the plan, Dee Dee?"
Both dancers continued to moan as their tits grew to fantastic proportions. By now, both of their breasts had finally stopped growing, but they were now pinned to the platforms by the weight of their tits.
"I can't fucking move! Someone help me!" Toppsy cried out, as the others stared at her in astonishment.
"Do something before I suffocate!" yelled Lulu.
"All right, all right! Give me a minute, damn it," exclaimed Dee Dee. She made her way to the controls for the two anti-gravity platforms. "Let me recalibrate the settings on these, and then you should be all right. I hadn't anticipated all the extra weight that you two are carrying."
A moment later, Toppsy's voice was sounding normal again.
"Okay, at least my boobs aren't crushing me anymore. Do you think you could work these blasted things so that we're facing upright?"
"We can hardly see anything!" said Lulu. "Our tits are so big, they're blocking out half the view."
Dee Dee gave an exasperated sigh, and grumbled under her breath. A few moments later, and both of the blonde dancers were now in a vertical position. The platforms now looked like they were futuristic chairs that they were sitting in. Thanks to the low gravity fields produced by the platforms, their massive breasts hovered like zeppelins, and now filled the space in front of them like large, oversized beach balls.
"How are you feeling girls?" asked Tiffany. "And don't use that old joke about not being able to see your feet. You two were like that when you first came to the Island."
"Tiffany, I hope that you're satisfied, you sick bastard!" screeched Toppsy. "Our tits are so fucking big, we can't even walk around or function normally. What the hell are we gonna do now, damn it?"

Tiffany was about to utter a retort, when Tami and Cleo returned with Dee Dee's medical bag.
"Everyone simmer down, please!" said Dee Dee. "Before anybody says or does anything rash, let me examine these two, and get some information." There was a tense quiet in the auditorium, as Dee Dee took out her scanning device, turned it on and selected some settings. It had what looked like a stethoscope attached to it, and Dee Dee used it to press against the two dancers' breasts and bodies in several locations, as she gathered data. Several minutes later, she faced Tiffany and Clyda, and spoke loud enough so that the rest of the audience could hear.
"Here's what I think has happened, according to the readings I'm getting. The reason Toppsy and Lulu's breasts grew so dramatically is because of all the cum we f***ed into them a little while ago.
"Our cum has a lot of vitamins, nutrients and proteins in it, because of the supplements that we take here on the Island. That mixed with all the chemicals I've given Toppsy and Lulu earlier so that they could handle our cocks, and it had a result that I couldn't anticipate. Given some time, I think that the two of you will return to normal."
"All right. So you think you know the reason we turned out like this," said Toppsy. "Suppose you're wrong. Then what the hell are you gonna do about getting us back to normal?" she exclaimed.
Tiffany walked up to Toppsy and held her chin between her thumb and forefinger. "Listen to me motor-mouth, and listen good," she said in a cold, clear voice. "I've known Dee Dee for enough years to trust her ability in her medical work, and to give her the benefit of the doubt, whenever she has an opinion or theory on something. That remark I made earlier about her work was facetious, and I'm sorry I said it."
Tiffany faced the audience now. "You've all seen firsthand just how brilliant Dee Dee's work is, by the fact that you have cocks between your legs. Not only has she done that, but she takes care of the medical duties here too. A few of you have even had appendectomies or other minor surgery from her. So despite the unexpected and somewhat drastic looking events that have just taken place here," she turned to face the two dancers, "if Dee Dee says that you two are going to be all right, then you'd damn well better accept that and learn to live with it."
There was an awkward silence in the air for a moment.
"And Toppsy, if you give me any more lip today," said Tiffany, "I'm gonna have Dee Dee turn you upside down, so your own tits smother you, just so we can have some quiet around here!"

"If you two will please let me finish here?" Dee Dee interjected. "Yes, your boobs are now giant-sized. But there are two important things you need to know about them. First is that the change to them isn't permanent. The same enzymes that burned away the cum in your bodies earlier is working on your breasts too. I could see the readings going down even now, when I measured you a moment ago. But I estimate it'll take the better part of two days before you're back to normal. And no, it won't dissolve your boobs totally. You'll still have what you did when you came to the Island.
"The second thing is that even though your boobs are massive sized, they aren't the same as regular breasts. This is because they've had artificial growth f***ed upon them in a short time. The body didn't produce the fleshy tissue in the process of normal development. When this is combined with the effects of the anti-gravity platforms, it means that even though they're huge, they're very soft and pliable. If you'll take your hands, and try playing with them and squeezing them, you'll see what I mean."
Toppsy and Lulu reached their arms out and began exploring and touching their new assets. They both expected to encounter the firm, heavy tissue of their breast flesh that they were used to. As Toppsy tried to push her boobs together, her fingers almost seemed to vanish into the soft flesh of her tits. Lulu attempted to lift one of her breasts so she could examine it closer, and her hand vanished into the soft underside of her tit, before it moved. Each girl could exercise a small amount of control when she tried to play with or fondle her boobs. But it was like trying to handle a mass of jelly while being nearly weightless.
"Your tits do have weight and mass," said Dee Dee. "That's what you felt when they first transformed. But because they're 'artificial', and combined with the effects of the low gravity, is why they feel the way that they do now."
The other thing that had changed about their breasts was their nipples. The massive teats were every bit as sensitive as they looked. Toppsy and Lulu pinched and tweaked them, and the effect was instantly noticeable.
"Holy shit, I almost came just from grabbing my nipples," said Lulu. "But they feel really soft and squishy too."
"Wow! You're right, Lulu. Mine are incredibly sensitive too," said Toppsy. "It feels like they're made of foam rubber."
"That's probably because they're artificially induced, just like the rest of your breasts," said Dee Dee. "They'll be like that for a day or two, until you return to normal."

This demonstration was not lost on Tiffany and the other amazons in the auditorium.
"Those two are practically spilling their juices already, just by playing with their tits," Tiffany muttered to Clyda. "I want to try something. Follow my lead Clyda, but go slow and easy."
Tiffany couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to wedge her cock into the thick cleavage displayed before her. She hesitated for a second, and then gently laid her hand on the vastness that was Toppsy's breasts. The contact caused Toppsy to let out a deep moan, and she could barely remain in control.
Tiffany was unable to contain herself any longer. She leaned close and sucked on her nipples one at a time.
A part of Toppsy couldn't help herself, and groaned with pleasure, but she still moaned, "Stop it, you filthy bastard!" Her pleas had no effect; Tiffany was overcome by lust at the size of her breasts and nipples now.
Her massive breast now cradled Tiffany's entire face; Toppsy's nipple had engorged even more, and was filling her mouth as she continued to suck on it. To Tiffany's surprise the teat was very soft and pliable. She could bend and twist it with her tongue.
No longer did Toppsy feel the stretching and expanding tensions that had accompanied her spectacularly rapid growth. But now her nipples felt even more sensitive than they had been just a few minutes ago.
Clyda reached her hands out, exploring the massive mounds mounted on Lulu's chest. For a moment the sheer immensity of them almost overwhelmed her. Then she pressed her face forward, nuzzling it into the warm soft flesh. Lulu couldn't help herself, and was moaning in pleasure.
Clyda had her face now almost entirely within the depths of Lulu's cleavage, and she continued to knead her immense right tit, while the left jiggled in rhythm. Her hands slid up to her fist-sized nipple and began to play with its swollen mass. Clyda was surprised at how easily she could bend and twist it, even with mild pressure. Lulu gasped and Clyda, taking that as a good sign, became more daring.
Clyda followed Tiffany's lead and took one of Lulu's giant nipples in her mouth and started sucking. Lulu started moaning and groaning with her ministrations. Each breast was now at least eighteen inches in diameter. Lulu's breathing was coming faster than ever now.
Toppsy felt herself quickly rise into orgasm as Tiffany's tongue slid all over her nipple. She felt them tingle even more, then burst into orgasm as a strange rush ran through her breasts. Tiffany felt the nipple tremble, backed away slightly, and then was shocked as tiny white beads appeared on the tip. They quickly grew and ran together, then ran off as an ever-growing stream of white.
Tiffany tasted the white liquid. It was indeed milk; warm, thin, and very sweet. Not one to let such nectar go to waste, she lowered her head back down and began to greedily drink the fountaining stuff.
"This is a new development, love," Clyda remarked, as she saw what was happening next to her. With that, she promptly fixed her lips on one of Lulu's nipples, and gave a healthy suck.
Lulu, still squirming in pleasure from having her tits played with, felt a new, additional pleasure as Clyda began to drink deeply from her juggs. Soon, Clyda's mouth was full, and Lulu's giant breasts were still gushing forth milk. It flowed down the soft sides of her breasts, running off onto the floor.
Then Clyda felt a strange warmth in her cock, and looked down at in surprise. It was already quite hard, and growing with a life of its own. Ordinarily most of the girls had to provide a little fondling and stimulation to their cocks to get an erection, but today was an exception. A glance at Tiffany showed her that she was in the same state of arousal. Clyda politely tapped her shoulder, and then pointed between her legs.
Tiffany looked down, and was briefly startled as she could see her cock thickening and growing longer by the second. Already it had to be at least a foot long and it showed no more sign of stopping than Clyda's.
"Okay. I'm gonna take a brief timeout here folks," said Tiffany. Once she and Clyda had stopped sucking on their nipples, Toppsy and Lulu's teats halted their production of milk. "I've got an idea for a really kinky finale to our fun and games today."
Tiffany stepped away from Toppsy, and moved closer to Dee Dee to speak with her. "Okay, here's what I've got in mind. Let me know if you think we can do this to them, without any more adverse effects on Lulu and Toppsy."
Tiffany whispered into Dee Dee's ear. Dee Dee's eyes opened in surprise, and she almost blushed.
"She must've really come up with something wild," Clyda said to Ebony, Jordan and Summer, who were standing close by. "After everything that goes on around here, there's not too much that can shock or startle Dee Dee."

"So what do you think, Dee Dee?" asked Tiffany.
"Well...their condition has stabilized, Tiffany. At least their boobs aren't growing any more. Judging by how easily you all could push your hands and fingers into their breasts, and seeing how pliable their nipples are now, I think that what you're suggesting is possible. It's just that we've never tried anything like this before."
"So you agree with me that we won't be doing them any physical harm?" asked Tiffany.
"Physically they should be all right," said Dee Dee. "But once they find out what you've got in mind, Toppsy may try and put out a contract on you. She is from New York, after all."
"After everything I went through with Barocca and the Vectrans a few months ago, this'll be a walk in the park compared to that. Besides, everybody here knows that sex is more fun when you try something new and different, and this certainly qualifies as that."
"Okay, I give in. As long as everyone knows that this is your idea, Tiffany."
Tiffany faced the audience again. "We've got one more scene we're gonna do today, and then we'll call it quits. It'll be a few minutes while I clue the other girls here in on their parts. But trust me when I say that this is something that you've probably never seen before, and it's gonna be a blast!"
Then Tiffany gathered Dee Dee and the other four amazons on the stage close together. A lot of whispering took place, and the girls kept glancing at Toppsy and Lulu with looks of lust and anticipation.
"I wonder what the hell she's got in store for us now," muttered Toppsy. After everything that had happened so far, she was more than anxious for this day to be over.
"It sounds like it's really gonna be something awesome, that's for sure," replied Lulu.
"My god, you sound like you're actually looking forward to this," gasped Toppsy. "Some of that cum must've seeped into your brain."
"Look Toppsy. You're my s****r, and I love you. I'm sorry that our 'vacation' hasn't turned out to be what either one of us thought it would be. Now while I was just as opposed to all of this when we first arrived as you were, I've gotta admit that my feelings have changed over the last few days."
"You can't be fucking serious..." Toppsy was astonished at what she was hearing.
"I've never been more serious in my life, s*s. What Clyda did to me a little while ago were the best fucks that I've ever had in my life! And I hope I get the chance for her or someone else to do it to me like that again, before we leave here."
At this, everyone in the auditorium was startled when they heard Lulu's words. Some of them cheered and called out words of encouragement to her.
"Way to go, Lulu! You're okay with us, girl!"
"Look s*s," said Lulu. "Whatever they've got in mind, they're gonna do it to us anyway, whether we like it or not. I'll admit I was scared a couple times because of the weird things that they've done to us. But we've both come through everything all right so far. And if Dee Dee says that we'll be back to normal in a day or so, I believe her. Everything else she told us has been true."
"Your s****r is making a lot of sense, Toppsy," said Tiffany. She had finished her impromptu coaching session. "You ought to listen to her. Just loosen up, and enjoy the ride while you're here."
"All right, all right," muttered Toppsy. "Bring on whatever sordid little sex tableau you've cooked up, and let's get it over with. You and the girls looked like a football huddle over there just now. Are you gonna do another gang-bang scene on us?"
"Been there, done that," said Tiffany. "After seeing how you and Lulu turned out this afternoon, I've decided that we're gonna fuck your tits today."
Toppsy chuckled a little. "Knock yourself out girl. But our boobs are so huge now, that unless you've figured out a way to make your dicks longer, I don't think that even you can get them all the way through our cleavage right now."
"Who said anything about fucking your tits that way?" replied Tiffany. "After I saw the way that our hands and fingers pushed into the flesh of your boobs and your nipples so easily, I got an idea. Your juggs are the equivalent of two giant rolls of foam rubber, thanks to the low gravity effect. I'm talking about planting our cockheads right on one of your nipples, and then shoving our prick right into the flesh of your tits themselves. You've practically got three pussies that we can fuck now."
Toppsy simply stared at Tiffany and the other amazons with her mouth open in shock. "I'm gonna do what Dee Dee said earlier," she blurted out. "As soon as I'm back in New York, I'm gonna call every person I know whose last name ends in a vowel! I'm gonna get you for this, Tiffany!"
"Don't mind her," said Lulu. "She's just like this when she loses at cards and Monopoly."
"You keep out of this, you 'Benedict Arnold'!"
At this point, some of the girls in the audience were tittering, and Tiffany herself was trying to keep a straight face, and not burst into laughter. "You two can sort out this little f****y squabble when you're back home. Right now, we're moving on to the next stage of the game."

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