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Impossible Virgins Chapter 13 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 13: The Avalanche - The Deluge

Toppsy could feel her asscheeks parting lewdly as Tiffany f***ed her shaft into her. Tiffany stood between her legs, as she had done before. This time, when Tiffany nudged Toppsy's ass with her mighty cock, Toppsy scooted forward a couple of inches, forcing her prick deeper into her asshole.
"That's my girl," said Tiffany. "Work that ass of yours onto my cock."
"Fuck that ass, Tiffany! I want to see your cock fucking right up into her guts!" said Ebony, as she felt herself rushing towards a climax.
Toppsy thrusted her ass up and back against Tiffany's prick, her rectum being reamed by the huge battering ram of Tiffany's cock. She could feel her flesh expanding as Tiffany shoved her prick into her asshole.
Her frantic wriggling only served to turn Tiffany on even more. She knew she could only submit to Tiffany's desires and let her fuck her ass until she finally shot her load up her bowels.
Next to her, Clyda smiled, looked at Lulu's ass and decided it was time. Clyda held her rigid cock, and poked it at the dancer's ass. "You ready, baby?" Lulu pulled her butt cheeks apart and looked at her. "You ready to have your ass fucked, love?" Clyda teased.
All Lulu could do was nod with the tubing in her mouth. She wiggled her hips as Clyda positioned herself. She felt her cock push in through the lips of her ass and she trembled.
"The way Lulu fucks, she's been ready for days," said Jordan.
"She's gonna tear your ass apart Lulu!" another girl shouted, but the tone of her voice was filled with excitement, not malice.
Lulu quivered, her head spinning at everything that had happened to her. She was going to have her ass reamed, and be drenched in cum at the same time. Lulu moaned, then wriggled her body on the platform, causing her tits to flop back and forth.

Clyda's fat bulky cockhead pressed against her crack. She jabbed forward, the tip stretching the ringed ass muscle as it penetrated. Lulu's eyes widened, and she began to shudder as Clyda pumped her cock into her ass.
Tiffany continued to shove her huge throbbing prick into Toppsy's asshole. The savage penetration, combined with the anticipation of cum that would soon be rushing down into her caused Toppsy to feel the first stirrings of sexual response. Tiffany's huge prick continued to pound forward into her ass with intensity.
"Keep working that ass of yours on my prick," said Tiffany. "You're not gonna just lie there."
Clyda whined softly, as her cock stretched Lulu's asshole. She jabbed, stepped forward and jabbed again. The tightness of Lulu's butt had her grunting. Lulu moaned incoherently as Clyda filled her ass. She clutched the platform, her knuckles white, her body quaking.
The tight fit turned Clyda on even more. Hips heaving, she lunged forward and drove over a foot of her prick into Lulu's gripping asshole.
"That's the way to fuck her, Clyda!" shouted one girl. "Make her squirm!"
With her ass stretched to the limit, Lulu swirled in a pool of emotions. Her eyes rolled and she thought for a moment she was going to faint. Instead, Lulu conquered the sensation of Clyda powering into her ass. She gasped, slammed back and grunted as she absorbed the pounding of Clyda's monstrous cock.
The sight of both blonde dancers getting their asses reamed side by side, was too much for the teams of Ebony and Jordan, and that of Dee Dee and Summer. After working their pricks in the Milking sheaths for almost an hour, none of the four girls could hold off any longer.
Suddenly, she squealed in pleasure, and Ebony felt her cock go rigid as the jism rushed up it, past the point of no return. She cried out as the feelings in her cock and balls quickly escalated and set the pumping of the sheath to its maximum intensity.
"Get that mouth of yours ready, Lulu!" shouted Ebony. Seconds later, her cum blasted into the bowl. Ebony's balls erupted again, with Jordan following suit a second behind her. Lulu's eyes went wide open in shock at the f***e and the heat of the two amazons' cum rushing into her mouth. Thick rivers of cum shot out through both amazons' fat cock shafts and spurted from the tips of their pricks into the bowl.
"Oh fuck, yes!" Ebony cried, her lips quivering and drooling as her balls churned and blasted out another wad of thick cum.
Summer felt the enormous swelling of her cock and gasped in expectation for the tremendous release of hot cum that she knew would soon be pouring from her colossal prick.
Next to her, with a loud sigh of pleasure, the head of Dee Dee's prick exploded as she began to deposit her load into the bowl.
"Open wide, Toppsy! Here it comes!" cried Dee Dee. A thick wad of jism shot out of her cockhead in a f***eful spurt that was propelled into the bowl and through the tubing to the back of Toppsy's mouth.
Toppsy's head snapped back as the wads from Summer and Dee Dee found their mark. Both amazons squeezed their balls in a frenzied state of hysteria as the Milking sheaths worked on their colossal pricks, and both of them seemed set on drowning the beautiful blonde dancer in a sea of hot shemale jism.

The girls in the audience watched spellbound, and their throats filled with lumps as they
watched Lulu swallow the jism from Jordan and Ebony at a fantastic pace, along with being pounded by Clyda. They saw the pain and lust etched on Lulu's face. Some of them shivered.
Toppsy moaned loudly again, this time with joy. Her tight ass muscles formed a snug ring around Tiffany's cock. They gripped her buggering prick so hard that Tiffany stamped her heels from the sensation. But now Toppsy began to enjoy it somewhat, and as she gulped frantically on the cum rushing into her mouth, her cunt was starting to become awash with fuck juices now.
"Suck like you've never sucked before girls!" exclaimed Jordan.
Their hot gooey spunk shot through the tubing and splattered against the back of Lulu's throat like water from a hose. Her eyes popped open in surprise as Jordan and Ebony's cum rocketed into her faster than anything that had happened to her earlier in the day did. Jordan held her balls with one hand, squeezing them as she tossed her head back, reveling in the incredible sensations now flowing through her prick.
Lulu, her ass being ravaged, was oblivious to her surroundings. Her hips thrashed on the platform, her ass swiveling as Clyda skewered her rectum with pounding jabs. Pain and pleasure swept through her and she groaned loudly again. She took Clyda to her balls, then moaned loudly as she slammed into her body again and again.
"Don't you dare stop working that butt of yours," panted Clyda.
Toppsy continued to thrust her asscheeks up and back to meet Tiffany's mammoth cock. Her moans of pleasure grew louder, almost hysterical, as she continued to swallow cum, and Tiffany continued to drill her cock up into her snug little poop chute.
"Oh yeah," exclaimed Tiffany. "Your hole is so fucking tight!"
Awestruck, the amazons in the audience watched the gigantic pricks of Summer and Dee Dee fill the containing bowl as Toppsy tried in vain to swallow their load of cum. Toppsy swallowed frantically, pretending that she was sucking and drinking at a fountain, but it wasn't fast enough. The overflow of jism began trickling and then flowing out of the corners of Toppsy's mouth, dripping down her chin and neck, and then downward to her massive tits.
Tiffany gave a grunt, and then she pulled her cock so far out that only its knob remained in Toppsy's grasping asshole. Then, she fucked her prick back into her with all her strength, this time sending the full length of her prick up her ass. Dee Dee and Summer were shocked at the f***e Tiffany was humping Toppsy with.
Toppsy made an even louder, surprised sound in her throat, but still managed to keep gulping Dee Dee and Summer's cum down her throat.
Clyda slammed hard and Lulu slammed back and her balls slapped loudly against her ass. Lulu gave her a fierce look of determination, almost challenging Clyda, and she could only stare at the incredible effort that Lulu was putting forth.

Jordan kept her attention focused on the milking sheath on her prick, as her balls continued churning out wad after wad of thick gooey cum. "This is all for you girl. Suck faster!"
For a moment, Lulu thought she might choke as Ebony and Jordan's jism roared into her mouth through the tubing. But even though Lulu summoned her reserves, sucking as fast as she could, her cheeks were still filling with spunk. Their cum was still filling her mouth incredibly fast, but she found that she was barely able to keep pace with the two amazons.
"You're wasting that cum, Lulu," exclaimed Clyda. "Swallow it faster!"
Next to her, Toppsy continued to drink deeply, the hot spurting cum dripping from her lips and down over her jiggling tits as Summer and Dee Dee continued to milk their erupting pricks with the milking sheaths, and squeezed their balls with their hands. Toppsy gulped as fast as she could, as more of the gooey cream oozed out of her lips and splattered her body.
Ebony's balls rumbled as she massaged them with one hand. Her prick throbbed like a jackhammer in the milking sheath. Her eyes bulged and her lips quivered as she filled the bowl with her cum at a fantastic rate, and her prick still felt like it was ready to explode. "We're gonna fill you up until you burst!" she cried.
Despite the ordeal, Toppsy was anticipating that glorious moment when Tiffany would cum, and when she would feel her jism filling up her asshole. Tiffany had her gigantic cock balls-deep up Toppsy's snug asshole. The tender walls of that narrow fuck canal were stretched taut around Tiffany's cock.
Slowly, Tiffany again slid her cock almost all the way out of her ass. Then, pausing for just a second, Tiffany plunged her prick in to the hilt, her loaded balls slapping lewdly against Toppsy's asscheeks, nearly knocking her off the platform.

"Look at her shove her cock into Toppsy," one girl blurted out. "She almost knocked her off!"
Next to Ebony, another thick stream of jism spurted from Jordan's pisser and splattered into the back of the bowl above Lulu. Jordan jerked her rump, her feet shuffling on the floor as continuous streams of thick gooey cum shot out from her prickhead.
Time after time, Tiffany rammed the blonde dancer's asshole with skillful in-and-out strokes. Each time, she buried nearly the entire length of her prick up her ass. A part of Tiffany wondered how Toppsy could maintain her concentration under the ordeal and still suck cum down so fast, but she still kept up her brutal assault on her.
"Fuck that ass better and harder than it's ever been fucked before, Tiffany!" shouted a girl in the audience.
"I'm almost ready to cum," Clyda screamed as her cock throbbed. "And so is Lulu!"
Orgasms ripped through Lulu's pussy as Clyda's prick pounded her asshole. She steeled herself to stay on the platform, and still keep sucking frantically on the cum flooding into her, as Clyda pounded her senseless.
Somehow, Lulu had caught her breath, and for a moment she welcomed the jism from Ebony and Jordan as it blasted into her mouth and throat through the tubing. She gulped greedily, as still more jism squirted from their pricks. Lulu gurgled as the cum filled her mouth and began oozing from her clinging lips.
"That's it, Clyda," panted Summer as she watched from above. "Make this a fuck that she'll never forget."

Next to her, the tone of lust from Toppsy's moans made Tiffany's cock swell even more inside her grasping rectum. Tiffany's rapid breathing could be heard and her hair swung back and forth as she fucked her prick in and out of Toppsy's asshole. Every single muscle of her body was straining with the hard fucking she was giving the dancer.
Listening to the moans and cries of Summer and Dee Dee drove Toppsy crazy. She somehow f***ed her throat open, watching the jism shoot through the tubing from Dee Dee and Summer's squirting cockheads, taking huge globs of jism down into her guts in great squishy wads without swallowing.
"Keep it up Toppsy," panted Tiffany. "It won't be long now." Tiffany was filled with a savage lust, and she was more aroused by the moans and writhing movements of Toppsy beneath her. Each time Tiffany fucked her cock into her quivering bunghole, Toppsy eagerly raised her ass to meet her. Through it all, Toppsy was still managing to keep up the incredible pace of her gulping and sucking on the cum in the container above her head.
Lulu sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, as fast as she possibly could. But Ebony and Jordan were still cumming, wad after wad of their jism hosing into Lulu's mouth through the tubing.
"Look at Lulu suck!" one girl exclaimed. "She's chugging it down like crazy!"
Creamy ribbons of cum were now overflowing her lips and trickled down her chin, dropping off in heavy nuggets, like quicksilver, that bounced on her enormous tits. Great waves of jism washed through her cheeks and rivulets ran through her teeth, and down her throat. Lulu's hot tongue was afloat in a slippery tide of cum. Strands of it hung, congealing from the roof of her mouth and slimy banners slid steadily down her throat.
Toppsy groaned loudly as Tiffany continued to fuck her cock in and out of her savagely clinging anal walls. She tightened and loosened her strong ass muscles, giving Tiffany's cock a tight squeeze, which aroused her still more. She continued to clench and unclench her tight ass muscles, feeling Tiffany's hard prick throbbing deep within her ass-tunnel.
Suddenly, Toppsy reached out and grabbed both of her mammoth tits. She pulled on her pulsing nipples until they stood straight out, stiff and hard, while Tiffany continued to fuck her prick in and out of her tightening asshole.
"Work those fucking tits of yours!" cried Tiffany. "Seeing that just gets me hotter."

Lulu thrashed on the platform, her ass impaled. Cum oozed from her asshole onto Clyda's cock, and her body twisted and jerked as Clyda continued to hump her.
Clyda tossed her head back, her balls blasting as she drilled Lulu's ass. Lulu twisted maniacally and climaxed again as Clyda shifted to a series of very short, powerful jabs to ride out her orgasm.
More cum gushed into Lulu's mouth from Ebony and Jordan, and sprayed her throat at an incredible rate. She gulped frantically as still more thick jism filled her cheeks and cascaded down her gullet.
"Holy shit! Lulu's almost keeping up with us," said Jordan as she watched her suck.
Almost as if on cue, Dee Dee and Summer shot more cum from their huge orgasming cocks into Toppsy's mouth through the tubing and down her throat. It was an incredible amount of jism, and the thick, hot cum continued to gush into Toppsy's mouth like a never-ending sea, and she had to swallow harder and faster to keep from choking on the creamy mass.
Just then, a powerful orgasm rushed through Toppsy, taking her by surprise and nearly driving all the air from her lungs. She wriggled about frenziedly on the platform as she came. She threw her ass up and back at Tiffany's hard prick, as if trying to capture even more cock. Just as her orgasm began to subside, another one rose up to take its place, overwhelming Toppsy with its intensity.
"Fuck her harder Tiffany! Toppsy's ready to go off the deep end!" panted Dee Dee.
The jism was hitting Lulu's mouth with such f***e that, had the tubing not been fastened on her head and mouth, it would have been blown right off by the mighty stream. Lulu's mouth was almost constantly full to overflowing with the hot, sticky jism.
Now Lulu did what no one could have expected from her. Clyda's thrusting into her rectum had slowed considerably by now, but Lulu was still gulping down the cum from Jordan and Ebony even faster, like a madwoman.

While Tiffany continued to batter Toppsy's asshole, she came again and again, shocked but thrilled by the number of orgasms which were coursing through her, making her entire body tremble from the f***e of them.
"Yeah girl, I'm gonna fuck you until you shake apart!" Tiffany cried wickedly.
Toppsy f***ed her throat open as wide as she could, and the next spray of cum from Dee Dee and Summer blasted into her gaping mouth, catching the large spurt of cream in the back of her throat. The jism coated her tonsils lewdly before trickling down her throat where it joined the mass of cum that had already spilled into her belly.
Lulu sucked as fast as she could, but she was still getting a seemingly unending stream of cum from Ebony and Jordan. The two amazons were still cumming steadily now, launching their jism out in thick, shiny ropes that landed loudly and splashed in the containing bowl.
Suddenly the moaning from Lulu increased significantly, and was higher pitched. At the same time, she began sucking down the tremendous amount of cum in the bowl at an even faster pace. The new sounds from Lulu caused all eyes in the auditorium to be riveted on her.
"Geez, look at Lulu! She's taking everything they can dish out at her!" cried one girl.
Toppsy kept squeezing her tits as orgasm after orgasm raced through her body, causing more and more juice to flow from her pussy. She continued to squeeze Tiffany's humongous prick with the tight walls of her ass. She felt the pace of Tiffany's fucking increase as she approached her own orgasm.
A happy grin lit up Tiffany's face, and she tensed as she felt her huge balls tighten up, and her hot cum boiled within them. Still cumming, Toppsy tightened her ass muscles harder and tighter around Tiffany's prick, crushing down on the hard, throbbing meat that was deep inside her bowels.
"Here it is girl. I'm gonna blast your ass now!" exclaimed Tiffany.

As the cum flooded down her throat like a waterfall, Lulu felt her clit turn into a fireball. This was a different sensation from an orgasm in her pussy. The heat suddenly changed into intense pressure, as though the fleshy knob was holding back a huge tank of water.
Then the pressure transformed into a pleasure that Lulu had never felt before, and for a moment it even eclipsed the thumping of Clyda's cock, and the intensity of sucking down the jism.
Tiffany's balls ached, the cum in them was rumbling to be released. Then a huge spurt of cum shot from the tip of Tiffany's cock and poured into Toppsy's spasming asshole. Tiffany cried out as her cock continued to shoot out more and more of her thick, hot fuck cream. Toppsy rammed her butt down on Tiffany's cock as she felt her release, and Tiffany responded by clenching her hips with her hands. Her cock was buried to the hilt in Toppsy, shooting off like a fire hydrant.
"Squeeze my cock with your ass girl!" Tiffany shouted out.
Toppsy managed to groan loudly, while still sucking. She swayed back and forth, feeling intoxicated from all the tangy cum she had swallowed so far. Dee Dee and Summer's semen was still flowing into her mouth. As their orgasms ran on seemingly forever, Toppsy sucked on their cum through the tubing harder than ever.
A last peaking wave of ecstasy washed over Lulu, and she felt a strange convulsion wrack her body. An instant later, pussy juice shot out like a fountain from her snatch. Huge jets of clear liquid shot over four feet into the air, as though from a lawn sprinkler, landing all over Clyda's boobs and her body. Lulu was moaning louder than ever, as she continued to suck down the cum.
Ebony and Jordan were finally beginning to empty their balls, and gaped in surprise as Lulu shot off like a fountain from her snatch, and kept up her frantic rate of sucking and gulping.
From the side, Toppsy turned her head when she heard her s****r's moans escalate. Her eyes shot open in surprise, and she nearly choked while she sucked on her own stream of cum, when she saw Lulu squirting.
"Good fucking grief!" Clyda exclaimed as she was showered in Lulu's juices. Four more arching streams of cunt juice spewed forth from Lulu's box in rapid succession. Clyda squinted as she shook her head and tried to blink away the fluid from her eyes, as Lulu continued to spray her.
The girls in the audience gave their applause, and cheered Lulu's fantastic effort.
"Holy shit! Does Lulu know how to fuck or what?"
"You're totally awesome girl! Way to go, Lulu!"

Tiffany's cum lewdly coated the walls of Toppsy's ass, shooting into her bowels. There was so much of the gooey stuff that it began to back up, running out of her asshole, streaming down her butt cheeks. Her cum squished out over her balls and trickled down the crack of Toppsy's ass as Tiffany cock spasmed again, her balls blasting out another load deep into her bowels.
"Ream her ass so she can't sit down again, Tiffany," exclaimed Summer as she looked down. Thick strings of cum dribbled out the corners of Toppsy's mouth as her rectum exploded again from the jackhammer blows by Tiffany's cock below. Toppsy's rump spasmed violently and she moaned with erotic pleasure, feeling more and more cunt juice flowing from her bloated pussy lips and running down her legs.
Clyda managed a step backwards, and her cock popped from Lulu's ass. Clyda let her cock finish shooting off over her tummy and tits, as she rubbed her face with her hands. All she could do was stare in shock at Lulu, as she methodically kept on sucking and draining the cum in the bowl above her. Clyda was so splattered in cum and pussy juice, she had as much, if not more fluid on her body than Lulu. "Someone get me a bl**dy towel!" she cried out.

Tiffany's balls were drenched, her cum soaking Toppsy's quivering thighs. Tiffany fucked her asshole again as the last of her cum spewed from her pisser. Tiffany staggered back, her prick popping from Toppsy's ass. Dee Dee and Summer had finished cumming at roughly the same time as Ebony and Jordan. No accurate measurements could be taken, but most everyone agreed that it had been almost a dead heat for the amount of cum in the bowl over each girl's head.
By now, both Clyda and Tiffany's cocks were completely out of Lulu and Toppsy. After such a marathon of sexual activity, both their members were finally going limp and taking a well-deserved rest for the first time since the events had started.
Lulu gulped frantically, trying to drain the massive load of jism from Ebony and Jordan. She gulped and swallowed and sighed. Her whole face was contorted by lust, her eyes wide open in shock, cum running out from the corners of her mouth.
Ebony and Jordan were finally spent, but they stared in awe at Lulu's performance below. Like water draining out of a bathtub, the cum vanished from the bowl, and into Lulu. Moments later it emptied, and the sounds of air bubbles in the tubing were heard, as Lulu drained every last drop.
Ebony and Jordan reached down and unfastened the tubing on Lulu's mouth. Lulu took several gulps of air to regain her strength. "Now that's what I call getting fucked!"
"You were terrific Lulu," said Jordan, as she patted her on the shoulder.
"You swallowed that cum like it was going out of style girl," said Ebony.
Lulu could only give a sexy, embarrassed grin. "Hey, I know what I like."
Clyda was standing with her hands on her hips. She had finally cleaned her face off with a towel. "You never told us that you could shoot off like that, girl. You're a regular rainbird!"
Lulu wagged her finger at Clyda. "You were the one who fucked me so hard, to pull it all off. Next time you do this, you'll know better and bring some goggles." This brought some chuckles from the girls in the audience.
"What do you mean 'next time'?" exclaimed Dee Dee. "You're still horny after all this?"
"Well there's still a few days before we're scheduled to leave, right?" asked Lulu.
"My god, we've created a monster," muttered Clyda, as she massaged her forehead.
Through all of this, Toppsy was still sucking like a mechanical pump, determined to drain the cum from the bowl above her head. As she heard the conversation, shock and rage rose in her, as she listened to Lulu's words. It was over a minute after Lulu had drained the cum in her bowl, before Toppsy finally succeeded in emptying hers.
Dee Dee and Summer unfastened the tubing from her mouth, and were about to convey congratulations to her, but Toppsy would have none of it. She was so upset, she almost choked on a last wad of jism in her mouth, and coughed loudly, clearing her throat.
Finally she blurted out, "I don't fucking believe what I'm hearing! Lulu, are you trying to tell me that you actually enjoyed what these girls just did to us?"
"Hey, I didn't squirt all that juice out of my box because I had to pee, s*s," Lulu retorted.
Toppsy faced Tiffany now. "What the hell have you done to my s****r, you maniac?"
"Just settle down, Toppsy," said Tiffany. "Remember your bl**d pressure. I'm sorry if Lulu got more out of it than you did, but it's all behind us now."
"Tiffany's right s*s," said Lulu. "Just relax and enjoy the ride while we're here. It's only for a few more days anyway." Toppsy's face was a mask of emotions. She was angry with Tiffany and the amazons for using her so callously; and her own s****r seemed to be turning into a willing convert for them.
"Right now, I think I need to lie down," said Lulu. The vitality in her voice from a moment ago was gone. "My belly doesn't feel so good, and my tits feel funny too."
Suddenly the same feelings took over Toppsy's body. "Ooh. I feel the same way too," she moaned.

Dee Dee went over and adjusted the controls so the platforms were almost horizontal, to accommodate Toppsy and Lulu. Although the enzymes Dee Dee had given them had quickly consumed most of the physical volume of jism that they had swallowed, both girls' minds were still fresh with the ordeal of having to f***efully swallow it in a short time.
It started slowly at first, almost imperceptibly, as a soft glow surrounded the two dancers, who began to moan as though they were still in orgasm.
A moment later, it started. At first the movement was too subtle to notice, but before long, Toppsy and Lulu's breasts were actually trembling and shaking by themselves.
"Oh my god, what's going on?" Dee Dee exclaimed as she stared at Toppsy and Lulu before her, the two dancers tossed and shuffled on the platforms.
"You don't suppose we fucked them too hard?" asked Tiffany.
"My tits feel funny," moaned Lulu. "They're hot and tingly all over."
"It feels like something inside 'em is trying to break out!" wailed Toppsy.

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