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Impossible Virgins Chapter 12 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 12: The Avalanche - The Second Round

Dee Dee had gathered the other three girls who would be Milking this day off to the side of the stage. They could clearly see all the action that was taking place with Toppsy and Lulu, but they weren't immediately involved with it.
"Okay everyone, pay attention," said Dee Dee. "They're counting on us to really deliver a mammoth cum shot for the grand finale of this little escapade today. I don't mean to sound like a cheerleader, but we've got our work cut out for us today."
The other three girls nodded their heads in assent to Dee Dee.
"These Milking sheaths are fairly easy to use, " said Dee Dee, "but you've got to exercise extreme control with them too. Summer, you've never done this at all before now. Ebony and Jordan, you've been through one or two Milking sessions, but you've never monitored the controls on them.
"Use slow, gentle increments of pressure and vibration with them. Turn the knobs just a little, and let yourself enjoy the feelings for a bit, before moving on. You're all familiar with how your cock works, so whenever you feel the feelings begin to rise, and you think you're even remotely close to cumming, hit this red button. It'll send a burst of reverse pressure, and should put the fire out right away in you.
"Whenever you do this, wait at least a minute before you start up again, or you touch your prick again. The way Tiffany and Clyda are going at it with out two guests today, we won't have any shortage of inspiration."

"Let's get this show on the road!" shouted Tiffany. She started off somewhat slowly, working her cock into Toppsy's cunt at a moderate rate, until she had over half of it buried inside her. Then Tiffany increased her pumping to a faster pace, until she was averaging six inches or more with her thrusts into Toppsy.
Toppsy's cunt got red hot under the constant attack from Tiffany, the pussy juice boiling up from her hole. She was full of Tiffany's cockmeat, and was soon stuffed with every inch of her gigantic prick. Tiffany soon felt her cock tighten into an iron rod as it vibrated in Toppsy's pussy. She knew it wouldn't be long before she was about to shoot, and she didn't care. As before, the object today was to fuck Toppsy as often and as possible as she could, until Dee Dee and the others were ready.
Clyda stood before Lulu with her cock jutting out in front of her. "She always was such a showoff," as she glanced at Tiffany humping Toppsy. She gently massaged her hand along the shaft, pulling her foreskin over her huge cockhead in front of Lulu.
"Well love, are you ready to get humped even harder than you did earlier today?" she teased.
"Yeah, but you've gotta promise me one thing," replied Lulu.
"And what's that?"
"I want to see you back up all that talk about you and your cock. I want to see you shove that telephone pole between your legs all the way inside of me, without stopping once!"
Next to her, Lulu's surprising words registered on Toppsy, but she was too busy trying to hold her own against Tiffany pummeling her with her massive prick to respond.
Clyda was taken by surprise. She wasn't certain what Lulu was going to say, but she certainly hadn't expected this. Some of the girls had dropped rumors about how nasty and how much fun Lulu could be during sex. And Clyda thought she had noticed that trend developing in her, as she scanned the mountains of video footage on her and Toppsy.
"Be careful what you ask for dear, you just might get it," warned Clyda. She turned to give Lulu a profile view of her, reminding her of just how huge her dick was.
"I never thought I'd hear myself say this," said Lulu, "but ever since you pumped us full of chemicals so we could handle your cocks, I've been enjoying sex more than I ever have before. Taking something as big as you girls between my legs, and being able to enjoy it has given me a rush that I can't begin to explain. It took a little while, but once I found out that you weren't gonna rip me apart, I really started to get into it."
"Well, it's nice to hear that we've made you into a 'convert', sweetheart," said Clyda. "And since you've asked me so nicely, I don't really see that I have any choice but to try and fulfill your wish."

Hearing the conversation next to her, Tiffany wasn't ready to finish things yet. She settled into a moderate, piston-like humping of Toppsy, so she could view the scene nearby.
"This I'm gonna have to see for myself," said Tiffany.
Lulu reached down and spread her cunt lips apart with her hands, revealing the hot, moist tunnel inside. "Ram that slab of meat inside me, and don't spare the horses, Clyda."
Clyda gripped the shaft of her cock with one hand, and took steady aim at Lulu's hole. Just fucking Lulu had now become a challenge to her, and she was determined not to back down from it.
Clyda thrust her hips forward, and her huge cockhead disappeared into Lulu's cunt. Her fuckhole sucked Clyda's prick in. Slowly, inch by precious inch, Clyda was wedging her cockhead up into Lulu's steaming pussy. Lulu grunted and pumped, pushing her pussy down against her. Her soaking fuck tunnel rippled, adjusting to accommodate the great breadth of Clyda's prick, her pussy juices spreading around her cock.
"Oh yeah!" Lulu grunted. "Rip my box in two! Shove that dick further into me!"
Watching the incredible display of penetration next to her caused Tiffany to fuck her cock deeper and harder into Toppsy's cunt.
The head of Clyda's cock had f***ed its way deep into her, up her cunt. Clyda had a foot of her meat inside Lulu now, leaving half to go. Lulu's pussy began to work on her cock, the muscles gripping her cock meat, forcing her to work harder. Her cunt lips were clinging to Clyda's prick, just behind the buried cock knob. Lulu twisted from side to side, her body giving way as Clyda slowly worked more of her fat prick shaft up her cunt.

Now Tiffany could feel her flared cockhead slamming hard into the farthest depths of Toppsy's strained pussy. Clyda was making good on her attempt to shove all of her meat into Lulu in one mighty plunge. Inch after inch disappeared into Lulu's snatch, like a train going into a tunnel. Clyda was panting and heaving with the effort, and Lulu looked like she was almost ready to cum, just from this action. Well over half of her cock was buried in Lulu now.
"Don't stop, damn it! Don't stop!" cried Lulu.
Clyda grunted, and girls in the audience could plainly see the sweat trickling down her back, but she kept up the steady pressure, watching Lulu squirm and writhe as she shoved her cunt onto her prick. Her cockhead forged a passage up her body, prying her pussy open, and her long, thick stalk pushed in behind, vanishing inch by inch. Lulu was working her crotch down toward Clyda's balls, wanting all of that long, leathery shaft up her cunt while the gigantic cockhead delved into the very depths of her loins, filling her pussy to the brim with shemale cock.
"Ugh!" Lulu grunted, as Clyda f***ed three more inches of her cock into her pussy. "C'mon, Clyda! Fill my hole until I can't take anymore!"
Lulu's face was radiant with passion, her head switching from side to side, and she was panting like a steam engine. Her buxom body trembled as she fucked herself on Clyda's prick. Bracing her shoulders on the platform, she shoved, twisting her cunt onto Clyda's massive fuck stick. Deeper and deeper went that oversized slab of cock, grinding a passage up into her spreading pussy, fucking slowly into Lulu's innermost depths.
With a last thrust, Clyda lurched and shoved the head of her mighty prick as deep as it would go into Lulu. She gasped, then smiled as she felt the smack of her hot ballmeat throb against her ass cheeks. Lulu's marvelous cunt had managed to take Clyda's entire enormous fuck rod in one continuous plunge, and her cock had finally bottomed out in her pussy.
The girls in the audience could see this too, and they let out a chorus of catcalls.
"Way to go, Clyda! You've got so much dick in her, it ought to pop out of her mouth!"
"Show that girl what a real cock feels like!"
"Oh fuck, yes!" cried Lulu, as she realized what had happened. "I don't think that I've ever felt so full down there."
"That's a bit of a first for me too you know," panted Clyda. "Nobody else has ever had me do that to them before."

Seeing Clyda finally succeed at her labor of lust was an incredible turn on for Tiffany. Once she saw Clyda's balls hit Lulu's butt, a tingle ran down her spine. Tiffany accelerated her fucking of Toppsy for a few minutes, and then threw her head back and she let out a high-pitched whine as her orgasm overtook her.
Then Toppsy felt Tiffany suddenly stand very still. She couldn't hold out any longer, and suddenly Tiffany's cock was sending stream after stream of hot cum deep into her tender tight cunt. Toppsy could feel her load of cum jet out and burn its way through her cunt. Tiffany's cockhead was sending incredibly thick gushes of molten jism into her body.
With a scream, Toppsy crashed into the world of climax. "Oh fuck, yes! It feels like there's a red-hot firehose between my legs!"
Toppsy's cunt squeezed tightly, clutching along Tiffany's cock while her body throbbed in orgasm again and again. She cried out as she felt the throbbing of Tiffany's prick shoot out another load of cum into her hot cunt. After the fourth explosion Toppsy collapsed onto the platform, with her arms hanging limply at her sides.

Lulu lifted her head and stared at Clyda defiantly. "Now I want you to finish the job, honey. You and Tiffany bragged about how good you are with your cocks." She lifted her head so she was certain Clyda saw the passion in her face. "You see the way that she almost made Toppsy pass out just now? Fuck me until I can't see straight! Turn my pussy inside-out, but I want you to make me cum like never before!"
Clyda was again momentarily startled by Lulu's incredible demands. Toppsy heard them too, but she was still being pounded violently by Tiffany's cock, to be able to respond.
"Whatever Lulu wants, Lulu gets," replied Clyda. The strength and determination that Lulu was showing was a turn-on for Clyda, and she resolved to give her a fucking she wouldn't soon forget.
Hearing the last exchange between Toppsy and Clyda, Tiffany could sense that she wasn't finished yet either, and she was determined to put on a show of her own. Pulling her prick from between Toppsy's legs, Tiffany maneuvered it to point-blank range in front of her face. Her mammoth cock swelled and exploded one more time, the massive eruption of her jism almost obscuring Toppsy's face for a moment. Jabbing her prick into her face, Tiffany sank the cocktip between her warm lips, scr****g it against her teeth. Then she backed up, her prick finally stopped for the moment, but everyone could tell that her huge balls were nowhere near being drained.
"That's just a sample of what you're gonna get today, girl," said Tiffany, with her hands on her hips. Although it had temporarily stopped shooting, her cock was still rock-hard and erect, and thrusting proudly out from between her legs. "By the way, are sure that you haven't bitten off more than you can chew over there, Lulu?"
"You just leave this oversexed little trollop to me Tiffany!" retorted Clyda. "It's been too damned long since I've had a genuine challenge from any of the strumpets we've invited to the Island. Lulu wants to know what it's like to really be fucked by us, and I'm just the girl to do it to her!"

A roar of applause and raunchy comments echoed through the audience when they heard Clyda's proclamation.
"All right Clyda, the spotlight's all yours," said Tiffany. "I'm not the only one who wants to see what you can do to someone, when you don't hold anything back.
"And now that I've had a dip in your pussy, I'm gonna stretch that tight little asshole of yours, girl." Tiffany pried her hands under Toppsy's butt cheeks on the platform, and used her strength to pull her forward, so her rectum was now fully exposed to her in this position. "I'm gonna ream this tight little poop-chute of yours, until it's at least two sizes bigger than when we started!"
Toppsy gritted her teeth in defiance, and tried to prepare herself for what was about to come. Although Dee Dee's pills prevented her body from being ripped apart, they did nothing to hide the brutal sensations of something the size of Tiffany's cock being rammed in and out of her like a piledriver. Toppsy had never liked anal sex before coming to the Island, and she cared even less for lesbian sex; but she loved hard, hot cocks. Even if it was Tiffany or another girl that did it to her here, she simply couldn't help herself from turning into a screaming nymphomaniac whenever she was fucked by one of the amazons in either hole.
"Quit squirming girl, you know you love this," Tiffany teased her. With that Tiffany shoved her cockhead into Toppsy's ass. Tiffany had fucked more girls than she could remember since she came to the Island, but few if any, had a sphincter that could grip tighter, and still absorb as much of her meat as Toppsy did.
"Oh, yeah!" Tiffany exclaimed as she slowly thrusted her prick into Toppsy's butt, enjoying the incredibly snug fit. Tiffany paused for a moment.
"Damn! If I didn't know better, I'd swear I had one of Dee Dee's plastic sheaths on my cock. You've got a body that was just tailor-made to be fucked by us, Toppsy."
Tiffany's comments managed to revolt and turn Toppsy on at the same time. Retaliating would do her little or no good in this situation, so she might as well make the best of things, and hope that she could manage to ride it all out. By now, Toppsy knew she could survive just about anything from any of the amazons on the Island, so she decided to play along and encourage Tiffany, hoping that she'd finish up with her sooner.
"My butt's clinging to your cock for a reason, Tiffany. You know I can't get enough of your meat. Show me what you can really do with it."
"Exactly what I had in mind girl!" Tiffany lunged forward, the thickness of her huge prick stretching Toppsy's ass to the limit. By this point, Tiffany was so turned on, it didn't really matter to her if Toppsy was sincere or not. All Tiffany cared about was satisfying the burning in her loins, and bringing herself off again. She fucked forward into Toppsy, the hot bubbling juices in her ass saturating her cockmeat and oozing out over her cum-stuffed balls.

Clyda had paused briefly to catch her breath. She saw Tiffany plowing her cock into Toppsy's butt. "When I watch a performance like that, I do believe that's my cue to continue, love."
Now Clyda followed Tiffany's actions, working her rigid meat in and out of Lulu like a giant piston. Lulu lifted her hips slightly so she could mash her crotch up and down, and swung her ass from side to side, cavorting on Clyda's cunt-stuffing shaft. As her massive cock pulsed inside her, Lulu was lifted higher. Her lush ass bobbed up and down and her thighs rippled, tensing and relaxing, letting her move gloriously on that giant prick. Clyda was holding steady, all of her prick embedded in Lulu's clinging, steaming pussy on her forward thrusts. She was moaning in pleasure as she felt Lulu's hot cunt flesh cling and ripple and suck and mold itself around her prick.
Lulu was fucked to the very core, whimpering with the pure joy of it. Clyda pumped her cock back and forth, using six-inch strokes on Lulu with her cock. Her pussy slid back and Clyda's leathery rod slid out of her, dripping with her cunt juice. Then Clyda lunged forward and Lulu took her back into her pussy, took the head of her mighty prick into the deepest depths of her cunt. A shuddering sensation caused Lulu to gasp. Her pussy was melting like wax around a hot, hard poker. She could actually feel her cunt juice seep slowly out to coat Clyda's prick.
As she pulled back, Lulu's cunt lips were almost turned inside out as they sucked on Clyda's cock. And as Clyda plowed forward, her pussy lips were stuffed up into her cunt.
Foaming cunt juice ran out of Lulu's cunt and soaking Clyda's nuts, and trickled down into the crack of her ass. Her body, impaled on Clyda's cock, was vibrant and trembling. A series of low, soft, steady moans murmured from her lips, which escalated into frantic cries of pleasure.
"Do it to me harder, Clyda!" she sighed. "Use that cock of yours!"
Until now, Clyda had been holding steady, letting Lulu wallow around on her massive prick, enjoying the feeling of having her cunt twist and jerk and slide on her cockmeat, but now Clyda's hips tensed and she began to fuck her prick in and out in earnest. Her hot cockmeat was stuffing Lulu's cunt so full that, at first, she simply dragged the dancer along with her. But then Lulu braced herself, and her pussy loosened a bit more and then Clyda was able to ram her fat cock into her, a foot at a time. As Clyda fucked forward, Lulu thrust her pussy up to meet her, and as she drew back she twisted her pelvis from side to side, grinding her cunt on the retreating cock meat.
"Oh shit, yes! That's fucking awesome!" squealed Lulu.

Toppsy worked her rump up and down the length of Tiffany's prick. "Jeez! I feel so fucking full!" Foamy juices spilled from her anus, coating Tiffany's swinging balls and keeping her jabbing cockshaft greased. "I don't fucking believe it, it feels like she's gettin' even bigger! She's stretching me apart!"
Tiffany fucked her deep, her cock cutting cleanly into Toppsy's puckered asshole. Each powerful thrust jammed the whimpering blonde dancer into the platform and pushed her back and forth. Tiffany snorted, fucking hard, driving her farther along the platform. Her cock swelled inside her gripping anus, and her balls ached as creamy fuck juices spilled from her sphincter, and trickled down the shaft of her cock.
With the other amazons watching, Toppsy struggled to keep from being knocked off the platform. Tiffany's lunging stabs were making her head spin. Each jab of her cock brought a gurgling cry from her drooling mouth.
The amazons continued to watch Tiffany as she fucked her prick into Toppsy's ass without mercy. The sight nearly made some of them cream in their seats. The fuck juices squished out from Toppsy's cock-stuffed rump as Tiffany fucked her hulking prick into her butt.
"Ooh, cream her, Tiffany," called one girl from the audience. "Drown her ass in cum!"
"I'm cumming!" Toppsy wailed as she twisted her hips and blindly fucked herself on Tiffany's prick. Hot pussy-cum gushed from the pulsing walls of Toppsy's cunt. The bubbling cum poured out onto Tiffany's cockshaft and spurted out over her balls. Tiffany whined shrilly. The hot pussy cum from Toppsy was igniting the jism churning in her balls.
Tiffany's balls burst. She cried out, her head jerking up as the hot thick cum shot through her cock and gushed from the tip of her prick. She jabbed, almost knocking Toppsy off the platform as she split her throbbing rump with her erupting prick.
Tiffany's cock erupted again inside the pulsing heat of Toppsy's rectum. Thick wads of cum squirted from her prick. The hot gooey wads drenched her already overstuffed bowels. Tiffany jabbed her cock all the way to the balls into Toppsy, reaching down and mashing her clit with her fist as she thrashed wildly beneath her.
Clinging to the platform, Toppsy went berserk. She shoved back at Tiffany's plunging prick. The hot cum filling her ass triggered another orgasm in her pussy, and more cum churned in Tiffany's erupting balls.
"That's it Toppsy!" cried out Tiffany. "Keep your ass jammed tight on my prick and take everything that I've got. You're getting the mother of all enemas today!"
Toppsy's eyes grew wider and wider as she felt the incredible load of hot jism from Tiffany fill her bowels to what seemed like the bursting point and beyond. For a moment, Toppsy thought she'd pass out from the sensation, or that something terrible would happen to her. Tiffany was standing with her crotch pressed against her butt, and her cock buried to the balls in her ass. Now Tiffany had reached out and was mashing Toppsy's heaving breasts together, as her cock finally stopped throbbing and shooting.

Slowly, the incredible mass and heat in Toppsy's ass subsided and she could actually feel the pressure abate in her bowels. A brief feeling of relief came over her.
"Dee Dee's pills are doing their work, honey," said Tiffany. "In a minute, it'll feel like there's nothing in there at all."
Clyda turned her head to watch Tiffany shoot off into Toppsy's rump. She turned to face Lulu again. "Is that what you want, sweetheart?" she hissed at her. "You want me to fuck you so hard, your body turns to jelly, and you can't even think straight?"
Clyda pulled back and watched a foot of her thick cockmeat ooze out from Lulu's suction cup of a cunt, dripping with her juices. Then Clyda rammed it back in without mercy, stuffing her pussy full, slamming her balls against her rump. The sound was like two large slabs of meat slapping together. The impact was so great, and the f***es so powerful, that Lulu's eyes rolled back in their sockets for an instant, before she regained control of her body.
"Do it again, damn it!" screamed Lulu. "Fuck me harder!"
Now Clyda was becoming hotter and more aroused than ever. She began smashing into Lulu's cunt like a battering ram. With Lulu's pussy stuffed to the limit with cock, there was no room for all of the juices between her legs anymore, and the liquid splurted out of her snatch like a fountain each time Clyda buried herself in her. In no time at all, both Clyda and Lulu looked as though they had been caught in a downpour. Both of their tummies and parts of their breasts were liberally splattered.
The root of Clyda's mighty prick was almost completely supporting Lulu as her gigantic member throbbed even harder, almost lifting Lulu off of the platform.
Lulu's womb was soaking wet and steaming as Clyda's iron-hard pole smashed into her juicy pussy again and again. Her inner cunt muscles massaged Clyda's cock meat, rippling and pulling, sucking and dragging. Clyda fucked harder and faster, cramming her prick up that voracious maw, feeding phallic fuel to the furnace of Lulu's hot pussy. Her prick fucked in with a long, rippling fuck-stroke that hiked Lulu's ass into the air, off of the platform.
Lulu looked out between the rising slopes of her fat tits, half expecting to see the outline of Clyda's giant prick pushing a furrow up along her belly. Lulu saw Clyda grin at her wickedly, and then shove her hips forward and ram into her like a charging bull. She felt the impact all along her spine, and shivered at the incredible sensations it produced in her.
Clyda's huge balls swung back and forth like the clappers of a bell. They whacked against Lulu's churning ass as she buried her prick up her cunt, then swung ponderously back, so full of fuck juice that they were like lead.
One of her legs clutched against the side of the platform, helping her to grind her soaking snatch on Clyda's prick. Lulu's other knee was hooked over the edge of the platform and she reached her foot down to brush against Clyda's balls. The size and heat of them astonished Lulu. Clyda was gasping heavily and her own body was soaked with sweat and stained with their juices. Seeing the startled look on Lulu's face, Clyda paused briefly as she pulled her cock back.
"You aren't the only one who's giving her all today here, love," Clyda panted.
Suddenly Lulu felt it. A tiny spark deep within her being, which she knew would grow inexorably into an orgasm that she'd never forget.

"It's starting. I'm almost there," Lulu exclaimed. "Fuck me harder than ever!"
Clyda could feel it within her loins too. She'd reached the point where her years of experience with her cock told her that even she couldn't hold off the inevitable forever.
"This is it for me too, Lulu! This time we're going all the way!"
"Hmm. Those two are definitely putting on a tough act to follow next door," said Tiffany.
“Since your pussy felt so nice the first time, I think that I'll do it again." This time, Tiffany copied Clyda's technique, and rammed over eighteen inches of her prick into Toppsy's cunt in one long, slow plunge. She watched Toppsy's eyes grow wider and wider, as more of her meat vanished inside her.
"Don't worry sweetheart," said Tiffany. "If something was gonna happen to you, you would've popped at the seams already. If your s****r can take this kind of treatment, so can you."
Tiffany's balls rumbled and swelled as they whacked against Toppsy's quivering body. Her prick swelled even larger, stretching her pussy. She moaned and fucked harder, driving Toppsy back and forth on the suspended platform.
Clyda called upon all of the strength that she had left in her body, and for the next several minutes, she fucked Lulu harder and faster than she had ever done to anyone else before. She shortened the length of her thrusts into Lulu down to only five or six inches, and gripped her ankles for leverage and support. Now she was blasting her cock into Lulu like a jackhammer with strokes that were almost too fast to count.
Under this onslaught, Lulu began to cream. She tried to hold back and wait for Clyda to spurt her cum up her cunt, but the thrill finally overwhelmed her and her cum juice began to deluge from her well-stuffed pussy.
After ten minutes of humping from Tiffany, Toppsy reached the peak, and her body went into convulsions as she experienced yet another orgasm. She thrashed like a wildcat on the platform as her cunt exploded.
Tiffany shoved her twisting body back and forth as hot buttery pussy-cum bathed her drilling prick. She lurched harder into Toppsy. The heat from her pussy was reaching into Tiffany's balls and igniting the cum there. Her head jerked up and her lips trembled as her balls burst again.
"Holy shit, she's cumming again!" Toppsy screamed as a thick river of jism spurted from Tiffany's pisser and splashed deep in her cunt. "She's creamin' me!" She nearly went insane as Tiffany's hot gooey cum triggered another orgasm deep in her pussy, and she slammed her massive prick up into her body.
Tiffany pounded her cunt with brute f***e. Her balls churned, the cum gushing through her fat cock and squirting from her tip. Spunk spurted deep, flooding Toppsy's cock-stuffed pussy. Tiffany moaned, her head bobbing back and forth, as her cock erupted again.
"C'mon, you big fucker," Lulu gasped. "Shoot that fucking slime up my hot cunt! Flood my pussy with that fucking cum!"
Clyda's massive cock slammed in, tossing Lulu's ass and pelvis up and down roughly. Her prick was getting even bigger as her orgasm approached. Lulu's body was shaking and she felt as if her hips would jump out of their sockets, as if her vital organs were being shoved aside by Clyda's fucking cock.

Another orgasm shook her body. Cunt juice splashed wildly from Lulu's pussy as Clyda's big cock fucked into her like a locomotive.
"Shoot your cum into me!" Lulu cried.
Tiffany lunged forward, her cock buried deep in Toppsy's squirming body. Her ass was lifted off the platform. Tiffany lunged even harder, her rump twitching, her chest heaving. More cum gushed from her fat cock, flooding Toppsy's pussy. It gushed out over her balls and down the crack of Toppsy's jiggling ass.
Toppsy screamed and tried to clutch Tiffany's hips with her legs. Her body was out of control. She humped frantically, her body nearly going into convulsions as she tried to grind her clit into Tiffany's cock.
The other amazons in the audience were nearly in a trance watching Tiffany fuck Toppsy. Their eyes were wide as they saw the f***e with which Tiffany was impaling Toppsy with her cock, and fixed on the river of cum seeping from Toppsy's cock-stuffed cunt.
Tiffany continued to fuck her cock hard into Toppsy's climaxing pussy. More cum spewed from her prick. She jabbed, nearly knocking Toppsy off the platform. Toppsy screamed and tried to hold onto the platform with her arms and legs as Tiffany drilled her cunt.
Next to them, Clyda and Lulu were locked in the throes of passion. No words were exchanged now, only the frantic grunting and panting of each girl, as Clyda strove to fuck Lulu beyond her limits, and Lulu tried to keep herself on the platform, and withstand her onslaught.
Tiffany threw her head back, her hair swishing across her neck as she kept the screaming Toppsy impaled on her squirting prick. Tiffany slammed at Toppsy's writhing body, her erupting balls slapping at her ass cheeks. Toppsy continued to hump her hips. Her head snapped back and forth as she somehow absorbed the thrashing and humping from Tiffany.
The amazons in the audience gasped as they watched Tiffany hump Toppsy as if she were a feather. They strained their necks and saw the cum flowing from Toppsy's cunt like a river, and their mouths watered.
Tiffany lunged hard, her balls just about drained now. She whined, her rump jerking as she shoved Toppsy's screaming body back and forth. Toppsy's vision started to spin. Her legs weakened, then slipped from Tiffany's hips. She went limp, her cunt still stuffed with Tiffany's steel-hard cock.
Tiffany stabbed hard one last time into Toppsy. Now Tiffany pulled her cock slowly out of Toppsy's cunt, enjoying the tight clinging sensations of her butt all along her shaft. Then she jerked back, her prick popping from her cunt. A spraying stream of jism splattered all over Toppsy's writhing body, dotting her sizzling flesh. With her cock free, Tiffany tossed her head back, and exulted in her orgasm, and her triumph over Toppsy.
"Now you know what it's like to really be fucked, Toppsy," panted Tiffany. "But we're still not finished with you for today girl."

Clyda roared in ecstasy, as she knew her release was only seconds away. Her bloated balls exploded as her hips heaved her prick into Lulu's cunt. The hot cum rushed up her fat prick and Lulu gurgled with the joy of it when she felt that huge, steaming load of jism pour into her fuck tunnel.
"Oh, my gosh!" Lulu cried, overcome by fuck-lust. "Blast me with your juice!"
Lulu's cunt had been creaming before, but now, feeling Clyda's cock cream flood into her pussy, her orgasm peaked. Pussy juice filled her, mixing with Clyda's molten cum.
Clyda shot off again and again. She was spurting so much spunk into her that Lulu thought her body must be awash in the fucking stuff, that her heart and liver and lungs must be floating like flotsam in a creamy sea of cum.
Lulu grabbed her enormous tits, and squeezed for all she was worth, as the withering f***e of orgasm rocketed through her body. Her fingers dug so deeply into her fleshy orbs that most of her fingertips weren't even visible.
Lulu's mouth gaped open, drooling. Her eyes narrowed to slits. She panted frantically. Spasm after spasm shook her lush, ripe body as she creamed again and again. Each time Clyda squirted another dose of cum up into her, Lulu melted on her fucking prick.
Clyda was shooting cum up into Lulu with such power that she felt she might blow her right off the end of her prick, if the contours of the platform didn't keep her firmly braced in place. Clyda's hips bobbed as she fucked in, shooting yet another creamy load up her cunt, then she slid lower as she withdrew, only to ram her fucker into Lulu yet again.
"Give it to me! Give it all to me!" Lulu wailed, feeling Clyda's balls slap against her ass.
Tiffany moved so that her long prick was now hovering over Toppsy's panting and heaving body. Tiffany relaxed the mental control over her cock, and let it land against Toppsy's sweat covered body with an audible smack.
Her tremendous prick from reached Toppsy's crotch almost to her chest and the hot rod pressed against the bottom of her enormous tits. Toppsy rubbed her body against her prick. Tiffany humped forward, sliding her cock meat up along her body. The dark slab of her cock-head glided through Toppsy's soft cleavage and bumped her under the chin, like a puppy wanting to play. Tiffany pushed forward a little more, tilting Toppsy's head back.
When she thrust forward again, Toppsy lowered her chin to her breastbone and pushed her tongue out and licked at the slimy head of Tiffany's cock. Despite everything she'd been through, the rich, musky flavor of Tiffany's shemale cock thrilled her. Toppsy pulled her thighs upward and back, making a primitive vise around Tiffany's long cock, near the root, and as her prick head slid up between her tits again, she began to tongue the cock knob greedily.
"Yeah, that's it," moaned Tiffany. "Suck my cock good. Get it good and primed for the next time that I shove it into you."

Tiffany enjoyed herself as she tit-fucked Toppsy for a few moments. No one on the Island was flat chested, and several girls were bustier than she was. But no one had a set of tits like Toppsy and Lulu did. Tiffany was actually having to exert her strength to keep Toppsy's watermelon-like tits sandwiched about her cock. After several minutes, Tiffany felt her cock was more than ready for continued action inside Toppsy's holes.
Slowly, Clyda pulled her throbbing cock out of Lulu's pussy. Lulu watched Clyda's cock as she extracted it. Her cunt sucked at it through every inch. Then the cockhead pulled out of her and Lulu relaxed on the platform for a moment, her ass twitching, her tits flopping.
Clyda's prick, still huge, hard and wet, swayed above her. Cum and cunt juice gushed from Lulu's vacated cunt. Clyda looked as though she were holding her breath, as she fought to maintain control over her member. Lulu was shocked. Even after the deluge Clyda had just dumped into her body, her cock and balls still looked like they could unleash an awesome load.
Tiffany moved her body so that both she and Toppsy could see what was about to happen next to them. "Watch this girl. This is gonna be good!"
"You wanted cum, love? You've bl**dy well got it!" shouted Clyda.
For a moment, there was only the sound of Clyda stroking the shaft of her cock with one hand, while the other squeezed her balls. A sense of fantastic anticipation hung in the air as everyone waited to see just how much Clyda had left in her balls.
A dreamy smile transfigured Clyda's face. She backed away, her cockhead now just over Lulu's crotch. Seconds later, her cock erupted like a volcano.
Like water from a high-pressure hose, the stream of jism shot out and plastered Lulu. For over twenty seconds, a dozen other streams followed it, and landed everywhere on the blonde dancer. Her breasts were drenched. A miniature lake had formed on her neck and chest above the mounds of her boobs in her clavicle. Lulu's hair was so wet in places that it was actually pressed to her head.
By now, all the eyes in the auditorium were focused on Clyda and Lulu, including Tiffany and Toppsy.
"I'm impressed darling," said Tiffany. "If you're only gonna shoot off once, you might as well make it memorable. And that's what I'd call a show-stopper!"
Toppsy was still in shock at seeing a side of her s****r that she'd never suspected. All she could do was gape at Lulu. Clyda's monumental climax brought heavy applause and raucous cheers from the girls in the audience.
"Totally awesome, Clyda! That's showing her how we amazons can fuck!"
"You're all right Lulu! You had Clyda hit you with everything she could, and you took it all!"
Lulu's cunt was still spasming as though on Clyda's cock, wringing her own orgasm out to the last dregs. "That was beyond belief," Lulu finally managed to blurt out.
"You're not finished yet, love," replied Clyda. She had regained her breath, and moved closer so that she was at Lulu's side. Her still rigid cock was resting before her face, dripping with sweat, pussy juice and cum.
She looked close at Lulu and grinned, "Remember when you were a little girl, and you'd lick the batter from your mother's mixing bowl? Put that tongue and mouth of yours to work."
An ear to ear grin spread over Lulu's features, and she eagerly began cleaning off Clyda's prick.

"As much as I hate to interrupt this tender moment, we've got something that just won't wait over here." It was Dee Dee. She along with Ebony, Summer and Jordan, were all sporting hard-ons that made what Tiffany and Clyda had just used look nearly inadequate.
Tiffany faced Toppsy again. "Okay, girl. You had a little time-out there. I'm gonna fuck you one more time, and by then, I think our other friends will be ready to put on their own cum shower display."
"Give us about five minutes, Tiffany," Dee Dee called out in a husky voice, that Tiffany hardly recognized. She'd only heard Dee Dee's voice like that in the deepest throes of orgasm, and when she'd been pushed to her sexual limits. "Then we'll show these two what a cum shot really is."
After almost an hour in the milking sheaths, their cocks were nearly beyond description. The balls of each girl were swollen much larger than two softballs, and were streaked with veins. The skin of Dee Dee, Jordan and Summer's pricks were flushed to such a degree that they were almost identical in color to Ebony's. All four of the amazons were panting and heaving as they teetered on the edge of an uncontrollable orgasm.
Tiffany jerked her head around to the audience. "The three of you in the front row. Get down here quickly. As soon as these four assume the position, I want you to connect the tubing to the plastic pieces on their cockheads."
With practiced efficiency, several of the girls quickly made the necessary connections on the four milking amazons, as well as fixing the tubing to Toppsy and Lulu's mouths so that it couldn't slip out by accident, and then resumed their seats.

"Nice work, girls," said Tiffany. "Dee Dee, the four of you know what to do. Get ready to watch the fireworks everyone! Here comes the grand finale."
Tiffany turned to Clyda with a grin. "How about it, Tiger? You think you've got enough left in you for one more go with our two friends here?"
"Never let it be said that I was a party pooper, Tiffany," Clyda retorted. "And by the way, I know I've got enough in my tank, for one more time with someone with as much spirit and gusto as Lulu here. I never got the chance to bang her back door today, so I'm going to rectify that little detail right now."
"I think that I'll do that very same thing on Toppsy here. I'm gonna ride the 'Hershey Highway' one more time on her!"
Toppsy's thighs were trembling as she braced herself; Tiffany grabbed her ass and pulled her into rump into position like a kicker setting up a football on a tee. Tiffany leaned forward, letting only a portion of her huge cockhead slide in and out of her anal ring, but Toppsy knew her cock was ready once again to plunge brutally in at a moment's notice.
Lulu reached down, gripping her rump with both hands and spread her rectum as wide open as it would go. Clyda nudged her cockhead against her ass and the tip of her prick slipped easily into her hole. Lulu whimpered as her clit began to throb. Lulu twisted her hips from side to side, already wanting to f***e her anus onto her cockhead. Her firm ass swayed under Clyda's body in the platform.
Dee Dee and the other three Milkers had now set the sheaths on their cocks to maximum intensity, as they prepared to unleash their cum for Toppsy and Lulu.
Ebony and Jordan were hovering above Lulu. Directly across from them, Dee Dee and Summer were positioned above Toppsy.
Toppsy seemed to have a feeling of dread, and steeled herself to hopefully survive this latest ordeal on the Island. Lulu was looking like a c***d on Christmas morning, eyes bright, full of anticipation that no one had ever seen before.
At that point, Tiffany and Clyda each gripped the thighs of both dancers for support, and the next stage of the ordeal continued.

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