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Impossible Virgins Chapter 8 Plans Are Laid Out

Chapter 8: Plans Are Laid Out

For many days, Toppsy and Lulu were the most popular girls on the Island. The reasons for this were obvious. Toppsy and Lulu had been fucked in every orifice by almost every single amazon on the Island; and many of them had been with them more than once.
Some of the amazons had been somewhat slow and gentle with the two blonde dancers. Others had been rough and domineering with them, enjoying the chance to use the full size and strength of their huge members on Toppsy and Lulu, knowing that they would survive whatever was dished out at them, thanks to Dee Dee's precautions.
Virtually any sexual position that had ever been depicted in a magazine or video had been carried out with Toppsy or Lulu as a participant. There were several that both girls did not think were humanly possible; but due to Dee Dee's work and the enormous size of the shemale amazons' cocks, these were all carried out on them, none the less.
"Well I have to admit, we're certainly getting our money's worth out of these two," said Tiffany as she scanned through some of the video footage of Toppsy and Lulu.
"We've got just about every angle covered," said Clyda. "Not only have they had every hole filled to the bursting point on them, but there's a wide variety of scenes and dialogue too."
"We can issue anything from a smooth and easy, almost 'normal' video, where there's a bit of consent between the girls. And we can also put out something that's a **** or a hate-fuck tape, where some of the bigger girls really had their way with them at times."
“There's also some smashing footage where Lulu was the dominant type with a few of the new girls, who had just received their cocks," added Clyda. "I know for a fact that with one of our newest gals, Lulu was the first girl she'd ever had a chance to use her cock on."
"It's really been a mixed bag," said Tiffany. "Some of the girls who did it with Lulu early in the week were glad when it was over, she squawked and bitched so much. Then she seemed to have a change of heart, and in some of her later scenes, she was like an a****l, and couldn't get enough cock from us."
"Toppsy has been a regular 'Jekyll and Hyde' in her scenes though. As long as someone is fucking her, she can't get enough, and doesn't want things to ever stop. Before and after, she's a regular bitch, threatening people, and cussing stronger than any sailors I ever met. I guess part of it is the chemistry or attraction between the girls once they get started, and part of it is just her basic personality that can't change very much."
"Anyway, I can't wait to see guys' faces when they see that we've got these two as part of our catalogue," said Tiffany. "I can see those orders flying into our website already."

"So what's next for our two special guests, love?"
"So far, we've only exposed them to 'conventional' sex, even if it is drastic amounts of it, with our humongous cocks. Now we're going to get into things that I don't think they've ever been exposed to."
"What've you got in mind, Tiffany?"
"Do you remember that 'platform' contraption that we suspended Jordan on, when all five of us gang-banged her a few months ago?"
"My nuts still tingle when I think about that one, love. That getup let five of us get at Jordan at once, without getting in each other's way."
"My point exactly, Clyda. So, after I let Dee Dee have a turn at our two blonde friends, I put her to work creating another one of those things. Dee Dee said that she had all the raw materials handy, she just needed a day to program it, and get it ready."
"Ooh, the mind just boggles at what new deviltry is running through your cunning little mind, dear. What've you got in store for them?"
"We're going to put them through two grueling tests, that'll really see what they're made of," replied Tiffany. "When they're suspended on the 'platforms', the lucky girls below them will really have a chance to ram and slam their pricks into them, without worrying about having to support them, or else flopping on them and possibly squashing them with their bodies."
"Sounds delightful, love. What's the other 'labor of lust' you've cooked up for them?"
"They're going to go on a 'liquid diet', Clyda. By that, I mean they're gonna swallow so much cum, they'll think that they're gonna drown. Sure, they've swallowed a fair amount of jism so far on the Island. But it's usually been after one of us has pumped their ass or pussy for a bit first; and it's also usually after we've splattered their face and tits a bit.
"I'm talking about some of us using the plastic 'milking' sheaths on our pricks, and then dumping it directly into a bowl or vessel of some sort that's suspended above their heads. I want it all to collect and be there for them, and not fly everywhere."
Clyda's eyes widened in surprise and pleasure, as she imagined what Tiffany was describing. "That idea sounds scrumptious, Tiffany. But it sounds like there are a lot of things to work out. I mean, if so many of us are going to be using the remote control devices on our cocks at the same time, won't that be a tad risky? I mean suppose that the controls got scrambled, and we were actually working someone else's cock, instead of our own?"
"Hmm, that could be somewhat painful," mulled Tiffany, "if not downright embarrassing, too. When I ran this idea past Dee Dee a few days ago, she didn't seem to think that there'd be any problems that she couldn't solve. Let's go see what the little devil has come up with for storing all the jism for our two blonde guests."
"With all the work and all the projects that she does around here, it's a wonder that Dee Dee still finds time to enjoy sex too," said Clyda, as they walked through the hallways.
"I've often wondered about that myself," replied Tiffany. "I sometimes think that her parents must've given her chemistry sets and science projects for her birthdays, instead of Barbie dolls and other girl toys. But she's as comfortable as anyone is with our lifestyle here. And we certainly wouldn't be the way that we are without her."
"You can say that again, love. Thank goodness she knows her craft as well as she does."

Tiffany and Clyda turned the corner to Dee Dee's lab, and rang the buzzer. Dee Dee admitted them a moment later.
"Hi girls. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the setup for the next round of fun and games with our two guests. Jordan here has graciously volunteered to help me test things out."
In the center of the lab, Jordan was suspended in mid-air by a small platform or cushion that conformed to her backside and spine.
"Like heck I did," muttered Jordan. "I was walking by the lab, minding my own business, and Dee Dee grabbed me, and stuck me on this thing. I was drafted!"
"This will adapt itself to Lulu and Toppsy when we fit it on them tomorrow," said Dee Dee. "They're a little larger and heavier than most of the girls around here, but still within the limits of it. Now we've got two working models of this device."
"When can I get out of this thing?" called Jordan. "The last time you had me in it, I almost couldn't sit down afterwards."
"Having a flashback, are we love?" teased Clyda.
"Don't worry, Jordan, " said Tiffany. "You're not in trouble of any sort. It's for a special surprise for Toppsy and Lulu."
"Let me show you what I've come up with for catching and storing all the cum," said Dee Dee. "I got the idea from the last scene of Clyda and Jordan together, when she was new to the Island."
Dee Dee went to a workbench and retrieved what looked like a large plastic bowl. It had a small plug or spigot near the bottom, and several matching appendages around the rim.
"We take this, and connect a bit of tubing to it. One end goes on the bowl, like this. And
then we insert this other end into the mouth. It's shaped like the lips, and the tube will extend into the oral cavity just a bit. I've added some handy straps that we can fasten around the back of the head and neck. That way, if either Toppsy or Lulu develops an attitude, they can't just spit it out."
Next, Dee Dee brought the container next to Jordan, and held it over her head in the air.
"Hey! You aren't gonna let that thing bonk me on the head are you?" asked Jordan.
"Of course not, silly. The anti-gravity field extends a few feet around you in all directions. Including directly above you. It'll support the bowl over your noggin, even when it's filled to the brim with jism.
"When this bowl is hovering over Toppsy or Lulu's heads, we can have as many as three of us hooked up to it, via some tubing from our cockheads to these connectors.
"Finally, there's a little control device that can be operated with the thumb. It'll open a valve to let the jism flow into their mouth. No one could swallow it all at once, so we give them a measure of control.
"I like this, Dee Dee," said Tiffany. "The bowl's clear so we can see what's going on, and we're also in control of Toppsy and Lulu too, without putting them at a terribly serious risk."
"Everything sounds, great, Dee Dee. So here's what we'll do tomorrow," said Tiffany. "We hook both of them up to the platforms in the auditorium, and then connect the bowls and tubing above them. They're sure to bitch about being treated like this, but by now, we're used to it from those two.
"For a little while, we'll let a variety of different girls go at it with them in the two positions below the platforms. And while they're doing that, a number of the other girls will take turns jerking off into the bowls, one after another. They'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, but we'll give them each a 'rubber band' like we use on our cock and balls, when we're in the Milking Ritual."
"What's the method to your madness, love?" asked Clyda.
"A lot of these girls have only had their cocks a relatively short time. Using the bands will help them get used to what will be expected of them down the line. They'll also experience greater sensations, and more powerful cum shots, when they're like this. We want to first make sure that Toppsy and Lulu can handle everything we toss at them. After that, we take off the k** gloves."

"She's got that look on her face again," said Clyda gleefully. "That usually means that someone's really going to get it around here."
"What've you got in mind, Tiffany?" asked Dee Dee.
"Like I told Clyda earlier," replied Tiffany, "I want Toppsy and Lulu to get used to some of the other girls, and let them think that they've taken our best shot, in this kind of ordeal. But then, I want to see those two oversexed tarts literally drown in cum while they're here. All of us can deliver a pretty potent load with our cock and balls, but we all know that it increases expo-nentially, once you add the milking sheath and equipment to the equation.
"And while we're all proud of our own sexual prowess here, there are four of us here on the Island, who are quite simply, in another league, when it comes to delivering the money shot.
"We bring out our 'big guns', two of which are in this very room. The first is you, Dee Dee. Your nuts are almost legendary on the Island. Anybody who can gag Ebony, deserves a spot like this. And you've more than earned it, with everything that you've come up with for us to use, on such short notice."
"Why thanks, Tiffany," replied Dee Dee. "I'm getting horny just thinking about tomorrow. Who else is on the list?"
"Jordan gets a spot here too. I don't know how she does it, having only had her cock a relatively short time. But she dumped a load that almost matched Ebony's, in her first milking session. And all the other girls have commented on how powerful her balls are when she's been in a sex scene or a photo shoot."
“And I know the perfect finishing touch for this scenario, Tiffany,” Dee Dee added with a wicked smile. “We’ll let Jordan get milked while she’s at her larger size, courtesy of the Vectrans. Are you still able to change size on Demand, Jordan?”
“I sure can, Dee Dee!” exclaimed Jordan.
“This’ll be the perfect time to get you on film in your larger size, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Just thinking about how much you can shoot off when we milked you earlier is getting me hard downstairs.”
“We should keep it that way with Toppsy and Lulu while they’re here,” said Clyda. “I know you’ve nailed them multiple times at your normal size, Jordan. We all have.”
“But for the time being, I only want you at your bigger size for the milking scene we’re gonna do,” said Tiffany.
“That sounds awesome, Tiffany,” said Jordan. “We’re gonna cum so much when we’re like that, Dee Dee will probably have to get a bigger bowl to hold all the jism.” She playfully wrapped on the large clear plastic bowl with her knuckles.
Dee Dee rubbed the bridge of her nose and her forehead, as she did mental calculations and realized that Jordan was probably right. “You would have to mention something like that, right before the big event, Jordan,” she said with an exasperated laugh. “Tiffany, Clyda, don’t worry about a thing. I’ll come up with something big enough that’ll contain ‘super nuts’ here, and the rest of us, when all shoot off.” She turned to Jordan with amused and giggle. “We’ve really got to work on keeping a lower profile on you, Jordan.”
"You hear that, love?" Clyda called out to Jordan. "More people know about your cock and balls, than know you personally."
"I'm flattered, I'm sure," Jordan replied sarcastically. "How about getting me down from here?"

"Let me take care of that," said Dee Dee. She went to a control panel, and began lowering Jordan to the floor. "Who else rounds out the list, Tiffany?" she called out.
"I'm saving a spot for Ebony. Now that we know she's on our side, I feel we can trust her with anything. And we've all seen what that cock of hers can do firsthand."
"And who's the fourth lucky girl?" asked Clyda.
"I've decided to give Summer a chance here. Ever since Vantha and Rayleena did a crash course on her, and converted her into a shemale, she's been nothing short of fantastic.
When she changes to her bigger size, her cock and balls are almost as big and powerful as Ebony's. Even though she hasn't done a Milking session yet, I'm dying to see what she can do in these circumstances. This'll also be a good opportunity to see how she works with multiple girls in a different sex scenario."
“I know that Toppsy and Lulu have only seen Jordan and Summer in their normal sizes,” said Dee Dee. “When they get a load of the two of them when they’re even bigger, that should produce some really interesting results.”

"Well, I have to admit that part of it sounds awfully nice, love," said Clyda. "But I don't mind telling you that I feel a bit left out, too."
"Clyda, you know I'm not trying to play favorites here. While the four I mentioned will be dumping jism into Toppsy and Lulu like there's no tomorrow, you and I will be showing everyone how to really fuck a girl from below. I'll even let you pick which gal you want to ream tomorrow."
"Well that's more like it! I was beginning to think that you'd become forgetful in your old age. But what about the possibly of getting crossed wires or signals, while they're all doing it at once, Dee Dee?" asked Clyda. "Ordinarily, there's only one of us doing this, when it's our turn for the Milking Ritual."
"I took that into consideration too," called out Dee Dee. "I used the same sort of system that separates signals for all the garage door openers in a parking complex. They're all at a slightly different frequency, so nobody should interfere with anyone else when they're doing it."
While Tiffany and Clyda compared ideas, Dee Dee went to the platform, and helped Jordan to her feet out of it. Jordan and Dee Dee came back over to Clyda and Tiffany.
"Hey, thanks for letting me be one of the 'special girls' tomorrow, Tiffany," said Jordan.
"You've earned it honey. Those nuts of yours are damn near superhuman. You really shouldn't have any problems, but I'd like for you and Dee Dee to hold off on any erotic activities for tonight. We want our balls good and full for Toppsy and Lulu tomorrow."
"You drive a hard bargain, but I'll do it for you, Tiffany," smiled Jordan.
"I also anticipated one other problem that might arise, so I came up with a solution for that too," said Dee Dee.
Tiffany turned and beamed at Dee Dee. "You must've missed your calling as a scientist, girl. Technology's loss is our gain. What else have you come up with?"
"Stop and think about things, Tiffany. I don't know of anyone who could swallow the huge amounts of cum that we're going to be putting out, when we use the milking sheaths on our pricks. Certainly not even any one of us. Especially when several of us are cumming at once."
"Hmm. She has a point, Tiffany," said Clyda. "Not that a number of us haven't tried to do that very thing anyway, you know."
"To get around this, I came up with another pill. Basically, it'll create a tapeworm in Toppsy and Lulu's guts for twenty-four hours. At least, that's what they'll feel like has happened to them. As they swallow all the jism, enzymes will kick in, and burn it away very quickly. That part of it works the same way that the pill I gave to Jordan did, when Ebony pumped her tank full. All we have to do is get them to each take this pill as part of their supper the night before, so it can be absorbed in their bodies, while they sl**p."
"I don't see a problem there," said Clyda. "I'll have one of the girls grind them into a powder, and mix it in their food. If it's one thing those two can do, it's put away the bl**dy groceries."
"Clyda's right," said Tiffany. "I don't see how they can eat so much, and still keep their figures the way that they are. It's a good thing we'll be raking in money off the photos and videos that we produce with them. We'll need it to offset their food bill.
"Great job today, Dee Dee! It sounds like you've got all the technical details worked out on this for us. Let's go back and finish scanning the video footage we've got on Toppsy and Lulu so far, Clyda."
Tiffany and Clyda said goodbye, and left Dee Dee's lab.

"What did I tell you, Jordan?" Dee Dee asked. "That extra help I gave your balls is paying dividends already. You and I are gonna drown those two smart-ass dancers tomorrow!"
"I can hardly wait, Dee Dee. And once this is over and done with, I'll personally show you just how grateful I am."

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