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Impossible Virgins Chapter 7 Through The Wringer -

Chapter 7: Through The Wringer - Jordan Fucks Toppsy

"I want you to fuck me, Jordan!" Toppsy shouted, loud enough for everyone in the auditorium to plainly hear.
"You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear those words," replied Jordan. "Well, you're gonna get your wish. Just remember, you practically begged for this."
Jordan's body seemed to know what was happening, without being told. Her prick flexed and wiggled so hard that Toppsy had a hard time holding onto it. Jordan's prick was roughly the same size as Tiffany's; still it was as long as Toppsy's arm and just as thick. Fuck-lube oozed out of her pisshole and Toppsy caught the slippery stuff, rubbing it on the head and shaft of Jordan's twitching cock. Jordan moaned as Toppsy greased her colossal cock.
"Stick that piece of meat in her deep, Jordan," Lulu said. She got comfortable and began fingering her pussy, and playing with her heavy tits as she watched.
Tiffany was stroking her own cock, and had to remind herself to stay composed. "C'mon Jordan," she sighed. "Fuck Toppsy long and hard and deep for everybody."
"Oh please, shove it in me!" Toppsy groaned. Toppsy was lying on her back on the mattress now. She'd reached down to her thighs and was holding her cunt wide open. The fuck juices were running out of her pussy like syrup.
Jordan stepped forward, her long thick cock throbbing for a hot hole. She playfully jab-bed her prick anxiously at Toppsy's twisting body.
"I'm so hot!" Toppsy squealed. "So fucking hot, I can't stand it!" She lifted her ass and rolled her hips. "Stick your cock in me, Jordan!"
Toppsy aimed Jordan's cock at her open cunt and Jordan thrust. Her prickhead ground against Toppsy's crotch, fucking inside. It disappeared inside her like a purple fist.
Toppsy stiffened, gasping. "It's so fucking big! I've never felt anything like this!"
"Fuck her good, Jordan!" one of the amazons in the auditorium shouted at Jordan.

Jordan didn't wait. She lunged hard, the fat head of her cock finding Toppsy's pussy. Jordan moaned as the sizzling heat of Toppsy's cunt gobbled up her cock. She jabbed again, fucking her prick deeper into Toppsy's buttery pussy. Jordan thrust again, this time ramming another eight inches of her cock up Toppsy's crotch.
"Oh, fuck!" Toppsy writhed as if she'd been impaled on a spear.
Now Jordan started to hump, fucking her huge prick in and out of the gasping dancer.
"Look at Jordan pound her pussy!" one of the amazons said in a voice full of awe and admiration.
Lulu sat back on her heels, watching the incredible sight at close range. Toppsy's pussy-lips were stretched to near tearing around Jordan's baseball-bat cock. As the huge cock fucked in and out, Toppsy's hands clawed the mattress. Hot pussy juice continued to trickle out of her cunt.
"Uh, uh, uh!" Toppsy groaned, squirming as if she were being tortured. As she gasped from Jordan's fuck-thrusts, she played with her own massive tits.
Toppsy jerked spasmodically, and her eyes rolled back in their sockets, as she whined, her body shuddering. Toppsy writhed, looking completely delirious, gasping repeatedly as Jordan's cock fucked her spasming cunt. In no time at all, Jordan had succeeded in burying the full length of her prick in Toppsy's pussy.
For a moment, Toppsy thought that Jordan's long cock was going to come out her mouth. She thought her loins had exploded. Toppsy whined, writhing and gasping, out of her mind with frantic shock. It was as if an arm had been rammed up her pussy. Without looking, Toppsy was sure that the full two feet of Jordan's shemale cock had been rammed up her cunt.
What was surprising to Toppsy, was that she felt little pain. The stretching sensations in her womb made her mouth gape and her body tense, but the unbearable pain she'd expected to feel wasn't there.
Jordan moaned repeatedly, thrusting with a quick rhythm, fucking Toppsy's cunt with long, powerful strokes. Toppsy felt that she was going to lose her mind if this went on much longer. Her nipples and toes tingled as if they were being stabbed with millions of microscopic needles. Toppsy was going to cum any time now.
Several of the amazons in the audience couldn't hold back any longer, and were openly stroking their erections in their seats as they watched the action. The skin of their cockheads was pulled back tautly, and their piss holes looked big enough to insert fingertips in. Toppsy wanted cum, and wanted it in the worst way.
After ten minutes of intense humping, Jordan exploded into Toppsy's pussy. It was like taking a load of buckshot up her cunt. Jordan's cum gushed into her like lava exploding from a volcano. Toppsy cried out in shock, then shuddered from head to toe as her loins went into spasms.
"Holy shit!" Lulu gasped and pulled away her hand from her clit. "She's buried herself to the balls in your cunt, Toppsy!"
"I know!" Toppsy squealed as Jordan stuffed her pussy to the limit. "I've never felt anything like it before in my life."
"I'm glad that I made such an impression on you," panted Jordan, as she caught her breath. "But I'm not through with you yet, girl. Not by a long shot."
Toppsy gazed at Jordan with amazement.

"Now you're gonna get your ass fucked, Toppsy."
Toppsy's eyes shot open in shock and disbelief. But she knew the position that she was in, and that there weren't any alternatives besides sucking it in and taking Jordan. If her pussy and mouth had survived Jordan's battering ram, her ass would have to also, she told herself.
Toppsy sucked up her courage. "All right. Take your cock out and stick it in my ass."
Jordan looked over at Lulu. "You do it. Show your s****r that you really care about her."
Lulu crawled over. Jordan slowly backed her prick out from Toppsy's cunt. Lulu grabbed Jordan's hulking cock shaft. It was hot and throbbing, like trying to hold a baseball bat dipped in motor oil. Sweat and pussy juices coated Jordan's prick and dripped from her cock tip. Lulu aimed it at Toppsy's twitching asshole.
"Here she comes, s*s," Lulu warned.
"Yes!" Toppsy wailed. She shuddered. With her pussy empty, she became hysterical. "Help her, Lulu. Put that thing inside me, and wreck my ass, Jordan. Fuck me!"
Jordan grunted. Having lost the heat of Toppsy's tight wet cunt, she fucked hard through Lulu's gripping fingers. Her rump twitched and Jordan jabbed, anxious to bury her prick back inside the screaming dancer's body.
"Do it to me!" Toppsy squealed as her young body spasmed. "Do it!"
Toppsy squiggled back as Jordan jabbed her prick at her ass.
Lulu aimed the fat head of Jordan's cock at Toppsy's puckered ass. "You got it, s*s."
Jordan jerked forward. The bloated head of her prick found the mark. Jordan whined and jabbed, fucking her prick through the tight ring of Toppsy's asshole. She jabbed again as Toppsy's tight ass muscles gripped her cock.
Toppsy screeched as Jordan fucked into her ass. "It hurts, but I love it," she squawked. Pain and pleasure swept through her at the same time, and she wiggled her hips, fucking on Jordan's hard cock that was stuffing her ass. "I love it!"
"You haven't even got it all inside you yet," Lulu reminded her. She slapped Jordan on her rump. "Fuck her, Jordan! Deep and hard!"
Jordan exerted her strength, and lunged forward as Lulu helped hold Toppsy steady on the mattress. In one plunge after the cockhead had been absorbed, Jordan now had just over a foot of her meat rammed into Toppsy's anus.
Lulu squirmed close, her eyes wide as she watched Jordan's cock stretch the puckered ring of Toppsy's asshole. "Good fucking grief," she whimpered softly. "How does it feel, s*s?" Her own asshole twitched, and for a moment she wished it were her own ass being ravaged by Jordan.
"Wonderful," Toppsy moaned d***kenly. "It takes a few minutes to get used to her being inside me." She slammed back, meeting Jordan's lunging fuck-thrusts as more of her hard cock entered the narrow canal of her gripping asshole. "But after that, it's fucking wonderful!"
Lulu was entranced. "You've got a lot more to go," she warned as Jordan fucked her cock into Toppsy's ass. Lulu skimmed her fingers around the base of Jordan's cock. "She's just over halfway in."
"Ooh ... fuck," Toppsy gasped. "I don't believe it!" She thrashed wildly on the mattress. "I want it all, Jordan! I want every fucking inch you've got!"

Toppsy twisted her hips and her tits flopped back and forth as she lay on the mattress. Moans came from her trembling mouth as she slammed her ass back at Jordan.
"Fuck me, Jordan. Give me your cock!" Toppsy twisted on the mattress as Jordan fucked her ass harder and deeper in response.
After five more minutes of humping and thrusting, Jordan finally succeeded in burying the length of her prick in Toppsy's rump. A loud, satisfying smack echoed in the auditorium as Jordan's balls landed against Toppsy's ass cheeks.
Jordan lunged forward as Toppsy jerked back. Jordan stuffed her asshole to the limit as her balls slapped against her ass flesh. Deep fuck-thrusts buried her cock inside the tight gripping hole of Toppsy's poop chute. Jordan howled triumphantly as she tossed her head high and swished her hair.
"You've got it all now," Lulu rasped. "Every fucking inch."
Toppsy twisted her neck. She stared at Jordan and Lulu, her dark eyes glowing. "I got it!" she said deliriously. "I got her cock." She bucked wildly, reveling in the pleasure of her first anal fuck on the Island. "I got it all!" Her head plopped to the mattress with a thud as the pleasure of Jordan's ass-splitting dick filled her with joy.
"Fuck the hell out of her, Jordan," Lulu urged. She skimmed her hand along the top of Jordan's swinging shaft and finger-fucked Toppsy's pussy. "Your pussy's on fire, s*s."
"So's my asshole!" Toppsy screamed. She swiveled her hips and shrieked as her flushed exited face twisted with lust. "She's fucking the shit out of me!" She jammed back, her asshole gobbling on Jordan's plowing prick. "I'm in heaven, Lulu. You gotta try it."
Lulu nodded. "I will," she said as if in a trance. "I know I will."
Jordan moaned wildly, her nostrils flared. Lips trembling, she kicked at the floor as she fucked her prick into Toppsy's tight gripping asshole. Jordan plunged hard, her body visibly shuddering as she used longer strokes to fuck her prick deeper and deeper into Toppsy's rectum.
"Fuck her," Lulu urged, as she spanked Jordan's butt. "Ream her ass, Jordan!" She pulled her fingers from Toppsy's cunt and grabbed Jordan's swinging balls. "Holy shit, they're even bigger than when she nailed you the first time, s*s. She's gonna drown your asshole in cum."
"I can't wait," Toppsy shrieked as she writhed maniacally on the mattress. Toppsy managed to lift her head and stare at Jordan for a moment.
"I'm gonna drain your fuckin' balls, Jordan!" She slammed her lower body back at Jordan, absorbing her punching cock stabs as she stared at her entranced s****r. "It feels like she's all the way inside my stomach! It's like a frigging enema!" Toppsy was out of her skull as the rough ass fucking pushed her to new heights of pleasure.
Jordan was knocking the screaming dancer along the mattress. Jordan fucked deep into Toppsy's ass and groaned as the muscles in her asshole milked her cock. Head bobbing and lips drooling, Jordan continued to fuck Toppsy as Lulu mauled her balls and slapped her rump.
Tiffany was almost mute as she watched the frenzied ass fucking. She rocked on her haunches, her eyes glued to Jordan pounding Toppsy's ass. "Fuck her, Jordan," she cried out as her own asshole contracted around an imaginary prick. "Fuck her!"
"She is fuckin' me!" Toppsy screamed hysterically. "It feels so good!" She slammed her ass back at Jordan, meeting her cock stabs.
"More, fucker. Rip my ass open!" Toppsy jerked her hips as Lulu reached up and ground her clit against her fingers. "Fuck me harder!"
Jordan fucked the blonde dancer's ass with quick stabs. Her balls, being massaged by Lulu, ached, their heavy load of jism rumbling to be free. Jordan lunged forward, pushing Toppsy along the mattress as her cock stretched her anus and fucked up into her bowels.
Toppsy struggled, battling Jordan as she filled her asshole again and again with her giant prick. She grabbed the mattress to keep from toppling off. Toppsy worked her hips frantically as her ass cheeks quivered and her body spasmed.
Lulu squeezed Jordan's cum-filled balls. She saw the muscles of Toppsy's asshole twitch around Jordan's jabbing cock shaft. "She's gonna cream you soon," she moaned. "Milk her prick, Toppsy."

Tiffany, in a trance, crawled around and watched the frantic fucking from behind Jordan. Tiffany stared between her legs then ran her hands up over Jordan's twitching rump. Toppsy's screams of pleasure echoed in her skull. She reached the crack of Jordan's ass. Without thinking, she plunged her several of her fingers into Jordan's butt. Jordan's eyes shot open in surprise for a moment, and then she realized what had just happened.
"Oh fuck, yes!" moaned Jordan. "Do it to me harder, Tiffany!"
Jordan responded by fucking Toppsy's asshole with harder jabs. Her rump jerked and her buttocks clenched. Tiffany's fingers prodding her asshole drove her into a wild frenzy.
Toppsy screamed as Jordan's lunging cock stabs became quicker. Her head dropped back to the mattress with a thud. Toppsy's tongue lolled from her mouth as Jordan's frantic humping drove her insane.
With her asshole being reamed and her balls being mauled, Jordan went crazy. She pounded Toppsy violently, her cock fucking through her tight ass ring as her powerful thrusts dragged the shrieking dancer back and forth across the mattress.
"She's fuckin' me to death!" Toppsy screamed. "It feels like she's ripping me apart!"
Head bobbing, Jordan speared Toppsy's ass with punishing jabs. Her swished across her neck, and she fucked harder, her balls aching as Lulu tortured them. Jordan's own asshole twitched around Tiffany's stabbing fingers. She cried out and pierced Toppsy's asshole repeatedly as the girl screeched with joy.
Toppsy's breath whooshed out as Jordan fucked her asshole. Her tits flopped wildly back and forth. Her nipples burned and her clit pulsed. Lulu's fingers were ravaging her sensitive clit.
"More!" Toppsy screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her hips jerked wildly and the cheeks of her cock-stuffed asshole jiggled as Jordan fucked her into a state of bliss.
Toppsy went berserk as Jordan's powerful cock brought her closer to cumming. She wiggled her ass and moaned as she took each jab of her cock. She pounded the mattress with her fists as the fabric brushed against her skin.
"I'm going out of my mind!" Toppsy screamed. "Gimme more! Gimme more!"
Jordan kept fucking Toppsy's ass. Her buttocks heaved as her balls swelled to the bursting point. Her prick throbbed inside Toppsy's ass. Jordan groaned and jerked forward, driving Toppsy down the mattress.
"I can feel her nuts throbbin'!" Lulu shrieked.
"Her cock's gonna explode. I know it!" Toppsy went crazy as she anticipated Jordan's cum squirting into her asshole.
Toppsy lunged back, devouring Jordan's ass-splitting prick. She shuddered, her own body racing toward an orgasm. "I'm gettin' close!" she screamed. "Any second now!"
Jordan jabbed viciously. Her powerful fuck-thrusts almost knocked Toppsy off the mattress. Her head swayed and her hair swished across her neck. Jordan jerked her rump as Tiffany continued to torment her rump with her stabbing fingers.
"I'm gonna cum!" Toppsy screamed. "Squeeze her balls, Lulu, and make her cum!" She jerked her ass from side to side then slammed back. "Bring her off, Lulu! I want her cum!"
Lulu squeezed Jordan's balls even harder. "She's gettin' there," she said. "Milk her cock, s*s! She'll cum!"
"This is it, Jordan!" Tiffany panted. She brought her other hand to Jordan's ass cheek and gripped it tightly. Without warning, Tiffany plunged her entire first almost up to the wrist into her butt. "I've got my whole fist in you!" She gouged at the walls of Jordan's ass, driving her into a frenzy. "Cream her, girl! Cream her!"

Jordan groaned loudly and jerked. She was being tortured. She fucked Toppsy relent-lessly, her powerful cock-thrusts driving the blonde dancer insane. Jordan whimpered, her shrill cries drowning out Toppsy's shrieks of pleasure.
Toppsy's head started to spin. Her asshole was stretched and her ass cheeks jiggled. Toppsy ground her ass back and milked Jordan's stabbing prick with her greedy ass muscles.
"I'm there!" Toppsy's head snapped up. "I'm there! I'm gonna cum! Make her cum first!"
Lulu twisted Jordan's balls. "Cream, you bastard! Cream her!"
Jordan cried out as her eyes bulged. Her balls were ready to explode. She fucked hard, taking Toppsy into her orgasm first.
"I'm cumming!" Toppsy screamed hysterically.
Hot pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of Toppsy's empty pussy. The milky cum flowed from her cunt hole onto Jordan's prick, and then down to soak the mattress. Toppsy's cunt muscles contracted wildly and milked an imaginary cock.
The tightness of Toppsy's asshole coaxed the cum in Jordan's balls to erupt. Jordan was moaning and tossing her head, and a thick gooey stream of jism burst from her balls and shot through her stabbing prick. The thick river of cum shot from her pisser and splashed deep into Toppsy's ass. Jordan shrieked and lunged hard as another blast of cum spewed from her pisser and squirted up into Toppsy's ass.
"She's cumming!" Toppsy wailed as the hot cum shooting into her ass drove her mad. "She's cumming in my ass!"
Toppsy went totally insane as her body contorted violently on the mattress. She lunged back at Jordan, her own orgasms whipping through her pussy like bolts of lightning. The sticky jism from Jordan's balls greased Toppsy's asshole. She picked up speed, her cock slicing through her cum-filled sphincter as her balls erupted again.
"Holy cow," Tiffany gasped as she continued fucking her fist into Jordan's twitching ass. "Cream her!" She gouged at the gripping walls of Jordan's ass and felt her own pussy spasm.
Jordan lunged hard. Her muscles tensed as she speared Toppsy's ass. Cum gushed from her pisser. She grunted, fucking the screaming dancer with hard demanding cock jabs as her cum filled balls continued to explode.
"She's creamin' you," Lulu rasped huskily as she felt Jordan's balls contract in her hand. "Drown her, Jordan. Drown her fuckin' ass." Lulu pulled on Jordan's balls as her own body shuddered with excitement.
Toppsy felt each squirting wad of cum as it poured into her ass. "I love it! It feels like she's squirtin' her jism all the way into my belly!" She used her ass muscles and milked Jordan's fucking cock as another explosive orgasm tore through her cunt.
"I'm cumming again!" Toppsy screeched as Jordan's hot cum triggered another orgasm. She twisted on the mattress as one orgasm after another caromed through her pussy. "I'm creamin', Lulu!"
While Toppsy screeched and climaxed, Jordan kept fucking her asshole. Her balls erupted again. Thick stringy lumps of jism spurted from Jordan's pisser and flooded the narrow canal of Toppsy's asshole. She grunted, fucking her twisting body as Lulu squeezed her balls and Tiffany tortured her asshole.
By now, each jab of Jordan's cock caused more cum to squirt from Toppsy's ass. She moaned as the spattering jism drenched her balls and Lulu's massaging fingers. Jordan raised her head and cried out as her balls continued to erupt.
Toppsy shrieked and twisted on Jordan's cum-squirting cock. She slammed back at Jordan and howled as Lulu mashed her clit with her fingers. "She's drowning me!" she cried. "She's still cumming! And so am I!" Toppsy was delirious as her body thrashed and convulsed on the mattress.
Cum gushed from her pussy. Jism gushed from her ass. Cum flowed down her ass crack as it spattered her thighs and drenched the cheeks of her ass.
"More! More!" Toppsy shouted, as her clit became raw. "More!" Orgasms ripped through Toppsy's body. Her legs kicked wildly as Jordan took her halfway off the mattress. "I can't stop cumming!" Her eyes rolled in their sockets as her massive tits jiggled wildly.

Jordan lunged with all her might. She nearly knocked Toppsy completely off the mattress. Groans came from her lips and every muscle in her body tensed then quivered as the gripping muscles in Toppsy's ass continued to coax the cum from her swinging balls.
With Jordan nearly out of control, Tiffany jerked her fist from her ass. She stumbled back, her eyes glued to Jordan. "Fuck her hard, Jordan! Fuck her!"
Lulu released Jordan's balls and settled back to watch. "Drain her balls, Toppsy!"
Toppsy, her ass impaled on Jordan's prick, screamed. "I'm trapped on her cock! Help me!" She jerked her ass and swooned as her body convulsed sporadically.
Jordan plowed Toppsy's ass with punching fuck-thrusts as her balls began to drain. She lurched forward, her cock spearing Toppsy's ass as the last wad of jism oozed from her pisser.
Toppsy twitched. Her head was reeling and everything turned fuzzy. She went limp, her body absorbing the last punching jabs of Jordan's mighty cock.
Jordan pulled back and her prick popped from Toppsy's asshole. The massive shaft landed loudly on Toppsy's stomach, as Jordan panted for breath. The head of her cock reached the incredible cleavage of Toppsy's breasts, and still managed to discharge a few spurts of jism on the bottom of them.

Toppsy lay on her back, twitching erratically as Jordan's cum oozed from her asshole. "Somebody suck her cum from my ass," she moaned weakly.
Lulu crawled over between her s****r's legs and stared at her cum-filled asshole. She moaned, and then spread the cheeks of Toppsy's ass. The next second, she had her mouth fused to Toppsy's asshole.
"Ooh, yes," Toppsy sighed as Taffy licked Jordan's cum from her ass. "Suck my asshole, s*s!" She pushed back, jamming her ass into Lulu's face.
Lulu sucked wildly, drawing into her mouth thick lumps of Jordan's jism. She swallowed the cum eagerly then sucked again.
Jordan smiled down at Lulu. "Clean her out good," she said, ogling Toppsy's ass.
"I didn't forget about you," Tiffany said to Toppsy. "My hand is practically sopping with Jordan's juices. It's all yours."
Toppsy reached out and brought Tiffany's hand to her mouth. She greedily began licking every digit spotlessly clean.
Down below, Lulu fucked her tongue into Toppsy's ass and lugged out all of Jordan's juice. Lulu was amazed at how long the job took, and how much Toppsy's bowels had absorb-ed. But she swallowed all of Jordan's cum, then sat back on her haunches, licking her lips.
"Don't forget to use that tongue of yours on my nuts," said Jordan. "They need some cleaning too."
Lulu eagerly went to work on the massive orbs that were Jordan's balls. After a few moments, she had licked them spotlessly clean.
"That's more like it," said Jordan, as she admired Lulu's work. "You know, there just may be hope for you two yet."
"I have to admit it," panted Lulu. "This has been a fantastic day."
"You can say that again, s*s," added Toppsy. "I never thought that anything could feel as wild as that did, once I got used to how big Tiffany and Jordan are."
"You two have done pretty good for yourselves," said Tiffany. "But just remember this. This was only your first day here, and you've only had two of us. And we always take it easy on someone on their first time out."
"There's at least fifty other amazons who are just dying to meet you," added Jordan.
"You two have definitely got a big day ahead of you tomorrow!" said Tiffany.

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