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Impossible Virgins Chapter 2 The Bait Is Taken

Chapter 2: The Bait Is Taken

Several weeks later, Lulu Divine strolled into the apartment of her s****r, Toppsy Curvy, which was located in one of the nicer sections of Manhattan, on the upper West Side.
"Hey s*s!" Lulu called out. "You won't believe what I got in the mail today."
"Let me take a wild guess here. Assorted fan mail, bills, and another one of those 'you may already be a winner' pieces of trash?"
"Better than that. We've actually won a contest!"
"Geez, Lulu," replied Toppsy. "Don't tell me you let somebody talk you into switching long distance companies again."
"Very funny. A few months ago, I happened to send back a number of those contest forms, when I didn't have much to do one week. I figured I'd probably never win anything, or it'd be junk if I did. But it looks like we hit paydirt. It's all here in the letter they sent me."
"Let me see that," said Toppsy, as she took the letter from Lulu's hands. She began scanning the text, and her eyes slowly widened as she absorbed the letter. "I'll be darned. First class airfare on American Airlines; and two weeks paid residence at the Hilton Hotel in the Bahamas. They're even throwing in a limo to take us to and from the airports. But I still say that this sounds too good to be true," as she set the letter down on the table.
"Well then, let's put it to the test," said Lulu. "Give Mary a call. She's the travel agent who coordinates all our arrangements when we're on the road. She can look this stuff up on her PC, and see if everything is legit. With companies like American Airlines and the Hilton, she ought to be able to come up with some answers for us pretty quick."

Twenty minutes later, Toppsy hung up the phone, after speaking with Mary.
"Well, it looks like these people are really up front with us after all, and on the level, Lulu. There's a 'prepaid reservation' for you and a guest on American Airlines, for a round trip to the Bahamas. It's good for ninety days. The same kind of deal with the hotel in the Bahamas; they're setting aside a suite for a two-week block."
"I told you we'd finally gotten lucky on one of these things, s*s! Somebody out there must really like us."
"It sure seems that way. I tell you what we'll do, Lulu. I've got two more days to finish up this last dancing gig at the club downtown. After that, I don't think either of us has anything else that we're committed to, right?"
"I can't think of anything else."
"Okay then. Call Mary back, and make the reservations for the end of next week, and we'll be out of here. I'll tell my landlady to hold all the mail, and stop the newspaper, and that sort of thing."
"Sounds great," exclaimed Lulu. "It's gonna be awesome to go to an area where no one knows who we are, and we can just get away from it all for a while."
"Tell me about it," replied Toppsy. "I am so sick and fucking tired of having to smile and put on a front for all those sleazy guys at the clubs, when they fondle my tits, and pose with me for candid photos."

Several days later, at the Island in the Bahamas, Tiffany smiled as she hung up the phone. She turned and spoke to Clyda, "That was Annie, from our bank on the mainland. Our account's just had the amount for the airfare deducted from it. Our friends in New York have taken the bait."
"We've done this enough times as we recruited girls over the years, that they're used to dealing with us in this manner," said Clyda. "And the hotels on the mainland certainly appreciate our business too."
"You can say that again, Clyda. They don't mind a bit that we book a suite for one or two weeks for a guest, and that they wind up only staying there a day or two; the rest of the time they're really here on our Island."
"I'll bet they wish they had more customers like us!"
"Okay. Our guests in the Big Apple have done what we expected them to," said Tiffany. "Now we've gotta prepare their reception for them, once they arrive on the mainland. We'll tell Ramirez he can have two of our 'regular' girls for a night, if he can fix things up with the limou-sine company, so that one of our girls can drive it for a night."
"Shouldn't be too much of a problem," replied Clyda. "He lets his little head do all the thinking for his big head anyway. I wonder if he ever gets any on his own, without us offering him favors like this?"
"I don't want to know," muttered Tiffany. "All Ramirez knows is that if he keeps his mouth shut, and does what he's told, he gets a fairly steady stream of money under the counter from us, as well as some nookie from time to time as a bonus. He's a necessary evil, because of the way we're set up on this Island out here. But at least he's been reliable."
Tiffany dialed Ramirez' telephone number and spoke with him for a few minutes.
"Okay. That's all taken care of. One girl for Ramirez, and another for the owner of the limousine company for the night. Whoever he picks, make a note of them, and make sure they get a little special treatment, once they're back at the Island again."
"I'll take care of it," replied Clyda. "The new girls were all warned when they signed on with us, that there might be a little bit of 'extra duty' like this, because of the way we do things here."
"We'll either let them pick which partners that they want when they return to the Island, or do something else to make it up to them."

Tiffany and Clyda next paid a visit to Dee Dee, to see how the device they needed for the limousine was working.
"This wasn't too hard to come up with," said Dee Dee. She handed Tiffany a small object that looked like a speaker from a car stereo. "Looks like the real thing, doesn't it? We've used this limousine company before, so we know what the interiors look like, and I've painted it to match them. There's some adhesive on the back of it, so it'll fit somewhere on the interior of the cabin, and blend in with all the rest.
"All our 'driver' has to do is press a button on this little remote control, and it goes into action. Except that the only thing that'll come out of this is the knockout gas I've developed."
"Are you sure that the stuff is safe?" asked Tiffany.
"Positive. It's the same compound I use for putting girls under, when I do operations, only in a gas form. Once they get a whiff of this, they'll be out cold before the limo pulls out of the parking lot."
"By the way," asked Clyda, "just who is the lucky girl who gets to play chauffeur for our little mission?"
"Jordan volunteered," said Tiffany. "After all the shit that went down with Barocca and Jeanne's attempted takeover, and the Vectrans landing on our Island, she's finally settled down. The other girls are getting along well with her, and when she's called on for a video scene or a photo shoot, she really performs well in her sex scenes, without getting carried away and being too rough or violent with anyone."
"That's a relief," said Clyda. "One less thing to worry about around here."

A week later, Jordan waited in the airport at the Bahamas in her temporary chauffeur's uniform. As was typical when meeting someone you didn't know, she had a small sign with Toppsy and Lulu's last names printed on it, and held it up before her for them to see.
"As if we'd really need this sign to help spot those two," Jordan thought to herself. "Even though they think they're not coming to the Bahamas on 'business', those two are almost impos-sible to miss. Their tits are one time zone ahead of the rest of them."
A stream of people began emerging from the terminal doorway, which connected to the flight that Toppsy and Lulu were supposed to be on. Jordan f***ed herself to play the part of chauffeur, and act like she didn't really know whom to expect.
Soon, two blonde heads appeared among the stream of people. As Toppsy and Lulu came closer, Jordan took in the two girls, mentally undressing them in her mind. Even though both of them were dressed somewhat conservatively, and without a lot of makeup, Jordan could spot the very significant bulges underneath their blouses which could only be the mammoth sets of breasts that she'd heard so much about.
As they neared Jordan, Toppsy noticed the sign with their names on it.
"Hi. We're the two ladies who're the contest winners from New York..."
Toppsy's words seemed not to register on Jordan. With the two of them standing this close to her, Jordan could fully appreciate just how busty both blonde girls were, even dressed as they were in their street clothes. Both girls were taller than herself, and while not overly muscular, they had strong figures and broad shoulders, which helped support their humongous tits.
"These are girls who can be fucked long and hard and deep, without hurting them," thought Jordan.
"Hey blondie!" barked Lulu. "She said we're the two contest winners. And those are our names on your sign there."
"Here's our ID," said Toppsy as she flashed Jordan her driver's license.
"Oh! I'm really sorry ma'am," stammered Jordan. "The company sent me out here early, and I've been waiting for you since then."
"Well get our bags girl, and let's get going," said Lulu.
Jordan f***ed herself to bite her tongue and reached for the two suitcases. She grunted as she picked them up. "Tiffany didn't say anything about this part of the job," she muttered to herself.
"Right this way, ma'am," said Jordan, as she headed toward the reserved parking section. Although she was doing her best, it was obvious that Jordan wasn't cut out for manual labor.
"You don't look so good, girl," said Toppsy as they arrived at the limousine, and Jordan succeeded in wrestling their suitcases into the trunk. "Is this your first day on the job?"
"I'm afraid I'm new at this ma'am," panted Jordan. "I just started this job."
After catching her breath, Jordan strode to the side of the limousine and held the door open for Toppsy and Lulu. "Next stop will be the Hilton Hotel, ma'am."
"Step on it, and don't spare the horses, girl," said Lulu. "We've got two weeks down here, and I want to make sure that this is a vacation that we'll both never forget."
"Yes ma'am. We'll be there before you know it," replied Jordan, as she climbed behind the wheel.
After starting the ignition, Jordan pressed a button, which locked all the doors. No one could get in or out of the passenger section of the vehicle now. Next, she pressed the button on Dee Dee's remote control device, just as she'd been instructed.
In the passenger section, a soft stream of gas filled the compartment. The fast-acting compound did its work quickly. Before Jordan had driven a quarter mile, both Toppsy and Lulu were both sound asl**p. Both girls were sitting back in the padded rear seat of the limousine, and they were now resting their heads and shoulders against each other, after the gas had over-come them.
Jordan pressed a button that illuminated the passenger section, and glanced back at them through the rear-view mirror. Satisfied that they were u*********s, Jordan picked up the car phone, and dialed Tiffany's number.

"Hi Jordan," answered Tiffany. "How're things going?"
"So far, so good. I've picked up our two guests at the airport."
"Are you certain it's them?"
"Believe me, Tiffany, it's them. Even though they're in street clothes, anybody could tell that they've each got tits like two watermelons on them. It's a wonder that these two don't tip over when they walk."
"Excellent," replied Tiffany. "I've been waiting for a long time to finally have these two on the Island."
"I want a turn at these two bimbos also, Tiffany. You didn't tell me that I'd have to lug their baggage around when I volunteered for this job."
"Don't worry, Jordan. Anyone who wants to have a go with these gals is welcome to it, while they're here."
"Hey, they said that they wanted a vacation that they'd never forget while they were down here."
"I think we can guarantee them that," laughed Tiffany. "All right. Head over to Pier 39 where Ramirez' boat is docked. He'll take the three of you back to the Island. As well as the two girls who did the 'special duty' with him and the owner of the limousine company."
"Sounds good," said Jordan. "I'm just pulling into the harbor area now. I'll see you and the rest of the girls soon on the Island."

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