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Impossible Virgins Chapter 1 A Plot Is Hatched

Chapter 1: A Plot Is Hatched

Tiffany lay sprawled out on her back on the large bed in her chambers. The head of her prodigious cock, even in its limp state, came well past her navel. Even at this point, it was longer and thicker than just about any cock she'd ever seen on a man, before coming to the Island.
Next to Tiffany, her good friend of many years, Clyda, had brought her own cock to its full erect length of two feet. Clyda playfully turned on her side, letting the spectacular shaft of her prick lurch out and rub against Tiffany's cock, and the head gently grazed the underside of her full breasts. Clyda was in the mood for some erotic fun and games, and this sort of activity almost never failed to get Tiffany, or any other amazon on the Island for that matter, in the mood in near record time. Today, it only produced an exasperated sigh from Tiffany, as her prick remained in its limp state.
"I know what that sound from you means, love," said Clyda. "That's your 'I've got a headache' signal, isn't it?"
"It's not that, Clyda," replied Tiffany.
"Uh oh. We're in for one of those kind of talks." Clyda relaxed the concentration on her prick, and let it lose its stiffness, and start returning to its flaccid state again. "No sense wasting the effort on this, if you're not going to appreciate it."
"Clyda, you know how much I care about you, and how I feel for you, after all the years we've been together here on the Island."
"Well then, what is it tonight?"
"I really hate to say it," said Tiffany, "but I noticed that I'm starting to get kind of bored around here. I mean don't get me wrong. Once I get myself hard, and start going at it with you or any of the other girls around here, the sex is fantastic."
"Well, I should hope so, love. I certainly do my part, you know."
"And you've seen firsthand, more times than anybody else, just how much I appreciate you, Clyda," responded Tiffany. "It's just that there's only about fifty of us here on the Island. And when having sex with almost everyone on a rotating basis is part of the basic duties, it can sometimes get a little predictable after a while."
"I guess I can see what you mean, Tiffany. If you have the same thing all the time, it can get routine for you; even if it is steak or prime rib every night."
"Exactly, Clyda. I want to see a little more variety around here."
"Well, we do the best we can to recruit new girls here. But there is a certain amount of attrition, you know. It's hard enough to find girls who're into the shemale thing, and then game enough to drop things and leave their lives behind to come to the Island, even on a temporary basis.
"I mean, you wouldn't want to risk bringing girls out here that didn't know what we were all about, would you?"
"Maybe I would if it was the right girls," said Tiffany, as a devilish smile worked its way across her face.
"Just what have you got in mind, love?"
"I've been thinking about back in the days when I was modeling regularly, Clyda. I found out that I liked girls just as much, if not more than guys. Especially the ones I'd run into on the photo and video shoots. They were all prettied up for the cameras, and they'd do just about anything to get a bigger part, or get on somebody's good side.
"After a while, I found that I was able to have my way with a lot of them, even if it was just for a one night stand. And some of the ones I couldn't get, that only made me want them all the more."
"I know the feeling," replied Clyda. "I recall a few times that the old flame was lit when I did it with some lasses in my days in front of the cameras too. But once it was over, I never saw those girls again."
"Yeah, but things are different nowadays. With all the adult magazines there are, and the Internet with its' zillion porn sites, and the girls' fan club pages, it's really easy to keep track of somebody in the adult business."
"Tell me something I don't know, Tiffany. Those are part of our screening and recruiting tools."
"Anyway, one of my earliest photo shoots had myself and four or five other big boob gals together at some mansion out in the country. We didn't do much more than stand around and pose together naked in various settings. I wasn't as daring as I'd later be about coming on to girls, and having fun with them, if I didn't know them.
"But one of the other girls there was Lulu Divine. She had tits that were bigger than any I'd ever seen in my life, including mine. I nearly creamed my panties from staring at her so much that day. One of the other girls tried feeling her up between takes, and Lulu got kind of snotty with her, and that was the end of that. She said she wasn't into any kind of 'weird shit' like that. I knew not to try anything with her on that day, but thinking about that set of knockers she had could always get me hot and bothered."
"I think I know who you're talking about now," said Clyda. "She's got a s****r or cousin named 'Toppsy' something, who's just as big, if not huger in the chest than she is."
"She calls herself 'Toppsy Curvy'. In the first half of the nineties, you almost couldn't pick up a big tit magazine that didn't have one or both of them in it somewhere. But along the way, they both developed a sort of 'holier than thou' attitude. As far as I know, neither of them ever did anything but solo posing for magazines, and only a few really low-key solo video loops.
“They both freaked out at the idea of ever doing a scene with a guy or even with another girl. After a while they and some other girls who had the same attitudes as them in the business became known as the 'impossible virgins'. I'm talking about well-known big tit models like Busty Dusty, L.A. Bust, Europe Dichan, and for a long time, Pandora Peaks."
"Well, they certainly sound like they might be a lot of fun to boink, love. But how in the world would you ever get them out here? They almost sound as though they're wallflowers, and they definitely don't seem like they'd like to take part in the type of things we do on the Island."
"Who says that they have to know, Clyda?" replied Tiffany. A full-blown mischievous smile was spread across Tiffany's face now.
"What sort of plot are you hatching now, Tiffany?"
"One that's very devious, yet surprisingly simple. But I will need some help to pull this off. For any successful trap, you have to use the right bait."

Tiffany reached over to the phone on the nightstand and dialed Dee Dee's extension.
"Hi, Dee Dee, it's Tiffany. Listen, Clyda and I are cooking up a plan for something I think you'll really like, and we need you over here in my quarters. No, it's not the kind of action that you're probably thinking about, but it's something really neat. Come on over right away."
A few minutes later, Dee Dee arrived at the door, and Tiffany let her in.

"Hi, girls," said Dee Dee. "What's up?"
Tiffany outlined her fantasies about Toppsy and Lulu, and how she'd like to have her way with them on the Island.
"What I'm thinking," said Tiffany, "is that we have to make them an offer that sounds good enough to pique their interest, yet isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, to get them out here.
"We tell them that they've won an all-expense paid vacation to the Bahamas. Hotel and airline reservations are taken care of, with a limousine to take them to and from the airports."
"How do we know who to reserve these for?" asked Clyda. "Somehow, I don't think Lulu and Toppsy are their real names, you know."
"I'm a step ahead of you there, Clyda," said Dee Dee. "With the database that we've built up from screening and recruiting girls, and all the contacts all of us have in the modeling and the porn business, it shouldn't take too long to find out the real poop on these gals. I'll warm up the computers and get on that right away."
"And after that," said Tiffany, "Clyda, I want you to book two airline tickets and the hotel rooms for them. I'll authorize the funds from our bank on the mainland. Be sure to use well-known companies. Then have some of the girls type up an official looking letter that we can send to them, that explains to them that they've won a contest. They can call these places, and check and make sure that things are legitimate."
"Okay, so once we've got them in our backyard," said Clyda, "what do we do with them?"
"Once they arrive in the Bahamas, we have one of our girls pick them up in a limo at the local airport. Ramirez, who sometimes ferries us back and forth in a boat to the mainland has some connections with a limousine company. If we let him have a little fun with a couple of our 'normal' girls, I'm sure he'll fix it to let us swap one of our girls for one of the drivers for a night.
"As soon as Toppsy and Lulu are in the limousine, instead of air conditioning, we'll hit them with some gas that'll put them to sl**p. Do you think you can come up with something for that, Dee Dee?"
"Shouldn't be too hard," replied Dee Dee. "I think I can use my regular anesthetic and turn out a gas compound for that kind of use."
"Then they'll be carted over to our Island while they're asl**p, and they'll wake up to a big surprise when they meet all of us."
"There's an understatement, if I ever heard one," giggled Clyda.
"Tiffany, you do realize that they're both going to scream bl**dy murder, once they wake up here?" asked Dee Dee.
"Let 'em scream," retorted Tiffany. "No one knows where they're at, and this Island isn't easy to find in the first place. While they're asl**p, we'll pop a few of Dee Dee's pills into them, so that they can absorb our cocks while they're here, without hurting them.
"Then we lay things on the line to them. We're gonna fuck them senseless for a number of days, and there's nothing that they can do about it. We'll film every second of the action. Just think of the revenue we can generate from these two, from photo sets and private videos."
"But once we're finished with them, they'll probably threaten to sue us or something," added Dee Dee.
"I don't think so," said Tiffany. "Once we're through with them, if they're still snotty, we can give them the gas again, and just plop them in a limousine again, and send them back to their hotel room. They can fly back to the states, but they won't be able to do much about what's happened to them. They're going to be too fucking embarrassed to admit what's happened to them to anyone. As well as getting anyone to believe it also."
"This just might work," said Clyda. "We've gotten requests for photos and videos where a shemale ****s or really dominates a regular girl. With these two in our laps, they sure won't be doing any acting for that in their sex scenes."
"And speaking of acting," said Dee Dee, "that's quite a performance you're putting on there between your legs, Tiffany."

Without realizing it, Tiffany's cock had become almost fully erect as she detailed her plans to Dee Dee and Clyda.
"Geez, just thinking about those two gals has really gotten my juices flowing," said Tiffany, as she admired her growing erection.
"I take it that you don't have a headache any more tonight, love?" asked Clyda.
"I never said that I did, smart-aleck," retorted Tiffany. "And just for that, you're gonna get your back door banged tonight."
"Ooh! You're going to show me that you've still got what it takes after all?"
"Dee Dee, I've got dibs on Clyda's ass tonight, but her pussy is still wide open. Why don't you join us?"
"As much as I'd love to Tiffany, I've gotta get started on this project, plus a few other things that are happening in my lab. Otherwise, we'll wind up spending all this money on airfare and hotels, and never get anybody to use it on."
"Okay, let's get the ball rolling on this," said Tiffany. "I think with a little luck, we can expect to have two very special guests visit us at the Island in the near future.
"And I'm also willing to bet that after their initial shock of seeing us and being with us wears off, that they might be a little easier to work with. Lots of girls freaked when they first saw how big we were, but they changed their tune, once they found out that we weren't really going to hurt them."

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