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An evening at the cinema

Once when I was younger before I got married I was in the local cinema watching a film. This man came in and sat beside me. I thought nothing of it who would? After a little while I felt this hand on my thigh and moving gently up and down in a circular motion getting close to me cock each time. I gave a jump of surprise and moved his hand away. This seemed to do the trick and I settled down to watch the film. After a while I felt him getting up and moving out of the row.
Some time later I went to the toilet for a pee. Imagine my surprise when I saw who I thought was the man that had touched my thigh earlier. He was standing at a urinal in the corner and to my amazement I saw he was wanking himself. I had a pee but kept looking at him mesmerised. I could feel my own cock getting harder in my hand. I was staring so long I didn’t realise I had fished my pee. He must have felt my gaze as he turned and smiled. I was so embarrassed and my face felt red hot. I suddenly realised that my cock was still out and as I looked down it was getting harder. Still smiling he said I had a nice looking cock and moved over to the urinal next to me.
He asked if I would like to give him a few strokes and turned to give me a full frontal look at his cock. It was as big as I had ever seen before. My mouth was agape as I watched him pull the foreskin back and forwards. I could see small beads of precum starting to form on his bell end. I reached out hesitantly and touched his cock which was rock hard but still had a spongy feel. I mumbled something and quickly left the toilet.
I got back to my seat and settled down for the main feature film. There was a movement in the row of seats and this same man came and sat next to me again. This time when he touched me I sat still defying myself to move. He pulled my zip down and started to get my cock out from my underpants. I was quite hard almost immediately. He reached over and took my hand placing it on his big cock which he had already got out. This made me as hard as hell and I started to move his foreskin up and down the shank which was wet with precum. Everyone was of course concentrating on the film in the darkness. He started to wank me as he closed his hand round my rigid cock. I felt surprisingly at ease with that. His cock started to jerk as he started to shoot cum onto the cinema floor. I thought he would never stop as glob after glob of cum spurted out some running down my fingers. It felt warm and nice. I started to cum almost at the same time and fiddled to get my handkerchief out to wipe up the cum. To my surprise he started to lick his cum covered fingers. Bye the time I had got my handkerchief out he had got up and moved away or outside I will never know where. I hurriedly wiped the cum off my fingers and sat mesmerised trying to concentrate on the film.
Later when I was at home I took out my handkerchief and could still smell his cum on it. This made me hard all over again and I had another big wank.
Has anyone else had any similar encounters? I keep thinking about that night and get hard every time. It would be great to meet up with someone and experience the feeling again.

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