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S****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking

If you've read this before great. There are so many new people here now this will be new to many. A true story...mostly.

It was a Friday night. The k**s were at their Dad's house and Dee and I had the house to ourselves. We were fucking doggy style when the phone rang. Dee said as I reached for it, "Oh don't answer it, just let it go." I grinned at her, plunged deep into her cunt and picked up the phone.

It was Cathy, Dee's younger s****r in Ohio. We call her Chatty Cathy after a doll that talked when you pulled on a string. I kept moving in and out of Dee as I said, "Well, Hello Cathy!" Dee gave me this unbelieving look and waved her hands to say she didn't want to talk.

Cathy asked to talk to her big s*s. "Dee's sound asl**p Cathy, she had a rough day at work." Meanwhile I was sliding in and out of my wife's very wet pussy. It didn't matter to Cathy. She just wanted to talk about her troubles to someone who would listen. I would say "uh huh" every now and then which seemed to keep her happy. In the meantime I was slow fucking her big female sibling.

After one long oration about troubles in Ohio Cathy stopped speaking and asked, "Do you have a cold or something? Your breathing is kind of labored Peter." I grinned at that and said that I was getting over a cold but that I was doing fine. That was enough for her. She started talking again while I continued fucking. Some five minutes later Cathy stopped talking again. I was enjoying this fuck and didn't stop. After about 30 seconds of silence Cathy asked quietly, "Are you...are you having sex with my s*s?" I kept stroking as I thought about my answer. Finally I thought what the hell and I said, "Yes".

There was more silence from Cathy then with a hint of joy in her voice she said, "So, does it excite you to be fucking her while you are talking to me?" I answered "Yes." Then she asked, "If it had been someone else calling would you still be talking to them?" I answered "No, not at all."

She asked if I was still talking to her because I had a fantasy about fucking her. I said honestly, "yes." She started off then. "Really! That's great! I have imagined your cock going into my wet pussy since I first met you." I answered back, "Me too."

Cathy said, "Listen carefully to this." I heard silence then the distinct sound of a juicy cunt being fingered. Cathy was super wet from the sound of it.

"See what you've done to me Peter?" I answered that I did. Cathy went on then. You and Dee are due to be here in...let's see (flipping through calendar) about seven weeks." I answered, "Yeah it's something like that."

She had to do all the talking, which she always did anyway. "When you guys come out here I want to find a way to get into a room with just you. Maybe late at night. I want your cock." I said that sounded like a good idea. Cathy asked if I could call her tomorrow when I was at work, maybe my lunch time so we could try to make some plans about it.

I said "Okay" when she said my lunchtime would be two p.m. her time so she would be sure to be ready for my call.

She said we needed to hang up and said, "tell s*s I love her." I told her I would. We hung up and Dee asked, "So what's going on Cathy's world?" I continued fucking her slowly while I said, She was mad at someone at work, she was mad at her husband because he took a job that left him away from home for two to three months at a time. She said she was looking forward to our visit and that she loves you."

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