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It was barely dawn...just a dim gray light when J buzzed me into her apartment. She met me at the door, wearing only a robe.

It took less than ten seconds after closing the door for me to get her out of that robe.

She started pulling my clothes off, and dropped to her knees. She grabbed my awakening member and slurped it into her mouth. She sucked gently as it enlarged and hardened between her lips. Once I was fully erect, she stood up and took my hand, walking me into the bedroom.

She pushed me on the bed, and bent over me to resume her breakfast of stiff penis. Her long, straight hair brushed along my waist and thighs as her head bobbed up and down, up and down. I reached over and started running my fingers gently over her pussy.

She moved towards me, giving my hand easier access to her soft, neatly trimmed pussy. I slipped a finger between her lips and encountered a growing dampness. I ran my fingertips around the outside of her pussy, gauging her excitement.

As I probed the entrance of her tunnel, I noticed she stopped sucking me, and her hand stroked my cock with purpose. I slipped the first digit into her glistening hole, and she moaned before resuming her oral attention. As she increased the intensity of her mouthwork, I slipped a second finger into her now-well-lubed pussy.

She responded by rocking back and forth, meeting my hand with each thrust. I inserted a third finger, and she released my cock with a gasp. Her hand took over stimulating my dick while she moaned over the attention my hand was giving her. I started stimulating her clit with my thumb, and felt her get suddenly wetter. Her moans became louder and more urgent.

I continued banging her now-soaked pussy with my fingers. Her back arched and her moans culminated in a gasping squeal. Her legs shook. Her whole body shook, and she collapsed beside me on the bed. She looked at me, smiled and laughed.

"Time for payback!" she said, she got up, and pushed me back on the mattress. She climbed on top of me, reaching behind her to aim my dick right at her quivering pussy.

There was no resistance. Once the head of my dick was in, the rest slid in effortlessly. She immediately began riding me. Her head thrown back, she started moaning again. I reached up to play with her ample breasts as she slid on my pole.

After several minutes, she pressed her breasts into my face, letting me nibble and suckle on her erect nipples. As she lowered herself against me, her hips started grinding against me. She was so wet, I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft, down my balls. I could feel it on my hips and thighs. She was squealing. Almost screaming. She flowed, orgasmically.

She collapsed on top of me. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her. She bit her lips and groaned, eyes rolling back in her head, as my dick stimulated her clit and pussy.

She thrust back into me, then suddenly jumped off. I watched as she got back on her hands and knees, presenting her swollen, dripping pussy as though in heat. I kneeled behind her and barely slipped the head between her lips when she pushed back, her pussy eagerly swallowing my cock.

She thrust back into me as I pumped. She squealed encouragement as I pounded her. I looked down as my cock pistoned, watching her pussy coating it with thick juices that testified to her orgasms. Her squeals turned into gasping exclamations of "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!", just as her arms gave out. I could feel my own load building up. My balls tapped against her clit as a massive rush was unleashed from them, and through my stiff prick. I unloaded a mighty gush into her, then a second. A third. A fourth. My dick settled into a quivering spasm.

I pulled my cock, now covered in our combined juices, out of her. I couldn't help but stare at the thick white fluid that immediately started dripping out of her.

She rolled over and pulled me to her. We kissed passionately.

The sun was streaming throught the bedroom window. We separated to dress and head to work.

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