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Mari and Dee

It was 1970. I had been divorced from my first wife for about three months and worked at a restaurant. I had two women friends who both had c***dren. They were both friends with each other and both were married. There came a day when Dee and I stopped being just friends. Mari seemed to be okay with it.

It wasn't long before Dee told her husband to go live with his girlfriend. Mari coincidentally told her husband to leave on that very same day. That is who these two women stopped being casual friends and became like s****r friends.

Dee's parents went from Tucson back east to visit with old friends so Dee and I stayed in their townhouse. We invited Mari to come over since her k**s and our k**s were all at their respective Dad's homes for the weekend. One of the nice things for me is both women enjoyed taking off their tops when we were indoors. Neither ever wore bras. I believe Mari was very experienced with sex of all sorts while Dee was more sheltered.

It was just after dinner and I had three joints someone had given me. We went into the townhouse living room and sat on the floor getting cumfy. The women took off their tops and I was hard as I always was when they did that.

I pulled a joint out of my shirt pocket (I wasn't topless) and held it up. Dee and I had both smoked quite a bit by then. Mari had never done it but was all for trying some. I lit it up and passed it to Dee who passed it to Mari. There was a nice little haze in my brain so I asked if they wanted another. Mari said, "Fuck yeah!" I don't know if she was high yet, but after the third pass of the second jay she was definitely lit.

I watched as Mari reached a hand out to Dee's left tit. I had always fantasized about a threesome with two women, but had never even gotten close. Dee looked a little nervous, but she saw the look on my face and smiled as Mari's fingers clasped onto her nipple. Mari crawled forward then, her large tits swaying below her. She kissed Dee on the lips and Dee kissed her back. Both women were feeling the others tits as I lay on the floor going fucking crazy. Mari whispered to Dee and they both stood up and removed their shorts. They remained in their panties which had wet spots in the crotch.

Then they looked down at me and gave me a look. No words spoken at all that night from this point on till we were done. I took off my shirt my shorts and since my hard cock was making my shorts seem redundant I took off my underwear too. Both women looked down at my stiff prick and smiled.

The women looked at each other and at the same moment crawled over to where I was leaning against the couch. Dee got on her knees and kissed me on the lips while her tits rubbed against my hairy chest. She leaned back then and gave Mari a look. Mari leaned forward and and kissed on the lips too as those large tits rubbed against my chest and belly. When she pulled away, she "accidentally" let her tits swing over to slide over my hard cock.

Dee laughed at that, stood up and took off her panties. Mari moved in front of her and Dee was shocked, surprised and I think shocked to be pleased when her friend started licking her cunt. She got a bit wobbly from the pot and the pleasure and sat down on the floor. Mari stood up then and took off her panties. Mari was platinum blonde and her cunt hair was just like the top of her head. Dee's head hair and cunt hair was auburn.

I held up the third joint. Both women clapped their hands with enthusiasm. I lit the joint and did what Dee and I called a 'nose'. I put the lit end of the joint into my mouth, leaned over to Dee and blew on the joint so smoke would go zooming up into her nostrils. She had to lean back from the over stimulation. She watched as I moved to Mari and blew smoke into her nose. Mari took the joint from me, put the lit end in her mouth, and blew a stream of smoke into my nostrils. She pulled the joint out of her mouth, put it in the ashtray and kissed me on the lips while Dee watched. Mari looked over at Dee as she lowered her head to my cock. Dee made a slight nod of her head and I saw her fingers move to her cunt as Mari, looking at Dee the whole time, opened her mouth and took my cock. I was also watching Dee and a little freaked about this, but Dee seemed serene so I relaxed. She made two very nice plunges all the way down on my cock then pulled away and moved to Dee. She straddled Dee's hips and pressed her tits against her friend's tits, kissing her deeply. Both women had arms wrapped around each other.

Mari laid Dee back onto the carpet and moved from Dee's mouth to sucking on her nipples. Dee's hips were thrusting up at Mari's hips. I moved around to get a better view and to hold the joint for each woman so they could take another hit.

Mari kissed Dee from ribs to cunt. When she got to Dee's cunt Mari put her hands under her ass and lifted her pussy to her lips. I watched raptly as she buried her tongue in Dee's puss. I felt Dee's hand on my thigh and she beckoned me to move my cock over to her. I put the rest of the joint into an ashtray and moved over so my girlfriend could suck my cock. Mari kept licking Dee and watched my cock getting sucked.

Dee pointed at Mari's ass. I was confused at first, but she pointed to where Mari was eating Dee's cunt and then pointed at me and then at Mari's ass. Mari knew what she wanted before I had figured it out. She opened her legs and I moved to that gorgeous platinum blonde haired cunt. I looked at Dee to be sure and she nodded her head while still sucking my cock. I put my face next to her cunt and marveled at the scent. I made a long wide swipe of her cunt lips with my tongue and she made a little happy sound. I spread her lips and lapped the juicy insides and she made a bigger happy sound. We did this little daisy chain for maybe ten minutes then it all broke up.

The two women now moved into a soixante neuf position with Dee on top and Mari under her. I was fascinated watched the two women lapping on each other. Mari's eyes looked at me and she pointed to Dee's cunt. I moved up behind Dee and Mari guided my cock into her hole. She continued licking then, her tongue bathing my shaft too when it was out of her puss. I fucked her for a while then pulled away. My cock was throbbing just above Mari's face. She took her mouth off Dee and leaned her head back so I could fuck her throat. She took it down very well which is something Dee couldn't do well at all.

I pulled away from her and went to watch Dee, who was a novice at cunt licking, or so she told me. She seemed to be really into it. She had a fingertip in Mari's ass and Dee was sucking her lips and thrusting two fingers into Mari's cunt. She smiled when she saw me watching her. She pointed at Mari's swollen puss and raised her eyebrows. I opened my eyes wide to say, "You mean it?" She nodded her head. I knelt over Dee's face. She grasped my cock and guided my prick into her best friend's cunt.

She smiled as she watched me shaft Mari. I was really getting hot now and started pumping faster. Dee watched me shoot my seed deep inside of her friend. Mari went crazy with it. Mari started screaming now as she came on my shaft. I was the first fuck she'd had since she split up with her hubby. I found out later that Dee knew that before the night she invited her over.

When I pulled out Dee's mouth clamped onto her cunt again and I knew she was tasting my cum. That night the three of slept on the floor. In the morning we all woke at about the same time. We looked around at each other, hair disheveled, eyes full of sl**p, then started laughing.

We went into the master shower of the townhouse and had a long hot languid shower together.

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