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Becoming Emily - Part VIII

After waking up the next morning and coming to the realization that I had almost no food left in the house and more importantly, at least at that time, no coffee I decided to head into to town and do some shopping. A quick shower erased the effects of last nights debauchery and I was about to head out when I heard the front door open and that familiar voice as Sasha made her entrance. Unlike her usual morning visits where she looked rested and done up for the day this morning she looked as if she had been up all night. At least she still brought coffee.

“Someone looks like they had a late night.”

“Yeah you could say that.” she managed a sl**py smile as she plopped down at the kitchen table.

“Where the hell were you last night?” she asked as she pulled her hair back into a hasty ponytail.

“What do you mean?”

“I came by last night and you weren’t here. Remember me telling you I would come by?”

“OH. Yeah, sorry about that. I completely forgot. I went out with a friend and didn’t get home until late.”

“Well anyway, I met your new neighbor.”


“Yeah. Say, did you know that she has a cock?”

“Yeah I knew that. Better questions would be how do you know that?”

“Well she saw me here last night and told me that you left with some woman. We started to talk and she invited me in for wine. I’m pretty sure you can put the pieces together from there.”

“Wow. I never would have seen that coming.”

“Oh don’t look so shocked little s****r. I told you, I love a nice hard cock….just not so much into the creatures that they are usually attached to. In all my years as a card carrying lesbian it never dawned on me to try a tranny. Weird huh?”

“You do know that we’ve fucked right? I mean did you tell her that you are my s****r?”

“Yes and yes. Well I said half s****r. I mean you are considerably younger.” there was that sly grin as she sipped her coffee as she went over the story that she fed to Megan.

“So are you planning on seeing her again?” I was surprised that I was feeling a slight tinge of jealousy as well as arousal.

“Yeah I think I will. You’re OK with that? I mean there is no telling how long you will be like this and I don’t picture you, the male you, as the type to be with a chick that has a cock.”

“No. I’m cool with it.” and I was sincerely was. Sasha wasn’t usually the type to hold interest in anyone but she seemed really into Megan. Besides in the back of my mind I was already considering the possibility of a kinky little threesome.

We finished our coffee and Sasha left. We toyed around with the idea of a quickie but she admitted that she was exhausted and while she did offer to eat me out I knew that would only make me want more. As I watched her drive away I started thinking about what she said about how I wouldn’t want to be with Megan when I was back to my male form and she was right but I started wondering if I would miss being Emily and the people that I had met, and fucked, while I was her. I pondered that notion on my drive into town and was starting to get rather somber about the situation. Thankfully something happened that snapped me out of it.

I was heading into the coffee shop and as I neared the door a familiar face walked out. We both stared at each other and the realization of familiarity hit us both simultaneously.



“Wasn’t sure if you remembered my name.” I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Well we don’t get too many new faces in that place so when one does I tend to remember.”

We sat at a table and chatted while we had our coffee and at first I felt a bit odd. No doubt that she knew what had happened last night and I wasn’t sure yet if it was something that she would look down at me for or not. For all I knew she was just the bartender and not one to partake in the activities that took place there. Thankfully she never mentioned it.

“So what do you have going on today? You want to go get lunch and maybe a drink?”

“Um, I’m not old enough. For a drink I mean. at least not in public.”

“I see. Well how about we go back to my place? I’ve been taking some cooking classes and I can try out my new culinary skills on you.” I wasn’t sure if she was flirting or not but I didn’t care. I wanted to be around her.

I followed her to her house on the far outskirts of town. She gave me a quick tour of her home and we ended up in the kitchen. We split a bottle of wine but never really got to actually having lunch. Truth be told I wasn’t hungry….at least not for food.

“So tell me, you’re not old enough to drink so how old are you?”


“Holy shit! You realize that you’re young enough to be my daughter?”

“Is that a bad thing?” I reached my hand out and caressed hers.

“MMMM not from where I’m standing.” her hand closed around mine and she gently pulled me towards her. Our eyes met as our bodies drew nearer. Our tits pressed against each others while our mouths met. I felt her tongue slipping into my mouth and dancing with mine.

“MMMM so what time is Daddy coming home?” I was just playing the kinky role and I wasn’t even sure that she was married. Her answer was not what I had expected.

“Oh Daddy won’t be home until later. Unless of course we give him a reason to come home early but not too early. Not until we get to have some girl time.” I wasn’t sure how to proceed so instead I pushed my lips against hers again and let my hands roam along her body. She responded in the same but eventually broke our kiss and led me by my hand to her bedroom. One again our lips met as we helped each other remove clothes. I was down to my little white panties when Roxie pushed me back onto the bed. I slide my hand along my tits and finally down between my thighs, feeling my wet mound as I watched her continue to strip. Ours eyes remained locked on each other as she opened the clasp on her bra. I moaned louder at the site of her large tits ad the way they hung when she bent over and slid her thong down her thighs.

“Oh no no no. Don’t you dare hide that sweet young little pussy from me baby.” she smiled as she slid onto the bed and gently pulled my now wet panties away from my dripping gash.

“Such a naughty little girl. Have you been listening to Mommy and Daddy fucking again? Is that what has you so wet?” her hand softly moved across my slit.

“Ungh, yes. Yes Mommy.” the touch of her hand against my cunt causing me to moan the words.

“Did you like what you heard baby? Did my little girl get off listening to Mommy getting fucked by Daddy‘s big dick?” her finger dipped into my hole slowly. Excruciatingly slow.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped as her finger penetrated me and all I could do was watch as she slipped another finger up my cunt.

We both went silent save for the sounds of heavy breathing and gasping as she began to finger fuck me with increasing intensity and her mouth found my tits and she seemed to take great pleasure in biting down on each in succession.

“Oh god yes! Oh please!”

“Please what?” she abandoned her assault on my tits and began licking my mouth.

“Please…fuck me! Fuck me Mommy! Fuck me!” she pulled her fingers out of my pussy and f***ed them into my mouth. At first she just held them in there but she soon started to move them in and out, back and forth. Growing in f***e and intensity and soon she was holding me by the back of my head and working those fingers like it were a cock. I felt saliva dripping down my face and onto my body before being instructed to get onto my hands and knees.

“Oh look at that beautiful 18 year old ass and such a pretty little pussy.” she spanked me hard a couple of times then pushed my panties down and eventually pulled them off. Her hands pushed my ass apart and I felt her breath hot against me as she leaned and began to lick from my asshole to my clit and back before settling on my cunt.

“Oh my god yes! Yes Mommy! Eat me fucking cunt! Eat my slutty fucking whore cunt!” I was grinding against her as her mouth worked on my sloppy wet pussy, bringing me to the edge but instead of pushing me over I was f***ed onto my back.

“MMMM not yet baby.” she laid down next to me and I didn’t let a second go by before I was on her. I roamed my mouth around those glorious tits while my hand found her swollen clit and began to pinch and roll it between my fingers.

“Oh god yes Emily!” her body was reacting.

“MMMM you like that Mommy? You going to cum for me? You going to cum for your naughty little girl?” her eyes were closing and she had began to push my head down. I took the hint and quickly slid down her body and looked up at her from between her thighs.

“MMMM be Mommy’s little slut Emily. Make Mommy cum! Make Mommy cum!” she was getting louder and louder as I let my tongue slide along her wet slit and flick against her clit. Her body began to shake when I pushed two fingers up inside her while at the same time I bite down on her swollen button and nibbled on it.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me! Make Mommy fucking cum you filthy little fucking whore!” her hands grabbed my head as she began to cum. I felt the warmth of her juices against my mouth and tasted her sweet cum. When her orgasm ended she gently pulled my face up to hers and kissed me. We made out passionately and without me even realizing it she was positioning our bodies so that our pussies were grinding against each other.

“Make me cum! Make me cum Mommy! Make your little whore daughter fucking cum!”

“Ohhhhh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! Cum for me baby! Fucking cum for your horny Mommy!”

Our intensity grew with each passing second and soon enough our taunts and dirty talked had turned into semi-coherent babbling and I was grabbing her leg and pulling myself into her harder and rougher.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming Mommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee!” I felt the orgasm slam into me. My back arched and my body was convulsing. Roxie was screaming.

“Oh yes! Cum baby! Cum with Mommy! Cum for me you little whore!” her fingers dug into the flesh of my thigh. I pulled Roxie tight to me and held her there as I came. I could feel my pussy twitching against her skin and knew that while I wasn’t full on squirting I was certainly flowing more than she was used to. After we calmed down we collapsed next to each other on the bed. Panting, kissing, touching each other. Then I heard car door slam.

“Oh I think Daddy is home.” she moaned into my ear and felt on my tits as we both waited. Several minutes had passed and I started to think that she was just playing with me. I had started kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy when I heard the bedroom door slowly open with a creak.

“Oh, well what do we have here?” Roxie’s husband stood at the door way watching.

“MMMM hey baby. You’re early.” se got up from the bed and moved over to him to kiss him then whispered something into his ear.

“Seems Little Emily has been listening in on us at night and touching that sweet, young little pussy.”

“Oh is that right?” he folded his arms but couldn’t take his eyes from my body. I instantly fell into the role.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I couldn’t help myself. I hear you and Mommy fucking and she keeps screaming about how good you are and how big your cock is….I get wet Daddy.” I had moved so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed right in front of him and my hand started to slide up his thigh to the bulge building in his pants.

“MMMM that’s a good little girl. Go ahead baby, pull your Daddy’s cock out of those pants.” Roxie had moved behind me on the bed and was moaning instructions into my ear.

“Can I Daddy? Can I see it? I want to see the big hard cock that made me, the one tat Mommy gets to fuck every night.” I had no intensions of waiting for permission. Instead I dropped to my knees and looked up at this man while I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard, thick cock.

“MMMM Mommy was right. You do have a big dick Daddy.” I wrapped my small hand around the shaft while I lightly licked the underside of the head at the same time Roxie had moved her hands up to my tits.

“Look at these perfect 18 year old tits baby.” she moaned to him and he moaned back in agreement.

“And her little pussy is so fucking wet.” her hand dipped down to my drooling gash.

“Mommy has been getting me ready for you Daddy. My tight pink little cunt is all ready for Daddy’s thick cock.” I held his stiff pole in my hand and licked up and down the entire length.

“Please Daddy, please let me a good little fuck-doll for you and Mommy. Let me be your dirty, slutty little daughter.” his cock was throbbing and a large pearl of pre-cum had started to boil over from the head. I dramatically smeared it across my lips, no doubt causing them to shimmer as I smiled.

“Oh fuck yeah, suck my cock baby. Suck on Daddy’s hard fucking cock.” he watched as I opened my mouth and slowly, almost teasingly, took him in a little at a time. Inch after inch I slowly fed his meat into my mouth until I had him about ¾ of the way in when I felt Roxie’s hand on the back of my head. She began to push until he was buried to the hilt in my throat. She held me there for a few seconds before roughly pulling my head back up the shaft then forcing it back down.

“That’s how your Daddy likes his cock sucked baby. That feel good? You like the way our little whore daughter blows you?” she was talking back and forth between him and I as she worked my head back and forth. I was slurping and at times gagging and he was moaning and pushing himself towards my mouth. Eventually his hands replaced hers and we kept up the same pace. I could hear Roxie moaning behind me.

“Oh that’s it Emily. MMMM watching you suck Daddy’s cock is making Mommy so fucking wet.” I turned my head as much as I could with my mouth full of cock and I could see that she was finger fucking herself. I slowly withdrew him from my lips, is swollen head dripping in wetness.

“You want to watch Daddy fuck me?”

“Oh fuck yes baby. I want to see his fat fucking cock opening up your tiny little cunt!”

“MMMM you want to fuck me Daddy? Will you give me your hard dick inside my sweet little teen pussy?” I looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes licked at the tip of his cock.

“Please Daddy? Will you mount me? Fuck me? Pound this fat cock up into your little daughter’s tight little hole?” I had moved up on the bed and opened my legs to show him my needy little cunt. He smiled at me in what could only be described as a sneer while he joined me and Roxie on the bed. I felt his twitching dick resting against my slit.

“Ohhhh Mommy! Guide Daddy into me! Feed his fucking cock into your daughter’s slutty little whore cunt!” I watched as she gripped his meat in her hand, spit on it and began to slip the head between my swollen lips.

“Oh look at that baby, watch Daddy’s cock taking his little girls sweet little pussy.”

“Oh fuck! She is so fucking tight!”

“Do it Daddy! Do it! Give me that cock! Make me take it all Daddy! Slam that fucking prick up your whore daughter’s cunt and fucking do me like the little cock slut I am!” he didn’t need any further encouragement. His fingers dug into my thighs and he drove he rest of his dick into me hard, deep and rough and began to fuck me in the same manner.

“That feel good baby? Is Daddy fucking you good?” Roxie’s eyes swapped focus back and forth from his dick pounding into me to my bouncing tits.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!” for his part Daddy was lost in sensation of my young hole and did exactly as I asked. His balls slapped loudly against my ass while he mindlessly threw himself into me.

“Ohhhhhh fuck meeeeee! Mommy! I want….I want your fucking cunt! Feed me your fucking pussy while Daddy uses me!” Roxie was more than happy to comply and she straddled my face and lowered her dripping snatch down to my eager mouth.

“Ohhh shitttt! Eat Mommy’s pussy! Such a filthy little fuck toy for Mommy and Daddy! You like that baby? You love fucking this little girl‘s pussy don‘t you?”

“Yes! Oh my god yes! Such a tight little fucking whore!”

“Come on, fuck her harder! Make her cum! I want her to cum all over her Daddy’s cock!” he picked up his intensity and was soon slamming into me even harder. It was more than I could stand and I felt that familiar feeling welling up inside me and then my orgasm hit me like freight train. My back arched, my hands instinctively pulled Roxie down hard onto my face.

“Oh yes! The little bitch is fucking cumming so hard. Oh my god I can feel her screaming into my fucking cunt! Ohhhh Emily! Ohhhhh baby you’re making Mommy cummmmmm!” I could feel my own pussy constricting around Daddy’s cock while at the same time Roxie was flooding my face with her own sweet cream. She had to literally f***e herself off of me and when she did I was still cumming.

“Ohhhh don’t stop Daddy! Don’t fucking stop! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! Oh shit yesss Daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

“Oh fuck! Oh Emily! Baby! Daddy is going to cum! Daddy is going to fucking cummmmm!” he pulled out quickly and started to stroke his meat.

“Cum on my face Daddy! I want that nasty Daddy load all over my face!” he kneeled beside me while his hand flew up and down his length. Roxie had laid so that her head was next to mine and we both watched as he brought himself off. His first spurt was thick and landed onto my mouth the next was even more powerful and it hit Roxie’s chin.

“Ohhh yeah! Milk that fucking cock for us. Shoot every last drop all over your daughter’s pretty face.” she continued to encourage him until he was spent. I immediately slurped his retreating stiffness into my mouth and suck it clean. I would have been content to suck him hard so he could fuck me again but Roxie pulled my face to hers and we began to kiss. Daddy’s cum was smearing across our face and we took turns licking it off of each other. When it was all gone Roxie held me in her arms. I must have dozed off and when I opened my eyes I could tell from the window that it was dark outside. I scanned the room for any signs of either Roxie or “Daddy” and after a few minutes she emerged from the bathroom wearing the same outfit she was wearing that night at the club.

“Oh good you’re awake.”

“What time is it?”

“Almost 7.”


“No sweetie, PM.” she laid next to me and kissed my lips. I smiled. I felt amazing.

“You’re welcomed to say but I have to get to work.”

“Yeah I should probably get home.”

“Well help yourself to a shower. You were fucking incredible. Now I know what all those guys at the club meant.” she giggle then kissed me again.

“MMMM well you were pretty fucking awesome yourself. I hope we can do this again.”

“Oh anytime baby girl….anytime.” she got up and walked towards the door. She was almost there when she stopped and picked up my white panties from the floor.

“Can I keep these?” I nodded.

“Bye baby girl.”


I took a quick shower and navigated my way through the darkened house. When I made it to the kitchen I was suddenly aware that I wasn’t alone.

“Emily?” I turned to see the man that I had been referring to as Daddy standing there with a beer in hand.

“Oh hey.” I wasn’t sure what to call him. With my other “Daddy” it was agreed upon that I would call him that all the time so I just stood there unsure of how to proceed.

“Steven. My name.” I guess he could sense my trepidation.

“Yeah I wasn’t sure.” awkward giggling over took me.

“No problem. So you heading out?”

“Yeah. It’s kind of a long drive home.”

“Well I hope you come back again sometime soon.”

“MMMM I would love that!” all I could think about was how his cock looked and felt as he pumped in and out of me and I guess he was thinking the same based upon the way he was staring at me, that and the bulge I noticed in his pants.

“You might want to go out and start your car and let it warm up. It’s getting pretty cold out there and that skirt won’t do much to keep you warm. Give me your keys and I‘ll do it for you.” I could literally hear the wind whipping when he opened the door to go outside and again when he came back in.

“Thank you. That’s very sweet of you.”

“Don’t mention it. Besides, can’t have my little girl catching a cold.” he teased.

“MMMM such a good Daddy.” I moved up against him and his hand instantly landed on my ass.

“MMMM you like that? You like it when I call you Daddy?”

“Ohhh yes.” my hand started to massage the bulge in his pants.

“Did it feel good Daddy to have your big, fat cock inside my tight little daughter pussy?” I now had his pants open and my hand pushing against his raging hard-on.

“So good Emily. So tight. So fucking tight.” we were both panting.

“Well I’ve got another hole Daddy and it’s even tighter.” his grip on my ass increased.

“You want to fuck me in the ass Daddy? MMMM I want it. I want it soooo bad. I want this big Daddy cock to pound my tight, tight little asshole.” I gasped in surprise when he quickly spun me around and bent me over the kitchen table. I felt my skirt being pushed up around my waist as he f***ed my legs open wide and before I knew he had his cock back inside my pussy.

“Oh yes! MMMM fuck that little pussy Daddy! Get your fucking dick wet then stick it up your daughter’s slutty fucking whore ass!” his hands slipped underneath my shirt and grabbed hard onto my tits as he pumped into my cunt.

“Oh Emily! You’re. Such. A. Dirty. Fucking. Whore!” with each word he slammed into me hard and deep.

“Yes Daddy! Yes! Fuck me Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I hiked one leg up on the table to allow him to get in deeper. He grunted and groaned as he slammed up into my gushing fuckhole over and over. His grip on my tits inceasing to the point of painful pleasure.

“Now Daddy, do it now! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass Daddy! Stick your big fucking cock up my ass and fucking do me!” his hand pushed my head down onto the table and he quickly withdrew from my pussy and began to feed his thickness up my ass. Slowly at first but the deeper he went the faster he did it until he was ball deep inside me.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Dirty filthy fucking whore daughter! Take Daddy’s cock you anal fucking slut!” one hand slipped up to my neck and he squeezed, chocking me as he pumped into my asshole.

“Harder Daddy!” I managed to gasp and he responded in kind. The next several minutes were filled with him choking me and slapping me as he continued to use my ass. I had cum once already and was about to get off again when I heard him announce that he was close.

“I want to suck it Daddy! I want to taste my ass off of your cock. Feed me your cum Daddy!” he pulled out and I dropped to my knees and immediately inhaled his cock. I took it deep into my throat a few times before clamping my lips around the head and stroking the shaft. Soon enough I felt him start to sway and his cock started to spasm. A couple more pumps and he began to dump his load into my mouth and down my throat. I continued on until I was certain that I had milked him dry.

“MMMM thank you Daddy.” I moaned into his ear before I left.

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