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Erotic poetry "rent boy part1"

Call me on the phone to deciede a meeting place... as long as you got the money
to blow you can fuck at your own pace... then when you are done pullout and cum
All on my face know i am a true freak so i have to get a taste.. It all started out in my prime when i was much younger...I was sitting outside on the porch this beautiful summer .i was looking at my neighbor's jail body and developed such a hunger ...his sweat ran down into the deep crack of his ass...never knew i could get so turned on watching a motherfucker.. cut some grass...six foot tall ,lightskinned and played ball ....muscles so big that compared to him i looked so small...b*****r had this nice little hair cut that was infused with deep waves ...his ass was so fat that if he turned a corner it would follow in a couple of days...his eyes were beautiful they made me want to cry ...the day that motherfucker told me he didn't want a relationship after fucking for a year ...i wanted to die..." anyway" He must have caught my glance and looked me dead in the eyes...i hurried up and turned my head and put my hands over my face like a disguise... i heard the lawn mower stop and someone was running up my stairs .....My breathing became faster ,i began to shake ,heart beating and incredibly scared....I wanted to look but after i heard what he did to go to jail i did not even dare...Then i heard a deep powerful voice say "Are you going to look at me or just fucking sit there"I slowly started to remove my hands when he grabbed me and snatched them down...he pushed me out of my chair and i braced myself as i hit the ground...he sat ontop of me and began to look all around ...I thought to myself.."There is noone in sight and i am all alone...he is about to beat the shit out of me on the door steps of my home" I began to fight and struggle but he was way stronger than me and began to flex his muscles...With a smirk on his face he began to slowly speak... although he was sweatin he did not stink ..but he smelled good and sweet.... "I saw you looking at me i am something good to eat..." then he reached between my legs and grabbed my meat... I started to cry and say i was sorry ..he said" I don't want to hear that shit! Save the tears for Maury" He said " Are you here all alone i said yes and he got up showing he had a stuck out so far i thought it was pointing at me i was about to propsed i got up on one knee ...."I want to give you what you like and you can give me what i need.... i can show you the ropes and give you pleasure that you havent even dreamed....I have never been with a dude outside of jail but when i caught you looking at me it made my dick here it is ...I'm laying it all out there on a table made of can be down with me or say something stupid and ccatch a beating for your ass

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