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Hotel Whore

Every guy that travels wants this to happen. Find someone to fuck shamelessly for a night and move on. It is a rare find when a husband whores out a wife for just that need.
I was heading to a podunk town in the midwest and scoured the internet posts for possible hook up. What I found was un-fucking believable.

A man who wanted to whore out his wife. The best part was, he had already arranged two other gents in the same hotel. The husband told me he would arrive at my room between 10-11 o'clock. She was serving in the order that they responded to his ad.

I sat in my hotel room. 10 PM, nothing. 10:30, nothing. 11, nothing. I sent him another text to make sure all this was real. It wouldn't have been the first time I got stood up by an internet hook up.

Then at about 11:30, I had just about given up. There was a knock at the door. He stood there with a bag with her clothes in it while she stood in an overcoat, naked underneath.

"Sorry we're late, we left as soon as he came." he said. He stepped into the room and the door closed behind her. She wore sun glasses for effect and her auburn hair covered the sides of her face. She had a tussled, well fucked look about her. I know part of the turn on for her was running around the halls with her pussy still wet, but I was surprised what I heard next.

"I have cum running down my leg". These were the first words I heard her say.
"Well come in and lay down so that doesn't happen". She paused and let her puffy lips speak, "I was going to clean".

"Let me do the cleaning," I said.

Her husband guided her to the bed where she laid down. He wispered to her, "I told you he was a perverted fuck."

He laid her down on the bed and the coat slid open. She lifted her legs and could see the glisten of cum on her leg and swollen lips. What was a turn on, was the butt plug she was walking around with. It slid out as she lifted her legs.

"Time for the next size up, " Her husband said. "You'll be gaping by the end of the night my whore. 3 down and 3 to go."

I positioned myself between her legs. Her husband slid the considerably larger plug into ass as I started licking. I couldn't tell what was her cum or her conquests cum, but lapped and fingered her to her pleasure. I could feel the plug pushing her pussy walls closer together. I found her g-spot easily and concentrated until she came. The small squirt of cum glistened my face.

I looked up to see he husband with the other butt plug in his ass as he stroked his cock. I lifted my self to put my cock at the threshold of her cunt. That's when I took in her whole body. Her hips were nice and ample. She had a slight ponch on her belly, but it was sexy as could be. Her nipples headed south when she stood, but laying on her back, her 42DD's were legend and enough to jerk off too. She lifted her glasses off to reveal her green eyes. Her hair was pulled back and you could see this beauty queen turned soccer mom, really had a lot going for her.

She tweaked her nipples as I slid my cock into her. She was almost too wet. I started pumping my cock in and out of her and her tits were following inertia. Her husband was loving the sound of my balls slapping her plug deeper into her. I rolled her over and her husband laid in front of her so she could suck him. She worked his cock, balls and ass. She was rimming him most of the time. I slid into her and started working the plug in unison. The plug really tightened her up when it was all the way inserted, but I loved to see how much she stretched when it was halfway out.

Her husband asked me if she tasted good with cum inside her. "Yes, delicious. You should try it sometime."
"That's why I asked. I want to eat your load out of my wife"
She moaned in delight as I put her on her back again. Her husband was kissing her deeply as I fucked her hard. She moaned through the kiss and he rubbed her clit. She tightened her cunt as hard as she could. I pumped as hard as I could. I held her legs open and thrusted as I came. I unloaded 4 days into her.

He started licking her clit as I withdrew from the soaked cunt. He opened his mouth as I squeezed the last drop out and onto his tongue and her clit. He started lapping and pleasuring her.

I moved up to her head where I kissed her for the first time.

"Thank you for fucking me like a whore." She said as a wave of pleasure hit her as he licked. I played with her giant tits and nipples.

'Give me your ass," She said. 'Like how," I responded.
She looked at me coyley and said 'sit your ass on my lips. I want to clean it'.

I did as I was told. She rimmed my ass like I had never had before. She darted her tongue in and out and all around. She stroked me back to hard as slipped by cock into her mouth.

Her husband saw my assault on her open mouth and moved her to the edge of the bed. He head hung over the edge and pumped her mouth furiously. Cum, spit, ass juice; all of it dripped from her face as I held her head and pumped it with my cock. She didn't gag once.

I asked her husband if I could cum in her mouth. I figured she could talk and I didn't want to ruin my fever pitch pace.

"Yes, cum in her mouth. Make her choke it down."

I kept pumping as I came. Most was in her mouth. some on her chin and nose and even a few drops hit her tits. She sat up with her face a mess.

She slipped on her coat and scurried for her sun glasses.

"We're late and must go. Thank you for fucking me." She said reaching back and making sure that her butt plug was all the way in.

He husband slipped on his pants and grabbed the bag. "thank you for fucking my wife. Let me know next time you are in town." He opened the door and said, "we're off to room 327."

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