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Marbella madness

We have been married for 35 years and to keep our sex life interesting we agreed that I should fun with other guys but not full sex. I said I would like to give hand relief and so it went on like that for years. We would meet a nice man and my husband would watch me give hand relief to him and then the gues would leave and we would have our fun together. Holidays were great times for me and many younger men received a massage from me in Ibiza. Those stories are for another time.

This happened a couple of years ago and my husband didn't find out until he read the story online about 6 months later and remarked how familiar it sounded to our holiday. I just smiled and agreed.

We arrived in Marbella late on Friday night and went straight in to dinner in the hotel. We had to share a table with a man on his own but that wasn't a problem. We chatted away about what we were here for and my husband told him he was going to play golf with business colleagues tomorrow whilst I cruised the shops on my own.

When my husband was away getting more drinks, Alan asked me if I would like to attend a bukake party tomorrow whilst my husband was on the golf course. He had some young girls booked but they needed a "House madam " to make sure everything was going ok and to make sure everyone was happy. I didn't have to join in unless I wanted to.

That night my head was swimming with thoughts of the following day and I did give my husband a long sloppy wet bj with a nice ending for him. Not our usual bedtime routine but we put it down to the holiday and the drink.

Mick was up and away straight after breakfast and I waited in the foyer for Alan to appear and we walked away to the old town and to a small house that I don't think I could find again.

Inside were 3 english uni students on there end of term break. We listened to Alan tell us what was expected and if they were at all unhappy about anything they were to stop and ask for assistance. I was to be their "madam" and encourage them to be as friendly and accomodating as possible. There was to be 8 guys over 2 hours and the girls may be joined by another girl later to help them out.

At 10am the first group of 3 guys turned up and were all introduced. I asked if they would like to get undressed and choose a girl to start with. Once we all got going they could change around or join their friend for a 2 into 1 session.
The girls were happy enough to do as expected and also stripped down to bikinis. Hannah was on the end of the setee, Tabitha was on her knees and sally was standing up and bent over to suck the cock.

The guys were all in their late 50's and upwards and were very well endowed indeed. All 3 of them. A minimum of 8" and thick girth. I was a bit jealous that they were getting all this cock from these guys a bit older than me but I knew I wasn't going to get involved like them. To be fair, the guys had asked for younger girls and they were very happy with what was laid on for them.

Two more guys turned up and joined in and it was a very happy time. Guys getting a good BJ and then retiring for a drink and a relax and then going for another girl when she was available. The other girl turned up and she was late 20's and a local english shop owner. She was in demand and took 3 guys straight away. All of them were trying to get their cocks in here mouth and she was very accomodating.

I was asked by one of the guys to help out with Hannah. Could I hold his cock and wank it into her mouth? I was happy to oblige and set to with a smile on my face. Hannah was coping ok but she was breathing a little harder than usual and I just said to her not to let go and let it slip out of her mouth. I asked him if I was doing it right for him and he just grunted. I held the back of her head to keep her mouth on his cock and he said he loved that. He said he wanted to pull out and cum on her tits so I let go of his cock and her head and he just wanked a few strokes and unloaded onto her bikini top. A lot of cum had erupted from his big cock and luckily none landed on me. Big man wiped his cock on her face and asked for a bit of clean up with her tongue, which he got and then he sat down happy to rest and have another go later.

This seemed to go down well with the other guys who were watching so they asked for the same treatment with there girl. We had to get in the same kind of position to be comfortable. Tabitha was next and she was loving it too. They guy had said he wanted a full facial cumshot on her face and I was to wank him onto her. Ok I said, I'd love to. I brought my left hand round between his legs and circled my thumb and forfinger around the top of his balls whilst I wanked with my right. A few good squeezes and he was ready to shoot his cum. I asked him to tell me when he was ready to cum and I would point his big cock right at her face. He nodded his head and started twitching and his cum splattered across here face in long arcs as he spurted. He asked for the tongue clean up and stood there panting as Tabitha enclosed his cock in her warm wet mouth and usd her tongue on him.

When everyone had had there fill and were sitting down alll relaxed and happy I slipped away with a kiss and hug from the host and his number for the next time we are in town.

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