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Operation do away with virginty: Frank

Hello all this is my true story. I was born and raised in a strict christian f****y where my mother always kept a keen eye on me being the first born son. My dad was always absent at work always coming once per every month and therefore had no much time for me.

I kept virgin all the way to high school and even at the university, i maintained my virginity albeit with a lot of struggle. After university i enrolled for my masters and met Jenny during one of the school forums. She was cute, slender with long hair and innocent looking. My type even though back in my mind i knew i was not the first man to notice her.

After the forum, a gathered courage and managed to get her telephone contacts.Thereafter we kept in touch until i went to Europe and she could no longer reach me. Driven by lust, she got my contacts from a colleague and once again we kept in touch via E-mails. She could start getting dirty at times telling me how hot and wet she was and how her pussy was aching to have my pole inside her. After one year i came for vacation and we met and started off on a high note. i could go to her place and i could not help to see her tight ass and the the thought of drilling her with my pole could preoccupy my thoughts until i became hard on.

One day she asked me whether i fucked girls in Europe and i said no "I want to burry my virginity in my motherland" i retorted. "You mean you are a virgin??" She asked and i replied yes. Its true i was a virgin. I could see she was a bit skeptical but i maintained it. I really wanted her pink hole to be the graveyard of my virginity but how?? From the way she was, it was like someone was also eating from her thighs but i did not care.

On one particular Wednesday, she called me at around five and wanted someone to keep her company throughout the night after she had buried her grandmother and instantly obliged. I headed straight in her flat and she was at the door to receive me. She was so excited. "I never thought you will come" she said. "Opportunities comes once in a life time" I replied back. It was around eight in the evening and she had already made supper. We ate together watching some funny movie since i did not even concentrate. My thoughts were preoccupied on how i will assassinate that pussy. After the meal, i went and had shower. Its not good to loose your virginity while dirty. She seemed totally clueless about my plans since she thought that i was preoccupied with preserving my virginity. I had a totally different idea.

I came out of the shower to find her already in bed. With a T-shirt and a pajama trouser. My heart sank. I wanted her naked. she handed me a t-shirt and i refused insisting i normally sl**p topless. I climbed in bed with my pants on. She advised me that since i did not come with another trouser, it was better to sl**p with my boxer. I removed my pants, exposing a fully erect dick and she was speechless but a little excited. After covering myself, we started talking dirty and my catch was beginning to sound tired. I gathered courage and started caressing her. I reached her two small melons and started caressing them. She did not object. I pushed my dick behind her and she felt my fully erect monster. She reached it and almost fainted. It was 9 inches and she could barely wrap it with her small hands. By then, i was exploring her with my fingers and enjoying every bit of it. It was my first time to touch a woman nipples and they felt great. I wanted to taste them but i did not want to scare her. She was now getting aroused and her being a bit experienced. She gave me a proper hand Job. All of a sudden, I had pressed some buttons and unleashed the sex monster in her. She woke up and slid my pole in her mouth. She could barely take the full length and it felt so good. I let out a loud moan and she let me go.

I reached her pink flower and found them already wet. I was going to scare her right then. She loosened and asked me whether i had some protection. I stupidly said no as i went berserk assuring he how a virgin and safe i was. This is really stupid and i encourage fellow readers to use protection for the first time to avoid drama later on. she lay there on her back and spread her legs waiting for me to mount on her. I cant remember when i removed her pant but by the time i was on top, she was she was stark naked. I struggled to locate the entry point of her sweet hole, until she grabbed my pole, teased it with her pussy then pushed it inside her. It was so massive. Every inch i drilled would make her pussy stretch to the limit. All this time she was screaming and moaning. After swallowing the whole my mammoth cock, what went on i had never anticipated.

She grabbed my torso and locked my legs. It was as if she was fearing i might take off. She made five massive and violent upward thrust which were so intense. I remember the bed making some noise. I could not hold any more pleasure. I shot a jet of my pollen inside her which was hot and intense. She also cum immediately. I collapsed and felt chocked by my own saliva. I started gasping for more air under the blanket. She stopped the movement and let go off myself. Had she continued, i would have fainted.

I climbed down and she gave me time to relax. She told me she was not off yet coz i was her sex slave for the night.

she gave me three minutes of which i had recovered. I said to myself that i had to prove to her that i was worth to bury my virginity in her. The second round i had to take control of the situation. I climbed on top of her and started thrusting her violently. I gave her a fuck of a lifetime. I could hear my balls slapping her thighs as she kept screaming on and on. She could reach an orgasm as another one immediately would build up.

All of a sudden, i started feeling a lot of pain in my dick and i could not go on. We had to stop. The following day, she found bl**d stained on her thighs and thought i had broken her virginity once again. She was so happy to have lost her virginity to me once again since she wanted to make me happy. It is when i went to the bathroom that i realized i had developed huge blister on my fucking tool given that it was my first time and i had overdone it. I went home terribly tired and limping. Even though i was tired and in a lot of pain. I was happy i had finally found a graveyard for my virginity. After one week i went back to Europe....

For those interested in knowing, i married jenny after coming back and we have a healthy baby girl.

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