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Two Swedish Girls lose the bet

We arrived after a 30 minute car ride direct from the airport, to where we stood, outside our hotel, our home for the next three nights.

We checked in and were shown to our room, having decided to share to save on costs, 'Leaves more to spend on booze', laughed my friend Louise, 'not to mention German Sausage', she continued, her eyes sparkling with naughtiness, and somehow I suspected her keenness to have these few days together, lay alongside her flippant remark, about 'German Sausage', a term of endearment we used to use after watching German Porn.

Two married Swedish women, in town for a good drinking session, two free spirits on the prowl for male company, a break from the drudgery of marriages, having gone stale and sexless, we were experienced and knew what we wanted, no questions asked, just a bit of raw fun, and as if to reinf***e our intentions, Louise threw a packet of condoms on the bed, a rather large packet, 'Shit', I exclaimed, 'we only have three nights', and we laughed, 'They're mine', she added, and we both fell about in fits of laughter.

The door was ajar so we never saw him enter or room, 'WTF', cried Louise, he did startle us, as he just seemed to appear from nowhere, then we espied the tray he was holding, with a large bottle of white and two glasses, and our startlement turn to joy, 'Room Service', I called out, we were behaving like a couple of teenagers, and I raised my eyebrows to Louise, to emphasize the packet of condoms were on view lying on the bed, she smile and asked him to pour out two glasses of wine for us.

He made his way to where the condoms lay and put the tray down beside them, I looked at Louise, but she appeared giddy with excitement, not caring he was looking at them, two horny Swedish women in town for sex and wine, that packet of 20, certainly reinf***ed that idea.

'You girls in town for fun', he asked as he poured and handed us each a glass.

'You could say that', Louise retorted, then downed the contents in one long drink, and looked challengingly into his eyes, 'Another one', she said directly at him, and held her arm out straight to him.

I could sense the sexual tension building, he looked into her eyes, they were both challenging each other like a couple of k**s, I had sensed Louise needed this break as her marriage was at rock bottom, and a couple of years had passed since her last piece of cock, she now acted like a woman possessed with passion, and as if she was alone with this man.

He took the glass, 'You are a very hot woman', he remarked, his face beaming as he spoke, he could have meant she was hot and thus thirsty, or it could have meant with strong sexual overtones, either way I moved off to the sidelines, and watched with amusement.

He poured and I opened our window and looked out at the bridge spanning the river, enjoying the warmth of the strong sunlight as it bathed the room.

'You plan to have a very good time?' I turned to saw him holding up the box of condoms, 'What a fucking chancer', I thought, 'Take one', I said, getting into the act, and I walked over with my now empty glass.
His face lit up, it now appeared I was getting involved in the sexual overtures or the innuendos, flying around the room.

He was a man of Indian decent, polite and courteous, as they are, but strangely lacking in the understanding of strong and single mindedness of white European women.

I took the glass from him, and repeated challengingly to him, 'Go on take some, we dont mind', and again he declined.

'Married man are you', I challenged him, hinting he was being perceived as trying to 'Chat us up'.

'Yes Maam', he replied, 'but she is home in India'. Louise took a swig from her glass, 'When did you last see her', she queried, 'Two years back', he quickly replied, then he placed the packet back down on the bed, his face still smiling.

'They are too small for me', he said, in a more serious tone, my glass was suspended between my lips, and Louise's mouth hung open.

The silence in the room was palatable, he poured the remnants of the bottle into Louise's glass, 'One more ladies', he asked, and I said, 'Sure, why not', and he smiled bowed and went out.

'Fucking hell, Louise, if he is telling the truth, he is big'. She beamed, then laughed, 'Wow', was all she said, and as suddenly as he disappeared, he was back with another bottle opened, and ready.

I think he caught us as we both looked at his crotch, he knew we were now both intrigued and curios, no man throws his cock size into the conversation to two titillated partially d***k women on a fun weekend, without consequences.

Louise was not going to let this go, and she took her purse out and produced a fifty Euros note, 'I bet they fit'. She was confident, because she bought the packet, and it clearly stated large on the outside.

She held the 50 Euros note in her hand and waved it in his direction, tempting him, and I noted her tongue licking her lips, she was up for it, and in a way, so was I.

He looked at me, a look of nervousness crept into his eyes, he was being challenged by two beautiful looking women, to take his cock out and prove his size to us.
'How can I prove', he stuttered, his confidence suddenly faltering, and it was me he was studying, I felt now the challenge was out there in the open, he was finding it hard to accept these two women were suddenly serious and were challenging him outright, perhaps my earlier comment on Indian men not fully understanding out independence and single-mindedness was bearing fruit.

I smiled as he studied me, 'We are all adults here', I said, and I walked over to the room door and closed it, turning the key to lock it, and walked back to the bed and sat down, crossing my legs, I looked up at him, 'OK, show us, your proof'.

He smiled, in a very triumphant manner, somehow he was just fucking with us to let us see his cock, or he really did have a sausage worth chewing on.
He undid his belt, pulled his zipper down, and let his pants drop the his ankles.
It was the later, and myself and Louise stared at the biggest brown cock either of had ever laid eyes on.
'So ladies', he said, stocking it wonder. I sat dumbfounded, looking at it's girth, exciting myself in its presence, 'You like to fuck me'?

I had already made my mind up, and said I would, offering him the opportunity to bed with us during each night of our stay, we had a king size bed to share, so why not a king size cock to play with, Louise said yes also, and we both got up and stripped nude, 'Can I lick it', I asked him, he smiled, 'Only if you say please'
I sank to my knees in front of him, 'Please can I lick you cock', and so began a very raucous MFF session, which I am sure you need to read in minute detail.

A weekend of wine drinking in Bernkastel-Kues, turned into an adventure we both wont forget, good wine and food, and an opportunist Asian man, who delighted in giving blond Arian women a drink, from his well of life, a vile tasting, with a nauseating bouquet, but more importantly, his method of delivery, was the real show stopper.

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