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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 3

Sara looked at me earnestly. "What'd she say?"

I look down at my feet. "She has photos." I say miserably.

The dear c***d-woman's frightened look shows her concern. "What photos, of who? What’s wrong?"

"Of you baby, She made photo’s while you lay handcuffed on the bed."
Coward that I am I gave only a half-truth thinking that if she heard the whole story, I would lose her. I decided to put off giving her the details. I could wait; right? Maybe it would be easier if we talked some more. I am such a coward. Sara loves me and believes in me and I return her love with what? I tell myself I do not have the strength to tell her the price to get those stupid photos back. How can I tell her the hard truth; that she will have to have sex with a woman she does not know?
“She will call us at twelve o’ clock. Let’s get some sl**p and wait for her call with more details.”
Sara sits on the bed, looking worried. I have never left her with unresolved fears before this. I have always been her fearless protector. My throat is dry and my belly feels like it is full of dust. How did I become so fearful? I sit beside her and begin to rub the soft smooth skin of her back. “Calm down, it all will be fine.
I am taking pleasure from the touch. What a fake I am. I am taking pleasure from my sacrificial lamb! I do not think I could feel any worse. Sara sighs and puts her head on the pillow. This is so wrong she accepts my words of cowardice as if they were true. My guilt is a dry hard knot inside me.
Not long after she falls asl**p.
I watch her sl**p. She looks so lovely . . . so peaceful. I watch her delicate lips move with her breath. I want so badly to go back in time and make things right. Perhaps I can talk into the horrible woman when she calls. Maybe I can still make things right; so Sara stays safe without doing anything she wouldn’t want.
I hadn’t realized I fell asl**p until I wake to the sound of my mobile phone. I realize it must be her!
“Yes?” I say softly
“Good! You answered.” She has a smoker’s hoarse voice that makes my insides shrink.
“What do you want from us?”
“I thought my letter was clear on that score.” Her tone is icy.
“Please don’t do this to us.”
“One o’ clock in the lobby of the hotel! Be there!” She hisses fiercely.
I look over at Sara still sl**ping. I want to have just one minute more where she still trusts me.
“Wake up dear one.” I say kissing her hair. She wakes slowly stretching. The skin of her arms tightens and glows in the lamp light. I can see her little nipples move under her top.
“Hurry up we have to go!”
“Where? What’s wrong?”
“We’re going to see a lady in the lobby!”
“She wants to speak with us." Why can’t I just say it? Nevertheless, the moment passes as Sara looks into my eyes.
“Okay” Sara says. “Let’s get this done and go home.”
In the elevator, I cannot look Sara in the eyes. I focus on the passing floor numbers instead.
We arrive in the lobby, but I do not see the horrid woman. I feel giddy. Maybe, I hope, we don’t have to see her. I turn to take my young charge back to the room. Picture or no, I am ready to check out and flee!
However, as I turn, the lady behind the reception desk catches my eye and waves at us. We walk towards her.
“I have a letter for you two.”
I take the letter with trepidation and walk away, Sara following behind having caught my mood of desperation and seemingly lost in thought. I stop and I feel her warm arms around my waist as I start reading it. A key falls into my hand at I open it.

“Hello Sluts,
I knew you two would arrive.
I hope Sara is ready for her task.
Come to the 24st floor suite.
You will need the key to get up here.
Lady Lisa.”

Looking around my shoulder, Sara has read it too.
“What is she talking about? What task?”
My gut clenches. Be calm I scream to myself.
“I don’t know baby. Let’s get up there and see what she wants?” Another chance to come clean passes by. I hate myself.
Looking up into my eyes, I can see that Sara senses my mood. She is clearly worried now. Nevertheless, she trusts me and walks with me to the elevator. My legs are leaden as I lead poor trusting Sara from the lobby. In the elevator, I insert the key push the button to the 24th floor.
It seems like forever before the elevator gets there. Sara looks frightened.
“I’m sorry.” She thinks it is her fault.
I almost tell her she is not in trouble. But what will happen tonight belies that thought. The elevator stops, doors slowly open. The suite is dark. I can only make out shadows. I walk two steps before stopping fearfully.
I take Sara’s hand sweaty but warm. The elevator doors close behind us. It starts back down leaving us no escape. The room we occupy is silent. I can hear the bl**d rushing in my ears. I also hear Sara’s trembling breaths.
Then the lights go on. I am blinded. When I can see, Lady Lisa is standing in the middle of the room. She is dressed in a black thong and black bra.
Sara squeezes my hand.
“Good! You both came obediently.”
Smiling fiercely, she turns to me, her eyes bore into mine.
“But you know I only want Sara. She hisses at me.”
“I know. And here she is.” I whisper dejectedly giving the hand I hold to Lisa.
“What! What is happening?” wails Sara.
“It’s going to be okay.” I promise.
Sara looks back at me with pleading frightened eyes.
She tries to break away from the horrid woman shouting: “Why? What’s happening?”
Lisa keeps my Sara in a tight grip and pulls her close.
“And now . . . it’s time for you to leave my dear.” She croaks.
“Please can I stay here? I won’t do anything!”
Stunned, I walk backwards and push the button to call the elevator.
Sara’s look pleads with me. My hear breaks.
“What’s going to happen?”
Before I can answer, Lisa smiles fiercely at Sara.
“Well my c***d . . . I will use you . . . fuck you . . . and abuse you anyway I want. Is that clear enough for you dear?”
Sara tries to get loose; but fails. Lisa is much stronger.
The elevator doors open. I back in.
“Please baby it will all be fine.” Lisa has turned her back on me. Before I can change my mind, I slip back out just as the doors close. Stealthily I creep to the right and behind a column projecting from the wall.
Thank God, she doesn’t see my trick. The elevator goes down the shaft.
I am in a relatively dark part of the foyer. The carpeting is thick so I do not have to worry about Lisa hearing my steps. I open my mouth to breathe silently while keeping watch. Sara is clearly frightened.
“Please let me go! I didn’t do anything, I won’t tell.”
“No little Sara you cannot leave now. You are my entertainment for the evening. Moreover, when I am done with you, I will let you go free. So you see, you have nothing to fear. Do you?”
Sara tries to bite Lisa on the arm. Whereupon, Lisa throws her to the carpet. The thick carpet prevents any lasting damage. However, the suddenness of it stuns her.
Ow! My shoulder hurts!” She cries rubbing it.
Lisa walks towards her, kneels down and pulls her shoes off.
“Please let me go!”
Not answering she pulls the ankle socks off too. I am startled to see that she starts kissing Sara’s feet! I can see the play of Lisa’s muscles on her back and thighs. She is a very strong woman in perfect condition. Under better conditions, I would be attracted to her. She is masterful. I can now see how it is that I fell under her spell.
Slowly she lifts Sara to her knees and unbuttons the top three buttons of Sara’s shirt. Quickly she pulls the open top over Sara’s shoulders and down to her elbows effectively pinning her arms to her waist.
Sara’s pert tits stand out proudly. Lisa stops to lick and fondle them. She keeps this up distracting Sara while she unzips the short skirt and tosses it across the room. She pushes Sara onto her back and pulls down the leggings to her knees binding her legs.
Next, she rolls Sara onto her belly and uses the socks to tie Sara’s thin wrists together. Straddling her hip s Lisa pulls the leggings off. Sara trees to kick back and Lisa gives Sara two slaps on the ass that leave two dark red handprints. Whimpering Sara leaves off her kicking. .
Sitting astride her shoulders now, Lisa picks up the leggings. She loops them through the binding on Sara wrists and one at a time, she pulls up each foot back and secures it half way to Sara’s wrists. When she rolls Sara back on her back, the result is a binding that leaves her entire torso naked and open to display.
Lisa’s mouth closes on Sara’s pussy.
Sara starts moaning as Lisa licks and bites Sara’s Clit.
My eyes focus on Sara’s face contorted with growing passion. I have a clear view of everything.
Slowly as Lisa kisses and licks the sweet eighteen-year-old pussy, Sara begins to rock her hips pushing her hot sweet cunt into Lisa’s mouth. The scare, it seems, is gone. She begins to moan hard. Lisa stops and turns herself around and placed her cunt on Sara’s mouth.
Sara starts eating her cunt as well. At this, Lisa begins to undo the bindings she so carefully made.
I feel the heat begin in my pussy. I must resolve this overwhelming itch. It looks so hot see the pleasure etched on Sara’s face. The sweet c***d gets all horny so fast.
Slowly my hand moves to my pussy. I cannot stop it. I can feel the wetness as I start rubbing my pleasure center.
After a few minutes, Lisa stands up. She releases Sara’s wrists and walking to her bed, grabs a giant two-headed dildo from the bed. Placing one end into Sara’s wet pussy, she starts moving it in and out.
Sara’s cunt is very wet. I can hear it from 4 meters away. Sara moans as she rocks l her pussy on the dildo. Lisa is lies on her back placing the other end in her own pussy.
Both Lisa and Sara are in synch enjoying the thrusting dildo. Their voices form a sensual harmony as they moan and slide up and down the plastic shaft.
Sara begins to cum first; she begins a keening while squeezing her nipples. Presently her keening becomes moan s and sighs and pulling the dildo from her cunt, she begins fucking Lisa with it. Lisa is screaming out her passion. Sara is fucking her hard with one hand and rubbing Lisa’s clit with the other.
I am so horny at seeing this that I slide two fingers inside my cunt moving it up and down. It is so damn wet I can feel my juices running down my legs.
Lisa begins to cum too. She stops moaning. Her mouth is open in an “O” but there is no sound. Her body is rigid from her toes to the muscles in her cheeks. Then she begins rocking on the dildo making deep throaty groans with each thrust. Huh . . . Huh . . . Huh . . .
As she regains her senses, still trembling for the aftershocks, Sara slowly takes the dildo out of her and throws it on the bed.
Slowly my darling eighteen year old licks Lisa’s pussy as she comes back to Earth. In a small voice, she asks, “Can I go now Lisa?”
“Yes Sara please go. Leave me here.”
Sara stands grabs her stuff and calls the elevator.
Quickly I take out the hand of my panties and run up to Sara. Holding my finder to my lips, to signal for silence, I join Sara in the elevator. We jump in and push the button to our floor. Sara is still half-naked having left her clothing in the suite. She runs to our room and waits by the door.
“Please baby let’s get in” I say, while I open the door.
Sara runs inside; takes a shirt and gets dressed.
“Don’t be mad.”
“Why you think I am mad?”
I look at her with open mouth. “WHY? Because I left you there with that horrible woman!”
Sara laughs. Nevertheless, you did not. You were there the whole time to protect me. I didn’t know it then but you were then if she tried something really bad, you would have stopped her. Without another word, she left for the bathroom.
I deserved to be ignored but she had forgiven me! She does not seem to care about the whole situation at all. Maybe I am too careful with her all the time. I knew of her deep fantasies about being dominated. However, I never even considered she could go to this extreme.
The shower stops. Sara must be ready. I knock on the door. Before I stop knocking, Sara opens the door and takes me in to the bathroom. Before I realize what happened I stand in the foggy bathroom watching Sara’s full naked body. Water dripping from her hair and running down her cute tits. She takes my hand and brings it to her pussy.
“Just remember one thing. I am a Slut and you are my mistress. From now on treat me like one!”
And she closed the door behind me.

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