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Chapter 1: The First Night Home

(an old story my now wife sent me years ago from her perspective, to me. the names have been changed to protect the innocent, lol)

It was a warm day, especially for December 11th. You sat in your living room, anxiously awaiting your little Katie’s return, and as the clock rolled over to 6:00pm, you knew that she’d be there any minute. As if on cue, you saw headlights flash across the wall, and the familiar sound of her car’s tired engine. Her silhouette was outlined in the light from across the street as she frolicked up to the house. You couldn’t wait for her to come bounding through that front door.
Although it had been but two weeks or so since you had last had her, it had seemed like months. You had recently been looking at some pictures of the two of you on your computer, and those tantalizing images had brought delicious thoughts to your mind. Only a few days ago, she had whined about how much she ached for your body, how much she wanted to taste you, how badly she needed to feel you inside her again. Her words had created such a longing in you that you wondered how you would ever make it until Friday, when you know she would finally be home. You had seen pictures of her doing all sorts of things: pictures of her blowing you; pictures of her spread wide open and ready to take you into her pink little pussy; pictures of her enjoying a vibrator, and with it in her tiny asshole; even pictures of her sitting on top of you, riding your long, hard dick and then licking and sucking it afterwards. Now, your mind began to race as you waited for her to unlock the door and make those fantasies real. You wanted all of that, and you only hoped that she’d give it to you soon.
After fumbling with the key, she managed to open the door, and stood there, beaming before you. God, you had wanted her. But, you thought, how could you take her? After all, it didn’t’ seem particularly polite to throw her down on the couch and have her right then and there, although that was want you really wanted to do. She was all done up for the choir performance that night, and her long chestnut hair curled and played around her breasts, hidden beneath a tight black shirt. Her gleaming white skin reflected what little light was in the room, and her makeup seemed to be done in the most peculiar way, making her look both innocent and tempting at the same time. And, God, how you wanted to corrupt her.
You took her in her arms and kissed her deeply and hungrily, as she pressed in against you. It was only then that you realized how aroused you’d made yourself thinking about fucking her. Your swollen cock pressed into her, causing her to gasp in immediate arousal. “Mmmm,” she moaned, breathily, “Can I have it?”
Like she had to ask! Without waiting for the answer, she had started stroking and playing with the bulge in your pants. “Pleeeaaase?” she begged. With a satisfied smile, you told her to run upstairs, and get ready. You had no idea what she was going to put on, but it didn’t really matter. All you wanted was a good blowjob, and to fuck her little brains out. And her wantonness had made it obvious that the exact same thing was on her mind!
You took your time getting a glass of water, and heard her stumble through the hallway into the bedroom. Taking that as your cue, you slowly went up the stairs, and standing in the doorway, looked down on her. “I’m saving the Schoolgirl for when we have batteries in the camera, of course,” she taunted. To your surprise, she had dragged out the vinyl ensemble that had driven you insane back before you could have her. You had forgotten how short that little skirt was, and how incredible it made her look. Memories of how much you had wanted to just bend her over and fuck her on that January night came flooding back, and you couldn’t believe that she was wearing it for you, again. Of course, to top it all off, she had even remembered the go-go boots. “Oh my God,” you started. “I know, I know,” she cooed, “ you remember this one, don’t you? Well, I thought that since we’re both feeling completely naughty, we could try to recreate that night for you, and this time, why don’t we see if you get what you want. Now, I bet that you would have loved to just lie here and enjoy me sucking on that delicious cock of yours. After all, back then, I hadn’t ever fucked anyone before, so you can have anything you want tonight.”
With that, you plopped down on the bed and undid your pants, your engorged shaft leaping out for attention. Without a moment’s hesitation, she began, sliding her hot mouth down you. Oh, GOD, did she feel good. Her tongue was moving all over the base and lower part of you, and she began pulling on you with such incredible delight that you wondered if she was going to come from this. Up . . . and Down . . . over and over again she went, moaning with each stroke and running her fingers all over you. God, how good it looked to watch her. You wished that you had your camera, but you knew that there’d be another chance for that! Instead you just drank in the sensations: the way her hot, wet mouth felt as it pulled on your dick; the way you could catch a glimpse of her smooth, round breasts as she bent over you; her tight little ass up in the air and begging for you to climb on top of her and fuck her ‘til you came; even the little noises she made as she concentrated on giving you as much pleasure as you could stand. It was as if she had been dying to taste you, which you knew she had, and now wanted nothing more than to enjoy you while she finally could. She kept on blowing you, getting more and more into it. “Kate,” you said, “Are you wet?”
“Mmmmmaybe,” was her shy answer. But you knew what she wanted. With a few more strokes, you asked, “Can you spin around for me?” Of course, she complied, and as she knelt over your face, and continued pleasuring you, you started to play with her little snatch. It’s dark thatch of hair reminded you of when you had first started dating her, and when she was all new and pure. You whispered, quietly, “Can you bring your pussy down to my face? Just for a little bit . . .” You didn’t know if you would be able to give it back to her, but you wanted to try. As you reached your tongue out to taste her, you found that she had the foresight to wash herself clean, and that she didn’t’ taste like much at all yet. With that, you decided to give it to her while you could, and said, “Why don’t you lie here for a little bit?” With some hesitation, he took her still active mouth off of you, and lay on the bed. Spreading really wide for you, she pulled open her body and arched her back in anticipation. Aroused by the fact that you could finally eat her, you began to perform like some sort of a porno star, making her writhe in pleasure. “Oh, G-od, baby, that feels soooo amazing! Mmmm, don’t stop, please! OH!” she panted. Just a few minutes, and her words became frantic, as you sent her into a screaming orgasm! “OH MY GOD BABY! I’M GOING TO COME! OH GOD! HERE IT IS! BABY! DADDY! AAAHHHHHHHHH!” With that her body tightened in sheer pleasure and she came harder than she had in a long time! Just seconds afterwards, though, she was ready to do more. “Should I go down on you some more, baby, or do you want something else?” You decided that another second in that mouth, and you’d come before even fucking her. And you definitely wanted to do that!
You rolled onto your back, and slowly lowered her onto you, impaling her milky little body on your erect cock. Her soaking wet little snatch enveloped you, and it was so hot and wet and ready for you that you moaned with delight! You began to undress her as she rocked back and forth on your shaft. First, you pulled off her shirt, exposing her perfect tits and their hard, erect nipples, which begged you to play with them as they bounced with her movement. After you enjoyed those a bit, you slowly unsnapped her skirt, revealing nothing but thigh-hi fishnets. Suddenly, it seemed, she was completely naked on top of you and on the verge of coming again. She started screaming again, and climaxed, as you closed your eyes for a second and leaned back, feeling the pleasure build deep within your body. Her entire body squeezed you as orgasms, one after another, rocked her body. Then, you looked at her again, gleaming white and still fucking you with abandon. God, the sights and sensations of this were incredible!
You wanted to play with her a little more before you came, so you rolled over on top of her, then spun her around, and positioned her at the edge of the bed, where you stood behind her and drive yourself into her cunt over and over again. With each stroke, she pulled and pushed against you, creating as much pleasure as she could. Then, you threw her back onto the bed, and climbed on top of her, folding her under you. “Oh God! Oh God, yes! Please, FUCK ME! Oh, Gary, I’ve Wanted you so BAD! God, I’ve ACHED for you!” she screamed, as you plunged yourself into her yet again. You knew that this was almost it, and that you had to make the most of these last moments, so you started to fuck her as hard and deep as you could, making each stroke better than the last. Suddenly, you felt yourself start to boil over with pleasure, and you asked, “Where do you want it?” “I WANT TO TASTE YOU!!!!” she screamed. “THEN DO IT NOW!” you yelled as she leapt out from underneath you and took you into her mouth once again! You erupted, spilling you hot thick cum all into her, as she moaned with pleasure and tried to suck every last drop out of you. Surprising even to yourself, it seemed to last forever, as you just kept coming and coming! Finally, as it ended, you looked at her and saw your cum all over her face and lips. It was one of the most satisfying sights you’d ever seen! With that, you both collapsed and decided to lie beside each other for a few moments. After all, the two of you did have a choir concert to go to, but what would it be if you weren’t almost late because you’d just fucked each other. You watched her get dressed and attempt to make herself look respectable, although it was obvious to anyone who knew what to look for that she’d just had her brains fucked out. Then, you slowly got up and started dressing yourself, thinking ahead, and wondering . . . will we have time to do it again before I go to work tonight . . .?

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