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My Mature BBW Tease Encounter (Part 2)

For the continuation of these stories about her, I will refer to her as her nickname Celle, short for real name Aracelle.
So about a week had gone by and all I could think of was movie night the week before when I had gotten the best tease of my life. I had run into Celle many times within the house but every time I would talk to her, she wouldn’t mention what had happened that night. I didn’t know what to do, should I pursue it further and possibly receive a rejection or should I just wait and do nothing. I tingled in sexual frustration as I knew she had something for me. So for the time being I decided to wait for her to make a move first.
It was a Thursday night and like normal, Celle’s husband was getting ready to head out to work for the night shift, the only difference was that this night my girl had made plans to hang out and have dinner with a few friends she hadn’t seen in months. She had asked me to come with her but I insisted she go alone and have fun with her friends. In my mind I knew that it would be only I and Celle in the house, at least for a few hours.
It was about almost 7:30 p.m, my girl’s stepfather had left for work and my girl was getting ready to leave as well. My girl had asked me what I was going to do while she was gone and I told her that maybe I would just put some clothes in the wash and watch T.V. As she kissed me goodbye her mother Celle walked passed us and I couldn’t help but to catch a wif of her sexy perfume. After telling her mom “bye” my girl walked out the door and my heart began to pound as this was the first me and Celle were home alone since that seductive movie night.
I somehow made it into the living room were Celle had been sitting watching T.V. She wasn’t wearing anything special but some sweats and a T-shirt. She didn’t say much, almost to ignore my presence so I decided to sit on the other couch and start some small talk. After trying to talk to her she wasn’t really responding much and didn’t really look interested to spark up a conversation. I began to feel that maybe she had changed her mind about things and didn’t want to take things any further. The only logical thing was to avoid any awkwardness and go back to my room and do nothing.
I had been in my room for about half an hour when I remember I had told my girl that I would wash some clothes, besides Thursday had been our washing day usually. As I gathered our clothes I came across a pair of my girls sexy panties. They were pink leopard print panties with black lace on the waist. They were my girls and my favorite panties, so after feeling them in my hand I began to get a little hard. My panty fetish of course led me to the crotch of her panties where I sniffed them and licked them until I felt myself reaching down to stoke my cock. I had all of this sexual tension build up thinking that Celle would have made a move already, but since she hadn’t shown me any signs, I knew that I had to bust my nut to relieve the built up sexual frustration I had been holding in without her. As I began to get more and more into the musky pussy scent of my girls panties, I could feel my cock throbbing as I stroked it lightly. A few min had gone by and I felt myself getting to orgasm as I suddenly heard Celle knocking at the door asking me if I was going to use the washer because she had a few of her own things that she wanted to wash for the next day. I quickly put down the panties and tucked my dick down as much as possible as I was still throbbing hard. I grabbed the hamper of dirty clothes and walked out the door where Celle was standing with her a small hamper of her dirty clothes. I told her I just had two loads to put in the wash and as I walked toward the garage where the washer and dryer were at, I notice her follow me.
She had followed me to the garage where I began to separate the laundry into two piles, regular clothes and underwear. Celle had just placed her hamper down and went back into the house and as I put in the first wash of clothes, I looked over to her hamper and noticed a pair of blue satin and lace panties rolled up in a pair of her pants. They were exactly as she left them when she took them off because they were still rolled up inside as if she had took them off both at the same time. This made me so crazy inside and my panty fetish didn’t allow me to ignore them. I quickly looked inside to make sure she wasn’t coming then quickly grabbed the pants with her panties rolled inside of them and looked for the crotch to get a sniff of her pussy. I managed to find the crotch and as I got ready to smell them, I heard her coming back in to the garage so I quickly put them down and acted like I was pouring laundry detergent into the washer. I didn’t know what else to do as my heart pounded as I had almost got caught. I looked to her as she said to me, “I know what you were doing with my panties”. I stood there, turned red in the face, and was speechless.
As I stood there shocked that she had told me that, all I could do was stare at her and say nothing. She stood there also and looked as she was waiting for a response from me. We had been looking at each other in an awkward moment that lasted for about ten seconds until she said, “ I know what you were doing with my panties, but I think that you might need a little help”. I didn’t know what to say to that. She turned off the lights of the garage but I could still see her as the street lights were bright and shined through the little windows at the top of the garage door giving the garage a seductive feeling as it was just enough light to see what I wanted to see. She then slowly walked towards me and added, “I know about your little panty fetish, my daughter tells me everything”. My only response was “yeah” in a confident yet subtle voice. As she reached down and untangled her blue satin and lace full back panties from the pants they were rolled up in, she said, “Grab your favorite panties from my daughters, and ill grab these”. I did what she had told me and grabbed my girlfriend’s favorite panties that I had been sniffing before in the room. She stood back and told me to put the crotch of her daughter’s panties up to my nose and show here how exactly I sniff panties. I didn’t resist and I put them to my nose and as I smelled my girls sweet pussy scent from the crotch, I felt Celle lift my shirt and begin rubbing her blue satin panties all over my body. I shivered as the soft satin feel of her panties on my body and the scent of my girlfriend’s panties filled me with tingly pleasure. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, it was almost a surreal experience. Her next move made me almost bust my load; she knew what she was doing.
I was so deep into this experience that anything she did would make it euphoric. She continued rubbing her panties all over me but then, to my gratifying surprise she got on her knees and pulled down my shorts. She didn’t say anything as I moaned because it felt so good. As she pulled down my shorts, my cock was so hard that it slapped her in the face as it sprung out of my shorts; it didn’t faze her as if that’s what she wanted. Next she didn’t put her mouth on it as I expected, but instead stood back up told me to put her daughter panties to the side. She then told me to take her panties and smell begin smelling her scented crotch. I didn’t hesitate as I did what she asked. At this point everything she did was left to her as I said nothing and just indulged in the moment. She then turned around, pulled down her sweats and showed me her ass.
AWWWWWWWWWWW, I moaned in excitement as I seen that she had a sexy lace hot pink thong on that was swallowed by her huge Mexican ass. I could see her slightly hairy pussy as it to swallowed her thong. Her skin was so soft and perfect for being a mature woman. I stood there sniffing away at the smell of her pussy on the crotch of her panties. My cock was still throbbing and close to busting an orgasm. She looked back at me and gave me a look that I will never forget and said. “Enjoy this because I’m your little secret panty slut for tonight”. She then reached for a little bottle of KY jelly that she had ready in her bra and rubbed some lube on her ass. She continued to back her ass up on my cock and begun to grind all over me. I looked down carefully as my orgasm was close and I could see my throbbing cock sliding back and forth between the crack of her ass. Through all of this I could smell the scent of her musky pussy as I knew she was soaking wet from teasing me so much and as I continued to sniff her panties, I felt her bend over lower, reach down through her legs, and play with my balls, I couldn’t hold it any longer as I had held it in as long as I could and enjoyed the feeling all through my body.
The time had come and I busted my load so hard all over her ass and back. I had never, ever cummed that hard before and so much. I had managed to shoot my load so hard that some of it landed in her hair. As I finished my nut, I stood there as she moaned and reached back to her ass and swiped my cum on her fingers. She turned around stood up and licked her fingers clean. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say, but as she wiped the my cum off her back and pulled her sweats back up she told me to hurry up and finish my wash because she had some laundry to wash herself. She then walked towards the door and right before she walked in, she stopped, looked back and said, “Don’t tell anyone, you little panty sniffer, this panty slut enjoys a little secret”.

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