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Horny day at work

You call me saying, I need your help. I ask you what’s up and you say, “I am incredibly horny and have been all day because I woke up in a playful mood this morning and it only got worst when I got to work.” So I say, tell me what’s going on and you begin to tell how your day has gone.

You began with saying that it all started when you woke up this morning. You were feeling good and wanted to look just as well, so you decided to wear something very nice to work. You put on your grey pencil skirt, a white long sleeve blouse, black panty hose, black pumps. Only one button on blouse was undone, because you had an early morning meeting with parents and your principal so you wanted to appear to be professional, even though you were feeling rather playful. Underneath your blouse, you had on your black lace shirt so no cleavage would be showing. Even though you took all those precautions, nothing was going to help because it was just one of those days and it all started as soon as the meeting began. You all were seated in a circle, and not behind a table or desk and twice you caught the farther checking you out. The first time he was glancing at your legs and the next, he was look at you very ample chest. Nothing creepy, just a man admiring your sexiness. Well about ten minutes in the meeting the principle had to step out so you all decided to take a short break. You excused yourself to the restroom because it was all you could take. You weren’t at all focusing on what was being said in the meeting. All you could think about was the attention you were getting, how it was turning you on even more than you already were from the start. You said to yourself that you were already turned on and your going to make the most of it. While in the restroom you unbutton two more buttons on your blouse and pulled your lace shirt down further to show more cleavage. You hiked up your skirt some so when you sat, more thigh would show. You headed back to the meeting and took your seat and made sure when sat your skirt rode up more, showing a lot of thigh. You positioned yourself so the father would have a clear view of what you were going to be teasing him with but other two women would be oblivious to what was going on. Then it began, at first he didn’t notice but once he did, couldn’t keep his eyes off you, as hard as he tried. Once you noticed that it was getting to him you started playing it up even more. Teasing the hell out of him, giving him a full shot of legs and some cleavage, nothing too revealing, but plenty to keep him distracted and squirming in seat and it was having a dual effect. Teasing him was making you even hornier. The power you had over him was infectious and you wanted more. You told me the rest of the day all you could think about was how exhilarating it was being in control like that. It got so bad that at lunch you went into the restroom and took off your bra, to see if you could get anyone else to notice you. Soon as you stepped out from the restroom your first victim was right there, the school custodian. You ask him if he had a minute to help you move a table from one side of the classroom to the other and after looking you up and down he was more than happy to help. When got to the room, you began clearing the table, making sure to bend over as much as you could and everything you removing from it, was place on the floor, causing you hike up your skirt each time you knelt. And to your satisfaction, your little show was working because you could see the veins in his neck pulsating. That’s how your day went, and now you are calling me asking for help. You say, I need you to give me a dare or something, and then I want to come over and release all this pent up energy on you. I take a minute to think and ask what you do feel like doing and to which you respond, ANYTHING!!! I say where are you and you tell me, I’m still at school sitting my car in the parking lot. I say here is what I want you to do first, I want you to go to a busy gas station, with a convenience store and I will meet you there. I want you to pull up to a pump, get out put the nozzle in as if you were getting gas, then I want you to walk around to be back of car and start digging around in the back as if your were looking for something. While you are doing that, I want you to hike up your skirt as high as you want. Take your phone with you and I will text you how many guys are checking you out. After about 20 minutes or so of that I want to take off your white blouse and go inside the convenience store and do some shopping. Walk around a bit and let a few people see you, then select something a go pay for it. Engage the clerk in a conversation and see if he can keep his eyes off your beautiful chest. Then I want to walk out and meet me at my car and I’ll ask you how are you feeling. Do you want more or are you ready for me, which I believe you will be ready for me. We will then leave and go find a public park, and a park bench. I will have you sit on my lap and make out with you. I will run my hands up your skirt, to your kitty and check how wet you are. Then after a few minutes of deep passionate kissing and pussy rubbing I will take you home. I tell you to leave your car at the park and we’ll get it later. You ask why and I say because I want you to give me road head on the way home. Without even a second thought, you say ok as long as you don’t drive straight home. We leave, take the very long way home, and there you are, in broad daylight, face buried in my lap sucking away. When we finally reach my place, I can hardly wait to get you inside. As soon as we walk though the door, I push you up against it, lift up your skirt and start sucking your pussy right through your pantyhose and panties. I keep doing that until you push my head away and we head for the bedroom ripping off our clothes as we move. When get there, I lie down on the bed and tell you sit on my face and we start 69ing. Then you get on top, and ride me. Then I get on top for few. Then we move to the kitchen and I sit you up on the countertop. Then we move to the bathroom, so can watch each other in the mirror. We both finally cum and I say let go out to dinner and I’ll take you to get your car. At dinner, we sit there talking, smiling, laughing, flirting and having a good time with each other. We leave for the park and when we arrive, we sit in my car and talk for a while. When its time to leave, I get out of the car to give you a hug and a kiss goodbye and the kissing becomes more passionate. We start rubbing each other’s butts, until our hands move to the front. I’m hard again; you are wet so I turn you around, pull up your skirt, pull down your hose and panties, and slide my dick right back into your wet pussy. We are standing there, you bent over the hood of my car and I’m behind you, humping with all my might, until I shoot my second load deep inside you. Once we finish, we straighten our clothes, hug, and kiss, say our goodbyes, then leave.

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