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Becoming a chaste slut (Part 2 of 2)

Mistress and I left the restaurant and headed to our next shopping destination. As we walked in I could tell Mistress was no stranger. This clerk too called her by first name. Mistress introduced me to the clerk as her slave. So this is the one you were telling me about the clerk said. Yes he is. Take good care of him. Bind him good Mistress said.

The clerk stepped over in front of me. Hand me your wallet the clerk said. What was my reply. Hand me your wallet. Don’t make me tell you again she said. I looked over at Mistress and she shook her head and said do it. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my wallet.

The clerk snatched the wallet out of my hand. She opened it and started to pull out my money. Then she found my credit cards. She pulled out one, looked at it and said this will do. Then she put my money back in, except for a twenty dollar bill that she folded up and placed inside her bra., and handed me back my wallet. Now she had a twenty of mine and my credit card.

As I put my wallet away she asked me, so you want to experience more of the BDSM lifestyle. Just remember, you asked for this. Follow me she said.

The clerk led me up and down the aisles. Stopping every few feet to explain the items. Some items she took off the shelf and told me to feel it while others she told me stories about their uses.

When we got back to the cash register I had my arms full of items she had picked out for me.

Do you got the gift Mistress asked the clerk. Got it right here she said. The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a box. Drop your pants the clerk told me. What I replied. I said drop your pants. Do it now the clerk told me.

As I pulled down my pants I stopped with my underwear on. I said pull em down.

Everything the clerk said to me. As I pulled down my underwear the clerk said to my Mistress he really is hard of hearing. You must have to beat him a lot just to make him obey. You don’t know the half of it Mistress said. The clerk said to Mistress, I’ll throw in a paddle for you as a gift from me to you. Next time he gets out of line, make him kiss the paddle and remind him of me before you use it on his ass.

I stood there with my pants down around my ankles. My hands behind my back. It felt embarrassing standing in front of the cash register, partially naked, knowing anyone who walked in would clearly see me.

The clerk walked around and went for my manhood. She grabbed my balls and after a few firm squeezes she said to Mistress you should cut these off. Sluts don’t need balls. You should cut them off. I looked at the clerk as my Mistress replied I’ll think about it. Maybe his wife will do it for him. The clerk smiled in my face as she let go of my balls and then brought her knee up and firmly planted her knee in my balls. I bent over from the waist and brought my knees together after the pain hit me from her knee in my balls.

Stand up the clerk said. Spread your legs she said. I stood back up and spread my legs as best as I could with my pants and underwear around my ankles. The clerk grabbed hold of my cock and began to fondle and then stroke my cock. Do you like this she asked me. Do you like your cock. I looked at the clerk and did not know I to answer. As I stood there looking at her she stopped stroking and just squeezed my cock. Then she twisted her hand ever so slightly and by doing so she proceeded to bend my cock in a way it was not intended to bend. I saw white stars before my eyes as she seemed to try and break off my cock.
It’s time she said. It’s time for your gift the clerk said and she released her grip from my cock. She turned around and opened the box that used to be under the cash register. She pulled out a device I did not know what it was. She explained that it was a chastity cage. That it goes around my manhood and locks in my cock and balls.

I continued to stand there, with my hands behind my back as she tried to put my balls in a plastic ring. I looked over at my Mistress and she said get used to it. Or the next seven days you will wear this. No sex for you. Except for once a day, as long as the cage stays on, you will come to my house at 12 noon. There you will remove your clothes and stand there before me and ready for inspection. I’m going to check this cage every day and make sure your cock and balls are locked up tight. And Don’t worry if it starts to hurt.
As Mistress said this the clerk was trying to put a plastic cage over my cock. But my cock was hard and she was having a hard time fitting all my cock in the cage. You got a pig here the clerk said to Mistress. It cock stays hard. I can’t put it all in.

You got teeth Mistress asked the clerk. Right here in the box the clerk replied. Put them on Mistress told the clerk. The clerk reached into the box as Mistress told me, I didn’t want to do this. Not your first time. But I can see you need to learn the hard way. Then the clerk pulled out a plastic ring and held it up for me to see. I looked and saw pointy things inside the ring. Are those the big points Mistress asked the clerk. No the clerk said. Put the big points on Mistress told the clerk. We don’t have that much time to make him learn.

Then the clerk pulled out another ring and showed it to me. I could tell the points inside were bigger. So much so that most of the inside was filled with many what looked like sharp plastic points. Hope you like pain she said cause this is going to hurt. Then she placed the head of my cock against one side of the plastic ring and proceeded to f***e my cock into this ring.

Ouch I said as she pushed my cock into the points. She pushed my cock in further and I said it hurts. This is only the beginning. Just wait till the morning. You will be calling me begging me to take it off.. She lowered her eyes and went back to pushing my hard cock into this torturous device. Then she slid my cock into the plastic sleeve and pushed the sleeve towards my crotch until these pins lined up on both pieces of this chastity cage.
As the clerk held the cage in place she looked over to Mistress and asked you got it. Mistress reached into her purse and pulled out a small brass lock and handed it to the clerk. The clerk placed the lock through the pin and turned the lock. Before locking the lock the clerk asked Mistress, are you sure. There is no turning back. Mistress looked at me and shaking her head yes she said yup. He asked for this. Then she said make him lock it. He asked for this. Let him lock himself up. The clerk looked at me and said do it. I reached my hands around from behind my back and placed one hand on each side of the plastic cage. It felt so strange having this thing on me. It was hard plastic and I felt like a fool holding it.

Then I felt a sharp sting across the side of my face. The store clerk gave me a back hand to my cheek. Do as your told. Don’t keep us waiting. I took the lock and heard it click as I pressed it close.

Your mine now the clerk said as she grabbed hold of both my cheeks and pressed her lips to mine and planted a kiss. As the clerk kissed me I heard Mistress say one more thing. The clerk pulled away from the kiss and released her hold from my cheeks. I looked over at Mistress and she was holding a chain in her hand and dangling from the chain was a small key. Mistress handed me the chain and told me to take it and to offer it to your new owner. I took the chain and turned towards the store clerk. Down on your knees the clerk told me. Offer me the chain on your knees. Offer me your cock and balls. You don’t need them anymore. Give me your manhood you pathetic piece of shit. I looked up at her as she reached down inside her bra and pulled out a chain. Hanging from the chain were some keys. Just like the key I was holding in my hand. Don’t think you’re the first. I own many pigs like you. Some have been locked in chastity for over a year. They all begged me to lock them up. Know they all belong to me. She dangled the keys in my face and said your next on my list. Now beg me to take away your cock and balls. Now offer me your key as a sign of servitude and devotion. I humbly knelt there and offered my manhood to this store clerk I had just met a short time ago. I heard a clicking sound to my side and glanced over and saw Mistress taking pictures with her cell phone. Then I felt another backhand to my face. The clerk slapped me and said look at me. You belong to me. I promise, by the time the week is out, you will be crawling on your belly before me, begging for mercy. And as she grabbed the chain and placed it around her neck she said to me. I hope you suffer every hour, every minute of every day. I want you to remember me. I want you to suffer. And I want you to know that you asked me for this.

As I knelt there naked I did not see a customer walk in. But as I knelt there before the store clerk, my head bowed in shame, I heard a male voice. What have we here he said. I looked up at this he man. He looked like a biker dressed in leather. Steve, this is my cock sucking slave the clerk said. Your slave Steve asked. The clerk held the chain with my chastity key for him to see. He is now she said.

Do you mind if he sucks my cock Steve asked. Good idea. Glad you’re here the clerk said. Slave, offer to suck Steve’s cock. I looked up at him and asked him if I could please suck his cock. You better do a good job or I’ll bend you over the counter and fuck you right in front of these Ladies.

I unzipped Steve’s pants. Pulled out his cock and balls and went to work on his manhood. As I took his cock in my mouth I heard the clicks I heard before. I did not look up but knew Mistress must be taking more pictures with her cell phone.

Finally I felt that warm salty spunky taste of his cum entering my throat. He held my head tight against his crotch as he spilled his seed into my throat. I had to swallow there was so much in my mouth.

He pulled out of my mouth and I licked him clean. Then he put his manhood back in his pants and zipped up his pants. He looked down at me and said that was good. Will I see you again. Mistress said you can see him again. I’ll be throwing a Super Bowl party. Bring your friends. Anyone who wants to have a good time.

We left the adult shop and we ended up in this photography studio. I brought in our purchases from today. The ladies undergarments. The shoes and boots. The wigs and some toys.

Inside the studio I met the photographers assistant. She e****ted me to the back room where she helped me lay out the items I brought. I felt uncomfortable with her there. And then she was handling lingerie I would be wearing. She asked me about many pieces and suggested which bra and panties might go best with what shoes, what stockings and what wig.

She had me try on an outfit she picked out for me. She set on the table each piece she wanted me to wear. Where shall I change I asked. Right here you silly boy she said. Now take off all your clothes and put on what I tell you too. Let me see how you look. After you are dressed, I’ll get your makeup.

As she said makeup I looked up at her. I was pulling down my underwear and my manhood became exposed. At least as much as that chastity cage allowed.
She looked at me and pointed at my crotch. Did you get that at the sex shop on 4th? She asked. Yes I did I replied.

She replied. That’s too bad. Last boy I saw that got a chastity cage from the clerk there is still locked. Looks like you got the points too. Does it hurt?

Yes it does.

How long did she say she will keep you locked in that thing she asked.

One week I replied.

She laughed. One week. Maybe one month but surely not one week. She loves to see her slaves suffer. You did give her the key did you not?

That’s right I said.

She owns you. I hope you like getting fucked every night of the week. She has friends she will call up and they will fuck your brains out. I’m one of those friends. I hope you like pain. I’m going to bend you over the table and fuck you in the ass until you are crying like a baby she replied.

But I’m married. What about my wife and sex? I asked.

Don’t worry about your wife. I have friends that will gladly take care of your wife. They are built from top to bottom. When they get through with her, she may forget about your puny cock and decide to keep you locked up for a year or more. She will get her choice of all the cocks she wants. Any way she wants. You on the other hand. For you. Open your ass and stick out your tongue. Those two holes of yours will be filled with cocks at least once a day she explained.

She had me finish getting dressed and then sat me down and applied tons of makeup. I said do you think that is too much make up? She said you’re a slut. There is never too much makeup.

She set me up in the studio and called for the photographer. She set me up in poses that I felt were not sexy but rather demeaning.

After a few costume changes as she called them and a few touches of make up, the assistant said it was time to take a few private pictures for her. I watched as she reached in a bag and pulled out a long black cock. Leather straps were on the base of the cock. Help me put this on the assistant said. Then the photographer posed us in a way where I was on my knees and the assistant was fucking my mouth with her cock.

Lights were flashing and camera was clicking as the assistant was holding my head and f***efully fucking my face.

After that the photographer told me to get dressed. As I was taking off my ladies underwear my mistress walked in. did you give him his treat she asked the assistant/

Not yet the assistant replied.

I think it’s time my Mistress said.

I agree the assistant said.

I was standing there. Wearing only a wig, my chastity cage. Black lace stockings and a garter belt.

Bend over the table there and grab hold of the other end. Brace yourself my Mistress said.
Time for you to get fucked.

I looked at my Mistress and I looked at the assistant. The assistant had removed her clothes. She was wearing only her bra and panties. She had removed the cock that she just had me sucking and was attaching a longer and wider cock to the harness. The assistant looked at me, said I told you. You’re going to get fucked. At least once a day. As she walked towards me she was holding her massive cock with both hands. Get ready to cry like a baby.

My Mistress slapped e and said bend over. It’s time.

I bent over the table and grabbed hold of the other end. My ass in the air, waiting for the invasion. The assistant was right. She fucked me so hard she had me crying lie a baby. I begged her to stop but my Mistress held down my arms and told me to shut up and take it.
My Mistress and I left the studio and drove home. There we met my wife who insisted I tell her all about my day. As I was about to tell her she stopped me and told me to strip first. Then she made me stand naked before her and my mistress. My hands behind my back and my chastity cage pointing in her direction.

As I talked she interrupted and asked me a bunch of questions. My wife was pushing my buttons and she knew it.

My wife said she was hoping to get laid tonight. She was hot and horny she said. She said she wanted me to take her to bed. She wanted to spread her legs for her husband and to feel his long hard cock in her pussy.

Then she points at my crotch. But what is this. You went and got yourself locked up. I want sex. I want a hot cock in me tonight she said to me.

Don’t worry my Mistress said. He may be locked up but that should not stop you from getting laid if that’s what you want. Let me make a few phone calls. I’ll have a big hot juicy cock here for you tonight. How many men you want tonight. One, two or three.
Three men. All night. You bet. Will they tie me up and fuck me my wife asked.

If that’s what you want Mistress said. As a matter of fact. I’ll even tie you up and get you ready. While we wait, I’ll be sitting on your face making you eat my pussy. Then I’ll be in the room as the three men have their way with you. Is that what you want?

My wife looked at me. Looked at my crotch. Then looked at my face. You had your chance. You could have been fucking me tonight. Instead strangers will be fucking your wife. I hope you can live with that my wife said.

Don’t worry about him my mistress said to my wife. I can get a fourth man to come over and fuck him too. Then in the morning your husband can get on his knees and suck all four cocks

My wife looked at me and said make the calls. You asked for this she said to me. Then she stood up and began to undress. If I’m going to get laid, I want to shower first. As she stood their naked before us my went continued. Get the ropes and put them on the bed she told me. After my shower I want to be stretched out and tied down on the bed. I’ve got some pussy to eat and I want to take my time and enjoy it.

Then my wife hugged me and kissed me. As she held me tight to her breasts she said. This is all your doing I hope you are happy. Then she fondled my chastity cage. Too bad your not man enough for me anymore. I may just have to have other men fuck me and just use your tongue to clean me up. Then she twisted the cage which caused the sharp plastic points to penetrate the skin of my cock. My knees buckled as she twisted my manhood.

This may turn out to be a good thing. At least one of us will get pleasure from it. Then I stood there and watched as she walked down the hall to the bathroom..

What happened next was a long night of debaucher and wild sex. Both my wife and I were fucked in every orifice a cock could fit. My wife screamed of hours of pleasure. I whimpered in pain as I was violated by a big burly man. Both my wife and I were the bitches of the house that night. She said she enjoyed every minute and wants to do it again. I on the other hand hated being Butch’s bitch

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