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Becoming a chaste slut (Part 1 of 2)

Sunday is a day of rest for many people. But my Mistress has a 30 day contract to help me learn and experience as much of the kinky side of this lifestyle as she can. So on Sunday she took me shopping.

I spent the night prior locked in a dog cage. Mistress made me spend the last 24 hours in the cage. I was already feeling submissive when she unlocked the cage. She gave me 5 minutes to shower, clean up and get back in the bedroom. I turned on the shower and washed up before the water had a chance to get warm. I quickly dried off and was on my knees, next to the bed in less than 5 minutes.

Mistress was placing clothes on the bed I was to wear today. The pair of jeans, socks and sneakers were okay. But then she brought out a pink shirt. Not a t-shirt but a female blouse. After that she brought out a black bra and a red pair of lace panties.

Get dressed. You have 5 minutes. I’ll be at the breakfast table waiting. Don’t be late she said as she walked out the door. I stood up, looked at the clothes on the bed and thought are you k**ding. Then I looked at the clock on the dresser and the time was ticking away.
I don’t wear a bra and had to struggle to put this on. The hooks caused me trouble and cost me time. I finished getting dressed and hurried out to the breakfast table. I knelt next to the table. Between my wife and my Mistress. I clasped my hands behind my back, bowed my head and waited to be addressed by either of them.

I knelt there for a long time. My knees were beginning to hurt just as Mistress spoke. Your late. I said 5 minutes. You took 7 minutes and 42 seconds. You will need to be punished for that Mistress said.

We’re going shopping today Mistress told me. You need some new clothes. Mistress then asked my wife how does he look. Do you like his feminine side. My wife looked at me and asked how does it feel. I don’t like it I said. Men don’t wear pink. And they don’t wear bras and panties I replied.

Mistress chimed in and said get used to it. For the next 7 days, you will wear nothing but ladies clothes. Bras, panties, stockings, garters, high heel shoes, wigs and of course make up. Lots and lots of makeup.

I looked at her with a facial expression that said are you k**ding. Don’t look so sad you asked for this.

Then Mistress looked up at my wife and asked do you approve of my methods?
My wife looked down at me, kneeling beside her. She looked me up and down. I could feel her inspecting me with her eyes.

My wife said, You know he does look pathetic. I thought I was sl**ping with a Man. But looking at him now, I see a wimp. A pathetic excuse for a man. We agreed we would be open minded. We gave you permission to do what you felt was best. You made us do things and experience things we never thought we would try. Looking at him here. I see no reason to stop now. You have my permission to do whatever you feel is best not only for him but for me as well.

Then my wife looked down at me and said you wanted to find out. You got your wish. I hope you’re happy. Then my wife spit in my face and I bowed my head in shame.
As I knelt there in shame, Mistress laid out her plans for today. She had a few stops in mind. We would go to one store where I would not only try on but would buy 7 matching sets of bras and panties. I would also buy a dozen stockings and some garter belts.

Then a trip to another store where I would purchase pairs of shoes. Not just any shoes. But ladies styles shoes. I would buy shoes with different size heels. She said she had her eye on a pair of fuck me pumps she would love to see me in.

After shoes we would visit a wig shop where I would try on and buy an assortment of wigs. Different colors. Different lengths. I never pictured him as a blonde my wife said.
Mistress said, most women see there husband as a strong powerful man. The king of the castle. After today I’ll show you what a pathetic excuse for a man he really is. Right now, he may be your husband. But as he kneels before us today, I want you to think of him as Your Slave. At least for the next 7 days. You are the Queen and he is your servant. Drive that into his head. Every hour of every day remind him that he is the slave in this relationship.

I looked upward and over at my wife. She was looking down at me. As my wife stared down at me I heard Mistress say, remember, you are the Queen and he is the slave. Your wish is his command. He is to serve you and think only of your pleasure.

Is that true slave my wife asks me. Yes Mistress I reply to my wife. My wife smiles. I like that name, Mistress. I can get used to this. Then my wife commands me to bend down and kiss her feet.

As I kneel before my wife, worshipping at her feet, Mistress makes plans with my wife for the three of us to meet for lunch.

As my wife and my Mistress finish their coffee, it is time for a day of shopping. My wife has me kneel upright before her. She grabs a hold of my chin and reminds me to behave. Do whatever your Mistress tells you. Without hesitation. Remember this is for your own good. Then she opens my mouth and spits inside my mouth. She closes my mouth and tells me to swallow. Remember you are my slave. I own you. Even you’re a pathetic excuse for a man, you’re still my husband. We have a contract. You promised to honor and obey. Get used to it. I’m liking the control I have over you.

My wife stayed home while Mistress and I went for a drive. We visited the first store and the sales clerk welcomed Mistress by her first name. I did not think much about it at the time but looking back, this was not her first time doing this. Clerks at all the stores knew her. I felt safer knowing the clerks knew her and what she does. While at the same time, now I feel even more ashamed and embarrassed. For not only do these clerks know her but now these strangers know me. And they know why I was there. And I even had to model for them. What if I see them on the street? What might they say? What might they tell others? I was willing to try this lifestyle in private but now my kinky side is out their in public. It is one thing to write about it here. But another to meet someone face to face. Flesh to flesh. And they know about your kinkier side. Thinking about this as I write it makes me feel even less of a man than before. And the fact that I’m sitting here dressed in ladies clothes doesn’t do much for my manhood either.

It was time for lunch and we met my wife in the restaurant. My wife was seated in a corner booth. Mistress had me slide in the both and then she followed. That way I was seated between my wife and my Mistress.

During our meal, the two ladies chatted. I sat their between them, very quiet. Every once in awhile I would hear something and my face would turn rd. They saw it too and made a joke out of it. Then my wife asked me what I bought. I replied Some underwear, and wigs. Tell me more she said. I want details.

My face turned a few shades of red as I talked about the bras and panties. Colors and material. How did they fit she asked me. I looked at her. I know you tried them on. I have pictures on my cell phone she said.

I looked at her and turned as red as ever. My wife reached under the table and grabbed my crotch. Don’t be ashamed. I know you liked it. Oh so big and hard. You really are a pervert she said to me as she fondled my crotch.

As I looked into my wife’s smiling eyes as she continued to handle my manhood my Mistress chimed in and said to my wife. Don’t worry about pecker of his. I’ll take care of that later. Tonight though he has agreed to put on a fashion show for us. He said he wants to model all he has bought today. He says he is proud of being our slave.

But sadly Mistress tells my wife. Slaves have a hard head. They think to much with their little head. So it is our job to beat some sense into both their little head and their big head. Slaves tend to learn only through pain. So I want you to promise. From here on out. Any time he gets out of hand. Any time he is slow to respond. Any time he back talks you. Or just any time you feel ornery. Slaves need pain. It is your job to inflict pain upon your slave any time you see fit. Remember the old saying. Spare the rod. Spoil the c***d. I want you to promise to me, here and now, that you will not spare the rod.

My wife looked over at me and stared at me for about a minute. Are you my slave she asked. Yes Mistress I replied. Then get ready for pain. I see many nights in your future you coming to bed with a very red ass. Hope you’re ready. If not too bad. You asked for this.

After lunch the three of us walked out to the parking lot. We stopped by my wife’s car. She hugged me and kissed me goodbye. As she kissed me I felt her hand reach down into the front of my pants. Her hand found my man hood and I felt her grab hold of my cock. As she stood there, very close to me, she began to stroke my cock. Jack me off right there in the parking lot. I felt so naughty allowing her to do that but I felt I should not pull away.

It did not take long and she had me on the verge of cumming. She sensed what was about to happen and she stopped. She lowered her hand further into my pants and grabbed hold of my balls. She grabbed them so hard that her long finger nails dug into my flesh. I started to say something but as my lips moved she opened her mouth. Stuck out her teeth and bit my lower lip. I looked over at my Mistress and saw her laughing. I looked around wondering just how many others were watching.

My wife pulled her hand out of my pants and released my bottom lip from between her clenched teeth. You be good now she said to me. You behave and do everything you are told. I’ll be home when you get there. I’ll get the camera ready for your fashion show. You’ll be my long lost s****r. And I’ll fuck you every night.

Then my wife turned to my Mistress. Take good care of him. Bring him back to me a changed woman. I’ll make sure he’s changed my mistress said to my wife.

Then my wife turned back to me. Bring me back some extra make up. I want to turn you into my slut. I’m going to paint your face. Do your nails and watch you walk around in high heels. Then she pinched my cheek. Such a pretty boy. If you had a cock, maybe you could fuck me. But you wearing those bras and panties around me for the next week. I think I’ll be the one with the cock and you will be my pussy. Now get out of here. I’ve got things to do and so do you. Then she slapped me on my ass. I need to start calling you my bitch she said as she was about to enter her car.

Continued on part 2

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