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First Encounter With A Ladyboy

A couple weeks ago I met this fine girl walking down the beach. Looked a little asian, but maybe she was one of those latina aztec chicks that just look asian. I go up and talk to her, shes got a really sweet voice, tells me her name is Jazz. I start talking with her about where she lives. Tells me she lives a couple blocks away and she tans all day long next to her pool. I look at her.. and damn shes right, cuz she has a really nice golden tan. I ask her "well why are you at the beach? "Cuz Im tired of tanning and not showing off my body to anyone!" I say, "oh well that definitely makes sense, a sexy lady with a body like you could get away with walking around butt naked!" She says with a stutter, "ohh.. I.. I dont know about that, Im actually really self conscious, I can be ugly.." I say what do you mean? "Well certain parts of me are ugly". I got all confused at that point, I thought to myself, whats this crazy bitch talking about! Then I say "no, their cant be any ugly part of you, youre flawless!" She says in a flirty way "oh youre so sweet dont lie!"

Then I notice something, her little bikini, not the top, her bottoms, I can see a little skin poking out the side. I quickly think to myself, "What is that?? Those are some big meatflaps!", no wait they cant be, they look too soft, like theyd melt in your hands, that skins too thin to be meat flaps. Then I think about how hot out it is, its like 100 degrees, my sweaty balls are sticking to my legs under my board shorts. Then I quickly think, "WTF thats not her meatflaps, thats a sac! Shes lettin her toad take a peek out of her bikini! What this aint no bitch, this is a dude! Fuckin nasty! I hesitate a second, wait.. this is strange, Im likin it, her voice is so feminie, such a nice petite body, and big tits! And that face, its more feminine than 99% of women I see! She begins to notice Im looking down there, and sees her sac is hanging out a bit, she quickly pulls at her bikini and puts it away. Then she nervously says, "Oh uh I have to go now, I need to.. to.. meet someone for lunch". Just as she starts to walk away I grab her wrist and I say "wait, its ok, youre so fine" She says in a almost crying voice "no no, Im a freak!". I reassure her, "no you're the kind of girl im looking for.." She says in a soft and sweet tone, "really?", "Yea, Ive always thought about girls like you.." Then I notice her bikini bottoms are getting a little bulge. I put my hand to her bottoms and pull them aside a tad bit to feel her nut sac. She moans a little, "mmm, noo, noo not here" and she pushes my hand away, she says "You cant do that, I dont even know you", I say "well I just did". She giggles a little, "here let me take you to my pool", I say ok. We walk down the street I can notice people staring at us, shes in her bikini still and they must be checking out that bulge in her bottoms.

We get to her house and sit by the pool. She starts to try and put some tanning lotion on, but cant get her back. She asks "can you put this tanning oil on me?" So I do, I start with her back, but quickly get to the area I have in mind... I work it in on her upper back, middle of her back, slowly to the bottom of her back. I take some more oil in my hand and put it on her thigh. She says, "no silly, I already got my legs!" I say "oh silly me, you're right, Im sure I can find another spot that doesn't have any.." I work my hand up her bikini bottom to her ass cheek.. she moans a little, then I work my hand between her ass cheeks and legs and start caressing her balls in my hands..." she softly whispers in my ear "ive never had anyone do that before" I can feel her cock get firmer. She lets me take off her bikini bottoms, she sits down and spreads her legs, her balls are resting on her ass cheeks all oiled up and glistening in the sun. I kneel down in front of her and put my nose underneath them in her ass, and nudge them up, her balls are in my face, I kiss and lick the back side of them, till they come to the end of my tongue and drop back down to her ass cheeks with a slight clap sound. Her boner is so strong now, I can see a couple veins! I look at her shiny purple mushroom head and I start to suck on it, just a tad bit, not even her shaft in my mouth. All of a sudden she says "omg I have to cum! Dont suck me!" Too late, she blows a huge load of jizz in my mouth. "She says with a tremble in her voice, Im sorry youre just so hot... looking at your face sucking on my dick.... mmmmm, I couldnt help myself!" I say "its ok girl".

I turn her over and shove my dick in her tight ass. "Oh, that feels so good, better than my finger". I say "of course girl" I start to fuck her, my balls hitting her ass, her low hangers swinging to her stomach, back and forth. Then I flip her over and fuck her some more. I look at that face, what a women, what an angel, then I look at that saggy nut sac of hers, moving around with her little shriveled up cock. I cant hold out anymore, I pull out really quick and bust a huge thick chunky load on her nuts. Even after fucking her in the ass, her balls are still soft as silk, I rub my cum in her balls like sun tan lotion. She rocks her hips around a little, and gets a big smile on her face giggling, "you better clean that mess up!" So I do, I put those loose nuts in my mouth and suck and lick them clean of my jizz. We make out a little bit, and she tells me, "tomorrow, we need to do this again" I say, "alright baby".

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