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The Wives

jan was one of the man's ten wives. It was the wives duties to take care of him and bear his c***dren. He would choose a wife not with c***d to sl**p with each night. Once they had his baby, he would wait two months then start breeding them again. He was well respected in the village as bearing the most c***dren. His daughters learned from a young age that they would have a master to serve some day. At the age of 13 the dad would decide who they would be sent to and at 14 they begin to bear c***dren. They had no choice who they would be bred with. Sometimes the chosen man could be 40 years older. The sons would work for the father and when they were 20 the father would choose a young girl to take care of them and bear their c***dren. They would start with five and work up to as many as they could breed.

Jan remembered when she was 13 and sent to her master. He had seven wives and six were knocked up waiting to give birth. The first night she was taken to the breeding bed after she had been washed and was to wait for her master. Two wives were with her and when the master came in they stripped her gown off so he could see her naked virgin body. He then removed his clothes and came to the bed to look his new bride over. He felt her tits and her round ass. The he climbed into bed beside her and began to finger her pussy to get her moist so his hard cock would go in easier. He kissed her tits and sucked a nipple. Jan knew it was her duty to serve him. She was aware of the pain the first time he would put his cock into her. He would fuck her till she was 14 before he would knock her up. He liked to let the young ones birth him a babe every year till they were thirty. Then he would only breed them every three years. Tonight she felt his finger probe her cunt as he got her ready to stick his hard cock in her. She was tight but very wet as he rolled on top of her.

He spread her legs and began to push his cock in her tight hole. He was a big man with a nice big cock and she felt the pain as he took her virginity. When he got his cock in her he then began to fuck her hard not caring it was her first time. He loved the tight cunts on his new brides. He fucked her hole for a very long time and Jan felt he was ripping her apart. His big cock spread her wide and he pounded her fast and deep. She had been told that showing any sign of not wanting the cock would make her master whip her. Any woman not welcoming the master was tied to a post and whipped till bl**dy. Women were to obey the masters. The men could fuck them any time they wanted and as much as they wanted. Many times the master would grab a woman in the garden while she worked and fuck her right there in front of the c***dren and other wives. They could be fucked while doing laundry, cooking, eating, and nursing the babes.

When Jan was 14 she was then fucked to be bred. She was brought naked to the breeding bed every night and he would suck her tits and finger her and let her suck his cock before he rammed his cock in her and fill her with cum many times each night. One night he sucked on her tits and then went down and began to lick her pussy. His tongue licked her clit then sucked on it as she began to cum fast. Then he stuck his tongue deep in her hole and sucked her cum making her cum even more. He then went to her tit and sucked it as he put three fingers into her cunt. He sucked and bit on her tits as he finger fucked her hard. He fingered her cunt for over thirty minutes as she soaked his fingers with cum.

When she had cum many times he then licked his fingers and then shoved his rock hard cock into her. He was so horny and he pushed into her deep and began to pound her hole. He loved fucking her tight hole and he buried his cock all the way into her and fucking going in and out of her. He filled her with cum then pushed her head down to lick his cock. He then lifted his cock to get her to suck his balls. This made his cock hard again and he fucked her twice more. He turned her over his knees and began to rub her ass. He separated her ass cheeks and found her tight bud. He rimmed her bud with a finger then pushed a finger in her and began to finger fuck her ass. He then put three fingers in her cunt and was fucking both holes. He roughly stuck one more finger in her ass and kept pounding her. As soon as he knocked her up he would begin to fuck her ass when he wanted a tight hole. He liked fucking the knocked up women in the ass. He then pulled her to him and began to suck her clit as his fingers stayed in her cunt fucking her hard. That night he fucked her six times. Her cunt was full of his cum and he had terrific stamina and often would fuck his woman all night. He loved to fuck and that is why he would grab a woman daily and fuck them on the spot.

The master had a big thick cock and his sons were also blessed with a big hard cock. His oldest son loved fucking his new brides and he was know for fucking the virgins till they were bleeding and almost passing out. He had stamina as his father and could fuck for hours. He had seven wives and six where knocked up with his babies. He then fucked the seventh bride every night many times all night. His big cock left her so she could hardly walk and yet he would grab her during the day and fuck her in front of the pregnant brides. His wives wore no underwear so he could lift their long dresses and fuck them any time he wanted. Today he had fucked the one as she cooked breakfast and as she stacked wood. He had lifted her dress and laid her on the wood pile and fucked her deep and hard. Her cunt was still sore from all the fucking last night and she knew it would be another long night of fucking. No matter how many times he fucked her it never satisfied him. He also would shove her mouth all the way down his cock till he filled her mouth with cum.

Tonight was the men's meeting. An older wife had been chosen to attend the meeting. She did no longer have babies so she was just used for fucking and mostly gang fucking. She had huge tits from all the babies she had nursed. Her nipples were stretched long. She was brought to the meeting wearing only a white gown. A bench was set up at the meeting and she was placed on it. The master then walked to her and stood her up and pulled the gown over her head and she stood there naked with her huge tits sagging. He grabbed a nipple and pulled her tit outward. Then he grabbed both nipples and did the same. He pulled and slapped at the monster tits and then unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and told her to suck him as all the men watched. As she took him in her mouth he shoved her head all the way down his cock. He then sat on the bench and had her bend over sucking him.

He motioned to a man to drop his pants and fuck her as she sucked his cock. The rest of the night she sucked cock as the men took turns fucking her cunt and ass. At one point they laid her on her back on the bench so the men could suck and tug her nipples as she got fucked. All twenty men fucked her that night. By morning her tits, ass and cunt were raw. She had sucked every cock at least once and swallowed all the cum. Her nipples were raw from being sucked and twisted and her massive tits had bite marks all over them. At day break they let her walk naked back to the main house. Any woman that could not be bred any more got their turn at being the fuck bitch at the meeting. Most of the women had beared many k**s and had big tits and stretched nipples. They had over the years been bred over twelve times and many had been bread fifteen times. Now they were fuck bitches. The master had even on occasion brought them to the fields during the day and let the workers fuck them. Women served the men and were bred and fucked. Old ones were just fucked and usually gang fucked.

Sarah was the masters first wife. She no longer had babies and over the years she had been knocked up sixteen times and had given the master three sets of twins. She was in charge of all the young brides and gave them chores and set the rules about the fucking arrangements. She helped birth the babies and let the master know when they were ready to be bred again. She also bathed the master. She filled the tub with warm water and stripped him naked and washed every inch of his body. She did this naked as he played with her tits and pussy. Sometimes he fucked her before she bathed him and he always let her suck his cock. Even after all the babies she had she still had big tits but they still didn't sag. He loved sucking them and playing with the nipples. She loved to tit fuck her master and run her tits over his ass. She also helped with the disipline when it was needed. Two nights ago she had tied a young bride to the post and whipped her ass with a leather belt and got her raw so that when the master came with the whip he left huge welts across her ass and back. Then she was tied and the men were called to gang fuck her all night. When they untied her the next morning she could not walk. She would be whipped five more nights and gang fucked to make her understand how she was to serve her master.

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