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The Roofer!!

Over the years I've have a few deliveries to my house that have turned into a good fuck session, not sure which to tease you with though!!

One that does come to mind was when I lost a ridge tile off the roof of my house in high winds and needed it replacing, it's hell to try and get people to do small jobs! I spoke to a guy from a roofing firm about it and he said it wasn't worth his time to come over and do it, but that his son-in-law might do it in his own time. I got the guys number rang him and arranged to see the guy at my place to have a look at the work. When he turned up the first thing that struck me was how short he was, about 5' 6" or 7" tall, but he went to the gym so was muscular! very!!

Anyway he had a look at the problem from the ground and said he would do the job on a weekend when he could get the father-in-laws ladders and van, I told him that wouldn't be much good as my partner slepted late over the weekends after working long hours during the week, whilst we were thinking about the problem and having a cuppa he asked what "SHE" (my partner) did for work!!! I explained it was a "HE" and the job "HE" did, it didn't seem to throw the guy and we arranged that I would borrow my neighbours ladders and he would do the work during the following week.

This guy called me and dropped in during the week as planned and we got the ladders setup and ready, I asked if he wanted a cuppa before starting and he said yes, so we chatted in the kitchen as I made the cuppa and he soon got round to talking about me and my partner, how long we'd been together and so on, then said he had been married four years and already she had lost interest in sex, well it went down hill from there really!!! Needless to say, whilst the tea was going cold and the ladders were waiting I gave him a blow job in the kitchen... I have to say for a small guy he had a good sized and nicely curved cock, and he could certainly cum! I managed to get most down my throat but some got away!!

Anyway he had his tea and went up on the roof and replaced the tile and when he came down I thought he would be on his way but he asked if he could use the bathroom and so I showed him upstairs where it was and then he asked if he could use the shower to clean up!! Not sure I'd ever had a workman ask to do that before or since, but i said yes and when he stripped off he was rock hard so the shower wasn't formost in his mind!!!

We went into the bedroom and he soon had his arse in the air and I was fingering it and rimming it for him, he said he had never been fucked but wanted to try it!! Well who am i to refuse, well i thought I'd given it enough of a work out with my finger and tongue and went in with my cock, well the noise he made was something else, I swear my neighbours heard him, talk about shout! And unfortunatley there was bl**d as well, so it didn't go right for his first fuck!!! I thought that would be it and he would be making a quick exit but he just carried on, He cleaned himself up and came back into the room and just started to play with my cock and suck on it, then got to fingering my arse, before i knew where we were going i was on my back and he had my legs in the air and was just using spite on his cock, next thing I'm getting him shoving his cock against my hole and really going for it, you could just tell he hadn't fucked a guy before, talk about rough, I had to stop him and get on some poppers to get it in there!!! Hell it was sore, but once he was in he knew how to use his cock, trouble was I think it was all too much for him as he was bending me double and ramming his cock in my hole, all I could hear was him grunting and his balls slapping my arse, bet he didn't last more than 5 minutes and he was dropping his load in my hole, when he came out there was a bit of a fart I'm afraid and he looked down and said "sorry", I said why and he looked again at the bed so i moved my position and realised what he was on about, the spunk was in a big pool on the bed sheet, there as loads of the stuff, he filled me to overflow!!

I thought that would be it and he would be on his way, but he wanted another shower and about 10 minutes later he was ready to go again! this time he did me on all fours and I was sooo high on poppers when he shot his next load up my arse I just came as well (usually difficult to get me to cum when I'm being fucked!!) God I swear that every thrust hit my prostate! AND it was another big load from the guy, for a small one he could certainly drop some spunk. I was sore for for some time after that. I have to say that was the only time I'd had a bloke give me three loads in one session and all good loads as well, hell, I was in spunk heaven, and it still makes me hard thinking about him cumming in me!!

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