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Student spanked -8

Lisa collapses coming from my single kiss after her severest spanking ever
Lisa lands in my arms. I carry her to our bed. Ointment oiling her bruises
Lisa sl**ps deep, and as all nights I enter her very slow to show my love
Lisa learns lots of tantric lust and love from me without she even notices

Lisa smiles in her hot dreams of being a slave to a strange strong master
Lisa slimes from the corner of her mouth and all along her wet tasty twat
Lisa is permanently horny day and night which does not serve her very well
Lisa knows very well she should study hard and not long for any more sex

Lisa studies hard all next day and writes many notes for her thesis to be
Lisa stands behind her desk as she can not sit down ... legs spread wide
Lisa likes her burning love lips to cool off and bends deep over her books
Lisa presents a very inviting position to me to enter any of her hot holes

Lisa smiles at both sides as she realises how hot and horny she looks now
Lisa learns her lessons as she learned my lesson enough the day before
Lisa want to major finally and not suffer such pain in her ass anymore
Lisa still glows at her burning bums knows tomorrow also 'stand and study'

Lisa writes a draft of a chapter every day and at night I enter her dreams
Lisa can sit down again after a week, types a chapter a day on her laptop
Lisa loves that I reward her at night in her dreams and let her orgasm
Lisa first didn't realise she comes every night, knows what keeps her happy

Lisa lets me read every chapter as soon as she hits her keys control s and p
Lisa happily still glowing from coming, enters corrections before breakfast
Lisa happily works another hour after finishing her final text on her cover
Lisa never looked more proud presenting it to me with her widest smile ever

Lisa come and sit on my lap please while we read together what you wrote
Lisa hardly can wait for me to turn a page as she tries to read my face
Lisa sits at my right leg, her body close to mine and head on my shoulder
Lisa can not read my mind from my face, I feel her heart beat at high rate

Lisa love listen dear this stuff is good I am sure you get your degree soon
Lisa exclaims "Oh thank you Master" and almost strangles me in her big hug
Lisa lets loose, suddenly she stutters "p-permission to speak p-please Sir"
Lisa laughs out loud along with me as soon as I burst open in long laughter

Lisa love listen dear tonight we will celebrate you deserve it as you know
Lisa love let me carry you to our bed and lick you wet before you shower
Lisa love while you shower I will select what you will wear for this night
Lisa love I will take you out tonight proudly show off my student so bright

Lisa love make yourself beautiful for us this is our weekend of love finally
Lisa love tomorrow you're off as we will make love till you collaps again
Lisa love till midnight you are my slave I set you free to love me for free
Lisa love hurry up please you are still my slave for the upcoming evening out

Lisa love drags me home as soon as the bells reverberate their full dozen
Lisa loves to be free to offer me her love and gratefulness all dobe long
Lisa loves to pay me back her debt in natura as naughty as she can imagine
Lisa loves to invite me "spank my pale bums red and ride my tight sphinxter"

Lisa loves to visit me every now and then, first time at the night of her MA
Lisa loves to make me as horny as happy with her sweet sexy skills and thrills
Lisa loves to seduce me to spank her severely she knows how hot my hard-on gets
Lisa loves to be taken and driven to come, after her bums burn properly hot

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