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Coming to America Part 1 by BigBad

"Look at this!" Claire squealed. "I can't believe this!"

Andy enjoyed it when Claire opened the mail. Along with the love and lust letters, and proposals of marriage, there were panties, nighties, stockings, garters, dresses, shoes, jewelry, dildos, oils and perfumes, and flowers. He didn't pay much attention until she repeated. "Andy! Come over Hon! You gotta hear this! She started to read:

"Dear Claire and Andy,

I've been following your Diary for some time and have enjoyed your joy in exhibitionism. I'd like to make you an offer that I know you won't refuse because it will so exciting and there are few conditions.

You are invited to spend a month in my fair country at my expense, provided you agree to continue your exhibitionistic lifestyle and post your daily Diary. To help you get started, I'm enclosing round trip tickets for two on the Concorde from Paris to New York, reservations for a suite in the L'Hotel Enfant in Paris and the Diana Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, a platinum credit card with a $100,000 limit, and a bank draft from Barclay's Bank for �10,000 to get you started.

I'll be watching and looking forward to your Diary updates.

Your American Benefactor"

"Let me see that!" Andy lunged for the letter, knocking the contents of the envelope into Claire's lap as she pulled back. He picked them up, one at a time, and examined them. "These plane tickets look real, and so do these reservations. This credit card has our names on it. I wonder if we can cash this note. We'd better make some phone calls." He knelt down to give Claire a kiss. She was already rubbing him through his pants.

They called and everything was legit. The only provisos were that they book the plane flights and hotels a month in advance and within a year. They could spend the entire platinum credit line, then the card would expire. The bill was to be paid by the anonymous party. Barclay's welcomed the draft, encouraging them to cash it.

There was so much to think about and planning to do. Their jobs and their website had to be considered. Still, their eagerness and excitement grew as they planned what the were going to do.

They decided to go in the fall when the c***dren would be in school and it would still be warm enough to bare it. They'd heard that the colour of leaves in the North that time of year would be spectacular. The major tourist sites like Las Vegas and Disney World would be avoided--too many k**s--in favor of many romantic and remote places they'd dreamed about. Half the time they would join Internet friends. This was very difficult, because they couldn't see them all.

Computer shopping was great fun. They bought two powerful laptops; a fully digital camcorder with video capture for videos and stills; and a zoom digital camera with automated operation and a tripod. All of these were in carrying cases. All the devices had transponder chips installed so that they could be tracked by police if stolen. An 800 number would allow them to connect to the Net from any phone on their journey.

They packed light, figuring that they could buy clothes if the had to. Andy packed one suit, a light jacket, some shirts and some of his favorite jeans. It was harder for Claire. She decided on three of her little dresses: black, white, and red. Matching stockings and shoes were a must. Bras were the hardest to choose, but she opted for some sexy, see through ones and a couple of sports bras for activity. Finally, she made sure that she had her denim jacket and dress for every day. At least if she forgot anything, they could buy it.

Time moved quickly as they made preparations and their anticipation grew. Eventually, the day arrived and they turned over the house and server to a friend and left England in the middle of the night on the train to Paris.

By midnight, they were savoring champagne in their compartment, leaving London. Andy was down to his jeans and Claire was stripping to the rhythm of the wheels on the tracks. Pictures for the Diary were being taken, and Claire, a bit tipsy with the champagne and excitement of it all, was putting on a good show, putting her pretty butt to the window as they passed suburban stations.

The urge and the thought came over them both at the same time. Claire, naked, said, "I have to wee wee, Hon."

Andy nodded and went to the door. Claire reached out and pulled the red baby doll she had been posing in over her head. It covered nothing. There was no time to look for the matching bottoms that also covered nothing. Andy peeked out and signaled for them to go. They ran to the toilet on the other end of the corridor. Claire squeezed passed Andy as they opened the door, sat down, smiling, while Andy unzipped and pulled out his cock, hopping from foot to foot. Finally, she gave him relief by jumping up.

Someone started knocking, then beating on the door. Andy opened it a crack and a very d***k young man tried to push past him. "Please, oh please, ... I've got to go!" He cried. Claire got out of the way as best she could and Andy let the door come open. They slipped out as he staggered in.

Curious, Claire stayed in the open door as the man, who looked about thirty, muttering to himself, struggled to get his zipper open and his cock out. There he stood, steadying himself with one hand against the wall above the toilet, oblivious of her. Claire leaned against the doorway watching. They were both quite handsome. She rubbed her clit through the baby doll as she watched.

Andy had gone to the room for the camera. "Want some fun?" He said when he came back and nodded toward the back of the train. Claire nodded back, closed the door on the d***k, and followed him through the doors into the next car.

Most of the cars, including the dining and bar cars, were up front. It was only a few passenger cars to the back of the train. It was quiet and well lit as they worked their way through the doors. No one was in the corridors. Then, as they entered the last car, the sound of voices and cigarette smoke greeted them from an open doorway. They listened to the sound of a man and two women discussing what they were going to do in Paris. Then, as discreetly as they could, they passed the open door on their way to the back of the car.

Claire saw two girls in party dresses sitting on a couch on the right. Before that, she made eye contact with a guy, lying on a bunk on the left across from the girls. She was sure he saw how she was dressed. She felt flush. Her nipples tightened. In a minute, they were out the door.

The train was racing away from a continuous line of yellow sodium lights on either side, gleaming white tile walls, and three sets of shiny tracks, stretching to infinity. It was weird, feeling the artificial air in the artificial light. But the wind was real, created by the train as it sped through the tunnel. Claire posed, and Andy shot, until they noticed three figures watching from the doorway on the other end of the car. They ducked back in when they saw they had been spotted. "Time to head back," Andy announced.

As they approached the open door, the guy's voice rang out. "Are you a photographer or something? Won't see any stars out there."

"Something like that." Andy replied as he reached the door, stopped, and looked in. Claire just peeked around the corner behind him.

"Would you like a smoke?" The young man offered. "I'm Brad, that's Sue over there (he pointed to a blond across from him) and Tanya (a girl with an Amerasian look), my traveling buddies. We're seniors at Brown. School just got too heavy, so we decided to study Europe for the Fall Quarter."

"Sure, why not?" Andy agreed. Brad looked about twenty-five and had the kind of cocky look only a guy with two beautiful girls under his wing can have. Sue was wearing a blue dress with her white-stockinged legs pulled up under her. Her party shoes shared the floor with brochures. Tanya's jet black hair and green eyes accented her dark green sequined dress and black stockings.

Brad came forward with a pack and a lighter. Andy reached out and took one, then bent a little forward for Brad to light it. Claire bent forward too, peeking a nipple past the door frame. Brad reached up and a gleam came to his eye as Claire took it in her lips. His hands were shaking a bit as he lit her cigarette.

Sue piped, "Would you like to take my picture?" To emphasize, she pulled her legs up high. As her dress slid down her thighs from her knees, all eyes followed down past the tops of her stockings to a triangle of white panty peeking between the bare tops of her fair legs.

"Oh, Sue, you are such a tease!" Tanya laughed. She slouched down until her hips were on the edge of the couch. Her legs were spread slightly. She cupped her breasts with both hands, then slid them down, over her hips until they reached her hem. Slipping her index fingers under the hem against her stockings, she slowly pulled her dress up until her black panties and garters were displayed like a Can Can dancer. Andy started to take pictures, and Claire moved in for a better view. Brad was watching her as she watched the girls pose.

"Sue and Tanya dance at a local men's club in Providence to help pay for college. I'm a bouncer there too. You two were just what we needed to liven things up. We were waiting to see the French Coast." Brad motioned to the window, its blind pulled up, and the yellow lights of the tunnel flashing by in a hypnotic, staccato, way. "Should be any time now."

He predicted correctly. The yellow lights had given way to many lights of the countryside at night. They were drawn again to the back of the train, and soon found themselves at the back rail. Only this time the wind was real, and filled with the smell of harvest. Andy wore the camera out as the girls posed with abandon.

Andy gave Brad the address of the L'Enfant, and they headed back through the empty corridors. Then they came upon the man they'd seen earlier, slumped against the door of his compartment. "I told her not to leave me," he muttered. Now, she's gone and taken my key!"

Claire felt both of his pockets and there was a key in the bottom of the right one. When she reached in, she could feel his cock pushing warmly against her hand. She pulled out the key, opened the door, with Andy got the guy to his unsteady feet and into the door. Andy worked him to the bunk, and Claire swung his legs up on it . She pulled off his shoes and stockings, then opened his belt, pulled out his shirt, and unzipped his pants. Andy grabbed the pant legs and pulled his pants off, then helped her pull his shirt and tee shirt off. Claire found herself kissing his chest, then moving lower and lower, until she pushed her hand under his underwear waistband and completely exposed that lovely cock she'd seen earlier. She looked at Andy a moment, and he nodded. Then she pulled the man's underwear to his knees. She grabbed both of his balls in her left hand and his cock in her right and began stroking it. Then she went down on it, swallowing it. She could feel Andy's fingers on her from behind. The man started moaning and his cock grew in her mouth. A few good strokes, and he was spurting cum in her face. Andy's fingers were vibrating on her clit and she was coming too.

Andy found some tissue and Claire wiped the stranger clean, then covered him up. He was fast asl**p. She hoped that he would wake up in time to get off at his stop. She was sure he would wake up happy.

They slipped down empty corridors and into their compartment. Claire knelt over their bunk as Andy unloaded his considerable load deep into her back door. She saw stars as her muscles clamped onto his pulsating member. They both slept well until the Paris Station.

They went immediately to their hotel and slept until 11 am, then they ordered a brunch while they decided how they would spend their afternoon. Their suite overlooked the cafes along the Seine. It was so sumptuous that it would have been easy to just stay there. But they were in Paree and it beckoned. After they had updated the Diary, the concierge ordered a cab and they headed out to the sights.

Claire had worn her little white dress, white, open weave stockings, pearl platform shoes, and a garter belt. She intended to show a bit, so she wore no panties or bra. Her denim jacket was handy to ward off any chill wind and unwanted lookers. Their cab driver was very generous with his "Oui, Mademoiselles" as he took every opportunity to look into the back seat and between her legs. She just smiled and snuggled like a teenager with Andy.

By four o'clock, they arrived at the Eiffel Tower. Claire was ecstatic. The open structure with all of its levels was an exhibitionist's dream. Andy had to scramble to get pictures of some of the angles Claire let guys look up her dress. When they reached the restaurant near the top, Claire found several guys interested in her wares. One guy in particular, took a table directly opposite theirs, behind Andy. He appeared to be enjoying his meal, but kept staring under the table where Claire had spread her legs just enough to allow him clear view. She told Andy about it. He didn't turn around, just watched Claire play with the other guy. Andy's view was good too. The table top was clear glass, and he watched as Claire crossed and uncrossed her legs, letting the dress ride higher, until he could also see her wet pussy peeking out. The waiter came over with a bottle of wine. As he was about to speak, he too, looked through the glass and almost tripped. Regaining his composure, the waiter explained. "That Monsieur over there wishes to offer you this wine." Claire acknowledged him with a tip of her glass, a wink, and a clear view of herself.

While toying with her dessert, Claire toyed a bit with herself. The gentleman who offered the wine came over, an obvious bulge in his pants, and gushed adulation's to her in French. All Claire could muster in response was, "Mercee, mercee." Finally, Andy's glare and the waiter got the man to bug off. Andy was pleased to find other girls dressed like Claire. He never stopped shooting.

Back in the cab, the driver was more intent than ever. Claire was so hot from all the excitement that she gave Andy a blow job right in the car. The driver couldn't take it. He pulled up next to a park and masturbated while he watched them in the mirror. Andy and the Driver came at the same time.

When they got back to the hotel, Andy spotted Brad, Sue, and Tanya, with all their gear, waiting in the lobby. Andy asked what was up. "We couldn't find anything we could afford. With all the colleges in session, even the hostels are full." Brad sounded dismayed.

"We'll put you up, won't we Claire." Andy looked to Claire for approval, but it was obvious from her grin that it was okay with her.

Andy checked at the desk. For a small fee, the others would be accommodated. When they got upstairs, they threw everything down. The girls stripped, and headed for the tub. Brad watched Andy take pictures of the girls giggling and washing each other off, then they both ditched their clothes and joined the girls. There was a lot of tickling and foreplay, but nobody wanted sex, the youngsters were too tired and hungry. As they lounged around relaxing, talk turned to where they would eat. With sidewalk cafes everywhere, and a warm evening ahead, the choice was easy.

Everyone decided to wear black. Claire wore her little black dress, Sue's was similar, and Tanya wore a little skirt with bra-like top that bared her beautiful shoulders and midriff. They chose light jackets to ward off the evening chill. Following Claire's lead, none of them wore panties, but black stockings, garter belts, and stiletto high heels were in order. Talk about hot! Brad and Andy had a hard time controlling their tongues as they watched them dress. Pictures were taken.

By now, the girls were famished, so they hit the first sidewalk cafe outside the hotel. It looked out over the Seine. The City was alive with evening activity, the crossroads between the end of the work day and the lights of the night. It was dark by now. But to the guys on the street, it only added to the intrigue of an eye following a thigh to the dark, unknown space under the hem of a dress pulled high as if by accident. Guys skirted their eating area like bees to honey as the dynamic trio chatted and ate. The guys took a nearby table so as not to interfere with the fun. No fewer than fifteen amourous Frenchmen approached. Some left flowers. Some bought wine or a treat. Most left phone numbers and tried to get a closer look. Some girls flirted too

It was time to walk all that food and drink off. After a quick trip to the toilette, they hit the streets, arm in arm. The Spice Girls had nothing on them, except bad singing. Andy and Brad found it easier to stay behind, getting occasional rump shots, rather than ahead. But the girls were in no hurry, stopping here and there in shops. Some of the Frenchmen were acting like Italians, copping a pinch or a feel. The girls had to use their best finger wagging and "No, no" looks to ward them off.

They hit the Moulin Rouge. It was not what they expected. The show and costumes were great, but the performers were aging, and the crowd looked like a page from Geriatric America. Oh, the old geezers looked, but their wives were not impressed. Everyone was glad to get back out on the street. It was near midnight.

They looked for a club with a younger, hipper crowd. It was easy to find. "City Lights", as it roughly translated, was located in an alley around the corner from the Sorbonne. The line stretched for half a block. The girls wanted to pee, and it didn't look like they'd get in.

Then, as if by magic, two burly men appeared from the crowd, and extended their arms, offering to e****t the girls in. After a lot of gesturing and attempts to explain in French, the two bouncers finally agreed to let Andy and Brad follow. Andy had to check his camera.

The girls headed straight for the ladies' room. It was crowded, and there were no doors on the stalls. It was obvious, as they sat down, that they had no panties, but the milling crowd of women seemed more intent on getting to the mirror than watching others in the stalls. As Claire used the bidet to wash herself off, a gorgeous redhead appeared in the opening. She was wearing a kelly green satin dress that clung to her like a second skin. She was all freckles and looked more Irish than French. She stood on one foot, than the other, obviously having to go, as her long, dangling earrings that looked to be made of diamonds and emeralds flashed, and her green eyes furtively glanced back and forth between Claire's pussy and her eyes, impeaching her to give up the toilette.

As soon as she'd dried herself, Claire rose and brushed past the woman's breasts, feeling her rigid nipples against bare shoulder through soft satin. Claire felt an electricity from it; knowing it wasn't just urgency in the woman that caused the intimate touching. But, she didn't look back, just busied herself with finding way up to the mirror. Sue, with Tanya behind her, was on the right. Soon, the crown in front of Claire parted and she reached the counter. She opened her hand purse, taking a tissue from it, wet the tip, and began cleaning the street from her eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

As she leaned forward to touch up her masscara, she felt something touch her butt, then push up against her. She looked in the mirror, and saw the redhead directly behind her, looking at her in the mirror with those impeaching eyes. Claire felt hands slide up the backs of her legs and lift her dress. The woman backed up an inch to allow Claire's dress to rest on her buttocks, then moved in and started rubbing her mons on Claire's bare behind. Claire dropped her masscara and focused on the feeling. She could feel the satin slipping over her skin and the red bush through it. The idea that others in the crowded, well lit, room were watching was a double turn on.

The redhead was getting crazy and started moaning loudly. She pulled her own dress up and started rubbing her bush up and down each of Claire's buttocks, pushing her knees deep between Claire's legs. Claire could feel her juices flowing. Both girls were starting to slip on each other as their flows began to mix. Then, Claire felt two fingers, not unlike her own, rubbing her G-spot, inside her. She just lay there, breasts against the cold counter, and enjoyed the moment she came. The redhead's cries indicted that she was coming too. When it was over, loud applause broke out. Claire turned to see that all the women were in a close semicircle behind them. Claire and Sue stood on either side. They'd obviously been administering to the redhead, who now hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Then, they both turned to the mirror, side by side, and reapplied their makeup.

The club turned out to be rather standard glitz. Lots of flashing lights and weirdly dressed young people trying to be trendy. d**gs seemed to be a bigger motivate than the sexual flirtation going on. It was everyone's decision that they leave. After walking the streets and checking out a couple of jazz clubs, they arrived back at the hotel. It was 2 am, but no one was sl**py. They broke out more champagne, and the girls did their dance routines to the excellent stereo system. The guys pulled their pants off, put their feet up, and watched the show. Claire gave their cocks equal time. As the girls 69ed on the bed, Claire brought Brad, then Andy to cum. The girls dragged Claire onto the bed and kissed, stroked, and fingered her to ecstasy. They fell asl**p all tangled together on the bed.

Their limo was scheduled to take them to the airport at noon. The morning was spent enjoying the sauna, the room service, and the luxury of the hotel. Andy went to the front desk and guaranteed the others two more nights.

After an hour of dressing and packing, with the girls flashing, stealing undies to try on, tickling and joking, they all hugged and kissed and cried. Claire and Andy were off to America.

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