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Sex story of JEFF with horse

My name is Jeff,but you call me Jeff.
Ever since I can remember,I've lived on a farm with our horses. Horses have
always been the best friends in my life because I don't usually get to go
out much because of all the farm work.
Today,I'm going to tell you about an incredible experience I had with one
of our best horses...and my best friend at that...Swift.
We called him Swift because he was very fast and he looked amazing when he
galloped in the wind with his mane flying everywhere...he's gorgeous,has a
brown fur,and has huge blue eyes.
I was alone in the barn and had finished cleaning out all the stalls except
for Swift's. I wanted our moment together to be just right.
I took off all my clothes,folded them neatly and put them in the tack room.
My body shook as I approached the horse's stall but I managed to open the
door and shut it behind me.
As Swift had never seen me naked before,this was a little bit of a shock to
him and he came over to me immediately sniffing me with his soft nose. That
tickled,I thought to myself.
He sniffed me all over and then he let out a lick to my face with his
big,soft tongue. Ooh,did that feel good. I sat down and spread my legs. He
continued licking me with his warm big tongue and going up and down my
belly cleaning me up. I was in heaven,being naked with a horse and in
addition to that,he was giving me a tongue bath! Things went up a notch
though when Swift came to my penis and balls and gave them a lick.
I went into an erection and almost cummed right there. But I held back and
enjoyed the moment for as long as possible.The horse continued his swift
motions of licking up and down my shaft and balls coating me with his
saliva until I couldn't take it anymore and cummed! Some got all me and
Swift's face.
This seemed to give Swift some sort of message because the next thing he
did was well...let me put this way,it was hot all of a sudden. Laying down
enjoy- ing the feeling of being spent I didn't realize what was happening
until I felt this tinkle on my forehead. I looked up and all of a sudden a
shower of horse piss flowed from Swift's penis right all over my body and
into my mouth!
Not wanting to scare the poor horse,I let him have his way and opened my
mouth letting the piss poor in. The taste wasn't as horrible as I thought
it was so I swallowed as much as I could get in. As the piss continued to
flow, I found myself aroused by the smell of the piss itself and then let
it flow all over my body getting my all wet. The horse then stopped
suddenly making me sigh.
I got an idea just then and licked his giant penis up and down his shaft
like a dog. I then proceed to rubbing his balls to please him which he give
a whin- ny at. I continued my tongue massage on his shaft when I reached up
and felt under his tail. He seemed to like that so I got out from
underneath him and went behind his ass.
I then proceeded to lift up his tail and gazed at his gorgeous ass hole. It
was black and almost clean as a whistle. Not wanting to make this horse
wait, I massage his enormous ass checks and then kissing the ass hole on
this horse. The horse back up into me wanting more, so I did so continuing
to kiss and lick his asshole reaching in my tongue as far as possible and
tasting his shit which was amazingly not that bad either. With that, the
horse let out a fart and I sniffed it in sighing with content. I couldn't
hold in any longer...I had to do it with this horse!
Seemingly sensing my desire, Swift lay on the ground for me so I could mate
with him. Taking this opportunity,I lifted the tail and poked my penis at
his hole pumping in and out slowly until he let me penis all the way in.
With that, I humped and humped into the horse's shit filled ass until I
came too and spewed my seed into him. I sighed and took my horse shit
covered penis out of his ass.
I fell backward,sighing with content. I looked up and saw Swift's penis
erect again. Looks like I not done just yet!
It was a sunny day and a Saturday so I got to be alone with Swift again.
I went into the barn and opened his stall door to find him waiting for me..
his slave.
Like any good slave would do,I took my clothes off and knelt before him
offering myself to him. As if he had grown ten times smarter, he suddenly
put his hoof to my mouth knocking me backwards. He f***ed me to lick the
bottom of it clean which I started doing. Uhh,I said,looks like he stepped
in shit last night. I licked around the edges making sure to get all the
shit and dirt out of his hoof as possible. When I was done, he locked lips
with me and I sighed in content as we engaged in a long passionate kiss.
His big equine lips easily covered my own smaller one and he began licking
my face with his huge saliva dripping tongue coating my lips and face
really good. He licked my face as I felt the warm spongy thing slop across
my face.
He stopped suddenly and I saw that his penis was erect. I got up and
started to go over to his side but I slipped on some of his horse dung and
hit my head. Doozy, I saw him put the meancing now fully erect jet black
penis at the hole of my mouth. Wanting to sexually arouse himself,he let
loose the golden flow of piss straight into my mouth which I took the full
f***e of. It went down like a waterfall off a cliff and continued. The
piss was good in a erotic yet tasty way. The smell of it was intoxicating
and hard to resist though I couldn't fathom why I would ever want too.
Swift then started to f***e his penis down my throat slowly but surely. He
humped in and out,humping and pissing at the same time amazingly. I got all
excited and didn't want him to stop at all. Suddenly though, he stopped. I
didn't know why,but he took his penis out of my mouth and just stood there
as though he was waiting for something.
I got up and his ass was facing me. Then I got an idea of what he wanted. I
went over to his ass and lifted the tail to see that butt hole was in need
of cleaning. I got to work right away and started licking away at the brown
and yellow shit all over his hole. Mmmm,I said to myself,that's good. I
licked up and down and into the hole tasting the horse's delightful
dung. Swift's ass cheeks wiggled around as I licked in and out of his
asshole and served him like a good slave.
Swift's asshole then expanded unexpectedly and his dung came pouring out
into my mouth! I didn't try to spit it out though...I let the dung pour
into my mouth however but I soon found out it was too much for me and let
the rest of it fall onto the hey covered floor.
I chewed the brown pasty stuff and swallowed leaving a brown stain on my
tongue. I looked at the inviting asshole and then looked at my unattended
penis that was erect. I looked up and Swift wiggled his ass cheeks at
me. He then rubbed his butt against my body and I got all aroused even
more. I hugged Swift's ass and I got a stool to stand on.
I took my penis and started to hump in and out of Swift's hot and gooey
rump enjoying every moment. I humped into the ass enjoying the feeling of
being in this horse. I sighed in content and feel on the rump of this horse
laying down to rest. Little did I know what he had in store for me next...

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