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Spa swing

My girlfriend Christine and I had been dating for a few months when one night after we made love and lay cuddled up I asked her if she had any fantasies that she would like to try. She said yes a threesome with another guy. wow I didn't know if she was just k**ding me or was serious. However when she said this to me my heart jumped and my cock went hard almost immediately which she felt against her thigh. she asked if the idea had turned me on to which I said "yes", however she said that it is only a thought and wouldn't mention again if it upset me but its my own fault as I did ask her and she wanted to be honest with me.
All week whilst at work I couldn't get the thought out of my head, therefore I looked on the internet at swingers clubs etc and made contact. The next club meeting was the following friday whereby with ID I could join at the door.
I phoned Christine that evening and during our chat on how our day had been I asked if she was serious about the threesome to which she said hesitantly "yes" I told her about the club and between us agreed to go.
We arrived at the venue which was being held ship on the river in London, after signing membership and showing ID and paying the membership fee we went in to see other couples all nicely dressed , some of the ladies were in little black dresses etc the sort of dresses that ladies wear to go out for the evening, nothing smutty. We had a drink at the bar and after a while a guy with his female companion began to speak to us asking if we were new to this scene which we replied we were. He told us that the play room is downstairs so we decided to check it out. When we had found a table to put our drinks down we went and joined a few couples dancing slow intimate dances on the dance floor, Unbeknown to me the rules were that if you are on the dance floor your open to play. Before we had danced a complete record we were surrounded by a couple of guys with their partners but so close we couldn't dance any more. Christine had her eyes closed and a smile on her ace, I wondered why until I pulled back slightly to see that one guy had reached across and had his hand up her short skirt and under the hem of her panties and was obviously playing with her fanny, another guy was behind her playing with her little anus and she was loving it. The guy Alan whom we spoke too when we first arrived and told us about the play room walked up to us , took Christine by the hand and started to walk to a long sofa in the corner. I followed. He turned Christine towards me and pushed her forward whereby he lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, took out a condom and after putting it on her entered her from behind. Christine was loving this sex with a stranger and unzipped me , took out my cock and began to suck me off. After a few minutes Alan came as did I. Christines dream had come true .
We later left and had sex all night with her remembering the experience plus me remembering a stranger taking her from behind.
Later in the week I discovered a naturist spa in north London which we subsequently visited. We stripped naked , covered ourselves with a towel as we entered the spa but left the towels on a hook as we both entered a huge jacuzzi. We were there for a little while when Christine told the guy off next to her to stop touching her thigh, I looked daggers at him, We moved to another jacuzzi and she said she didn't mind a guy touching her thigh so long as he speaks to her and not treat her as a piece of meat. About one hour after being there a guy joined us in the jacuzzi asking if it was ok to sit next to us, we said it was ok and he sat next to christine. We talked for some time and christine was laughing as was I with this guy whom we found was called Eddie. Christine went quite for a while , I leaned across to put my arm around her to find that her arm furthest away from me was moving, I traced my hand down her arm towards her wrist to find it going up and down and reached over towards Eddie, It was obvious that she was tossing him off. This went on for only a few minutes when Eddie suggested we go to one of the private room together. Christine agreed without even asking me but I was up for it too. As we entered the room Christine said she was going to the toilet and returned a few minutes later and before anything was said she bent down and took Eddies cock into her mouth and sucked him to a climax but with him cumming over her face and boobs. wow this was so erotic for me that when we got home We made love all night again.
The week couldn't come around quick enough for christine and I to get to the spa again on our next day off from work.
We entered the spa to find Eddie was already there again, Christine got into the jacuzzi and before I could she turned and asked me if I could get her some water to drink, I returned with the water a few moments later to see Christine practically sitting on Eddies lap and cuddled up together laughing and evident she and him were playing with each other under the bubbles of the jacuzzi. I gave her the water and we talked for a while until Eddie asked to go to a room again. We all got out of the pool and found a room. Christine and Eddie began to kiss passionately which is strange as seeing her being fucked by a guy didn't make me jealous but kissing a guy did..However she was responding to his kisses her nipples were erect and sticking our about the size of the top part of a man's little finger the longest I have ever seen her nipples,He kissed and sucked her nipples whilst I just sat on the end of the bed and watched.He then laid her down on her back where she just opened her legs to him, we didn't have any condoms but she was on the pill anyway. He pointed his erect penis close to her fanny, she took hold of it and guided it in, it went straight in without effort as she was so wet that I could see her dripping wet lips before he entered her. They began to fuck for ages with her gasping and moaning until suddenly she began to have a huge and the most noisy orgasm I have heard from her and he too began to cum.. I saw them both orgasm together as he squirted his cum inside her to give her multiple orgasms. Wow what a treat for me. After a little while cuddling he got up and left. Now it was my turn to have some fun. I had never had sloppy seconds but this I knew I was going to enjoy.. It was the most erotic sex I had ever had feeling a guys cum awash inside her as I too came.. We continued to go to the spa several times but missed meeting Eddie. One evening there we were sitting next to this giant of a black guy that we got speaking too. His name I cant remember but Christine and this guy were talking and I heard the guy ask why she comes to the spa, she said to relieve tension after a days work as her muscles and back are always tense when she gets home. He offered her a back and shoulder massage whilst we were in the jacuzzi sitting together but also asked me if I minded. "No" I said carry on. He turned Christine to face me as he gave her a neck and shoulder massage. From her facial expressions the massage was relaxing her. After he finished she said thank you can she do anything for him as a thank you. He said that it was up to her. She moved closer to him and I knew that she had hold of his cock and was massaging it for him, after about 5 minutes and I assumed he came under the bubbles he began to finger her fanny, but so erotically and hard that she raised her upper part of her body, boobs with erect nipples, her pelvis and stomach was out of the water for everyone to see as he fingered her fanny to a noisy climax that all the other guys in the jacuzzi could see. When I spoke to her afterwards on the way home I asked why she didn't go to a room, she said that the guys girth was so big that she couldn't get her hand around it and think it was too big for her. I said that's a shame as I would have loved to see the big black cock cumming inside her tight fanny. However She said that she found it a turn on having all the other guys watch her climax and next time we go she wanted at least 3 or 4 guys to take her and use her. alas a few months later we broke up..

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