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My Life I

I am from a classical, classy f****y, born in Holland. I had a protective live. Before my 14th year I was not aware of any of my sexual qualities. I looked at girls at the schoolbenches and got hardons, it itched in my scrotum and that is it. At a certain moment a friend brought a copy of the Swedish Private with him and that is when I got arroused for the first time. I always had a big cock (8 inches or 21 cm), but I thought that was normal. It was the first time I saw pornography. I borrowed the mag and smuggled it in our house. In my bedroom I opened the mag and I remember a shoot from a girl named Stacy as a room mate in a hotel, who got fucked by a guy. Stacy received a big cumshot. I had never masturbated before and I started rubbing my big hardon against the matras... At a certain moment I started to get a sensation in my bodypart below and I liked that, whilst watching those pictures od Stacy getting fucked. I kept on rubbing my big cock against the matras... the itching grew more... My balls were starting to feel funny...and I stopped... I got scared... The nice feeling went away... I keept looking and reading the horny story of Stacy and I saw Stacy giving the man a blowjob... I grabbed my cock and started stroking... I looked at it and a drop of transparent pre-cum appeared on the slit of the glance... I thought that is no urine, urine is yellow... I stroked with my finger on the transparent liquid, and it seemed to be very elastic. A long treat I could make from it. I played a with my liquid that ouced out of my glance. I licked it and it tasted a bit sweetish/salty. It was not good but not bad either... It stopped ouzing out of my glance. I started stroking my cock again and there came more. The funny feeling in my lower part of my body appeared again and in the transparent liquid started mixing with white thicker liquid. I was very arroused of the fotoshoot of Stacy and I discovered that the feeling in my got more when I stroked more... I liked that feeling...My hart started pumping, my balls started aching and I kept on stroking, looking at stacy taking the big cock in her pussy. At a certain moment I felt my balls itching too much and I wanted to stop as I got uncertain... But as I stopped, my penis started to cramp. I thought....what is going on....? The feeling was great but my cock was pulsering and a big squirt of white liquid shot out of my glance. I panicked, 4 squirts as big as the first one shot against the wall and on the private. I was trying to stop it but I could not. It stopped after a few seconds. I looked amazed of the mess I made. I wetted the blanket, the magazine, the wall etc. Since then I masturbated and I was aware of my sexuality. The first time I had sex was not to much later with a woman far older then me. That happened after my birthday. See My Life II

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