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Kirans trip to visit parents

My hubby took me to my parents every weekends to give me a break from house keeping all week. Imran rang early one weekend morning & asked when are my husband & I leaving? He is a old friend of my husbands, a really nice guy but extremely scruffy most of the time. He was a general contractor and was doing some work just a few mile from where my parent's house was. Since it was so close, He asked if we minded if he drove along with us. What were we to say? He was a good friend & did free work whenever we needed anything doing at the house. We were going practically the same place and it would only be for few weeks. So we agreed.

I willingly took the back seat as Imran and hubby talked up front. After our second drive out with Imran, he asked hubby if he minded if one other person drove out with us. Apparently the job that Imran was doing turned out to be bigger then he had anticipated and needed to bring along a helper. imran had asked hubby, and without my input hubby agreed which caused an argument between hubby and I. imran said it would only be for a couple of weeks and in return he offered to build a deck on my parents house for free. What was I to say? We reluctantly agreed.

imran's younger b*****r Taz was about 19-20, I thought he had a tall handsome youthful look. He was a nice guy and since we shared the back seat we talked and got to know each other - imran asked me if he could still ride up front with hubby, it would have been an uncomfortable 2 hour ride for both tall/built men to sit in the backseat, so because I was much smaller I offered to continue riding in the backseat while imran rode up front with hubby.

The days were getting shorter and cooler and I began bringing a large blanket for the rides so that I could keep comfy and nap for most of the trip. Taz started getting a little flirty with me. The attention was nice but with hubby being within arms reach, I wasn't very comfortable with it. I mentioned this to hubby (not in the presence of imran or Taz) and surprisingly hubby's reaction was basically that I should enjoy it and let him because at his age its all about sex, just enjoy the attention. But if he touches you, you tell me! Now I would estimate that Taz is no more than 6 years younger than I was at the time, and I thought that he was handsome. Although I didn't offer that information to hubby.

I'm not sure if it was the approval hubby had given, or the fact that hubby didn't think I would be interested in Taz's flirting, but I kind of started flirting back with Taz. It was fun and made the time go by much faster. And although I was within arms reach of hubby, it seemed as though hubby couldn't notice, or believe how much I enjoyed the attention from Taz. I actually began to look forward to the weekend drives again.

It wasn't uncommon for Taz to share a part of the big comforter that I'd bring along for the drive. And it also wasn't uncommon for him to secretly flirt with me in the back seat. As I snuggled under the blanket he'd sometimes rub my feet, or stretch my legs and put my feet on his lap after rubbing them.

One particular time when he put my foot on his lap I could feel the bulge in his pants and we openly looked at each other and smiled - me in shock and him in his goofy way. He then started rubbing my foot on his crotch. It turned me on but I playfully smacked him and moved my foot and snuggled into my travel pillow thinking I might actually get some sl**p. Since my feet were curled up on the seat, I felt his hands again start to massage my feet and legs. I kept my eyes closed - it did feel good. I could feel his hand moving up my leg to my thigh. My heart was pounding as our flirting never went too far. I remembered my hubby saying NO TOUCHING! But now I felt his hands near my thighs of my shalwar. I was already turned on from the attention and flirting, and this only turned me on more. I really couldn't believe I was letting him go as far as he was, especially with hubby right there.

But I think I wanted him to continue. I wanted to see how far he would go. I wanted to see how far I'd let him go. So I did. Without me resisting his advances, I then felt his hand move from my thigh to my pussy. I let out a sigh but kept my eyes closed. It was strange because part of me honestly wanted him to stop because it was wrong. But there was a part of me that was enjoying his attention and like a d**g wanted more.

He began rubbing my pussy through my shalwar. I was frozen. I didn't move. I didn't resist. My mind was saying "STOP" but my body wanted more. I was so wet that I was afraid I would leak straight through to my shalwar. Inside the car there was the sound of the tires rumbling against the pavement as well as the hum of the radio, which seemed to drown out the sound of conversation. Taz continued to slowly rub my pussy through my shalwar. His hands were large and strong and it felt so good I didn't want him to stop.

I then felt his hand move up and pull the top of my shalwar and panties down. With the way we were both positioned in the back seat, his thumb pushed under my panties and hit my clit. As it did I nearly had an orgasm immediately. I opened my eyes and looked at hubby driving, hoping he did not know what we were doing in the back seat. I then closed my eyes again as I felt Taz's thumb push into my soaking pussy. With his thumb in my pussy and palm pressing against my clit it felt so good. Within seconds I was hit with a strong orgasm. I grabbed Taz's arm as my body convulsed in pleasure, and opened my eyes to make sure hubby was unaware. I looked at Taz with a crossed face but he kept his thumb were it was as my orgasm subsided. We were minutes from our destination, which allowed me some time to compose myself before dropping imran and Taz off.

Although I felt a little guilty of what happened, the entire weekend I couldn't help but think about that drive up. The next drive home started out much like the others, with me snuggling under my blanket attempting to catch some sl**p. It didn't take long for Taz to grab some of my blanket and start acting up as usual. I have to admit that part of me really wanted him to, although I tried to ignore his attention for fear that hubby would notice. Taz was persistent, but I thought in a charming way.

As I laid with my head on my pillow opposite from Taz, I could feel his feet playfully poking at my bottom. I shewed him away but as usual he was persistent. He then started tugging at my shalwar with his toes, trying to pull them down. Again I tried to brush him away, but I have to admit it was half heartedly. This went on for several minutes and I was afraid that hubby might catch on to what was happening.

Taz had slouched down in his seat and his fingers were now pulling at my shalwar. As I pushed his hands away, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I immediately pulled it back. He continued playfully pulling down my shalwar and I again pushed his hands away, but this time he had taken his penis out and placed my hand on it. Again I pulled my hand away and looked at him wide-eyed in shock. His cock felt fat and warm, and with all our flirting I was getting extremely turned on and very wet.

We continued to flirt back and forth and he was persistent at trying to pull my shalwar down. So much in fact that I started to worry that hubby would notice all the movement between Taz and I in the back seat. I eventually gave in, not wanting hubby to notice, and snuggled into my pillow with my eyes shut. Of course that meant that Taz had succeed in pulling my shalwar down with my panties, but only to my thighs, which also meant that my ass was bare naked. I was expecting to feel Tony's hand on my ass. Although it was an awkward position, instead I felt the unmistakable poking of his penis against my bottom. I opened my eyes, turned my head to him and mouthed "NO WAY!" as I shook my head no at the same time.

Sure I could have pulled my shalwar back up and made sure nothing could ever happen, but that would cause a lot of movement & admittedly I was so turned on by our flirting that I think I really wanted something to happen. Taz just smirked at me, readjusted as I felt his penis get closer to my wetness and slowly push into me. I don't think I can fully explain the feelings I had at that moment. It was a build-up of kinky, erotic, daring and forbidden all at once. I just stared wide eyed into his eyes as he ever so slowly pushed his penis into me. It felt so good. I let out my held breath, looked at hubby and then rested my head on my pillow.

I continued to look at hubby, not wanting him to know, as I felt Taz's penis slowly pushing in-and-out of me. I looked over at Taz and as I did I could feel him pushing into me farther, his balls pressing against my ass. It felt so good. I felt so full with his cock filling me fully and his balls pressing against my bottom. It was a very slow and very pleasurable rhythm as he pushed into me. My orgasm was building as I felt Taz's cock begin to pulsate deep inside of me as he began to cum. I too was overcome as my body convulsed into an orgasm and I pushed back against his cock, looking at hubby through glazed squinted eyes. I had to bury my face into my pillow for fear hubby would look back and would certainly know something was happening hell will break lose.

I'm not sure if it was because I needed to stay as quite and still as possible through my orgasm, or knowing hubby was right there while another man's penis was cumming inside of me, or the feeling of Taz's fat penis pulsing in my pussy, but my orgasm seemed to last for minutes and was definitely one of he most satisfying orgasms I've ever had. Taz left his penis in me and continued to slowly push into me, our combined juices leaking from my pussy drenching the back seat. We both then drifted off to sl**p.

Tony and I had sex much the same way on 3 other trips, with hubby completely unaware even though he was within arms reach. I think that was part of the fun, at least for me. I did put an end to it after the third time. I think we were getting a little too comfortable and began moving a little more than we should have, and hubby looked back and nearly caught us. After that drive hubby ask me what we were doing and I told him that Taz was flirting with me again, just like I told him when we first started driving with them. Trips after that I noticed hubby watching the back seat more often. Needless to say the fun had stopped, which was OK with me actually. I was looking forward to hubby and I being along again during our trips, which came soon enough.

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