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Phone Sex With My Mother In Law, Jane

A month had past since my encounter with my mother in law at the New Year’s Eve party and I have not heard a word from her until today, she sent a rather long text, late last night and another this morning.

Hi Tim. I’m sorry to bother you; I said to myself, it’s not fair on my daughter’s marriage to have anything to do with you so soon, after what we did. But I cannot stop thinking about the passion you have rekindled in me. I’ve dressed sexually and tried seduction on my husband, but he is not interested (thinks too much of the golf club, he’s there now} I was resigned to never having sex again (I am 54) It was when you made me come in the kitchen, I realised I was not ready to give it all up yet and I have missed it since. What did you do with my knickers I give you? Hope you put then to good use LOL Jane

Hi Tim, Sorry about the text late last night, I was alone in the house and a little tipsy, just delete it
Sorry again Jane

Hi Jane, I cannot stop thinking about you either, it was the best start to any New Year I have ever had. Sorry to hear the golf club comes before you. (His loss) I still have your knickers, they were still warm when we got back home with being in my pocket and still had your pussy fragrance on them to remind me what we did.
Actual I am looking at them now as I write this and getting harder by the minute remembering what we did. I wish I was making you come in them now.

Hi Jane Sorry about last text, sent before I read it and was not meant to send the last sentence, it was a bit rude. Sorry Tim

Hi Tim It’ brightened my morning up, made me laugh, are you really looking at them now and getting hard Jane

Afraid so, just touching and knowing you have worn them gives me an erection, there only one problem, every day the fragrance of your pussy get weaker on them T

I could always send you another pair, freshly fragrance with my pussy juice if you want J

I would want to be there when you were coating them, make you come lots and lots on them T

I would like that, especially you sucking on my nipples like you did, that made my extra wet J

Careful Jane I don’t know how much more I can stand before I shoot my load T

You could always shoot it in to my knickers and send them back to me LOL J

What would you say if I told you I had them wrapped around my cock this minute T
What would you say if I told you, I was rubbing myself now, through my leggings just like you did J

Christ Jane, you are making me wet, my cock end is covered in pre cum rubbing where your pussy sits T

I’m thinking about the first time I sucked the pre cum from that lovely cock end of your’s, it had been a while since I’d see such a big hard cock. J

Where are you T

In the bedroom, why J

Can you talk T

Yes, He’s at work J

I phone you T

“Hello Jane, it’s me, I want you to pretend I’m behind you, now push one of your hands up under your top and massage your breast. The other hand, slid it inside the waist of your leggings, down into your lacy panties and fumble about in your big hairy pussy until you find your clit. Does that feel nice”

“It dose, especially now I can hear your voice, if these are your hands where have I got mine”

“Behind your back playing with my cock, massaging the creamy tip with your thumb”

“Oh yes I can feel it getting wet, you feel so hard” said Jane

“Now I’ve pushed your bra up over your tit and I’m playing with your naked nipple, have you done that”

“Ye I have, it feels nice” said Jane

“I’m circling your nipple and clit together, both getting harder and I’m starting to kiss your neck now,” I said

“They are, I can feel them getting bigger, just like your cock is and I can feel your little kisses on my neck”

“I’ve got your knickers wrapped around my cock pretending its your hand, its makes me want to come all the more knowing you have worn them”

“Oh Tim, I think I’m going to come, rub my clit harder”

“Your hands getting wet and sticky now, I’m oozing pre cum like a fast dripping tap, Jane I’m going to squirt”

“Tim, Tiiiim I’m coming, nip my nipple harder please and rub my clit more, Ahhhhh yes that’s it, faster, Tim I am coming, I’m wet, fuck Tim you made me come”

“Ahhhhhhh Jane, I’m filling your hand full of my hot creamy cum, can you feel it”

“Yes your cock is twitching in my hand and your cum is running down your shaft and my fingers are sticky”

All I could hear down the phone was Jane breathing fast and heavy after her orgasm, if she hasn’t came, she is a good actress

“Are you still there Jane”

“Ye I’m here”

“How wet are you”

“Very wet”

“I’m sliding my finger down between your lips and starting to push one inside now, Christ Jane you do feel wet”

“I know I am, I wish you could be here to see” Said Jane

“Slide your leggings and knickers down and put the phone down there so I can listen to you playing with your pussy”

All I could hear was wet slurping noises as her finger pushed in and out

“Can you hear that” Jane asked, her voice faint with having her phone at her pussy

“I can Jane,” I said, not knowing if she could hear me or I was talking to her pussy

The slurping noise got louder and I could easily imagine her finger fucking her own pussy

“I’m thinking it’s your cock fucking me and it’s making me want to come again,” Jane shouted above the noise “Ahhhhhh yes make me come again, fuck me harder”

The sound of her fingers fucking her pussy became faster and I wished I was there to watch, then is stopped and all I could her was her heavy panting.

“Are you still there” Asked Jane still out of breath

“Ye I’m here, but I wish I was there licking your pussy”

“So do I, but this is the next best thing, god it felt good to come like that, how wet is my knickers”

“Very wet. The gusset is full of creamy cum”

“I’m going to rub my pussy dry with mine, then I’m going to send them to you, will you sent them ones back to me”

“First class and I’m going to the post office now”

“I wish I could feel that cock inside me for real” Jane said “Shit there someone at the door I better go, text you when I get my parcel, bye bye Tim that was great ”

Hi Tim, Have to be quick, he’s waiting to take me out. Hope the post man has been to you, mine has and I am wearing them now, how exhilaration it is to know your cock has rubbed back and forth in them and your cum is against my pussy right now getting warmed up.
Jane x

Hi Jane yes I have them, your pussy fragrance is very strong on them, you must have came a lot, just wish I had been there to lick you clean myself Tim xxx

I wish you had been here too, Love Jane text soon xxx

The End

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