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Secret Slut gets a late night surprize

Can you imagine late night shopping at the supermarket?

You are in the almost empty carpark and have put your groceries in the car. You are going for drivers door when I surprise you. You are thrown across the car bonnet, your legs are opened, your skirt is hitched up. You didn't wear any knickers because you like to get moist and dribble as you walk around the supermarket looking at the men.

Your boobs are pressed against the cold metal of the car. The cold night air blows against your hot wet slit. You feel 2 fingers enter you roughly. My other hand is on your back pressing you against the car. I fuck you rougher and rougher with my fingers. There is a sloppy wet sound as I ram my fingers inside you. You squeal when I use 3 fingers and start to rotate them around in your cunt, churning your juices like hot butter.

You know its all your fault for not wearing knickers and picking such a lonely part of the car park. You really shouldnt have posted those pics on Xhamster, or told me you would be here tonight. Its all your fault.

Soon you feel me sliding a finger in your bum and using your cunt juices as lube. Your knees are trembling and you stop struggling and just lay still on car.

Suddenly I ram my cock straight up your arse. You cry out in pain and shock. I hold your hips and ram you again and again and again. You love it you dirty slut.

You feel my hands pawing around your body and pulling your big tits out of your low cut top. My fingers find your hard nipples and pinch them hard. The pain and the humiliation is too much for you to fight.

Suddenly you feel me spunk my load up your arse. For a few moments I collapse on top of you. You have never seen my face and yet I have fucked you like a cheap slut.

Suddenly I twist your arm behind your back and f***e you into your car. You realise that your night has only just begun......

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