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Annie's Easter Story

Annie looks so good lying back on the sofa, semi-d**gged. She’s fully aware of what is going on, but totally unable to do anything about it. She can see my fat, rock-hard prick sticking up hard and strong as I rip her blouse open and haul out her fat tits so I can maul them and take her nipples firmly between my teeth for a good, hard chew. The slut is enjoying the sensations, despite herself: her nips are up and hard as bullets, and there is a distinct musky odour from her juiced-up cunt.

It’s so easy to thrust her legs wide apart and rip her knickers away. I stand back to take in the sight of her sprawled there, her tits out and glistening with my saliva, her legs open to reveal her juicy cunt flaps. I pull her head forward and f***e my swollen cock into her slack mouth. Despite the d**g, I feel her tongue lash hungrily at my penis. I response, I f***e it deeper into her throat. She gags and chokes, but what do I care? Each cough she makes causes a delicious constriction on my knobhead. I glance to make sure the camera is properly positioned to catch the view: it is important that every detail of the slut’s humiliation is clearly captured.

I pull my cock from her mouth, and ribbons of the bitch’s saliva drip from it. Her head lolls back as she gasps for breath.
“Such a delicious slut, Annie,” I whisper as I move to her cunt and jam three fingers deep into its juicy depths. I clamp my other hand around her tit and squeeze with all my strength as I now slide all four fingers and thumb deep inside her. I form them into a fist and begin to pump deeper and deeper, making her d**g-befuddled face grimace with the shock. I penetrate her hard: her hips writhe feebly as I fist her wrist-deep, then slowly f***e in until half my forearm has disappeared, stretching her cunt wide open. He juices dribble thickly each time I pull my arm back, and there is a delicious squelching as I push back into her soaking depths. I increase the rhythm until I am fucking her hard with my fist, ripping deeply into her, clawing her tits with my other hand until my nails break the skin and small dribbles of bl**d decorate their surface.

She starts to orgasm: she cannot help herself. Her cunt becomes so juicy and wet it is soaking my fist. I am literally punching her cervix now. Her over-stretched cunt clamps tight onto my invading limb and her whole body shudders with intense lust.

My cock is ready. Thick, hard and erect, it throbs in anticipation. I withdraw my soaking arm and haul Annie’s hips forward, then bend her legs right back so her big arse is fully ready for my attack. There is no need for preparation: the juice dribbling thickly from her cunt provides more than enough lubrication as I drive my huge knob into her tight anus. I sodomise the slut brutally, with deep, savage thrusts that take me in up to the balls. I fuck her arse rapidly, without mercy. My sole intention is to get myself to the point of ejaculation. It feels so good to fuck this slut for Robert, to know that the bitch deserves it. So satisfying to think that she was so snobby and bitchy before she took a sip of my carefully-prepared liqueur, and now my fat cock is ripping up her arsehole as I fuck her like the dirty slut she really is….

I feel the sensations rise in me, and I quickly pull out my cock, all slimed and dirty from her bumhole and swiftly pull her back so I can jam my filthy shaft back into her mouth. She can taste her own shit on it as my balls explode and blast my thick, salty spunk in thick spurts that overflow from her lips. Still shooting hard, I withdraw to let thick portions of spunk blast her face, hair and tits.

I push her back. She lies there, legs sprawled wide apart and glistening with cunt juice, her face, tits and hair smeared with spunk and her clothes in tatters….

Back home with the camera, it is the work of only a few minutes to make DVD copies of the event. One for Robert, of course. One for Annie. One for her precious daughter. And, best of all, one posted off in the envelope Robert has prepared for me: the one with the address of Annie’s employers.

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