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I jerked off several times while watching the SULKA video. At this point I wanted more. I returned the videocassette to the video store and made my way towards the darkness that was the ADULT section. I opened the door and there were several people in the room. My excitement turned to fear. Fear of being in a room of strangers looking for porn. My hands shook a little as I tried to hide my shame. I nervously looked around the room to find a spot where I could sheild my face.

I wanted the room to myself. I waited and pretended to be interested in the straight porn. I must have been in there for hours waiting for the last person to leave. As soon as the last guy left, I immediately headed for the backrow. I scanned the bottom rack only to find nothing but softcore porn and a few gay titles. I was very disappointed. I left the video store in defeat. I did not find a shemale vid. They must have been rented or sold. I returned home and was desperate for more transgendered stimuli. Then, the idea grabbed me, "Maybe I should check the phonebook for stores that specialize in what I really want". I must have called every video store in my area. Then, I found several stores in a town a few miles away said they carried all kinds of porn and had free memberships.

I grabbed my car keys and the phone book and headed for the location. I drove to the small hamlet and to my surprise it was more than what I expected. Every corner was dotted with strip clubs, massage parlors and ADULT BOOKSTORES.
Hookers were on every street flashing their wares. I was in awe that this place existed. Best of all no cops, not a single one. I found a vacant lot and put my car in park. I grabbed the phone book and looked for the name of the store. I found it. As soon as I put the book down I heard a tap on my window. A hooker with big tits was outside my car. I quickly rolled it down. She asked me if I wanted to spend some time with her. I was shocked, I had never been propositioned by a lady of the night. Before I could answer this dark skinned woman pulled down her top and let those big ass titties out. My dick got hard as a brick.

She said and I quote "Go ahead and feel'em". I push my hand out the window and had a hand full of boob. She reached down between my legs and started rubbing my cock. I asked her, "How much". She said she would blow me for $20 which I had. I agreed and she scurried to the passenger side of my car. I unlocked the door and let her in. She instructed me to go to a secluded spot. I drove down an alley near a vacant house. She asked for the money which I had in my pants pocket. I nervously pulled out the money and quickly pulled down my pants and underwear.

My dick was standing erect. She took the money and put it in her purse. She then started massaging my dick. Her mouth slid over the crown of my dick. The sensation was warm and soft. The sucking sound and the sight of her head bobbing up and down sent a gentle tickle all over. Her tits were brushing the side of my thigh. Her mouth slid up the shaft and before I knew it; I started cumming. My leg shook and my back arched as she stopped bobbing and let me nut all in her mouth. Once I had emptied my sack in her mouth she retrieved tissue from her purse and spilled the contents of her mouth in that tissue. She grabbed another one and wiped my dick with it. I felt a sense of relief when I came and now it was time to drop her off.

I dropped her off at the spot where I picked her up. She thanked me and went back to a group of whores standing on an adjacent corner. She was a nice looking woman. I asked her name and she said "BODY". I wanted to find that video store but after getting my dick sucked I kind of lost interest. But, I did want to explore the town a little more. I found a little diner and pulled in. I wanted to clean up a bit.

As soon as I walked in I heard a few whistles and a couple of "He's fine girl" headed in my direction. By the way, I'm not a bad looking guy. I turned my attention towards the calls and to my delight it was a small group of crossdressers and women. I was a little embarassed as waitresses walked by.

I asked for the men's room and the waitress pointed and I followed her finger. I quickly made to the room which was surprisingly clean. I grabbed some paper towels and wet them and headed for a stall to wipe my dick down. I whipped out my dick and started the process. Suddenly, I heard footsteps and then voices. The voices appeared to be female in tone. I pulled my pants up and threw the dirty towels on the floor. I peaked through the slit in the bathroom stall only to spy those crossdressers checking their makeup. One had on a tight dress and had really long black hair. "She" shifted her boobs and applied some lipstick. Another actually pulled up her skirt and pulled out her dick. I couldn't believe my eyes. She shook her dick at the other one. I started getting hard. Laughably, my dick was in my hands and furiously jerking off at the sight.

I heard a slight knock at my stall door and quickly put my dick away. I answered,"I'll be right out". I opened the stall door and before me was a beautiful sight. Three beautiful women. I was slightly shocked to see a semi-erect cock hanging out of a dress. These women stood there at first then they started grabbing at me. Caressing my face and surrounding me. They commented on my looks and whether or not I have a nice cock.

I will continue this story soon, I promise.

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