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B7 Chapter 16 Epilog - The Island

Chapter 16: Epilog - The Island

Dee Dee placed the copy of the tape backup of her computers onto the shelf, so that it was now a complete set again, with the others. The missing file folder which contained a large number of technical documents on Dee Dee’s lab machines and procedures was now back where it belonged also. Dee was familiar enough with her own work, that a quick inspection of it proved that none of the pages were missing.
“It’s good to have you back again where you belong,” she thought. “Tami and Debbie were certainly thorough about finding everything that I asked them to from the mainland. It’s like I always said: a flashing smile and a little cleavage from those two girls worked faster and better than any amount of strong-arm tactics would to get what we wanted back.”
Next Dee Dee placed the missing bags of specially processed pills and vitamins into a storage container with the others. Instead of being half-empty, it was now nearly filled to capacity. “Now there’s more than enough of these babies to go around for everybody, without having to resort to some type of rationing system.”
Dee Dee then turned to the six large FedEx and UPS packages. All of them were neatly addressed to major newspapers, a government agency and several television news channels.
“I’ve been saving the best for last,” as she wheeled the shredder out of its storage cabinet and plugged it in to warm up. With a box cutter, she sliced open each of the parcels, and began piling all of the printed documents on the table. Then Dee Dee began slowly feeding the pages into the teeth of the shredder. Seeing the incriminating evidence disappear before her eyes was an immensely relieving feeling to Dee Dee.
“Whew! The relief of getting rid of all this shit is almost better than sex,” she muttered.
Dee Dee stood by the large industrial shredder in the corner of her office, and watched with smug satisfaction as the last of the papers vanished into the meshing teeth, and appeared in the collection bin as unreadable confetti.
“That’s the sixth and the last of these damned things,” thought Dee Dee. “Barocca wasn’t k**ding about telling everything she knew about us, as a last resort. If CNN or Nightline got a hold of these, we’d be up shit creek without a paddle. Not to mention what the AMA would do to me for all of the unauthorized and unlicensed medical procedures I’ve performed. At least that part of this whole sordid business is behind us now.”
Tiffany poked her head in through the door. “Are you almost done, Dee Dee? We all need to be present at the meeting.”
“Just putting the finishing touches on Barocca’s exposés, that Tami and Debbie collected from the mainland, Tiffany. Now there’s nothing that can be traced back to us.”
“That’s a relief. One less thing to worry about around here.”

Tiffany stood before the podium in the auditorium. The last of the girls were finding their seats.
"Okay. I want to thank everyone for coming to this meeting. We've had several days of peace and quiet, without anything bizarre or unusual happening. The way things have been going lately, that's almost a record for us around here." There was some nervous laughter among the girls in the audience.
"But seriously, there have been some dramatic events on the Island recently, and because of them, some of our members aren't with us anymore, and some of us have been changed. This meeting is to try and clear things up about what happened to whom, and to answer any questions.
"First up, is the status of Barocca and Jeanne, who are no longer with us. The Vectrans carted them both off. Barocca because of her treacherous actions, and Jeanne because she needed medical help.
"Calista sent us a video file that Dee Dee has been able to download and will play it on our wide screen display. So without further ado, here's an update on our two 'missing' girls."

The video from the Vectrans was played, showing Barocca as she saw Jeanne recover-ing in the sick bay bed. Jeanne's mental and physical status was shown, including the part about her memory slowly returning. There were giggles and then bawdy laughter as it was revealed that Barocca and Jeanne were being sentenced to an intergalactic whorehouse to serve out the rest of their time away from earth.
"Despite Barocca's acting job at the end, I don't think that we have to worry about either one of them showing their face on the Island for a long, long time," said Tiffany. "That's a chapter of the Island's history that I'm glad is finally closed and put to rest at last.”

Tiffany turned and gestured to Dee Dee, who got up and opened a door to a small waiting room. Persia, Domonique and Veronica all came forward and stood before Tiffany.
“Ladies, by now everyone knows what you did, after everything hit the fan with Barocca and Jordan in the Main Event. Because of the unusual circumstances, and because everything we asked you to return was exactly where you said it would be, Dee Dee and I are very grateful to you.
“We all thought enough of you to contact you, bring you to the Island, and give you the gifts you’ve got between your legs. No one has mentioned they’ve had any problems when they’ve worked with you, and you were all quite popular in the various webcams, videos and photosets we’ve made in the past for our customers.
“There will no longer be any separate ‘camps’ or ‘factions’ or cliques on the Island anymore. If you’re willing to turn over a new leaf, and go back to doing things the way we did in the old days, then you’re welcome to stay. How do you girls feel about that?”
“If you’re willing to give us a second chance, we’ll make the most of it, Tiffany,” said Persia.
“We didn’t know that things were gonna spin so out of control with Barocca,” added Domonique. “We just want to get back to the way things used to be.”
“We know we screwed up and did some rotten things,” said Veronica. “We’ll do whatever we have to, in order to show that we’re sincere.”
“That’s good to hear girls,” said Tiffany. She turned to the girls in the audience. “I know that most of you have either met and/or worked with these girls in some capacity. Is there anyone here who has a problem with giving them another chance, and letting them stay on?”
There was polite silence from the girls in the auditorium.
“Okay then,” said Tiffany. “You’ll be reinstated here. The first thing on your ‘to do’ list is report to Dee Dee later for the Milking sessions that you’ve missed. After that, as long as none of the other girls report any problems when they’re working with you, whether it’s filming a video or photo shoot, or even your day to day duties on the Island, everything will be fine.”
The three girls nodded their heads in assent, and after a gesture from Tiffany, took seats on the side of the stage.
Tiffany addressed everyone in the auditorium. “I think I can speak for just about every- one when I say that I’m willing to give someone a second chance, and let them stay here in our special little society, after what we all had to go through, to be what we are today. After the gifts Dee Dee’s given us, and the way we’ve shown affection for each other over the years, the last thing I want to do is send someone packing to the outside world, and face becoming what they were in the past, unless there’s absolutely no other choice.”
Polite applause came from the girls in the audience, as Tiffany’s words hit home on all of them.
“Moving right along,” continued Tiffany, “ I think you all know that several of our girls went through some profound changes while the Vectrans were here, and as a result of the alien software on Dee Dee's machines. The first girl is Ebony, and I'm going to let her take over and speak to you herself."

Tiffany sat down, and Ebony took her place at the podium.
"As you know, I probably went through the most traumatic ordeal while the Vectrans were here. Not only was I possessed by some sort of evil goddess, but that person used my body to nearly kill Jeanne, while she ****d her.
"Now I now that you've all either seen a tape of things, or watched them live while they happened. And even though it was proved and verified that I was possessed, I have to tell all of you an ugly secret. While the Enchantress took over my body, I could still see, hear and feel everything that she did. It was like remembering things through a dream, but I saw and felt all of the things that she did to Jeanne. The fact that my body could ever be used to do something that evil and destructive to someone scared the living shit out of me.
"Part of me was actually glad that Rhiannon and the Vectran girls took revenge on her, and eventually succeeded in forcing her out of my body. The Enchantress deserved some kind of punishment for what she did; although I certainly didn't care for what she had to go through, because I felt all of that too.
"After all we've gone through to set up the Island, and be able to give ourselves cocks, losing my own prick, even if it's only for a day or two, was really frightening and depressing.
There was polite silence, as Ebony paused a moment before continuing.
"So as of today, I'm back to normal. Rhiannon was right about their technology, and after my body returned to its original size, and got rid of all their fluids, my cock returned too.
"What I want to know now is if any of you still feel comfortable about having me around on the Island? I've been trying to be a nicer person in the past couple of months. I haven't been the domineering bitch that I was, since I stopped associating with Barocca so much. Like I said, even though I could use the excuse that someone else possessed my body to **** Jeanne, I won't. It was still my flesh and bl**d that did the deed.
"If there's anyone here that doesn't trust me, or is still afraid of me for any reason, raise your hand. I want to know how you feel, and then I'll start thinking real seriously about whether or not I stay around here."

There was awkward silence in the auditorium, but not a single girl raised her hand.
A smile came over Ebony's face, and she gave a sigh of relief. "You don't know how much this means to me..."
At this point, Tiffany got up and came to Ebony's side, putting her arm around her shoulder.
"What this means, is that we've become closer, and that we're now more of a f****y than ever on the Island. I'll understand perfectly if some of the girls aren't completely at ease working with you in video or photo shoots in the future. I'm going to make that a completely voluntary matter, rather than forcing girls to work together for a little while.
"Enough things happened that weren't Ebony's fault, that she couldn't be held totally responsible for; those have all been hashed out before this. We've all been through a lot when the Vectrans landed on our Island. But we've also grown together, and learned to love and care for one another enough to give someone the benefit of a doubt, rather than tear apart everything we've worked so hard to build."
Ebony took her seat off to the side, while Tiffany resumed her position behind the podium.

"All right, that's one down, and two to go. As everyone knows by now, Ebony is stuck at her present size, thanks to some meddling by Barocca, back in the early days. That was reveal-ed when we hashed everything out with them when they first arrived on the Island.
"However thanks to a number of the Vectran girls losing control while they were here, we also have two other members of the 'bigger is better' club. Jordan, Summer, come over here please."
The two girls got up from their seats, and stood next to the podium, in full view of everyone. They were both at their 'normal' height of roughly five foot, six inches.
"Now they may look normal to you now," said Tiffany. "But they've got some special abilities now, thanks to the Vectran girls. I'll let what they can do speak for themselves."
Both Jordan and Summer closed their eyes and concentrated. In moments, they both transformed to their new height of just under seven feet.
Cries of shock and amazement came from nearly all of the girls in the audience.
"No. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you," said Tiffany. "These two now have the power to change from their normal height, to just under seven feet tall, courtesy of some unwanted help by the Vectrans. Just to make sure we're not pulling any tricks on you, do it again, girls."
Summer and Jordan changed sizes several more times in front of the audience, finally resuming their ordinary height.

"Dee Dee has examined both of them thoroughly, and it doesn't look like their newfound ability will disappear. Whatever the results are from having so much alien sperm and juices f***ed into their bodies by the Vectran girls, it's made the changes permanent.
"Now I've had a couple of long talks with Summer and Jordan before the meeting. To answer a burning question among you, yes, their cock and balls get proportionately larger when they assume their new size. They're just a shade smaller than Ebony is.
"After the tragic events with Jeanne, I've made it explicitly clear to both Summer and Jordan, that they are not to assume their new size, unless they want to have sex with each other. Or unless I hear from someone in person that they'd like to do a photo shoot or a video with them in their bigger state.
"I don't mean to sound like a den mother or mother hen, but until everyone has a chance to get used to these two, and feel comfortable around them, I just don't want to take any more risks, and have any more unfortunate events happen."
Tiffany waited for quiet in the auditorium, and then addressed everyone.

"Now then, under the conditions and terms that I've laid out, is there anyone here that thinks they'll have a problem being around Summer and Jordan?"
There was polite silence in the auditorium.
"That's a relief," said Tiffany with a little laugh to help ease the tension. "I'm sorry if I come off as a politician at times. But it was important to make sure that everyone is aware of the changes that have taken place here recently.
"It's going to take a little time and effort, but I think we can all learn to get along and function quite well together here. Once we all get used to how big Ebony, Summer and Jordan are, it'll open up a whole new world of possibilities for us, in terms of videos, webcams and photo sessions.
"Now the three of them have all expressed how badly they want to stay here, and how much they want to help out in any way that they can. And I've decided to take them up on their offer. First thing tomorrow, the three of them are going to report for a milking session. With the equipment that they've got now, they can each put out almost double the output of any of the normal girls.
"We're going to use the additional volume of sperm that they can generate to step up production, and help bring all the girls on the Island along a little quicker in the development of their cocks. We recovered what was originally taken by Veronica, Persia and Domonique, so we’re fully stocked once more. And with more than a full compliment of amazons who’re able to take turns in the Milking chamber, we can now produce tons more of the vitamins and nutrients needed to do the job.
"Also, once we start marketing our 'new' starlets, that'll mean a tremendous increase in revenue around here. With the additional income, we can procure the necessary materials to do some 'special' operations more often. We're certainly going to be getting around to giving those of you who haven't received a cock yet your very own piece of meat!"
There was a round of applause and cries of approval from the girls in the audience. Tiffany knew her girls well. The events of the last few months had been a severe test on everyone. But the promise of the ultimate transformation for some girls, as well as faster and better enhancements for the girls who already had a cock, was a promise that no one could ignore.

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