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B7 Chapter 14 Epilog - The Enchantress

Chapter 14: Epilog - The Enchantress

Several days later, the Enchantress learned of her fate. The all-father had summoned her to his great hall to pronounce sentence upon her. She arrived at the appointed time, and stood outside before two of the guardsmen, before entering. They said nothing, but seemed to have a smirk upon their faces, as they held the great oaken door open for her. The Enchantress glared at them but did nothing else. She could not afford any type of incident, today of all days.
As she entered the hall, she saw the all-father gathered in close conference with several other figures near his throne. Several of them she recognized, but there was one she could not place. She knelt, showing the proper servility. "My lord, I did not know you had guests, when your guards admitted me."
"Come closer, Lorelei," said the all-father. "I do indeed entertain guests today! For today is a step towards a new beginning for the realm. I trust that you know my guest, Thrym, King of the Frost Giants."
"I have not had the pleasure, my lord." She turned, and the Enchantress f***ed herself to smile and bow, offering Thrym a glimpse of her cleavage. "I am honored to make your acquain-tance."
She tried not to show it, but the Enchantress was somewhat baffled at the presence of the Frost Giant King in the all-father's hall. For as long as she could remember, both races had shown nothing but hatred and contempt for the other, with a long history of bl**dy battles between them. Most of the gods and goddesses did not even consider the Frost Giants human; more as a misbegotten cross between trolls and humans. They were considerably larger than humans, and what they may have lacked in beauty and intelligence, they more than made up for with their savagery and ferocity in battle. Just looking at his dark, mottled skin, and his face which was scarred and pocked from countless battles, was unsettling to the Enchantress.
Thrym folded his hands together, and smiled broadly. He seemed to know something that the Enchantress did not.
"Today is a great day, marking a new era of peace between the kingdom of the Frost Giants and ourselves," said the all-father. "Thrym and I have signed a treaty, assuring peace between our peoples, and you are to be a part of this, Lorelei."
"My lord, I am honored," the Enchantress blushed. "But surely you must know that I am not a diplomat or an ambassador..."
"Of course not, wench!" exclaimed the all-father. "I know full well what your abilities are, and to what tasks you are best suited." A horrible feeling of dread began to creep over the Enchantress. "You are to be the personal concubine to King Thrym, and to any of his people as he sees fit to give you!"
Shock and disbelief rushed over the Enchantress like a tidal wave. "For your recent actions, you have rightly earned this, Lorelei. And know too, that you shall obey King Thyrm's every whim, his every command, for the next ten years."

All the Enchantress could do was try to compose her emotions, but it was a hopeless task.
"After all, for one who is an immortal, Lorelei," said the all-father, "for you the time will seem to pass much quicker than it really is."
"You have my deepest thanks, all-father," said Thrym in his gravelly voice. "I look forward to many years of peace and prosperity between our peoples. I can assure you that many of my kingdom are most anxious to greet our new guest personally."
"No..." wailed the Enchantress pitifully.
"Silence, Lorelei!" exclaimed the all-father. "I told you earlier that your punishment would fit your deeds, which you saw fit to carry out on Earth, of your own accord. Since you are an immortal, I know full well that you can survive almost anything that should happen to you while you are in Thrym's keeping. You shall serve out your fate, and then be returned to the realm.
"I have spoken of this at length with Thrym, before you arrived. You are to be taught the error of your ways, and to be used as he sees fit by his people. But you are most definitely to be returned to me alive and well at the end of your sentence."
"I shall be stern, but fair with her, my lord," said Thrym.
At this point, the all-father stood up, and gestured. From behind Thrym, two of his retainers came forward, and gently but firmly gripped the Enchantress by her arms. She shrunk from the clammy feel of their flesh upon hers, and grimaced as she saw their faces up close.
"I shall take my leave now, my lord," said Thrym. "The Frost Giants shall trouble your people no more."
The Enchantress nearly fainted, as the two retainers of King Thrym ushered her out of the all-father's great hall.

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