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B7 Chapter 13 Epilog - The Vectrans

Chapter 13: Epilog - The Vectrans

Several days had passed on the Delphi 4. Barocca had been relegated to mundane tasks such as kitchen duty, and to make matters worse, she had learned nothing about the fate of Jeanne ever since being ushered onto the starship.
Finally, Rhiannon had sent for her. Barocca knew that something was up, when she was told to report to a room other than Rhiannon's quarters. It turned out to be the sick bay of the ship.
"Nice to see you again, Barocca," said Rhiannon. She was standing in front of a dividing curtain, behind which was the end of a bed. "I trust that they haven't been working you too hard in the kitchen? You haven't broken a nail or anything?"
"Nothing I can't handle," Barocca muttered under her breath. It was no use antagonizing Rhiannon. The memory of Rhiannon having her revenge on her was still fresh in her mind, and she had no desire to want to repeat it.
"Today's the big day, girl. You'll finally get to see your partner again. You can only talk to her for a few minutes though." She turned and pulled back the dividing curtain.
Jeanne lay on her back in the bed. Another girl she didn't recognize was checking some entries on a computer readout. Physically, Jeanne looked relatively all right, although Barocca could see numerous cloth bandages around her torso and rib cage. Barocca leaned close to her.
"Hey, how're you doing, Jeanne? It's good to see you again, girlfriend."
"Not too bad, Barocca," Jeanne replied with an effort. "I feel awfully tired though. Last thing I remember is being in Dee Dee's lab, and somebody was getting ready to have sex with me. Then I woke up here."
Barocca didn't know what to say next, or how to answer Jeanne.
"Um, yeah. The last time was a wild one, all right."
"I'm glad to see you Barocca. But I feel so sl**py..."
"I'm afraid that's enough for today," said the new girl. "Jeanne needs her rest." She gave Jeanne an injection, and she laid her head down and went into a deep sl**p. She ushered Barocca and Rhiannon away from the bed, and pulled the dividing curtain closed again.
"Barocca, this is Diana, one of my medical technicians," said Rhiannon. "Give her the lowdown on Jeanne's condition."
"Well, I'm pleased to announce that Jeanne will make a full recovery physically. We were able to get her into surgery in time. We had to use a combination of our technology to heal some of her internal organs; but because she's human, and we don't have all the data on your physiology, we could only do so much. That's why you see the bandages on her ribs and tummy."
"That's a relief," said Barocca. "I thought whoever possessed Ebony had torn her apart, and she might not make it."
"That would've been the case if we hadn't intervened," said Rhiannon. "Now tell her about Jeanne's mental state, Diana."
"We were able to plant a hypnotic suggestion in her mind, so that Jeanne thinks she had some sex before passing out, and then waking up here. Since she's human, we couldn't do anything more than that with her mind, in the limited time we had. In time, her memory will return, and she'll recall everything that happened to her."
"That's it for now, Diana. I know you've got other patients to attend to." Diana left the room. "This is where you come in, Barocca," said Rhiannon. "You're her buddy, and the one that brought her to the Island; as well as installing our software on Dee Dee's machines, so that everything could hit the fan on the Island."
Shock came over Barocca's features, as she realized that she had to come up with a way to explain to Jeanne what had happened to her, and why. Barocca had prided herself on being clever, but this went beyond anything she thought might happen.
"You're really gonna have to stretch that noodle of yours to get out of this one, girl," Rhiannon said smugly. "I almost wish that I could be around to see what you come up with."
"What's that supposed to mean?" retorted Barocca. "I thought you were taking the two of
us along to be your personal sex slaves or something."
"That was the plan in the first place. But you heard me down on the Island, when I got the messages that my world is now at war with someone. Because we're so far off the beaten path, we can fudge the details a little about why we're one of the last ships to be back to base. But even I don't have the clout to get away with dragging two unauthorized, alien civilians into a war zone.
"So I've come up with a different plan for you and Jeanne. On the way back to our home world, we'll be beaming you and Jeanne to a place called Cinnebar. It's a space station located on the very fringes of Vectran space. It's sort of in a 'no man's land' that none of the major races or federations claims any official ownership of. It's the perfect place to run gambling, a smut trade, and anything else that you don't want the authorities taking too close a look at.
"Once you arrive on Cinnebar, you'll be placed in the care of a being named Zelda. Zelda is a friend of mine who runs what you'd call a 'whore house' on your world. Not only do I owe Zelda a major favor to help cover the tabs that some of my crew have run up there, but with your dark skin, and the fact that both you and Jeanne are shemales will make you quite popular indeed."
Barocca stared at Rhiannon in shock, with her mouth open.
"If you thought that I was rough with you, or that some of things I could do to transform my body were wild, just wait'll you've been on Cinnebar for a while. You will see a fair amount of human customers, as our race isn't the only humanoid one in the universe.
"But you'll also see beings that have organs in sizes and shapes that I can't even begin to describe, as well as other sexual configurations besides just 'male' and 'female'. I figured from the way you carried on at the Island, that sex was the major dominating factor in your life, so now you're going to a place that'll be able to drown you in it!"
Rage was burning in Barocca's eyes, but she was too flabbergasted to say anything.
"That expression on your face is priceless, Barocca," said Rhiannon. "I'm sure that they'll get a kick out of that, back on Earth."
"What the hell do you mean by that?"
"I mean that we're filming this little conversation. See that flickering red light up in the corner? That's a miniature video camera. This has all been filmed. Calista is gathering all this up, and editing it into a video file to send back to Dee Dee and the girls on the Island. I figured that they ought to know just what's become of you and Jeanne, after you left. That little laptop that Calista bought on Earth is good for something after all. We tied it into our communication system earlier in case we ever needed it for something like this."
By now, Barocca was livid. She spun around and faced the camera. "Well since you're filming this for my friends back on Earth, let 'em watch me and hear this. Jeanne and I are gonna be back to settle up accounts, and that's a fucking promise! I don't know how long it'll take us, or what we'll have to do, but you haven't heard the last of us!"
"Strong words, girl," said Rhiannon. "Now take some advice from me. If you want to be able to survive to carry out your revenge, you'll learn to curb your tongue, and do whatever you're told, while you're on Cinnebar. Zelda doesn't take any lip from anyone in her business. And if you really want a thrashing, just try pissing off some of the clients she entertains. They'll be scr****g you off the bed with a blotter, if you're not careful."
Barocca simply glared at Rhiannon with hate and disgust.
"You've learned your first lesson, by not retaliating and arguing further with me," said Rhiannon. "There may be hope for you yet, Barocca. You and Jeanne have got two weeks, before we're close enough to beam you to Cinnebar. Jeanne didn't look like too good today, but they'll put her on vitamins and antibiotics, so that she'll be as good as new by the time we're in range. In the meantime, head back to the kitchens. There's a mountain of dirty trays and utensils in there with your name on them!"

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