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B7 Chapter 12 Epilog - The Island

Chapter 12: Epilog - The Island

Dee Dee was in her quarters, placing an on-line order for a replacement door for her lab, when the phone rang. It was Jordan, and she was with Summer. Either one of them had finally checked a computer and gotten the message, or someone had seen it, and relayed it to her and Summer. Dee Dee tried not to berate them too much over the phone, and had them promise to come to her quarters right away.
Dee Dee was still attending to details on her computer, when there was a knock at the door. Without bothering to see who it was, Dee Dee assumed it was Jordan and Summer.
"C'mon in, girls. It's open."
The door opened, and an instant later, there was a thud at the door, followed by an excla-mation of pain from Jordan.
"Jordan, you've got to be more careful," scolded Summer. Both girls were still at their near seven-foot height. "That's the second time you've bonked your head on a doorway."
Dee Dee turned around at the noise, and her mouth fell open in shock as she stared at Summer and Jordan.
"Uh, hi, Dee Dee," Jordan said with an embarrassed smile, as she massaged her fore-head with her palm.
"What in the world happened to you, Jordan?" asked Dee Dee.
"Well, I was lying in the bed in the infirmary, and then Summer came in a little later."
"One thing sort of led to another, and we got carried away with each other," added Summer.
"I should've known better," said Dee Dee. "Everywhere Jordan's gone on the Island, there's been a trail of wild sex closely following in her wake," she muttered. "This also confirms my suspicion about what happened to the bed in the infirmary. The two of you must've climbed on it together, and it nearly collapsed. It wasn't meant to support two bodies as big as you."

"That's what we wanted to tell you about, Dee Dee," said Jordan. "We don't always have to stay at this size."
"Jordan, I've been trained as a doctor. That sort of stuff only happens in the movies or in comic books."
"I didn't expect you to believe us, Dee Dee," said Summer. "So we'll prove it to you."
With that, Summer and Jordan concentrated, and they quickly shrank to their normal height. A moment later, they transformed back and forth again before Dee Dee's eyes.
"Wonderful," muttered Dee Dee. "I spent all those years in medical school, only to see you two nymphomaniacs tear down everything I learned." She paused and thought for a mom-ent. "All right, this isn't the end of the world. If you two are careful, you should probably still be able to fit in and coexist with the rest of the girls."
"But we haven't changed any, Dee Dee," said Jordan. "We thought our new size would be a plus for things we could do for videos, and things like that."
"That will be a bonus for the business end of things," admitted Dee Dee. "But stop and think about what's happened here recently. When Ebony ****d Jeanne, even though it was someone else possessing her, it still scared the hell out of a lot of the girls on the Island, because of her incredible size. A lot of girls are going to be afraid to go near her, because of that. If you two go near girls in your new size, I can't guarantee what their reaction is going to be to you."
"You mean that we're going to have to be extremely careful whenever we have sex with anybody, and only use our new size on a limited basis, until they get used to us," said Summer.
"It'll be like walking on eggshells for a while," said Jordan as realization dawned on her.
"That's an understatement, if I ever heard one," said Dee Dee. "Now don't spread this around to everyone, but just between the three of us, here's what I think has happened to you two girls.
"Summer, your case is easy to figure out. Vantha and Rayleena lost control of their hormones earlier, and they actually 'gifted' you or transformed you into what you are now. As incredible as that sounds, your situation is actually the easiest to explain.
"Jordan, you're another story entirely. You were given several pills to help your body adapt to everything we put you through, when we initiated you here, in the early days. On top of that, I gave you your cock all at once, instead of in gradual doses, as I ordinarily do to girls. And then with the fracas going on with Barocca's attempted hostile takeover of the Island, I gave Jordan's balls some additional help one night. That's how she can produce the tidal wave cum shots that she does. On top of that, Rhiannon went overboard earlier tonight, and temporarily transformed Jordan, so she could create clones of her for a short time, and have her revenge on Barocca.
"So to make a long story short, Jordan already had enough chemicals in her body to open up a pharmacy. Her feisty personality only added to a dangerous mix. And then the two of you no doubt had sex several times tonight, further transferring all of those juices back and forth between your bodies. Somehow, enough of what was in Summer mixed with everything in Jordan, giving her the ability to change size at will also.
"This obviously won't change the way that you two are right now, but I thought it might help if you knew the reasons why."
"Okay, sorry for the speech," said Dee Dee. "In the future, I'll leave that to Tiffany. Once she finds out that you two are 'different' now, I know she'll want to call a meeting to explain everything that's happened to the other girls on the Island; although I think she was going to do that anyway. I also got an e-mail from Calista, on the Vectran starship earlier tonight. She's going to be sending me a video clip that'll tell us what finally happens to Barocca and Jeanne.
"Try not to lose control for the next couple of days. I'll try and break the news to Tiffany gently about what's happened to you in the meantime."

“Okay, that’s one fire put out for now,” thought Dee Dee, as Jordan and Summer left her lab. “Now for the next one.” She picked up and the phone and had Tami come to her office.
Once Tami arrived, Dee Dee laid out the next step in tying up the remaining loose ends from the wild weekend.
“Tami, I need for you and one of the other ‘normal’ girls to make a trip to the mainland and clean out the hotel room that Barocca and her girls were staying at. We need to get anything of ours that they may have left in the rooms, specifically the various pills and the backup tape that they stole from my lab. The last thing we need is anything that can be traced back to the Island or my lab.”
“Sure, Dee Dee,” replied Tami. “I’ll be glad to help. I know Debbie will be glad to go with me as a partner. She was so upset when she found out that she was inadvertently responsible for some of what happened by putting in that new phone line in Barocca’s quarters, that she’ll be anxious to go with me.”
“I can’t say I blame her for what happened,” said Dee Dee. “Lord knows Barocca’s prob-ably used her good looks and charm to get her way in the past even before she came to the Island. Debbie just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time with her.
“And after the hotel rooms are cleaned out,” continued Dee Dee, “you and Debbie will get to go on a little scavenger hunt.” She pulled a printout from the tray of her printer and gave it to Tami. “This is a list of a half dozen FedEx, UPS Stores and Kinko’s Office Stores that I put together from Domonique, Persia and Veronica. The cameras were still running as everything happened to Barocca from Rhiannon in my lab that night. When those three girls saw that, they were falling all over themselves to cooperate, and try to get back in our good graces again.
“Barocca was really serious about sending off some kind of exposé to newspapers, TV stations, and anyone else that she could think might listen to her.”
“My gosh, those things are like little time bombs, waiting to be mailed off,” said Tami.
“Exactly Tami. That’s why it’s vital that we get a hold of all of them and destroy them. We know where they’re all at. I figure the old-fashioned way of two pretty girls showing a little cleavage, flashing some smiles and some cash if necessary, should be enough to get all of those back in our hands where they belong. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll try stronger measures.”
“Hey, if they say ‘no’ to me and Debbie, we could always send Ebony the next time.”
Dee Dee’s eyes widened in surprise as she imagined Ebony enforcing her will on someone on the mainland. Then she gave an exasperated laugh.
“That’s only as a last resort, Tami,” she giggled. “Only as a last resort.”

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