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B7 Chapter 11 Aftermath

Chapter 11: Aftermath

After being spun completely around on Rhiannon's massive cock, Barocca had finally had enough. Her tortured body could take no more, and she was nearly u*********s. By now, Rhiannon's pillar of flesh was fully supporting Barocca, and was the only thing keeping her upright. Rhiannon stood up, and now Barocca was supported on Rhiannon's cock in a horizontal position, like some obscene shisk-a-bob.
Across the room, Calista's communicator made a series of beeping noises. "Answer that damned thing and take a message, or else tell them to call back later, Calista!" shouted Rhiannon. "Haven't you had enough yet, brat?" asked Rhiannon, turning her attention back to Barocca. "I'm warning you, I can keep this up all night long girl."
"All right, I give up," Barocca gasped, the sensation of being raised and lowered so often was almost making her stomach turn over. "I'll tell you what you want to know...."
"Now you're finally being sensible for the first time since I've been here," said Rhiannon.
Rhiannon leaned closer as Barocca grudgingly named her source for acquiring the alien software. The name barely escaped her lips, and only Rhiannon was close enough to hear it.
"I should have known as much!" exclaimed Rhiannon. "Vantha, Rayleena, get this slut off of me. Now!"

The two Vectran women grabbed Barocca by the shoulders, and with their superior strength, yanked Barocca completely off of Rhiannon's cock in one sweeping motion. Jism poured out of Barocca's pussy, and she collapsed in a corner of the room, panting and gasping for breath.
"After all these years, I should've known better," Rhiannon muttered to herself. "That little prick in the Pentagon thinks he's so fucking smart. I knew there had to be a reason he alerted us to be on the lookout for the possibility of our technology being used in the near future. He was the one that made it possible for Barocca to have it in the first place!"
"What are you ranting about, Rhiannon?" asked Dee Dee.
"I finally got some straight answers out of Barocca here, and they've started to make this whole puzzle make sense to me."
"Well I wish you'd let the rest of us in on it," said Tiffany. "Aside from you putting my girls in the infirmary, I can't make heads or tails out of a lot of what's happened tonight."
Rhiannon glared at Tiffany, and barely kept her temper in check. "Don't push your luck with me s****r! I may have a one-track mind, and do things in my own way, but I get results!" She focused her thoughts, and her cock shrunk to normal size, and then disappeared from between her legs. After a moment, she regained her composure, and spoke to Dee Dee and Tiffany.

"To make a long story short, I think Barocca called in a favor, or somehow managed to get copies of our software from a certain political bastard in Washington; that's how she created all the havoc on Dee Dee's computers. He's the very same fellow who was the main liaison between Earth and the Vectrans when we came back to reclaim the explorer ship Vega, over thirty years ago. When your people handed our ship back to us, it had been gutted of every electronic and technical component in it. My superior officers wouldn't let us do anything about it at the time. He acted like he'd pulled off the swindle of the century, and grinned like a damned Cheshire cat all the time. Well now, I've got the proof that I need to pay that little son of a bitch back, big time."
Rhiannon donned her clothes again as she spoke. "First things first. Vantha, Rayleena, contact the ship and beam up. Now that I know for certain that our contact in Washington hasn't been honest with us, he's going to learn the hard way that it doesn't pay to screw around with us. Once you're back on the ship, have the girls in data systems pull up everything that they possibly can on him, and print out a hard copy.
"While they're doing that, contact Janna in the transporter room, and have her set the coordinates for his office in the Pentagon. It'll take her a while to fine-tune it to such a small setting, but I know she can do it. Our contact may have advanced while he was in the agency, but his office hasn't changed, according to the last communiqué that he sent us, which I had traced.
"Hard to believe after everything that's happened so far, but it's still the middle of the night. You'll have several hours before people start to arrive for work there. Since you'll be transporting in, you won't have to worry about the security checkpoints normally associated with it. I want you to work quietly and effectively, and make sure that he gets the shock of his life when he comes in to work the next day."
"We're on it, commander," said Vantha. She contacted the ship and gave them her coordinates. A moment later, she called back to Rhiannon. "Sir, the officer on the command deck says it's urgent that they speak to you as soon as possible."
"Don't they teach these girls anything in officer's training school nowadays?" muttered Rhiannon. "Can't anyone up there make a decision on their own? Tell them that I'll be beaming up shortly. We're almost done down here."
"Yes sir," said Vantha, both girls soon vanished in the transporter beam.

"Calista, you and Dejah get over here, and start removing all of our technology from Dee Dee's computers. I want her to supervise you, so that you don't accidentally do anything to the programs that are already on them. But when you're finished, there'd better not be so much as a byte of our data left on them."
"Right away, commander," said Calista. She and Dejah began uninstalling the Vectran software. Dee Dee produced the CD 's which Barocca had originally obtained and handed them over to Rhiannon.
"Thanks again, Dee Dee," said Rhiannon. "Ordinarily, I don't misplace things like this, but tonight has been unusual, to say the least."
"Frankly, I'm glad to be rid of these things," replied Dee Dee as she watched the Vectran girls work. "I've managed to turn us into shemales as you see us now, without too many ill effects. But ever since Barocca got a hold of your software, things just started to snowball." She pointed to the single computer at the end, which had been confis**ted earlier. "Don't forget to wipe out the hard drive on Barocca's PC too. That's the little monster that started everything."
"I'm glad you remembered that, Dee Dee," said Rhiannon. "I hate loose ends."
"I don't blame you for being angry, after everything that's happened Rhiannon," said Dee Dee. "But aren't you getting a little overconfident, thinking that they can get into the Pentagon, just like that?"
"I want you to remember a couple of things, Dee Dee," replied Rhiannon. She turned to Tiffany and the other girls in the room. "First, I'm sorry if I've lost my temper a few times while I've been here. With the exception of Barocca here, all of your girls have treated my crew and me extremely well, and I've enjoyed meeting all of you, not to mention everything else that we've all been able to do with each other. I don't mean to mock your world, but our technology easily outpaces anything that you have. So if I tell my girls to do a mission in the Pentagon on short notice, I know that they can do it."

Rhiannon turned to watch Dejah and Calista as they worked on Dee Dee's computers. "How's the work coming along over there, girls?"
"We're almost done, sir," said Dejah. "I just have to take care of Barocca's old PC, and then we're done." Calista's communicator suddenly activated and beeped again. She lifted it to her lips and spoke into it. Calista's face suddenly became grave, after speaking with the Delphi 4.
"Commander, the officer on the bridge says it's very urgent that they contact you," said Calista. "They've received a number of messages from Base Command in the last few hours."
"Like that doesn't happen a dozen times a day, anyway," grumbled Rhiannon. "Whoever said 'it's lonely at the top' never had my job."
"Sir, these have all been coded 'alpha-red-tango'. They can only be opened by your vocal pattern."
Amazement and concern appeared on the face of Rhiannon. Base Command didn't use the voice activation code often; it was for when they only wanted commanders and high-ranking officers to know about things. For them to send several messages in such a short time must mean that something big was up.
"All right, give me your communicator, Calista. Dejah, finish up the job on Barocca's old PC." Rhiannon spoke into the device. "This is the Commander. Link me up, and I'll take all of the messages down here." A moment passed as the messages were downloaded. She activated the message application, and then opened them with her voice password.
A small holographic screen appeared in the air next to communicator in Rhiannon's hand. All the other girls in the room could see were several lines of alien text on a dark background. As she read the contents of the messages, Rhiannon's face grew pale, and her fists shook. "I don't believe this..." she gasped, as she closed the application.
"Sir, what's wrong?" asked Calista.
"Homeworld has been attacked!" exclaimed Rhiannon. "They're recalling every ship in the fleet for an all-out retaliatory attack. That even includes exploration and research ships out here in the middle of nowhere, like ours."
"How did it happen, Commander?" asked Dejah.
"The details are still unclear right now. All I know is that the capital was attacked by terrorists. Then the next day they declared war on the attackers, and they've been massing for an attack of their own ever since."
"All right, this changes everything," said Rhiannon. "Our visit here is over, as of now. We've just about got all of the details wrapped up down here anyway, thank goodness.
"Dee Dee, Tiffany, I don't mean to be rude, but this takes priority over any fun and games we might have had a chance to enjoy, before we left."
"That's understandable, Rhiannon," said Tiffany. "We'd feel the same way if something like this happened to us."
"Okay then," said Rhiannon. "Calista get the ship on the communicator again, and tell them to lock onto our coordinates for beaming up. There'll be five of us."
"Wait a minute..." said Tiffany. "There's only four of you here now. What are you thinking of doing?"
"I'm taking my 'buddy' Barocca along with us for the ride," retorted Rhiannon. "I've only just begun to pay her back for the way she's acted."
"But you can't do this to me..." wailed Barocca.
"Girl, don't even think about trying to tell me what I can or cannot do," growled Rhiannon. "I've figured out a little bit about how you girls operate on this Island of yours. You've already cut most of your ties, so that few, if any people will miss you from your regular lives. You all probably had to do that because of the way you've transformed yourselves."
There was an icy silence in the room.
"And I may be going out on a limb here," added Rhiannon, "but would I be correct in assuming that Barocca isn't the most popular person on the Island?"
"You hit the nail on the head there," said Tiffany.
"After that stunt she pulled with Jordan, half of her own girls wouldn't have anything to do with her," said Dee Dee.
"If you're offering to take this bl**dy strumpet off our hands, we'll help her pack," added Clyda.
"Looks like my hunch about you was right, Barocca," said Rhiannon. "But aside from teaching you some manners, there's another reason you're coming with us. Jeanne's going to need some company as she recuperates from surgery."

Again there was stony silence in the room.
"That's right, Barocca," said Rhiannon. "It was your scheme for bringing our technology to the Island, which resulted in Ebony being transformed, and Jeanne being ****d the way she was by her. Even though someone else possessed Ebony's body when it happened, if you hadn't pulled the stunt you had, this wouldn't have happened."
Anger and grief played across the face of Barocca. She couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't exacerbate the situation just now.
"Now if there are no more objections, we'll be on our way," said Rhiannon. "Once we're back from our tour of duty, we'll see if we can't manage to get back here, and drop Barocca and Jeanne off. I can't say just when that will be, but rest assured, we'll put both of these little troublemakers to work while they're with us. Dejah, Calista, grab Barocca and get her ready. We'll find some clothes that'll fit her on the ship."
"Oh by the way, I forgot one thing," added Rhiannon. "We've got a boat moored in one the little bays of this Island; it's how we got out here in the first place. As a matter of fact, I also saw another one out there, which I'm assuming belongs to Barocca. I'd suggest that you get someone to take them back to the main harbor."
"Thanks for mentioning that," said Tiffany. "If they get listed as missing, people will start looking for them, and they might eventually end up here. I'll have it taken care of."
Awkward silence filled the room, as Rhiannon and the Vectran girls, along with their prisoner, vanished in the glitter of the transporter beams. Dee Dee, Tiffany and Clyda were not alone in disliking Barocca, but none of them had expected such a nightmarish turn of events to result in their finally being rid of Barocca from the Island.

"Well, all I can say, is I'm glad that that's finally over," said Tiffany with a sigh of relief.
"Amen to that," added Clyda. "Maybe now, we can finally get back to normal around here."
"I say we all return to our quarters, and get some sl**p," said Tiffany. "Then we'll see about picking up all the pieces. But first, I'll call the infirmary and have some girls sent here to take Ebony there, so she can recuperate."
"While you're at it, tell them to bring another, and have at least one of them stand guard outside the door in shifts," said Dee Dee. "Until I can get a replacement installed, I want to have some kind of security for this place. But now with Barocca gone, hopefully there won't be any-thing happening."
"I'll also give Ramirez a call," said Tiffany, "and tell him to come by the Island with some extra bodies, so that he can return Barocca and Rhiannon's boats back to the mainland. We don't need anyone out searching for them, and then stumbling on to us."

Half an hour later, Dee Dee left her lab, leaving one girl posted as a sentry. She followed the other girls as they wheeled Ebony to the infirmary. They transferred Ebony to a bed, and made sure her vital signs were stable, and made her as comfortable as possible.
Dee Dee looked around the room. The rest of the beds were empty. "Tami, where the heck is Jordan? She was supposed to be here."
"Oh, my gosh," Tami exclaimed. "Dee Dee, I'm sorry, she must've left when I went out to watch what was happening in your lab on one of the monitors."
"While we're at it, what in the world happened to this bed?" Some of the bottom support pieces were bent, and nearly broken. "Wasn't this the bed Jordan was in?"
"I think so, Dee Dee. It looks like it almost collapsed from a heavy weight on it."
Dee Dee massaged her forehead with her palm. "It figures. Everything else has gone haywire tonight, so I don't know why I expected this to be any different." She went to a com-puter and sent a broadcast message to everyone, telling Jordan and Summer to report to her quarters, as soon as possible.
"Call me when Ebony revives, or if there's any change in her condition, Tami. I'll be in my quarters."

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