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B7 Chapter 10 Rhiannon's Revenge

Chapter 10: Rhiannon’s Revenge

Barocca finally rounded the last corner, and arrived at Dee Dee's lab. She gaped in astonishment when she saw the burned hinges of the door, and the main portion of it lying in the floor of the room.
"Where the hell is Jeanne?" shouted Barocca. "What did you bastards do to her?"
"Well, look what crawled out of the woodwork," said Rhiannon. "Dee Dee, I thought you had this girl under lock and key, after everything she's done?"
"With everything going on, she must've been overlooked in all the confusion."
"After all I've done?" shouted Barocca. "Where's that bitch Ebony? She's the one that ****d Jeanne!"
"Jeanne is in a safe place, where they're trying to save her life," replied Rhiannon. "And watch your tone of voice, girl. You're still in enough trouble as it is."
"I don't know where you've been Barocca," said Tiffany, "but we found out that someone had possessed Ebony's body, and then used it to **** Jeanne."
"And you expect me to believe that cock and bull story?" exclaimed Barocca.
"Believe whatever you want to believe, girl," retorted Rhiannon. "My girls and I went out of our way to break in and stop Ebony, and try to get things back to normal here."
"How do I know that you and your girls didn't just use that as an excuse to get your rocks off, and fuck more of us senseless around here?" shouted Barocca.

Rhiannon was growing more and more irate. "You are treading on mighty thin ice, Barocca. Didn't you learn your lesson, when I let Jordan have her way with you, earlier tonight?"
"At least Jordan got into it, and showed some interest in me, when she did it!" yelled Barocca. She was so angry, she wasn't thinking clearly. "All you did was fall asl**p on me, like a d***ken slob, when we were alone!"
"That is the last fucking straw!" shouted Rhiannon. "Barocca, you've shot your mouth off at me for the last damned time. You've had this coming to you ever since you stole our software the first time, and now you're gonna get it!"
Rhiannon sat down on the edge of one of the platforms, and began her 'deep breathing' routine, as she prepared to alter her body once again. After seeing what Rhiannon had done to Jordan earlier in the night, Barocca knew she was in for trouble. She tried to make a run for the door, but Vantha and Rayleena blocked her exit.
"You're not going anywhere honey," said Vantha. "Rhiannon's got a big surprise for you."

All of a sudden, Rhiannon's entire body flushed, and turned a darker color for a moment. But as she turned around to reveal herself, it was what hung between her legs that captured everyone's attention, and froze Barocca in horrified fascination. What protruded could not have been called a penis by human standards, for it was closer to the girth of a weight lifter's forearm. It was literally like a small python, hanging down a foot long, and was so thick, that it almost completely hid her huge balls. Even though only semi-erect at the moment, it was beyond anything Barocca had ever seen, even in her time on the Island.
"Vantha, Rayleena, bring that smart ass bitch over here now," ordered Rhiannon. "I thought that being fucked once earlier tonight with Jordan would've been enough to teach her some manners, but it appears that I was mistaken."
"Listen to me good, Barocca," continued Rhiannon. "I've been trying to figure out how you got our software to this island in the first place. And now I'm gonna drag that information out of you."
Barocca was dragged over before Rhiannon. Her eyes bulged with fright at the sight of the massive column of flesh between her legs. "No, wait! I'll tell you everything you want to know!"
Rhiannon leaned so her face was close to Barocca's. "I know damn good and well you'll do just that, sweetie. But I'm gonna have some fun with you first." She pushed Barocca away. "It'll be just a minute, while I get things ready for the 'grand opening' here."
Rhiannon concentrated, and the cock between her legs began to change. Now her cock slowly rose so that it was jutting out from her crotch like a girder of steel. The length stayed the same, but the girth swelled even wider. Barocca could actually hear the skin stretch and expand, like a balloon filling with air. The urethra shaft on the front was bigger than any 'normal' cock she'd seen before coming to the Island, and Rhiannon's balls swelled up until each one was bigger than her fist. A network of veins stood out along the sides of the shaft like ivy on a wall. Barocca stared in shock at the sight before her.
"I see you still know enough to be impressed, when you see a world-class cock," said Rhiannon evilly. "But trust me honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. Now you're going to get to experience it firsthand! Vantha, Rayleena, take over!"

Without warning, Vantha and Rayleena each grabbed Barocca by the arm, using their superior strength to easily lift her up into and air, and hold her as if she weighed nothing. Barocca was held so that she faced away from Rhiannon, while Vantha and Rayleena looked into her face.
Vantha looked at the terror-stricken Barocca. "Closing your eyes won't help you girl. Don't you want to see Rhiannon's cock when it's hard? All that nice hard meat you enjoy so much will be up inside your cunt in a few minutes." Barocca felt dizzy, light-headed. A part of her prayed they were only k**ding, but she groaned as that horrible realization of her fate hit home.
Rayleena helped expertly guide Barocca into position over Rhiannon. "Nice juicy pussy meat." Rayleena reached down with one hand, grabbed Rhiannon's cock, and aimed it. All of a sudden, Barocca felt what seemed to be a red-hot softball pressing against her cunt lips from below. With a shock, she realized it was Rhiannon's cockhead.
"No," Barocca screeched. "No!"
Rayleena rubbed the blunt end of Rhiannon's stiff cock, and gathered a handful of precum it was already oozing, smearing it up and down on the puffy lips of Barocca's cunt until they glistened wetly. Barocca squirmed and wiggled in a vain attempt to avoid what would happen next.
"No more stalling up there," growled Rhiannon. "We're gonna do this now!"
With head of the monstrous rod against her vaginal lips, Rhiannon gave a light thrust from below, and Rayleena and Vantha pressed down on Barocca from above at the same time. Barocca cried out in fright and pain in the realization that despite being stretched to extreme limits, her pussy had only taken in the head of the phallic instrument of torture she was about to receive. Barocca tried to twist herself off, but was unable to move very far as the other girls pinned her on Rhiannon's cock.

"Oh, shit," groaned Barocca. "The damned thing's nearly tearing me apart."
"That's the general idea sweetie," said Rhiannon. "But don't think that you're getting off by only taking the head of me inside of you. We're just getting started here."
With that Rhiannon bucked her hips upward and the whole length of her cock went rigid as it began to plunge deep inside Barocca's cunt. At the same time, Vantha and Rayleena shoved down on Barocca's shoulders. Rhiannon jabbed forward, and her slippery shaft slid easily through Barocca's clamping cunt lips. The head of her cock found the vulnerable target and Barocca felt slide into her like a hot knife cutting through butter.
"Aiee!" Barocca screamed. Her head snapped back. The pain was nearly unbearable! Hot searing flashes of agony ripped through her body. Barocca's head dropped, and she nearly fainted. Insane sensations ran through the wild nerve ends of Barocca's body as she was held to her obscene position, with raised legs and soft breasts sticking out, while she was skewered on Rhiannon's massive cock, the heavy, mushroom-shaped head feeling like a lead weight between her legs.
"You think that feels like a load now?" Rhiannon taunted. "Just wait'll I get warmed up!"
Rhiannon focused her energy. She was breathing heavily, her lips trembling. Eyes blazing, she clenched her fists, and directed all of her will power to her cock.
Suddenly, Rhiannon's cock grew at a fantastic rate for a short period of time. Barocca could feel herself being lifted up at a dizzying rate, just like on some sort of carnival ride. In seconds, Rhiannon's cock had become another foot longer. Barocca squealed in terror, and flailed her arms and legs.

"Now you're gonna find out what it really feels like to be fucked by me tonight!" cried Rhiannon. "That time earlier when you d**gged me doesn't count."
Rhiannon jabbed again, plunging eight hard, thick inches of cock into Barocca's pain-racked body. Another ear-splitting scream came from Barocca's mouth as her body went into spasm. "Get her out of me! I can't stand it!" she exclaimed. But her pleading eyes got no sympathy from either Vantha or Rayleena.
Barocca screamed again as Rhiannon jabbed the rest of her cock into her cunt. She shook uncontrollably. Her body felt as if it had been split in two with a red-hot poker. The pain was excruciating. Everything started to spin, and her vision blurred for a moment.
As Rhiannon plunged into her cunthole, Barocca screamed. She twisted her hips, but it only made Rhiannon's cock go in deeper. She tried to flail her arms, but Vantha and Rayleena held them in place. There was nothing she could do but accept her fate.
"She's in," Vantha squealed with delight. "Rhiannon's buried balls deep!"
The pain seared Barocca's brain. Tears streamed down her face. Her features were contorted in agony. Her howling, retching screams only added to Rhiannon's pleasure and aroused her further.
Rhiannon's balls were now rumbling, heavy with cum. The white fiery liquid churned inside her swollen nuts. Her cock swelled, stretching Barocca's pussy hole even more.
Barocca's head snapped back as she bucked, twisted and moaned while Rhiannon impaled her.
"I've only just begun to fuck you, Barocca," Rhiannon hissed at her. I haven't even started to have fun yet!"
"I think Rhiannon's getting turned on," Rayleena whispered evilly, seeing the telltale signs. "Now the fun really begins."
Rhiannon paused her penetration of Barocca for a moment. "Don't say that I didn't give you a chance in this, girl. Are you ready to tell me what I want to know now?"
Barocca couldn't see Rhiannon's face because of the way that she was positioned, facing away from her, while impaled on her cock. Barocca managed to suck in her breath, and somehow summon up her courage. "Go to hell," she exclaimed through clenched teeth.
"Very courageous girl," muttered Rhiannon. "And very foolish too."
Rhiannon now turned herself to the task of fucking Barocca's tight cunt in earnest with each stroke of her prick. Rhiannon's cock was like a piston pumping into her and she screamed out as she impaled her. Vantha and Rayleena added to Barocca's misery by lifting her partway off Rhiannon's shaft, and then brutally shoving her back down on it.
Any sexual experience Barocca had ever had on the Island paled into insignificance as she received the deepest, most powerful of all fucks.

Barocca was holding over eighteen inches of huge Vectran cock in her cunt, and she felt even more of it ramming up against the back of her tunnel. She groaned and her cunt muscles started twitching by themselves, as Rhiannon pumped her dick in and out, each time going deeper and deeper still, until amazingly, she held the entire length of her huge shaft in her wet, ever-stretching pussy. When she felt her hot, steamy crotch rubbing up against her clit, she looked down again in shock to see Rhiannon's cock clearly outlined against the surface of her belly.
"You're lasting longer than I thought you might girl," said Rhiannon. "But you have to realize that this is a fight you can't win. Are you ready to talk yet?"
Although her face was contorted with pain and anger, Barocca gritted her teeth and shook her head.
"Have it your way, girl," replied Rhiannon grimly. "It's your funeral."
Again Rhiannon focused her will on transforming and enlarging her cock. The huge column of flesh grew like the beanstalk in the fairy tale, adding yet another foot to its massive length.
Vantha and Rayleena stroked Rhiannon's cock in their hands, and caressed her bulging balls. Rhiannon arched her back, lifting her ass off the platform and thrusting her cock deeper into Barocca as the other two girls held her in place.
Rhiannon thrust upwards again, and Vantha and Rayleena shoved Barocca down at the same time. Barocca gasped, her breath nearly knocked out of her. Rhiannon's cock fucked into her cunt, almost another foot of it burying itself inside her. Barocca braced herself and gritted her teeth, feeling a fantastic stretching that made her eyes nearly pop out. Barocca could feel Rhiannon's thrusts so deep within her she wasn't sure where they were going, and her eyes rolled to their whites as she grunted and bucked.
Barocca's cunt was stretched out to a terrible proportion that must have hurt her dearly.
Vantha and Rayleena held her arms as Rhiannon continued to f***e her cock up her. It looked like Rhiannon's cock was almost bigger than Barocca's torso.
Again, Rayleena and Vantha her pushed back onto the cock. Rhiannon grabbed Barocca's curvaceous ass cheeks and pushed her huge pole further into her. Barocca couldn't take the giant protuberance. She wanted to escape from the insane r****g of her loins.
Rhiannon's prick mashed Barocca's flesh as if she were made of clay. Barocca's cunt was sopping wet, as another couple of hard inches of cock pushed inside her and she sucked in air from the pain. She groaned in place for a long minute. Her face was red as fire and her ass cheeks were flushed a rosy color.
"I'm almost three feet deep into you Barocca," Rhiannon said, her voice suddenly grave. "I may very well split you in two girl, unless you answer my questions! Just tell me what I want to know, and it's all over."
Now Rhiannon stood up from the platform. At first, Barocca thought that she might fall and land on her belly while still impaled. But Rhiannon's cock was so strong and massive, it held her like a tree limb. Barocca was now suspended like she was floating over the ground, Rhiannon's immense shaft holding her up with no trouble at one end, with Vantha and Rayleena standing at the other end.

Rhiannon's hips quivered as she thrusted into Barocca from this new position. She moaned loudly as more of her huge cockhead stuffed her pussy. Rhiannon humped again, ramming at least eight more inches of her cock into the Barocca's pussy. The girl squirmed madly, her eyes wobbling. Vantha and Rayleena grabbed Barocca's ankles, spreading her legs even farther as Rhiannon plunged even more of her gigantic prick in and out of her cunt.
As Rhiannon reamed out her cunt, Barocca shrieked, her eyes rolled back into her skull. Rhiannon shook her head, her hair tossing back and forth as she humped, ramming her huge pole up the pussy of Barocca, sliding her gleaming cock in and out.
Finally, the relentless pounding from Rhiannon stopped. "That's quite a box you've got between your legs, Barocca. I can't remember when anyone has taken this much of me, when I'm at this size."
Now Rhiannon reached down and out, grabbing Barocca's hair, and twisting her head back, so that she could see her face. "Fun is fun girl, but if you ever hope to get that pussy of yours back to normal, you'll tell me what I want to know!"
"Go fuck yourself," hissed Barocca.

"All right, smart ass, that does it!" shouted Rhiannon. "Hold this bitch still, while I lay on my back again. She's gonna get the full treatment. She's gonna get a 'three-sixty'!"
The other girls in the room stared in shock and fascination at Rhiannon's words. After everything that had happened so far, they were amazed that Barocca had not submitted yet.
Now Rhiannon let herself collapse slowly back onto the bed, on her back. Barocca felt herself rise up again in the air, and she felt her stomach nearly turn over. Without warning, Vantha and Rayleena each gripped one of Barocca's ankles, and brought her legs nearly straight up, so that they were pointing towards the ceiling. Barocca grunted in pain. It was only thanks to her conditioning and her training in the past as a dancer, that she was limber enough to do this without tearing her groin muscles. Next each Vectran girl clamped her hands around one leg and one arm of Barocca, holding them together.
All of Barocca's limbs were now immobilized by the superior strength of the Vectran girls. It also completely exposed her pussy, with almost nothing to obstruct it from Rhiannon's massive cock.
With a powerful thrust Rhiannon's massive lance found its way even deeper into her body. Barocca was nearly going into shock, and she thought she felt the monstrous cockhead brush against the underside of her breastbone.
At the same time, Vantha and Rayleena began their murderous portion of the 'three-sixty' treatment. They began spinning Barocca in circles, like a human top, using their strength, and passing one set of arms and legs to the other.
What had been excruciatingly painful earlier, was now multiplied a dozen times or more to Barocca. She thought her pussy was literally being torn apart from the inside out, as she spun about on the rock-hard column of Rhiannon's cock. Her stomach was already heaving from the incredible ordeal, and Barocca thought some of her internal organs might be wrenched loose or damaged from the pain she was feeling. Barocca's screams of pain and agony rang out loud and long in the room.
Now Vantha and Rayleena added the final touch. Using their alien strength, they began lifting Barocca up and down, at the same time as they were twisting her on Rhiannon's cock.
"Oh fuck, yes!" Rhiannon cried out from below. "That's gonna do it! I'm gonna shoot!"
With demonic satisfaction Rhiannon began thrusting faster and harder, as Barocca convulsed mindlessly.
Rhiannon groaned heavily, shuddering with waves of pleasure, and jetting her semen deep inside Barocca's cunt, splashing against the cervix with such f***e that Barocca felt like she was being washed out by a power hose.
Finally, Vantha and Rayleena let up on the twisting and turning of Barocca's body. They released her, and Barocca's arms and legs flopped limply at her sides.

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