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B7 Chapter 9 Caught In The Act

Chapter 9: Caught In The Act

The Enchantress had had to use several spells and exert herself to an extraordinary degree to free herself from Ebony's body, and escape from the f***e of Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls who were having their way with her, while she possessed Ebony's form.
With a rush of energy, she felt her astral form enter her body again, back in her own dimension. The expending of such amounts of energy had almost resulted in an explosion. Her chambers had shaken as though in an earthquake, and this time the Enchantress had indeed tipped her chair completely over backwards. But at least she was relatively unharmed, except for her pride, and free to plot her revenge.
She struggled to rise to her hands and knees, to free herself from the weight of the chair. Her long blonde hair was disheveled and covered her face, making it difficult to see. Shock at what had just happened, along with anger and rage began to rise in the Enchantress. She was just now beginning to free herself, and was already planning what type of revenge she would invoke, when she received a rude interruption.

Suddenly, a cloud of vapor appeared in the center of her chambers. An instant later in the center of the cloud, there appeared the stern visage of the all-father. His dark blue eyes glared at the Enchantress, as she finally succeeded in getting out from under her toppled chair.
"Lorelei!" came the stern voice of the all-father. The Enchantress suddenly realized that the amount of f***e and energy necessary to free herself had not gone unnoticed.
"Despite my command, you have again seen fit to meddle in the affairs of the mortals."
"But my lord, I can explain..." she stammered.
"Silence! Not only have you ignored my word, but I did indeed witness what you attempted to do while your spirit possessed the mortal girl."
The Enchantress knelt there, knowing that she would face the wrath of the all-father.
"Even for a goddess, your impudence and treachery know no bounds!"
By now, the Enchantress knew that anything she said would only make the situation worse for her.
"Know for certain that you shall indeed be punished for this transgression," said the all-father. "And since you are so concerned with the pleasures of the flesh, I shall let your punishment fit the crime." With that, the cloud of vapor vanished, and the all-father's visage disappeared.
The Enchantress finally rose to her feet, and smoothed her hair back into place. She was not surprised when none of her powers worked, as well as all of the doors to her chambers were now locked. The all-father had effectively neutralized all of her abilities, and imprisoned her in her own chambers. She had no choice but to wait until he summoned her again, and she would find out what her punishment would be.

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