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B7 Chapter 7 Summer Sucks Jordan

Chapter 7: Summer Sucks Jordan

Jordan held still on the bed, as Summer leaned in for a closer look at her crotch, her eyes fixed upon steadily growing bulge in her panties. Before Summer could do anything, Jordan's body began to tremble. In seconds it was growing, and Jordan could feel her skeleton enlarging.
"Holy shit, now I'm doing it too!" cried Jordan, as she felt her body transform. After a few moments, Jordan finally stopped when she was roughly the same size as Summer in her bigger state, just less than seven feet in height. "Man, I'm glad that's over," moaned Jordan, as her body finally stopped shaking.
"The first time is usually the roughest, until you get used to it," said Summer. "You ought to see your cock and balls, Jordan. They look like they're gonna be every bit as big as mine."
"I'd like to see them, too," muttered Jordan. "My frigging stomach is so big, I can't even see my feet right now." All of a sudden, Jordan began to feel her stomach rumble and tremble. Before both girls' eyes, her bloated tummy began to reduce in size. Jordan could feel the strange sexual energy from Summer's juices spreading throughout her body, making her feel stronger and more powerful in her new size.
Jordan's cock and balls were included in the transformation. They were absolutely huge now, barely held in place by her panties, which were rapidly losing the battle.
Slowly, Summer brought her face down and nuzzled the one Jordan's swollen nuts in her scrotal sac. Overwhelmed by the powerful scent of Jordan's sex, Summer's tongue darted out and stroked her testicles and shaft. To her surprise, Jordan felt her own cock swell to mammoth proportions, bursting the flimsy fabric of her panties to shreds as she became incredibly aroused.
Jordan moaned deeply as she felt Summer's hands prodding and fondling on her cock. Summer's eyes widened in surprise as she felt Jordan's prick grow into a steel-hard erection, her balls swelling tightly in her sac.

Jordan sat up on the edge of the bed now, admiring her monumental erection. She didn't have a ruler, but she'd been around Ebony often enough to know that she was an inch or two less endowed than she was. Jordan began lightly stroking her prick, and fondling her balls.
"This is in-fucking-credible," Jordan exclaimed. "Okay, Summer. Now I want to see your tool again. Since we're the same size, now we can really have some fun together," she purred.
Jordan stood face to face with Summer and lowered her head down to her crotch, licking the base of her cock, encouraging her to transform to her larger size, and show off her matching phallus. Summer gently pushed Jordan away, and stood with her feet slightly apart. After a moment of concentration, Summer was suddenly as tall as Jordan was. She smiled and presented her own bulging appendage to Jordan for her inspection, and prepared to enjoy the moment.
Summer, experiencing a sexual happiness she thought not possible in her life, with a contented sigh, focused her efforts on making her organ erect. She turned her head and gazed at Jordan, and who nodded in approval. Summer smiled, looking at her, her buttocks twitching with excitement and anticipation.
Jordan watched excitedly as her lover's penis filled with bl**d and became erect in front of her. She felt her body tingle with energy, her nipples tingling in anticipation, her desire to experience this magnificent being Summer had become. Trying not to rush, and to still make it a night they'd never forget, Jordan gently nuzzled Summer's cock, then licked along its entire length gently with her tongue, while Summer ran her hands through Jordan's hair affectionately.
Holding slightly still, Summer moaned deeply, shivering as she felt Jordan's hot, slick tongue upon her shaft. She groaned, her eyes blinking slowly as she was pleasured in such a way she thought she never would be, thanks to her incredible size; she had almost given up hope of that before this night. Summer felt more loved, wanted, appreciated, and desired than she had ever felt before in her entire life.
Responding to the signals Summer's body was putting out, Jordan's passion intensified. She changed her position beneath Summer, and gently took her monstrous cockhead into her mouth, continuing to lick and stroke it. At the same time she signaled Summer by spreading her legs wide and showing off her own prodigious erection to her.

Jordan paused in her efforts long to murmur to Summer, "Let's get comfortable on the bed here. I want you to be able to taste my prick too." The lust in Jordan's eyes signaled her affection for Summer, while her cock was already slowly releasing copious amounts of precum to encourage her.
Both girls broke things off long enough to hop onto the bed. The supports for the matt-ress groaned and nearly buckled under their combined weight, but neither one of them even noticed in their passion.
Summer groaned deeply, as she arched her back slightly, forcing her cock into Jordan's mouth. She leaned further forward and started to lick around the exposed portion of Jordan's cockhead, sucking deeply. She shuddered at the incredible taste, warmth, and feel of Jordan's prick, and that encouraged her to lick her even more ardently. Jordan took Summer's cock deeply into her throat and sucked it eagerly to begin tasting the sweet shemale jism. She moaned as she felt Summer's soft tongue explore her prick, causing it to grow even harder, feeling the semen begin to boil in her balls.
Summer moaned, forcing Jordan's shaft further down her throat, her velvety lips closing snugly about it as she sucked contentedly. Her hips bucking occasionally, sending her own organ deeper into Jordan's mouth, probing at her throat.
Ecstatic at arousing and being so aroused by such a wonderful and beautiful creature as Summer, Jordan thought for a moment what it would be like to actually fuck her, or to be fucked by her, later tonight. Just then, Summer bucked her hips, sending her long and sweet tasting cock flesh deeper down her throat; and as Jordan felt her soft mouth upon her own prick, she absolutely knew she had to experience that later. Jordan moaned happily as she began milking her lover's enormous shaft in earnest.
Summer groaned as she felt her pussy nearly melt and reform from the glorious sensations coursing through her body, and her eyes rolled back as she continued to thrust steadily in and out of Jordan's mouth, all the while lunging her own mouth further forward down on Jordan's shaft. Summer moaned deeply, sucking with all her might on the throbbing, aroused member in her mouth and throat. She could feel her cock preparing to discharge its load into Jordan. Sensing the point of no return, the two lovers gripped each other with such a f***e that their knuckles turned white.
Having never felt this kind of stimulation of her cock before, Jordan grunted and started thrusting lustily into Summer's throat. She suckled the shaft of Summer eagerly, swallowing even more, pulling it deeper into her throat, desperate to have it fill her belly with sweet, shemale seed. She felt her own surging passion building to the penultimate moment, ready to release her own emission into Summer's welcoming gullet.
Summer grunted, realizing that in this moment that her world was changing and her view of life, love, sex, and even herself might never be the same. Her body tensed incredibly and the colors of her mind's eye exploded in spectral brilliance. With a muffled squeal, her body spasmed and propelled her seed down Jordan's throat. Meanwhile Summer summoned all of her strength as she swallowed more greedily upon Jordan's prick, her eyes closing tightly as she engulfed her, eagerly awaiting her response.
Jordan shuddered as she felt the first spurts of Summer's cum rush down her gullet and into her belly, almost losing her balance. Immediately afterwards, she thrust hard, spasmed, then released her own supply of creamy jism, spurting powerfully into Summer's mouth in a f***eful flow of pure sexual strength.
Jordan ejaculated with a f***e and intensity that made her whole body tremble with each throbbing pulse. As she continued to gulp down Summer's seemingly endless supply of hot scalding cum, filling her belly with warmth, she too realized her former life as a 'normal' amazon was over; her coupling with Summer like this was changing the very way she viewed sex.

Summer groaned in delight as she felt her new lover's cream erupt down her throat. Likewise she knew a bond, heart and soul, with the magnificent woman she was feeding off of was being more firmly established with each gulp of her essence. She continued squirting into Jordan, her hips bucking with each pulse, her climax washing over her body powerfully.
Jordan felt her body shudder with pleasure as she and Summer fed from each other in astounding quantity. Belly full and her supply of juices nearly drained, she sucked hard on Summer's shaft one final time. She contracted her thigh and groin muscles to expel the final few drops of her own seed into Summer. Totally spent, Jordan felt dizzy and unstable on the bed. Her legs felt weak, like she was on the verge of collapse from orgasmic exhaustion.
Summer puckered her cheeks as she sucked the last of Jordan's sperm from her penis, before she pulled back slowly. Summer lowered herself from the bed to the floor. She nearly collapsed on the ground, looking at her mate, panting deeply, a sheen of sweat upon her skin. Summer blinked slowly, dreamily, admiring the sleek, body of her Jordan as she began to catch her breath.
Jordan saw Summer stagger and reached out to her with her arm, almost causing herself to be pulled off of the bed as well. She tried valiantly to keep Summer upright for a moment, but finally half-rolled, half-fell to the floor next to her. Feeling more embarrassed than hurt, Jordan looked into Summer's eyes with hungry, devoted, loving passion. Slowly, Summer embraced Jordan and stroked her sweaty breasts, licking her throat and stroking her buttocks with her hands.
Jordan purred softly and reached out to her mate and cuddled her body against her own, drawing Summer's belly against her own in tight embrace as she kissed her lips and wrapped her arms around her lover completely. Each girl's cock was still turgid and pointing upward, and the feeling of them mashing into the other's tummy and breasts was exhilarating.
Snuggling closer to Jordan, Summer panted softly, eyes closing as she rested with her newfound mate. For the first time in on the Island, she felt safe and secure. No more struggling for acceptance among the other girls she did not know yet. She knew Jordan would love her with all her heart while she was on the Island.

"I can't believe how good that was," Summer finally managed to say.
"That makes two of us," said Jordan. "It was beyond anything I'd ever thought was possible, and I've seen a lot here."
"Just wait'll we have a chance to actually fuck," said Summer.
Jordan's eyes lit up in surprise as the realization hit her. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go a find a room where we can really cut loose. Which of our quarters is closest?"
"I think mine are nearer," said Summer. "This was fun, but these beds aren't made for having sex in, after all."
A few minutes later, they arrived in Summer's quarters. As they embraced in each other's arms, a puzzled expression came over Jordan's features.
"You know, Summer, back in Dee Dee's lab was fantastic just now. But what am I gonna do if I'm stuck at this size now? I can understand why you were so upset earlier."
"Well, I'm not a doctor, but I think if I can change my size at will, I think that you might be able to do it too. Concentrate really hard on making yourself shrink back to your normal height."
Jordan knitted her brow in concentration. It took several minutes, but she finally returned to her original height.
"That's a relief, but that really took a lot out of me."
"Try doing this, Jordan." Summer explained some of the basic mind control techniques that Vantha and Rayleena had taught her earlier. "They're meant to help me make my cock appear and disappear, but I found that I could apply them also to help me change size easier."
After a little coaching and practice, Jordan found that she could change size at will, almost as easily as Summer could. Now the two girls stood locked in each other's arms, kissing and embracing with passion.
"And now it's my turn to pay you back, you little minx," said Summer with a grin. "When we first met here, you fucked me until I thought my box was gonna turn inside out. I'm gonna pay you back with interest now."
"I always knew you'd be a real wildcat in bed, Summer. I wanna feel you scratch my belly button from the inside with that big cock of yours."
With that Summer and Jordan leaped for the large bed in Summer's quarters. For several hours, the rest of the world ceased to exist for them, as they made love to each other with their incredibly large new cocks.

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