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B7 Chapter 1 Jeanne At Ebony's Mercy

Chapter 1: Jeanne At Ebony’s Mercy

Calista, Dejah and Kristal rounded the corner, running as fast as they could. The three Vectran girls had made it back to their quarters in record time, and retrieved their tote bags, which contained their laser pistols and communicators. They stopped at the door to Dee Dee's lab where Rhiannon and the other girls from the Island were anxiously waiting for them.
"It's about time you three made it back here," Rhiannon addressed them curtly. She promptly plucked two of the laser pistols from them, and handed them to Vantha and Rayleena. The last one, she let Calista keep, as the three girls began cutting away at the deadbolt locks, which held the door shut. "Set these on the absolute highest setting they've got, girls. I don't care if you burned the blasted things completely out. If we're lucky, they ought to cut through these pieces of steel in just under half an hour."

Far away in her dimension, the Enchantress grew even more aroused as she watched the transformation of Ebony, after she had emerged from the strange machine in the laboratory. Never had the Enchantress seen a creature so starkly powerful, and so overflowing with sexual energy as Ebony was now.
After a moment, the Enchantress' carnal desires overcame her. At first, the goddess had been content to cast a spell that enabled Ebony to use the machines to transform herself. But her spell had worked even better than she had dared to hope. For too long, she had observed the mortal women on this planet as they pleasured themselves in their shemale forms. Seeing the girl called Ebony in her present state was too much for the Enchantress. She had to have the experience of feeling a cock between her legs, and using it on another being.
The Enchantress summoned her powers, and momentarily stopped Ebony, as though she was frozen in time. Now the goddess cast another, more difficult spell, which would allow her to project her mind, or her essence into the body of Ebony. This would give her full control over Ebony's mind and body, and allow her to experience all the incredible sensations of having a cock, and using it to have her way with the other mortal girl. She would not have total control and coordination over Ebony's body, unless she stayed in it for a number of hours. The god-dess decided that it would be worth the risk, having noted that Ebony had already barricaded herself in the laboratory. Less than an hour should be more than enough time for her to experience the joys of the flesh in this manner.
Again the Enchantress concentrated, and made the necessary commands to complete the spell. She suddenly felt as though she was rising up out of her own physical body. For a moment, she had a glimpse of herself as if she were hovering high overhead. Then the goddess' essence began a journey covering unmeasurable distances of space and time. There was a feeling of intense cold, as she crossed the depths of space. Next there was a sensation as though of landing in a pool of some thick, viscous liquid, which was growing thicker and heavier all about her.
Finally, the sensation changed until what she had sensed as a liquid of some sort solidified and became the arms, legs and body of Ebony. It took a moment for the Enchantress to become oriented in her new body. Although it was human in form, it was vastly larger than any human form she had ever seen. She quickly found her balance, and glanced about the room, seeing Jeanne strapped to the table, quivering in fear. Then the Enchantress looked down at Ebony's massive member, thrusting out from between her legs. The feelings of sexual power and lust that began coursing through her body were unlike anything she had ever felt before.
"This is absolutely incredible!" she cried. Her voice was changed now, as Ebony's vocal chords attempted to produce her tone and speech. It came out as a bizarre cross between the two voices of the different women. For the brief time she was here, the Enchantress decided to use another spell to allow her to speak in the language of the women of this planet.

For a moment, Jeanne had thought there might be some type of last minute reprieve, as Ebony had stopped and then backed away from her for a moment. Now she knew that there was truly no escape.
The monster that Ebony had transformed into stood before Jeanne and positioned her softball-sized cockhead at Jeanne's pussy entrance. The realization of her imminent **** filled Jeanne's mind with terror. Ebony's phallus was clearly of a lethal size.
With one violent shove, the Enchantress pushed roughly, so that the massive cockhead popped completely inside her. Jeanne bellowed her suffering, her internal flesh stretched near to bursting. Gripping Jeanne's hip with a hand so large it could almost wrap around a basket-ball, the Enchantress steadied herself to push further, shoving her pole in deeper.
Jeanne squirmed frantically on the platform, kicking spastically, trying to extricate the intruder from her inner depths. Her slim belly already showed the outline of the Enchantress' cock. Jeanne's screams became more hysterical, crying rivers of wet tears down her cheeks, held helpless while the Enchantress pushed her member into her.
Jeanne's cunt suffered unimaginably as Ebony's cock jammed through her cervix, entering her womb and then plunging deeper. The outline of the plunging tool went farther up Jeanne's girlish frame. Horrified, Jeanne could see it under her skin, threatening to push out her abdominals grotesquely. Jeanne's brain was on fire with pain. No torture that she could conceive could compare with this **** of her body. But the Enchantress had only just begun.

Outside the lab, Dee Dee and Tiffany were pacing frantically, as they watched the three Vectran women cutting away at the door to the lab.
"I feel so fucking helpless," said Dee Dee. "There must be something we can do."
"I feel the same way," said Tiffany. "Let's just hope that they get the job done quickly."
Throughout the Island, almost every girl was glued to a monitor screen somewhere, as they watched the scene unfolding in Dee Dee's laboratory. As word spread about what was happening, one of the girls turned on a monitor in the room where Barocca was being held.
Barocca watched in horror as the form of Ebony advanced on Jeanne. She had no way of knowing that another being now possessed Ebony. All Barocca saw was one of her friends in mortal danger.

Now the Enchantress pulled her cock nearly completely out, leaving just the head in, and the sensations were like nothing that the goddess had never felt before, fucking her cock in and out. She lunged forward with her cock, and Jeanne was wracked with wave after wave of gutting pain. Her tears shooting from her eyes, her mouth curled in scream after tremulous scream. Her tits bouncing in perfect time to the inhuman fucking she was getting, knocking together on occasion.
The Enchantress was slowly but surely eviscerating Jeanne as she was strapped to the platform. Fucking her hard and fast. Reaching out to her, her massive hands again took vise-like grips on Jeanne's tits, kneading them fiercely and yanking the nipples.
The piercing rock hard tool of the Enchantress could sense the pounding of Jeanne's heart, and it drove her to even more brutal efforts. Pulling nearly out again, the Enchantress rammed her cock into Jeanne's body with devastating f***e and a murderous impact.
The Enchantress fucked Jeanne even deeper. She felt her cock pound its way up under her ribs, fucking upward towards her collarbones and neck. The goddess paused to turn her attention to Jeanne's face. She wanted to watch her face strain with fear and agony, as she pushed her cock further into her.
By now the terrible screams from Jeanne could be heard outside in the hallway.

"Can't these damned things cut any faster?" Tiffany exclaimed at Rhiannon.
"These are the most powerful things you've got?" asked Dee Dee. "Didn't you say you're from a starship?"
"Hell yes, we've got all sorts of hi-tech hardware that could do all kinds of damage, if we chose to use it," retorted Rhiannon. "But you've gotta remember something. I'm sticking my neck out far enough as it is, taking my ship off course, and leading an unauthorized landing party onto your planet; not to mention what we're doing now. I am not going to take a chance and let weapons from my ship with a potential for nearly unlimited destruction loose on your world."

Jeanne's face nearly broke apart as her screams tore from her throat. She jerked convulsively as the unnatural act of accepting the gigantic member shocked her entire body. The massive spearhead inside her moved her entire body back and forth, shooting pain greater than birth straight to her brain. Her body felt like a million volts of electricity were coursing though it, setting every nerve ending on fire with pain.
Each and every thrust from the Enchantress brought wrenching, soul searing screams from her victim. Her screaming went on and on and on. Jeanne's body bounced with each fuck, breasts shaking with her assailant's **** rhythm.
Jeanne's body was pounded like a jackhammer, her insides punched and hammered without mercy by the progress of the Enchantress' massive sex spear.
Jeanne wailed at the top of her lungs, tears flowing down her face. She felt like she was being split in half and the pain was unbearable. Her body was rocked with each impact of the Enchantress' mighty thrusts into her. Jeanne felt as though her internal organs were being forcibly moved within her as the Enchantress' hard straight cock slowly turned Jeanne's body into a tight sheath for its pleasure.
Now Jeanne felt the mammoth cockhead begin to hammer into her lowest ribs from the inside out. Jeanne was no longer able to regulate her breathing, alternating between desperate intakes of air and hyperventilating. Now each in and out fuck was causing Jeanne double the stretching pain. The frenzied Enchantress increased her tempo, driving into Jeanne.
Jeanne screamed long and loud. She was writhing in pure agony and had never experienced anything remotely so painful. She screamed again and again as she struggled to endure the excruciating ordeal.

The Enchantress felt herself shoot past the point of no return, and her massive cock began throbbing, as her heavy balls began to empty their load into Jeanne. She screamed out in triumph and ecstasy. In her passion, the Enchantress began crying out in her ancient, native language.
Jeanne watched in total agony as her body below the navel began to expand outward from the liquid pressure. Still the Enchantress was firing gallons of cum into her. The pain of her insides bursting was more than Jeanne could take.

"For god's sake, it sounds like Ebony's killing Jeanne in there!" shrieked Dee Dee.
"Aren't they through that fucking door yet?" cried Clyda.
"I don't like listening to this out here any more than you do!" exclaimed Rhiannon. As used to death and v******e as she was from a career in the military, Jeanne's screams were awful to hear.
"At least we don't have to watch this, since there aren't any monitors in this hallway," said Vantha. "Imagine what the rest of the girls on your Island are seeing!"
"It looks as though they're almost through," said Rhiannon, as she examined the door. "Until then, there isn't a damned thing we can do except offer a prayer for Jeanne."

The Enchantress pulled back one final time and then sent every inch of her monstrous dick up into Jeanne's body. Jeanne's eyes rolled back into her head so that only the whites were showing, and her body went into shocked convulsions.
The Enchantress' groin now pressed up flat against her crotch, her invading penis impaling Jeanne completely. The Enchantress climaxed long and hard and plunged her heavy cum-spurting dick into Jeanne's sperm-filled body endlessly. Every time she jammed her cock into the girl's pussy, there was a wet squishing sound from her massive pole hitting against Jeanne's soaked flesh.
Still not satisfied with her release, the Enchantress kept on humping the broken body of Jeanne. Suddenly, all rules of normal anatomy were shattered by the cock of Ebony, now possessed by the Enchantress. Jeanne's head lurched back at an unnatural angle, and her mouth gaped open. An instant later, great gouting streams of jism erupted from Jeanne's mouth, landing everywhere and splattering loudly on the floor.
The Enchantress did not know or care how she had caused this phenomenon to occur. Her abilities as a goddess may have helped make possible what should normally have been impossible for the human body to do. The sight of the incredible spectacle before her caused the Enchantress to cry out in her native tongue, shouting her triumph to the world.
Finally, the Enchantress pulled her humongous cock out of Jeanne's mangled pussy. As she furiously pumped her shaft, and sprayed Jeanne's body and the surroundings with her spray, an ugly mixture of sperm and bl**d began to slowly spew from between Jeanne's legs.

"I'm through," cried Vantha. Seconds later, Rayleena finished cutting through the second deadbolt.
"The third one's gone too!" said Calista.

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