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I was very horny

I woke up feeling pretty horny and wanted to suck cock and get fucked last week. I remember a friend told me of Parrot’s Bay Conservation area where a lot of guys cruised, so I thought I check it out. So I showered and put on some of my sexiest panties and a nice pair of stockings. I love to dress and become a little cum slut. I just love sucking cock and swallowing cum and I love having my willing ass fucked. I drove to the park and went to the area my friend said where all the fun is. There was a few cars some with guys in them. I got out and had to walk close to this one car with a guy in it. I looked at him and he looked at me and pointed down to his crotch. I smiled and walked over to his car and looked in his window. YUM he had his pants down and was stroking his cock oozing with pre-cum. I licked my lips and he patted the passenger seat. That’s all I needed but the area was way too public, so I waved him to follow me into the woods and found a nice private area went right down on his cock. First licking all that pre-cum from his head. His cock was about maybe 7 inches with a nice pointed head. I drove my head all the way to the hilt and sucked hard. The guy most have been horny, he pushed my head down hard and started fuck my face fast. I loved it. He let me suck on the head again and began fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. Sure enough before long he let out a long moan and filled my mouth with his sweet cum. It was great spurt after spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed it all. I made sure to clean his cock real good and told him thanks. He left back to his car and now I was really horny had to have more CUM.

Well I was horny to get my ass fucked. I walked down the path a ways and found a good spot and waited stretched out on a blanket in the grassy area. Pretty soon this older guy came down the trail. When he got close, I went into my routine and when I turned around he just licked his lips. Hmmm!! So I started for the bushes and he followed me. I pulled down my shorts again leaving my sexy crotchless panties on and bent over. When I turned around the old guy was stroking his a nice thick cock and still licking his lips. I got on my knees and lick the head of that nice thick cock. He pulled me up and turned me around and pulled my panties down. I bent over and I got a good surprise. The guy went to his knees and his tongue went right for my hole. He went crazy moaning and licking my ass. God that made me hot! He got up and shoved his cock into me in one swift move and I moaned and said DO Me Good!! And he did he fucked me for at least 15mins. He finally gave out a moan and pumped his warm cream up my ass. And dam he dropped to his knees again and starting sucking his cum from my ass. God that made me hotter. He got up and turned me around and grabbed my head and gave me an open mouth kiss. I loved it, tasting my ass and his cum almost made me cum. But he wasn’t done. He fell to his knees and started sucking my cock. I came right away and he took it all. He kissed me again and his mouth was filled with my cum and I loved it. So I went to my knees and cleaned his cock up real good. I told him that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.. We said goodbye. I left the park then with the sweet taste of cum and ass in my mouth. And promised to return.

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