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Watching my young wife fuck old neighbor

My wife Kayla and I started dating in high school and got married shortly after graduation. She is 19 and I am 20. We have been in love ever since the day we met, I fell in love with her the second I met her. She walked into my history class and I almost fell to the floor. She had long blonde hair, Blue eyes and she wasn't really tall but her body was stacked. The first time I had sex with her I didn't last very long because I couldn't get over how amazingly sexy she was. We got are own place after we got married and started the party life of being on our own. People we knew would come and party at our place and the guys would constantly ogle her. I never had to worry about her cheating on me but she would intentionally wear sexy outfits at parties to make the other guys insane. She would make out with me and guys would stare at me like "How did he end up with her?"

Me and my wife never talked about swinging or sharing but one night it just kinda happened. We had met a neighbor of ours his name was Jimmy, he was about 50 years old but you would have never guessed. He would always invite us over to have some beers or watch a football game and was just the coolest guys. He would tell us all kinds of dirty jokes and old stories of girls he had sex with. He would always stare at Kayla but It was another case of you can look all you want but don't touch. One night we went over to his place and got completely hammered. and were blasting the music some of which was Jimmy's old school rock and roll. My wife had turned into her usually kind of self when she was d***k and got very flirty. She had a beer in her hand and was grinding against me with the music. Jimmy just sat on his couch and was looking her body up and down.

She was wearing her low cut pink top, a pair of pink short shorts that said "PINK" on the ass of them and she had her hair in pigtails. She was sexy as hell that night but that was how she normally dressed. After awhile I had ran into the kitchen to grab some more beers and I heard her laughing with Jimmy and saying how "I bet you used to be all over the ladies". "Yea" he said "I used to please a woman or 2 in my day". I peeked around the corner and watched how she gave him a teasing kind of lap dance while he sat on the couch. She put her arms around his head and shook her hips left to right. His eyes were filled with a look of lust.

I watched from the kitchen as she continued to dance for him, she turned her back to him and sat on his lap and moved her hips side to side again when I saw her smile and turn to Jimmy with her mouth open she giggled. I looked to see what she was shocked about. His cock was so hard you could see it in his jeans. She whispered something to him and they both laughed. She turned and sat right back on his lap and swung her hips on his cock. As she did she closed her eyes and had a sensual look on her face. I was turned on and shocked at the same time. All I could do is sit and watch while I watched her work her sexy body on his cock. I knew by the look in her face she was horny and wanted to fuck.

I almost wanted her to fuck him at that point, she looked like she was ready to pounce on him but the fact she still knew I was there she couldn't. So I came up with an idea, I said from the kitchen that we were out of beer and I was going to make a run to get more. Kayla asked if I wanted her to come with, No I said, you stay here with Jimmy and I'll be right back. I left the house but instead of getting in my car I walked quietly up to the window that looked into the living room it was opened a little bit and there was just enough space between the curtains that I could see in. She continued to dance for him until he said "Do you wanna see it?". She didn't speak but put her finger up to her lips and nodded. He smiled unfastened his belt and pants and dropped them to his knees and reached into his boxers and pulled out his big hard cock.

It was about 7 1/2 inches and thick with grey pubes and it was very veined. She smiled and said "Wow" as she giggled. He looked at her with his cock in his hand and said "Is your husband this big?" She smiled and shook her head no. She danced for him a little more as he stroked his cock. After awhile he stood up and pulled his pants and boxes off and threw them to side and sat back down. She said with a very shy look "Can I touch it?" He nodded and smiled as she grabbed a hold of him and started slowly stroking him. He moaned and tiled his head back as she started to speed up jerking him faster and faster. With his head back he said "Suck it". She smiled and hesitated for a second but than got on her knees in front of him and began slowly easing his cock in her mouth.

He let out a groan as she slowly worked her head on his cock. She licked his cock up and down and would stop to flick her tongue on his balls. He grunted and moaned as she tried to deep throat him but gagged. "Again" he said,she tried again but gagged. He reached out and grabbed her pig tails and began pushing her head down on his cock making her gag each time. After awhile of sucking him he stood up, picked her up and sat her on the couch. He said to her "I wanna taste that sexy pussy" She smiled as he got on his knees and slid her shorts off exposing her shaved little pink pussy. He started licking her pussy lips as she grabbed her tits and moaned. Her back arched as he jammed his face in her and licked and sucked on her pussy. He slid one of his fingers in her as she let out a grunt.

He must have eaten her out for about a half hour when she said "Fuck Me" She smiled and stood up and took his shirt off and reached down and pulled her top and bra off and began sucking on her tits. He slid her ass to the edge of the couch and grabbed her legs and spread them as he started sliding his cock in her little sexy body. She let out a loud moan as soon as the head of his cock was in. He very slowly eased every inch of his cock in her as she gripped the couch. "Oh that pussy is so wet and tight" he said. She smiled and began moaning louder and louder as he began thrusting faster and faster. Her body shined from the sweat and Jimmy groaned every time he thrusted his cock into her. She started moaning louder and louder saying "Don't stop" until her back arched about 5 inched off the couch as she let out a scream as she came all over him.

He was breathing heavy as she laid there quivering and moaning. "Taste that pussy" he said and she sat up on the couch and began sucking his wet cock. He sat on the couch and she climbed on top of him as he guided his cock back into her as again she let out a moan. He grabbed her ass with both hands and began rocking her on his cock faster and faster until she put her head on his shoulder and let out another scream as her body shook on top of his. He smiled as she sat there exhausted. She laid on her stomach on the couch and he got behind her and began fucking her again. He laid his body on top hers and was kissing her neck as he fucked her shaking body. She moaned and moaned as he grabbed her pigtails again and pulled her head back as he thrusted faster and faster.

He pulled her up and began fucking her doggie style. Both of there bodies we covered in sweat as this 50 year old guy fucked my young wife. He pounded her from behind until he let out a loud groan and said he was going to cum. She got up and began sucking his soaked cock until he said "I'm cumming" and let out one more groan as he shot a ton of cum all over her face. It was in her eyes, hair and mouth. Her face was covered in cum as she looked up at him and said "That was so good". He smiled back at her and began getting dressed and sat on the couch as she grabbed her cloths and went into the bathroom. I waited until she came back out and walked back into the house. They were both sitting on the couch just talking as she looked at me when I walked in and just smiled. I told them the liquor store was closed and she said that was fine cause she was exhausted and wanted to go home. As we left Jimmy and her looked at each other we a sneaky smile. As we left the house I noticed that she still had his cum in her hair. I asked her what that did while I was gone. She smiled and said we danced for awhile, That old guy has a lot of spunk.

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