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Why me

Jen couldnt have been more excited, after 5 years she finally receaved the promotion and raise she desrved along with a nice bonus, She had commited herself totally to her job. working late and weekends, she only had 2 dates in the last 5 years, a relationship wasnt high on her priority list, she knew she could have advanced sooner if she had played the game or at least those were the rumors, but she wasnt prpared to trade sexual favors for advancement.
To be honest she wasnt all that interested in sex, although she wasnt a virgin, she never really enjoyed it the few times she did, all through high schhol she concentrated on her studies and never really had a date until college, and it seemed the guys only wanted one thing, so she learned that giving a good blowjob was her way out of intercourse, she saw it as the lesser of two evils, so she learned to be very good at it, the quicker she could get the guy to cum the better.
Now Jen was a very pretty woman, the girl next door type, 5-7 and 120 lbs, nice well shaped legs as she was always an athlete of some sort, well rounded behind, slim waist and a nice d cup , long light brown hair, a few freckles on her nose as well as her chest,, just enough to add to her cuteness. but she didnt see herself that way, a late bloomer ,the years of being teased as the dorky girl had a lasting effect, perhaps thats what gave her the drive to suceed in other areas.
So with her bonus Jen decided to take her s****r Lori with her on a long overdue vacation, they were going to spend a week in Puerto Vallarta , she planned everything, had all the excursion, booked and paid for before they left,
They arrived the first evening and decided to go mingle, now her s****r was the blacksheep, always been a beauty, great body and a ddd cup size, which always attracted the guys, so they got into the free drinks, Jens s****r having 2 to her one, , about 11 P.M Jem said "ok Lori, we should go, remeber I have the shopping excursion in town booked for tomorrow and I dont want to miss it" " OK why dont you go and Ill be up in a bit, I just want to relax a bit more" Jen didnt like the sound of this but her s****r wouldnt let her down,
Jen woke up the next morning to the sound of moaning from her bathroom, she went and looked and her s****r was sitting topless with her head over the bowl,
"what happened to your top" asked Jen" I lost it, no someone took it, I dont know" and with that she heaved and threw up , " wow. I guess Im going solo today , go to bed and get some sl**p"
Jen quickly showered and got dressed for the day, she wasnt sure what to wear but knew it would be very hot, she put on her new cotton bra ,which didnt add any support but she really didnt need it , a button up top and decided it would look cute if she tied it in a knot above her belly button, showing off her flat tummy and a little tennis skirt, she looked in the mirror and with a nod of approval headed to the lobby
the bus arrived , it wassnt very big but she found a seat against the window, at the next hotel the bus filled more but she was still alone, at the last stop the bus filled and a couple got on, the wife had to sit up front and the husband a very big man, about 6-4 amd 300 lbs sat beside her, forcing her against the window, he seemed freindly but she didnt really want to visit, as the drove along the highway to town his elbow seemed to be pressing against the side of her boob,"an accident Im sure she thought, he really had no room",
Jen felt a very cold blast of air from the A/C directly over here head as it kicked into high, she shivered, " are you Ok " he asked" Im freezing, I wasnt dressed for this" 'I see that " as he looked down at her,"want me to warm you up" she laughed and with out even thinking she said "Id love that" he took his cue and put his arm arond her shoulder, pulled her towards him and with his other arm reached across and started rubbing her arm, of course this resulted in his forarm rubbing against her tits, " Um I OK , now but thanks" " No your not , your skin is frozen,even your tummy" as he moved his hand to rub her tummy,as he moved his big hand across her she could smell the alchohol on his breath, he was vigourously rubbing, she wasnt sure if he was actually trying to help or just being a pervert, then he moved to her thighs rubbing quickly up and down one then the other" dam your in great shape." his hand was rubbing a little higher than she was comforatable with, bur he was strong, a couple times she felt his fingers just touch her panties . she squeezed her legs and he must have noticed because he stopped and statred rubbing her arm again, " is that helping sweetheart?" " yes im better now ,thanks" " your welcome, I always have to do that for my wife as well, she always cold, do you know what really helps" " no what" Jens nieve and trusting nature was kicing in, thinking he was really trying to help " have to do this for her" he moved his hand and cupped her breast, squeezing it in his hands, his huge hands, she grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away. he pulled he closed and whispered to her, " cmon, dorlin, let an old married man have a little thrill, no one will ever know" " what choice did she have , scream and make a scene, im sure he would deny it all, she let go of his hand, turned and looked out the window allowing him his freedom,
he undid the top 2 buttons, put one finger inside and she felt him pull her bra away from her boob, she couldnt believe she was allowing a complete stranger to look at her bare boob, it was a strange feeling , a bit of anger, embarassment but also a feeling that was foriegn to her, like she wanted him to touch her and look more
she kept looking out the window as he felt her up, playing with her tits as he wished,
they soon pulled into town, he removed his hand with out a word and she quickly did up her buttons
they all got off the bus, she had to get her barings ,her head was spinning, did that really happen, are people just more daring on vacation,she had never experianced anything like that, she just had to walk, about a block ahead she saw a littls crowd, there were some street performers, that will take her mind off things, she stod and watched as the danced and played a few instruments, then a small boy walked around with a bucket, asking for tips, she pulled her purse off her shoulder and threw a few coins in the bucket,
then she felt someone bump her, then a tug and her purse was ripped from her hands, "shit" she turned and saw a guy running away with her purse, without thinking she ran after him, he ran up a few streets but she was still close enough to follow, then he turned down another, up another, she was getting tired, she lost him, as she turned she saw him down a back alley, bending and going throught her stuff
She ran down after him" hey give me that back" " senorita, it is not safe for you to be here , go back" " not with out my stuff,keep the cash just give me my wallet and passport" " you must want it bad to chase me" " No I need it"
" ok here take it" he reached out his hand with the purse, she took a few steps and went to grab it but he pulled his hand back " Ok I am sorry here you go lady" she reached out again but this time he grabbed her wrist " let go of me, " she tried to fight but was tired from running, he threw the purse on the ground behind him, "if you can get by me you can have it" "please i just need my stuff, I wont call the police" " you go call them , they will never find me "
she moved towards him to walk by, he pushed her back, she tried again and again was pushed back, a third time she was pushed but this time she tripped and landed on her back, she was winded, when she looked up he was coming towards her but staring right between her legs, she then realised she was laying with her knees bent and legs apart, giving hin a great view of her panties, she quickly got up but he grabbed her by her hair,and pulled her so she fell to herknees, he went behind her and started grinding his cock on her heaed as he held her hair" let me go, please Ill get you more money I promise"
"its not about money now, he slid his hand down her chest, " Undo all your buttons" she hesitated" " undo them , now and your bra too" she started to cry as she undid one at a time and removed her top, then reached and undid her bra na dlet it fall to the ground, he leaned forward and grabbed her tits in both hands, kneading them roughly, pinching her nipples, then he pulled her hair to get her to stand still behind her he lifted her skirt,slipped one hand inside her panties while holding her hair with the other and began groping her ass, her perfectly round litle ass, " take your panties off"
Jen lifted her skirt and grabbed each side of her panties and started to lower them, "wat" he shouted, she heard his zipper come down and then his pants fell to the ground
" Ok now continue" she began pulling them down but realised she had to bend to get them off, he sensed thet and pushed her down
she slid her panties to her ankles
, she felt something slide between her legs,she looked from her bent position and saw his cock sliding between her thighs,he lifted it and she felt it slide along her pussy, back and forth, she watched as his cock slightly parted her lips, sliding along her, she could feel him putting more preassure, she watched the head of his cock slide along, her lips parting a little more each time, he was starting to enter her, she moved quickly away, " what are you doing bitch, you know you want it" " I know but let me suck your cock first I want to taste" "now your talking sinorita"
Jen knew what she had to do, she knelt down and grabbed his cock, lifted it and licked along the length, flicking her tongue on the tip, then licked again," quit messing around bitch and suck it" he grabbed his cock and started slapping her cheek with it, " Open your mouth" she did and he slid his cock in, she started sucking, moving her tongue, using all her skills,holding his base as she sucked franticly,moving her head,back and forth, sucking hard, it worked, he grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat, moaning,he fucked her throat while she gagged on his cum, tears running down her face but she did what she knew she had to,
No sooner had he stopped cumming and there was a yell, " hey what are you doing, leave her alone"
he grabbed his pants and ran off, she looked and saw the fat man from the bus coming towards her, "are you alright" " yes thanks again"
he ran up and lfted her to her feet, put his arms around her and gave her a hug, suprisingly it felt comforting, he began rubbing his hands on her bare back, his big hands on her smooth skin,, he looked around and led her over and he sat on a crate so he was closer to her height, hugged her again, his face buried in her neck, "I need to get dressed before someone comes" " dont worry Just calm down and realax, your safe now" she believed him
he had one arm around her slim waist, holding her against him,his other hand moved down and started rubbing the backs of her thighs, up and down moving higher, she was confused, did he know what he was doing, was it instinct,was he just trying to comfort me, his hand moved higher, slid along the crease between her ass and thigh, then he cupped her ass, his whole hand covered it, he squeezed. Jen tried to push away but his grip around her waist was to tight,"listen I just want to go back to the hotel,please let me get my stiuff and go" she felt his hand move from her ass, and slide between her legs from behind, his foot moved sideways and her legs parted catching her by suprise, his fingers were on her pussy, rubbing back and forth like the cock that was just there, he started kissing her neck, moving lower, kissing from one boob to the other and eventually start sucking on a nipple,at the same moment his hand found her clit, her knees went week, she grabbed his head and pulled it towards herself,he took the clue and tried to slide a finger inside her, he parted her lips and pushed, there was a lot of resistance, he looked up at her" are you still a virgin" " no, but probably as close as you will get"
that seemed to ignite him, he went back to sucking her nipples but harder, rubbing her clit and forcing his finger up inside her, he couldnt believe it
he stood up, towering over her, had her sit on the crate as he spread her legs, she knew what was coming, somehow felt she owed it to him; he pulled down his shorts, what a relief ,he was nt big, avaerage at best, but very hard, "lay on you back for me" she did what he asked, he put his hand on her throat, "ok grab my cock and guide in in" she reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock, he moved forward as she rubbed it alomg her pussy, parting her lips for him, she braced herself as he pushed forward, it seemed all his weight he pushed deep inside her,tears rolled from her eyes, but it wasnt as bad as she expected
"the best pussy i ever fucked " he grunted as he fucked her, his finger went to her clit and started rubbing. Jen was loving it, she loved the feeling, she could feel something building insde her, she started writhing, exploding, her fisrt orgasm, this is what she had been missing, her hips were bucking, which made him start to cum,as sweat pored down him he grabbed her hips and thrust in hard, her tightness making it the most intense orgasm he had ever had, he slowly pulled out ,looked down at her grabbed her hand and pulled her to a sitting position as he stood, "now suck my cock clean", he pulled her head toward him, at this point she would do anything for him and took him in her mouth, started the suction , he held her head"dont stop"he began fucking her mouth , after a few minutes she could feel him start to grow again, he began going faster ,fucking her mouth and throat antil he grunted and filled her mouth.
Jen got dressed and he e****ted her back to the main street, all the time telling her how wonderful her pussy was and it should be shared, she need to clean up sp she bought a bathing suit and jumped in the ocean to clean as best she could,
On the ride back she was happy to have a woman beside her, When she arrived at the room, she heard noises coming from the inside, she entered and saw her s****r on the bed with 2 guys, one of the guys looked at her and waved
"why not keep sharing "she thought to herseldf as she started to unbutton her top

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