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Mary gives up

Mary Campton is 40yrs. today she is married to John Campton 42yrs. they have three k**s April 20yrs. John jr. 17yrs. and Gina 15yrs. they live in a upper crest big house in a very well off development.
At 7am. Mary wakes to get the moring started as her hubby and k**s come down to eat no one says Happy B-day to her, her feelings hurt but she keeps her cool and says nothing. After the f****y leave she calls her close friends for lunch but all have plans already, her phone rings and John informs her he must go out of town and will not be home tonite. Mary lays around watching TV and crying feeling forgoten.. John jr and his s****rs tell her they are going to the ball game and she says FUCK IT I'M GOING OUT MYSELF.
Mary takes a hot bath then steals an outfit from her daughter does her hair and looking HOT goes to one of her old hang outs forgeting it has been 20yrs the last time she was there walking in sitting at the bar looks around and sees people half her age and as she starts to get up to leave a women about 32yrs. and very pertty says please do not leave let me buy you a drink PLEASE do not leave me with these k**s! The two women sit drink and talk for the next 3 hours till Mary says we've been talking all this time and I still don't know your name but I really do need to go. The women says oh well I am Jojo and I'll walk you out. They gather there stuff and start to leave Jojo put her arm around Mary and guides her to the door Mary feels wierd with Jojo's arm around her but then her hand comes to Mary's ass and she cups her ass as they walk outside Mary turns to say something and turns to pull away but Jojo graps her arm and smacks her ass hard telling Mary to keep going shut-up your mine tonite now move. Mary starts to cry and pull away but can't and Jojo bends her over a car and smacks her ass hard three or four times reaching in her car she pulls out and cuffs Mary's hands behind her then gags her puts her in the car and leaves.
Jojo stops the car after a half hour drive and drags Mary into a lake house takes her into a bedroom pushes her onto the bed and leaves. Mary lays there her head spinning her ass burning but her puss was on fire WHY how could she be turned on by another women by spanking and cuffs but she was before she could figure it out Jojo came back naked with a gag a whip more restrants and something Mary had never seen before Jojo tells her tonite you will be mine to use as I wish and maybe I'll let you leave tomorrow if your lucky.
Frist thing was to get her naked this she did by cutting Mary's clothes off her then her kisses and fingers painted Mary's body from head to toe at frist Mary fought but soon moved her body to Jojo's mouth for more after a while Jojo moved her so that she was grinding her cunt in Mary's face and spanking her ass at the same time then puting the resrants on so Mary was on her belly with her ass high in the air she put on a 11in. strap-on and pounded her cunt from behind and when Mary thought she could take no more Jojo fucked her ass hard rought and long Mary passed out.
The next day around 11am Mary woke up naked sore and her cunt had been shaved clean her thighs tits were covered with lipstick marks a note said I know you loved it so did I, I left you money to get a cab to your car, but you'll have to go naked cause your clothes are cut up bye the way I was looking in your stuff Happy B-day.......................

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